Shots Fired: Kid Rock Claims Beyonce Doesn’t Have An Iconic Hit

Published: Thursday 26th Feb 2015 by Sam

Recent years have not been kind to Kid Rock‘s once rousing career. Sadly, it seems, the rocker is channelling his frustrations into controversial comments aimed at some of today’s biggest stars.

His words, in a new interview, about 20-time Grammy winner Beyonce have raised the most eyebrows.

Find out why below…

Speaking about the ‘Drunk In Love’ singer, the 44-year-old told Rolling Stone:

“Beyoncé, to me, doesn’t have a f—ing “Purple Rain,” but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that big without at least one “Sweet Home Alabama” or “Old Time Rock and Roll”? People are like, ‘Beyoncé’s hot. Got a nice f—ing ass.’ I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big t-ts.’ Doesn’t really f—ing do much for me.” {Source}

Bye Felicia.

Granted Mr. Kid is entitled to his own opinion, it’s hard to even begin to assess the validity of his comment when he doesn’t have any classics of his own – at least not in the vein of the songs he mentioned.

From where we’re standing, phrases such as “iconic” and “classic” are flung around far too generously these days when the reality is that time and distance from release are what truly cements such status. There’s no need to rush it.

That said, we argue it’s ridiculous for anyone to downplay the success and cultural impact of songs such as ‘Crazy In Love’ and ‘Single Ladies’. And that’s not even counting the many Destiny’s Child songs that are permanently inked in the history books or the game-changing surprise album that has helped spark a global change in how music is released.

If there’s to be any debate, we feel it should be about whether such releases should be deemed legendary now or whether they’ll come to be known as such later…organically.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 26, 2015

    No lies detected. Babidi is trash and sooo overrated. Bîtch.

    • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

      but where is tinashe’s hits?

    • Terri February 26, 2015

      Beyonce does NOT have a hero, she does not have a GREATEST LOVE OF ALL, she does not have a WE BELONG TOGETHER, no WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, no I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU;

      Beyonce does not have once SONG that transcends HIT, MULTICULTURE MEGA SMASH; her music will be forgotten

      • Ash February 26, 2015

        She needs a song that all people can rock with and from kid rocks perspective (straight white men) who unfortunately are the Grammy voting committee for album or record of the year wins

    • toohotfortv February 26, 2015

      See, you can never trust “them”… so he likes “skinny white women with big tits” yet his baby mother is jodi watley’s sister. that’s right a black woman. smh… i can’t say i’m surprised though. i always pegged him as a misogynist. I just didnt get the racist part. But it’s good to know now. Knowing is half the battle.

      • Laeth February 27, 2015

        Baby mother not wife

    • Tea4Daze February 26, 2015

      Chile what records have Destiny’s Child broken again?!?! Sam stop trying to act like they were even close to TLC…kiii Neva that!

    • LEGENDARY BIITCHES February 27, 2015

      Epic Lies Hoee. SL Changed The MuthaFawkin Game! Ask your favs kii

    • You tried February 27, 2015


    • (Rihyonce) February 27, 2015


  2. Thomas Williams February 26, 2015


  3. Who? February 26, 2015

    *looks around the room* Where is the lie? I don’t hate Beyonce but this man told No lies! #NotHating

    • 7 February 27, 2015

      LOL. I did not know who this p**** was until now. I guess his tactics of mentioning Bey for relevancy worked. I can’t take him seriously tho.

      Not gonna state the obvious iconic hits of hers ( we all know which ones they are whether you’re in denial or nah.) But let’s consider her most critically acclaimed song of this decade “Countdown”, which just happens to be her least commercial success of all her hit songs.
      An article from Rolling stones:
      “Countdown is an extraordinarily ecstatic song about love, but more than that, it’s the world’s greatest Beyoncé delivery mechanism. The song is a barrage of brain-melting hooks, each of which showcases a different quirk of her phrasing. She belts, she raps, she drags out syllables, or chews on the sound of words. Who else could possibly sing this song? Who else could make “Me and my BOOF and my BOOF BOOF ridin’ / all up in the black with his chickright beside him” sound so profound? Who else could be at the center of this song, one of the most expertly crafted pleasure machines in the past three decades of pop music, and still be the most thrilling thing about it? This is Beyoncé pushing her voice, sound, and style to the ultimate extreme, and she makes it seem effortless.”

      • Faf February 27, 2015

        A white person wrote that article

        DEAD @ me and my BOOF

      • rosy February 27, 2015

        Your long article shows your hurt about the truth on Beyonce I always said her music sucks and ghetto but she is so popular the truth is coming people are getting sick of her lately and not scared to speak their mind Taylor Swift is in that category her songs are chit I give gaga respect she can sing anything bey is ghetto music like her fans

    • Charlieyoncé February 27, 2015

      Errmm. What about the iconic Crazy in Love? Or the ground-breaking Single Ladies? People still rock to the smash titled Say My Name, and get uplifted by the sensational Survivor, or shake their booty to the absolutely timeless Bootylicious! The list is f****** endless. You don’t have to love Beyoncé to know her iconic hits. Kid Rock needs to take a cathedral of sits. So should all the haters. Xo

  4. Musika February 26, 2015


  5. Keri Qween February 26, 2015

    She is indeed overrated and she sure as hell hasn’t made a thriller or purple rain

    Her discography is overrated trash, no lies there but this crack head seems slightly pressed

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) February 26, 2015

      But where is KERI NOBODYCARES Purple Rain?????? The only rain that b**** is seeing is the one that gets her wet and drenched when she’s performing at K.F.C’S parking lot..LOL

      • migue February 26, 2015

        you made my day!!!!

      • migue February 26, 2015

        WTF B****
        kid flop is nobody, you don’t ever dare to talk about queen bey
        you’re nobody, your tima has passed and nobody cares about you
        f****** w****

    • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

      lmaooo but keri doesn’t have any hits no one remembers that abc 123 necessary rhyme pretty flops rock song that she released

    • Terri February 26, 2015

      She has no ICONIC hit; her music will be forgotten; The gays and hood rats will replace her just like they did JANET

      • SMH February 26, 2015

        The difference is that Janet has a discography full of iconic hits and her fan base is wider than hoodrats and tacky ghetto queens.

      • LDN Chick February 26, 2015

        You’re stupid. Get a life outside of the internet and you’ll realize Beyonce has an extremely diverse fan base and it’s reflected in her shows. It’s certainly more diverse than Gagas.

    • Rosie February 26, 2015

      But where is Keri’s iconic hit? Can she even sell out the dining room at Applebee’s?

      • Keri Qween February 26, 2015

        Worry about ultraboring getting certified

      • Rosie February 26, 2015

        But Is No Boys Allowed certified? It’s been 4 years. Don’t come for UV (which is at 480K) when your fave’s last tour took place at Walmart.
        Worry about getting Kerl to release another album period.

    • LEGENDARY BIITCHES February 27, 2015

      Kii The Beyonce album >>>>>>>>>>>> Floperi Baby whole discography

  6. Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* February 26, 2015

    Im 50 50 on this comment. On one hand, her discography is pretty….. BUT BEYONCE was a very good album. I still cry to Blue and get my Life to XO. But the rest of her catalog isn’t that iconic. Crazy in Love is annoying after a while.

  7. KING RIH February 26, 2015

    She don’t. She copied Amerie with CIL. Nobody remembers Irreplaceable and Single Ladies. It could have been Love On Top but 4 era was a mess. Bye Beyonce era. Just no.

    • Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

      How Did Beyonce Take Amerie’s Sound For Crazy In Love When Beyonce Worked With Rich Harrison FIRST in 2003. Amerie’s Song Didnt Come Out Until 2005. Sit The F*** Down H**!!!

      • SMH February 26, 2015

        Do your research. Amerie worked with rich Harrison FIRST, on her first album in 2001. You can sit now.

      • Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

        Rich Harrison worked with Mary J. Blige and alicia Keys before Bey. Producers work with different artist all the time doesn’t mean they’re “copying”. Plus Rich Harrison produced Cil YEARS before Bey recorded it(in 2002) The same year Amerie’s album was released. She wasn’t copying her style, he just gave Bey his best work.

      • Faf February 27, 2015

        No @ slay hive 2002 “all I have” she was working with rich that was her producer like she came in the game with him

  8. B2B February 26, 2015

    Independent Woman, Crazy In Love, Irreplaceable, Single Ladies are all iconic

    • LIL KIM ON WELFARE February 26, 2015

      lets not forget “survivor”…

  9. DEL BEY February 26, 2015

    Ewww, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the same goes for music, her music,although not always becoming a big hits on the ‘charts’, her music has moved people and helped loads, her discography is amazing, please keep your mouth closed, he’s a hilbilly drunk who couldn’t recite any beyonce lyrics if he tried

    • blue February 26, 2015

      isnt that kinda his point though? that she is so huge and yet unless you are an rnb fan you dont know her songs

      • DEL BEY February 26, 2015

        not really because he’s discrediting her star power, when despite not having any mega hits she still has remained at the for front of pop culture, and proved herself over and over agin, as a performer, a musician and Icon, Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have any mega hits either but is she on beyonce’s level when it comes to well roundedness as performer?

      • blue February 26, 2015

        all he did was question how she could be so huge and maintain a career so long without an iconic moment?

        he never said she wasnt talented or that her music was bad or that it wasnt memorable. he just said it wasnt iconic

  10. Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

    F*** This Old Meth Head Washed Up Redneck!! Shading King B Ain’t Gone Revive That Dead Career!! All She Can Get Ya Is Fifteen Mins! #CarryOn CTFU

  11. LB February 26, 2015

    Beyonce has got a proud mary and a river deep mountain high, ala single ladies and crazy in love.

    I don’t think Beyonce will have as big timeless classics as Madonna, Whitney and the magnificent Mariah Carey.

    She’s a performer and performers rarely have big hits (see Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Aaliyah), those two songs will be enough to fill arenas for the rest of her life, just like Tina’s.

    • KING RIH February 26, 2015

      Ummm excuse me about Janet?????? 10 number 1s numerous top 5s. Bye

      • LB February 26, 2015

        We are talking about MASSIVE hits, like a “Mariah Carey – Hero”

      • SMH February 26, 2015

        Together Again, That’s The Way Love Goes and All For You were MASSIVE iconic hits. You can sit.

      • LDN Chick February 26, 2015

        @SMH No they’re f****** not. No shade to Janet … I love her… But she is mainly big in the US not Europe you have to be a fan of certain music or an avid music lover to know Janet Jackson’s classic off the top off your head.

      • pat February 27, 2015

        ICONIC and massive are two completely different things….MARCARENA was massive but is it ICONIC? NO!! RHYTHYM NATION alone is one of the most iconic songs and visuals of all time

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) February 26, 2015

      I agree with you completely…But Destiny Child does have some timeless songs tho.

      • LB February 26, 2015

        True, Emotions was good, and Bootylicious is still relevant today. DC does have some songs that are timeless.

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) February 26, 2015

        As a member of the hive, i actually think Bey has more classic songs with Destiny Child that as a solo artist!!!!!!!!!

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) February 26, 2015


    • obsidian February 27, 2015

      Janet Jackson or Tina Turner doesn’t have any ICONIC hits? That would most certainly have to be the DUMBEST assertion anybody could have made on this blog! You must of been born in the late 90’s to not know that Janet’s “Rhythm Nation” tour was one of the most successful debut tours by ANY artist of ALL time, or that her discography is home to several not just huge, but ICONIC, hits: Control, Rhythm Nation just to name a few! To this day, Janet can sellout arenas WORLDWIDE!! Janet Jackson is a worldwide icon! She was the ONLY female artist to receive her own ICON special on MTV! I’ve already schooled u enough about Janet; however, I’ll give u a quick fact about TINA! Tina sells out STADIUMS(not arenas) on her SOLO tours worldwide!!! U can’t do that w/o having an ICONIC career with iconic music PERIOD!!!!!

      • Faf February 27, 2015

        Emotions is a cover

      • JaiGee June 15, 2015

        I just have to say THANK YOU for that comment. That is the ONLY comment that is relevant on this whole post. Anyone in their right mind would know that Beyonce has a bunch of TRASH in her discography. She can’t write a song to save her damn life. Honestly, this is not specific to her. None of the artist out today have iconic hits which is unfortunate in itself. The quality of music has spiraled downward since the inception of “american idol.” Real music is far and few between these days…..

    • Brian310 February 27, 2015

      I disagree…many entertainers have iconic hits like MJ, Prince, Madonna and please ty of others

      Tina Turners is What’s Love Got To Do With It

      Janets is Rhythm Nation

      Beys is CIL

      And Aaliyah didn’t live long enough to achieve 1 I mean do people forget she died at 22 but the way her music was heading (Rock and more worldly/crossover) she probably would have gotten 1 in the future.

  12. BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

    YAWN his opinion is not needed she has plenty of HUGE Hits dating back to DC 3/4 days!

  13. Bitchplease February 26, 2015

    To me CIL is sampled so not iconic and SL is women anthem so don’t see it as iconic. IMHO iconic song has to be embraced fiercely by both sexes and every living Soul on earth. That is what makes it iconic. Yeah I said now eat me. 😉

    • No February 26, 2015

      There are MEN that sing the damn Single Ladies song, and even do the dance moves what are you talking about?

      • SMH February 26, 2015

        He said men, not flaming ghetto sissies.

      • Rio February 27, 2015

        Right, Like Obama wasn’t waving his hand like everybody else. Everything in the world isn’t associated with “Gay” get over yourselves .

  14. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 26, 2015

    This is coming from a man who is only famous for his z-list music and his failed relationship with Pamela Anderson. Who gives af, non-factors and z-lists make comments about popping celebrities all the time, This blog focuses on specific artists they know will drum up hits and y’all fall for the bait all the time. I guarantee you the majority of readers don’t know him or have never listened to him.

  15. No February 26, 2015

    You are just hating tbh. Single Ladies was a culture phenomenon. That song was so damn huge in 2009, and its still being quoted Today, and will be quoted years from now. My question is where is Kid Rock’s iconic hits? How dare he attack anyone’s music catalog with that trash he has released. Say what you want about Bet, but she has longevity, and will be selling out stadiums 10 years from now. And she didn’t copy Amerie because Crazy In Love was released BEFORE One Thing.

    • LB February 26, 2015

      Crazy in love was huge, single ladies was local to America

      • No February 26, 2015

        Singles Ladies sold over Ten million WW.

  16. Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

    Why the hell would Beyonce Want with an Old Ass Honky Tonk Kkk anthem ass song like Sweet Home Alabama. Who Listens To That S*** Besides The Hillbillies In Deep Rural Mississippi. Lmao Sit Yo Old Ass Down Somewhere

    • Naomi February 26, 2015


    • IngaDeCarloFung February 27, 2015


  17. LAMB4LYFE February 26, 2015

    She does not have that huge career defining, inescapable song like the real legends. Even 2005’s We Belong Together crushes her discography 🙁

    • Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

      I don’t Want To Hear The Navy Use The Word Overrated With Their Fave’s Simple Ass 123/ABC harmonies Voccals And Lyrics..Wtf Is Iconic About A Rude Boy! She Is No Old Mariah/Whitney Hit Wise And Definitely Not Vocally. Take Those Seats!

      • KING RIH February 26, 2015

        Umbrella We Found Love and Diamonds will be remembered far more than ya favs boring nonmemerable hits

      • Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

        Lmaooo Not When Bey’s Five #1 hits Made More Of An Impact On The Hot 100 with 37 weeks combined!! Rih’s 50 generic Forgotten Hits Are Not Too Far Ahead. Plus Crazy In Love Was Named The Song Of The Decade For The 2000’s! Umbrella Who? WFL is DEAD with The Rest Of The EDM trash And Diamonds Couldnt Even Get A Grammy! Kii Bye

    • No February 26, 2015

      I love Mariah, but don’t. There are different kind of artists and performers. See years from now Beyonce will be able to tour and actually still be able to vocally perform her songs.

      • IngaDeCarloFung February 27, 2015

        Please don’t belittle Mariah, Yes, she may not be able to sing anymore like she used to and yes her recent album sales have underperformed! But her whole discography will always be ICONIC regardless!!

  18. Molly February 26, 2015

    He didn’t lie tho Beys overrated ass has the media on payroll that’s why that h** stays on tour working like a slave.

  19. Molly February 26, 2015

    Only black gays, ghetto black girls, and insecure mexicans like Bey lets be serious

    • LAMB4LYFE February 26, 2015

      But who likes cici sis?

      • Molly February 26, 2015

        The b**** whose last album outsold Me I am vocally challenged.

      • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

        @molly b****** Mariah has a 20 something career while Ciara has been flopping for 8 out of ll year career and glitter (her floppiest album during her prime/peak) still outsold ciaras and iggy’s whole discography !!!! and Mariah still had a successful stadium Asian and Australian tour off of me I am Mariah while Ciara cant even book a side walk 🙂

    • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

      lmaoooo but no one listens to Ciara and iggy and that’s why you’re mad 🙂

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) February 26, 2015


    • Yeah I said it February 26, 2015

      Is that why most of her audience at her concerts are white. Oh Molly girl, take that d**** out of your ass.

    • Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

      And only 57k depressed ugly trannys, like yourself, like Ciara! Atleast Bey has fans b****

    • BossB*tchBeyoncé February 26, 2015

      Her concerts say otherwise!!

    • Rosie February 26, 2015

      Not really, last year at the Toronto OTR date at least 80%+ of the crowd was Caucasian.

  20. Person February 26, 2015

    I’m not a fan of Beyonce but there was no need for him to mention he likes “white” chicks with big tits? Because his hillbilly ass finds that attractive doesn’t mean EVERYONE thinks that way. No ones checking for his b**** ass. He can go sit and eat a damn raccoon. BTW doesn’t he have BIRACIAL son? And didn’t he try to rap? He’s finished appropriating black culture so now he can say how he really feels.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 26, 2015

      INTERESTING! Again, TGJ missed the mark with this one and they did not focus on the fact that his comment exposed his own prejudice. This is just like them making that post about producer Dr Luke RT’ing a beyonce diss, rather than the fact that he quoted the N-word. But I’m sleep tho!

  21. No February 26, 2015

    And no one is here for Cedric..I mean Ciara, let’s be real here. And Ciara can’t book nothing but a closet, don’t Be mad that B is still booking stadium stages 17 years into her career.

  22. alisha February 26, 2015

    He just mad cause he’s washed up he can’t talk with no iconic music trying to get noticed again trying be a rapper n rock gtfoh this era its different sound changes and beyonce still has a long time and ain’t nobody ask what size women’s he like

  23. The Beysus Impact February 26, 2015

    1. Crazy In Love
    2. Independant Women
    3. Survivor
    4, Single Ladies
    5. Irreplaceable
    6. Halo
    7. Drunk In Love
    8. Flawless
    9. Run The World

    Yea sure, she doesn’t have a hit… Maybe cause she sells ALBUMS???

    • LAMB4LYFE February 26, 2015

      He said TIMELESS ICONIC hit like “Hero” “We Belong Together” “I Will Always Love You”. Survivor is probly the most iconic song on that list and that ain’t saying much

    • KING RIH February 26, 2015

      7 8 and 9 GURL WUT??????????

    • Slayty Perry (Superbowl Record Holder) February 26, 2015

      Lol @ the last 3

  24. No February 26, 2015

    I can’t at some of you praising that red neck for insulting a woman who did nothing to him. You don’t like her music fine, but that whole I only like white girls with big tits was unnecessary. Especially since his baby mama is black! Sometimes I wish Beyonce would address some of these ppl coming for her, but she doesn’t give them the time if day.

    • blue February 26, 2015

      lol… leave it to the hive to take his words and twist it, all he meant was that if all she had to go on was her image and how hot she is, then that isnt much because different people find different things attractive

  25. Molly February 26, 2015

    This isn’t about Ciara its about Monkeyonce. Im forever unbothered b!tches.

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) February 26, 2015


    • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

      lmaooo it’s never about trannyara because she’s a irrelevant never been

  26. BossB*tchBeyoncé February 26, 2015

    Molly are you a racist white or a self hating black?

    • Molly February 26, 2015

      Neither babe

      • BossB*tchBeyoncé February 26, 2015

        Yh yur one of them. I’m gonna go with self hating black since no one outside the African American race would give Ciara the time of the day.

  27. Molly February 26, 2015

    Yes shit_hive you and your multiple accounts better slay my reply section.

    • Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

      Girl Bye It’s Not That Serious. You’re Too Easy To Read. Just Try To Keep From Making Yourself Look Like A Pressed Idiot “Miss I Can Give Credit And Not Hate” 😀

  28. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

    Crazy in Love is memorable but iconic? NO!!

    Single Ladies was a local mess. That song is utter trash

    • Alex February 26, 2015

      But it won song of the year at the grammys and was #1 for 4 weeks! B**** swerve!

    • Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

      Death @ you Calling SL Utter Trash But It’s Probably The Most Played Song In Your Phone. #BeyDepressed

  29. DEL BEY February 26, 2015

    dragggg this redneck to the dungeons, thou shall not talk ill of the queen

  30. I Stan For Myself February 26, 2015

    Everybody knows Beyonce has iconic hits. You don’t have to like her to admit that. Crazy In Love pretty much defined a whole decade and generation and so did Single Ladies. She also has other songs that are part of this generations pop music culture forever (halo, Irreplacable, run the world etc) anyone who denies that is just hating, really. Be open minded.

    • Qua February 26, 2015

      Beyonce performance wise will be iconic however not one song she has is iconic I love Bey but the truth is the truth.

      • I Stan For Myself February 26, 2015

        I don’t know how you came to that conclusion when receipts and cultural impact combined beg to differ.

  31. Rosie February 26, 2015

    Dying. Kid Rock hasn’t had a hit since, what, 2007 and that one hit is almost completely forgotten. He’s probably seething that his album is getting blocked by Medium Sean on Billboard.

    • Keshas Crazy Kid February 26, 2015

      Has Lana ever had a hit sis?

      • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

        you should worry about you’re trashy fave no oding in rehab and you should worry about about dr.luke not pimping her out to other producers

      • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

        you should worry about you’re trashy fave not oding while she’s in rehab and you should worry about about dr.luke not pimping her out to other producers

      • Rosie February 26, 2015

        Yes, actually she had two (or technically 3) since $lave’s last top 40 solo hit in 2012.
        At least lana can release music before 2016 unlike $lave.

  32. Royalkev February 26, 2015

    Someone is clearly trying to use Bey as bait for a 2015 comeback! It’s always these washed up with no soap has-beens … How is Kid Rock given the authority to declare who has a classic and who doesn’t (especially when he’s not meeting his own criteria)? Where’s his Purple Rain??? Shid, where’s his Call Me Maybe??? I hope the Hive don’t even feed into his desperation by attacking him on twitter so he can gain some relevancy.

    Trust me, ‘Single Ladies’, ‘Crazy In Love’, If I Were A Boy’, ‘Halo’, ‘Independent Women’ (DC), ‘Bootylicious'(DC) and “Say My Name'(DC) will all be remembered… and this is with me shortchanging Bey by excluding other songs that have an impact!

    I’m not doing this tonight, anyone being unreasonable can just go to the left (and there goes another one, ‘Irreplaceable’).

    • blue February 26, 2015

      you are confusing memorable with iconic.

      • Royalkev February 26, 2015

        If a song is remembered 15/20 years from now it will be iconic. SL & CIL were both huge anthems of our recent times. People keep bringing up ‘I Will Always Love You’/’Wind Beneath My Wings’ without realizing that music has changed. No one compared Whitney & Bette’s classic songs to ‘I’m Sorry’ (Brenda Lee) or Bang Bang'(Cher) from the 60’s… Bey made modern day hits/classics. People talk about their fiances/husbands “putting a ring on it” still ’til this day like the song was released inside the last 5 years!

  33. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

    Strugglé ladies is probably her only song close to being iconic.

    • blue February 26, 2015

      the video maybe not the song though, crazy in love is her most iconic

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) February 26, 2015

      How are you sis?????? I’m praying for you too….

      • TheElusiveLamb February 26, 2015

        Pray harder. Jennifer needs our help.

    • DEL BEY February 26, 2015

      Yonce all on ‘its’ mouth like liquor x3

    • Keri Qween February 26, 2015


      I give her irreplaceable too but her discohrapgy is average and the garbage she’s releasing now like ratchet/11 isn’t helping

  34. Prince stan February 26, 2015

    Beyoncé is bigger than her music that’s why Taylor Swift has been outselling her for almost a decade now 🙁

    • blue February 26, 2015

      thank you, been saying this for years. Her image is bigger than the actual music, look how she is marketed, the whole larger than life thing, The Queen Bey

    • Qua February 26, 2015

      I have to agree with you on those one some Bey stans just don’t want to accept that there are other artist better than her music wise

    • Terny February 27, 2015

      Overhyped u mean?

  35. Tasha February 26, 2015

    Trust the ignorant close minded hillbilly to narrow it down to music he likes. Beyonce may not be of your taste, but don’t deny that she is both a pop icon and has iconic hits. People can be so ignorant. Legends are formed from each generation and best believe Beyonce and her songs will be treasured in pop culture history years from now. It’s already slowly happening. You can discredit her with people like Taylor, Adele or whoever you want. Nothing will change the fact she’s already carved a big name for herself in pop music history both with her songs and as a performer.

  36. Slayty Perry (Superbowl Record Holder) February 26, 2015

    He better drag! Lmao! I wouldn’t say Bey has no classics though. People still remember to the left, to the left and Crazy In Love. Crazy In Love, Irreplaceable, and Single Ladies have classic potential. Stans are delusional to think massive hits automatically earn classic status. Then again, Bey doesn’t have too many of those either.

    • Kyle February 26, 2015

      Said a Kunty Perry Stan LMAO.

    • TheElusiveLamb February 26, 2015

      You know Katy Perry stans have got so cocky since their fav got overshadowed by Missy while she lip syncing an prerecorded track and Katy has a few Payola hits. Your fav can’t compete Katy. What is anyone going to remember Katy for? This b**** is a solo dolo version of the Spice Girls with 1/4 th of the talent.

      • Slayty Perry (Superbowl Record Holder) February 27, 2015

        Gurl, what? I couldn’t be bothered to decipher that first run-on sentence. Katy will be remembered as the only pop star out of the late 2000s to have longevity. She will be remembered for consistent album sales and consistent hits. She will be remembered for the Teenage Dream era. I Kissed A Girl has classic potential. Hot N Cold has classic potential. Firework has classic potential. You can downplay the slayage but the stats, accolades, and impact will always be there.

      • CherylSoldierr February 27, 2015

        Good f*ckin bye at you actually thinking those dr Luke payola hits have classic potential.

  37. topplewear3938 Sam Smith and Drake Fan February 26, 2015

    WOW Kid Rock…WOW

    Is it a ‘thing’ now for celebs to talk sh!t in order to promote their sorry albums? First B**** ass Flop ass Chris Brown and now this???

    I’m no way a huge Beyonce fan but c’mon man, that’s so rude. I for one, think she is incredibly talented/entertaining and makes great mucic. I’ve been listening to her for years. Although I didn’t really like her most recent album. Okay I’m getting off topic now LOL…

    Now all anti Beyonce people will run to buy his album lol

    The hate/jealousy WITHIN the music industry is crazy, shocking and appalling

    What exactly would be considered a Iconic hit? Like Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You?’ Hmmmmmm I don’t know if Beyonce has one of those tbh…

  38. dd February 26, 2015

    Janet has sooo many iconic songs that are classic and potent 30 years later. Never like bey outside of original dc. She has crazy in love. That was something. That one

  39. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 26, 2015

    Longevity is the true test. CIL is Bey’s signature song, and the fact that it is still relevant 12 years later shows its potential, and many artists have covered it (Snow Patrol, Emeli Sandé, Sofia Karlberg, Robin Thicke, The Baseballs, etc). Who cares if it has a sample, the majority of iconic hip hop verses have samples from blues singers, and back in the day songs were covered by mutliple artists until a signature version blew up.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 26, 2015

      Weave/Wig, my mac is on autofill guys

    • blue February 26, 2015

      a song having a sample wouldnt be the thing to not make it iconic.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 26, 2015

        I was addressing @Bitchplease’s claim that CIL should be discredited for it’s sample.

  40. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

    Not Taco Bell worrying about what’s on my mouth when TGJ blocked the link to her flop blog. That’s the only promo you had b***** ! game over. Back to the drawing boards

    • DEL BEY February 26, 2015

      not you replying just to me out of all replies sent out way, I see I am on your mind, and recycling old shade I see, next >>>

      • DEL BEY February 26, 2015

        not you perched and watching my every move, it’s a common phrase hunny, besides my walls are INTACT, don’t you worry.

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

      How’s that FLOP blog doing sis

      • DEL BEY February 26, 2015

        fine thank you, how are your deteriorating walls?

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

        Talking about deteriorating walls when you were begging to get your “v*****” murdered a few days ago. The irony. You should be more concerned about the detonating promo campaign for that WordPress blog.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015


  41. dd February 26, 2015

    Kid rock has sold more albums with 2 than b did with 4 albums

  42. Stephy. February 26, 2015

    Oooh, Uh uh! His ol’ hill billy lil pink small dickk ass TRRRRRRRRIED it. Talking about, “I like skinny white chicks with big tits” … I bet yo SMALL penis does! Cause, yo DICKK won’t be-able to handle a thick curvy woman like Bey. I’ve notice, small D men… Love skinny petite women. Cause, they no damn well a thick women would crush that lil Peeda Weeda! Anyways…..

    Beyonce’s (SOLO) Top 5 Iconic Songs…
    1.) Crazy In Love
    2.) Irreplaceable
    3.) Single Ladies
    4.) Listen (This song is actually very Iconic believe it or not. Its sung in many talent shows throughout the WORLD. And, has been covered. It just don’t have that commercial success. But, its WELL known. Especially, throughout the ASIAN culture.)
    5.) Halo

    Destiny’s Child’s Top 5 Iconic Songs

    1.) Independent Women
    2.) Say My Name
    3.) Survivor
    4.) None Available
    5.) None Available

    Now, what are YOUR Iconic songs Mr. Pink Penis? Cause, I don’t recall them…

    Take This Seat Pink(y) ——> -/

  43. Sherry February 26, 2015

    CIL and SL are her signature songs. She just doesn’t have that one signature EPIC ballad a la IWALY, Unbreak My Heart, Angel Of Mine, Have You Ever and so on. People prefer her upbeat music and that’s fine.

    • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

      ummm irreplaceable says hi and if I were a boy also says hi

    • Sherry February 26, 2015

      Those aren’t ballads and IIWAB isn’t iconic at all.

    • LDN Chick February 26, 2015

      Listen and Halo are her iconic signature ballads. They’re not as big as her two up beat songs though you are correct. But those two songs are covered as much as Mariah and Whitney ballads these days (and I’m not being delusional, they really are)

  44. TheElusiveLamb February 26, 2015

    I can’t at this Lamb4Lyfe troll. You’re just a Navy troll.
    * Let’s be honest here the question isn’t does B have an iconic song, it should be which one is iconic. No matter what you say, the woman definitely has iconic songs. Who cares if Crazy in Love has a sample, I Will Always Love You is a cover of Dolly Pardon & the same can be said for many artists. Many artists are credited for songs that is a cover or a stolen concept. Single Ladies is an iconic song bc it stand for female empowerment! No I wouldn’t put this one necessarily on the level of a Hero, My Heart Will Go On, & etc level, but it too is iconic.
    I don’t understand how he can talk about iconic songs, when I’ve never heard one song from him.

    • Alex February 26, 2015

      Exactly!! And “sweet home Alabama” is a remake that he did!! He has no big original hits! So what the f*** he talking about?!

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

      Who would even want to pretend to be a old ass f****** geriatric fat diabetic lamb?

      • TheElusiveLamb February 26, 2015

        The same person that stans for a baby mama, tranny, tiny d***, drag queen ass flop Ciara. Where is his iconic hit? I told your f** ass where to go yesterday b****, so jump into that grave and learn to shut the f*** up you PRESSED & ignorant f***.

      • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

        Lmao you are STEAMING sis

      • TheElusiveLamb February 26, 2015

        ^^ This coming from the stan that goes to every post with the same repetitive shade towards everyone’s fav. Exit left to the stage that your fav couldn’t book.

      • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

        Mooriah needs to book a trainer and vocal coach U pressed ass b****

      • CherylSoldierr February 27, 2015

        Drag that flop Cici stan sis. It’s still seething that it’s fave hasn’t sold 60k WW of her lead single yet kiii

  45. RihYonce February 26, 2015

    Beyoncé is not overrated there’s not a soul out here than can perforn better than her. Single Ladies , Crazy In Love , Halo & the list goes on. All of these people yall are making careers are bad blood. She represents longetivity and she deserves all the praise she gets because not anyone within the last 10-15 years has outdone Beyoncé & no one ever will after her. Who gaf about having TIMELESS HITS that’s very rare this generation because a song is hot to us for the moment maybe a year and then we move on this is not the damn 80s does Taylor Swift , Rihanna , Gaga , Adele , Katy have any timeless hits ? Absolutely not

    • Slayty Perry (Superbowl Record Holder) February 27, 2015

      You wouldn’t call Umbrella timeless? Poker Face? Bad Romance? I Kissed A Girl? Firework? Rolling in the Deep? Don’t try to downplay today’s acts. Some of those songs are nearing 10 years old and are still known by multiple generations.

      • RihYonce February 27, 2015

        You’re right about that , but for him to say that about Beyoncé is just outrageous crazy in love alone was the biggest hit of the decade & single ladies was even bigger

  46. Notafollower February 26, 2015

    Bey at a stage in her life where she doesn’t care about hits you got some acts tweeting links and ish she does nothing. I sense the feeling that she’s not chasing after hot 100 but that’s her choice just saying.

    People will love or hate her music it’s simple you can’t please everyone!
    I think in next few years Bey will continue to do her no matter what people say.

  47. RihYonce February 26, 2015

    People kill me always tryna come for Beyoncé like us she that big of a threat to everyone’s selfesteem? I just wish that Beyoncé would speak up and let these haters know sometimes she’s way too humble it’s ok to state facts sometimes. Where is this honkeys Grammies at ? She has 20 of them , sold over nearly 200 million records within her entire career has 5 #1 albums straight across the board which is hardly ever done, and she’s hotter than ever at this moment 18 years deep into her career , as well as 4 iconic / legendary awards so all of you haters can tie a rope & let go

  48. Notafollower February 26, 2015

    People say that about a lot of popular acts the overrated word is always used lol it’s not only her. Btw gone are days having timeless hits!

  49. LB February 26, 2015


    I don’t think anybody is denying Beyonce has got iconic songs, CIL and SL are most definitely iconic, what everybody, including Kid Rock are saying is she hasn’t got AS ICONIC a song a purple rain (on that level).

    In my opinion, that is expected. It is very rare performers get songs that are that iconic, they need to move and so what they require is a signature song, especially a song people want to see them move to. That is what Jennifer Lopez and Ciara are lacking right now.

    • TheElusiveLamb February 26, 2015

      I understand now, but he’s still not one to talk. But JLO has I’m Real, Waiting for Tonight, and On the Floor as her memorable hits. As for the last guy you mentioned, I don’t know him.

      • s*** love February 26, 2015

        U are sure right, don’t forget Jenny from the block

  50. B2B February 26, 2015

    Yoncè all his mouth like liquor!!! Guess he using Bey for promo or whatever, but his right, she doesn’t have 1. She has Crazy in Love, Single Ladies, and Irreplaceable to say the least.

  51. LB February 26, 2015


    I agree with you, there is so so much music out there and the general public has got access to much more music now than ever before. Gone are the days when MTV and radio dictated what people listened to, today there are endless ways of consuming music.

    I don’t think this generation will produce any timeless classics, not with so much music out there.

  52. Paulo February 26, 2015

    not the haters siding with this racist no talent hasbeen just to vent about their pressedness over Queen Bey. RIP I Can’t Stan(d) Talent and the other mediocre stans.

  53. Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

    Beyonce is Not Overrated At All! She’s Been A Mega Successful And Talented Star For Almost 20 years. You Don’t Make It This Far On Image Alone! She Has Iconic Hits They People Love, That’s Why People Are Still paying Big money For Her Shows And Buying Her Music. Years From Now She’ll Definitely Be Remembered. It’s Just Delusional To Deny That At This point. She’s Just Not For Everyone. Like Madonna wasn’t For Everyone. We All Have Our Tastes

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

      Why Do You Type Like A R***** kiii f**

      • Slay_Hive February 26, 2015

        Are YOU seriously asking me that question? And it’s because I’m on my phone right now b****.

  54. LDN Chick February 26, 2015

    I don’t know what some peoples personal definition of iconic (it’s like they think it’s some godly, other worldly adjective) but I go by what’s written because that’s the only thing that matters. Everything else is subjective.

    adjective UK /aɪˈkɒn.ɪk/ US /-ˈkɑː.nɪk/ formal
    › very famous or popular, especially being considered to represent particular opinions or a particular time:

    So how can people deny that Beyonce does not have songs that fit the bill? Crazy In Love, Single Ladies, Irreplaceable and arguably Halo fit this. And people talking about Timeless like Crazy In Love didn’t come out over a decade ago and is still a signature party tune, gets covered and reinterpreted all the time and is on every countdown of big pop defining hits.

  55. Navy Nick February 26, 2015

    This dude dropped a new album, and used the biggest star to get people talking about his a** again. I used to like this dude, but he is officially an idiot: it’s 2015 and single ladies is still a wedding anthem for the throwing of the bouquet (a 2008 song mind U), the list goes on, this dude is on CRACK!

  56. B2B February 26, 2015

    Drake said it best “Selling under 150, you n***** gotta be kidding”
    – To insult Bey you gotta have some type of accreditation. This dude does not have that, she can buy his ass and then give him away for free. I’m confused as to why Beyonce name always has to come up in these has beens interviews. She been doing her thing since the 90s now and I salute her. F*** that pink toe pig! Where is his iconic hit? I believe that MTV, VH1, Billboard, BET, Grammys, and a host of legends would say otherwise!!

  57. #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

    Overrated old face THOT

    • Notafollower February 26, 2015

      Come on now stop hating lol

    • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

      but Ciara looks like stevie j, snoop dogg and chris brown all combined with her welfare baby mama ass

      • TheElusiveLamb February 26, 2015


      • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

        Beyoncé looks old as Tina, Riherp looks like a caveman and E.T. Hybrid and Aaliyah is nothing but dirt and bones b**** you were saying?

      • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

        @#jackie(cici the baddest)lmaoooo #BYE you have been dragged my 3 mothers looks aren’t up for debate and atleast we all can tell that they all were born women we cannot say the same about cedric prince harris

      • Queen of Trip Hop February 27, 2015

        Beyonce has the curves and undeniable beauty, Rihanna has the exotic beauty, and Aaliyah was able to dress Tom boyish and still have some femininity and s** appeal with once in a lifetime beauty which is what Ciara tries and fails at.

    • TheElusiveLamb February 26, 2015

      But you stan for Ciara lol. Before you even try to come Mariah’s weight and photoshop, you should remember, if they can photoshop Ciara’s Adam spple, they have the right to airbrush Mimi.

  58. B2B February 26, 2015

    But it all comes with the territory. A white male Is threatened that a black woman is the most powerful artist on the planet. Power is not measured in #1 records, it comes from respect and accolades!

  59. RealisticHIVEr February 26, 2015

    This may be true to a point, but does he? Or many other notable Artists such as Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Gaga, Rihanna, no. All in all shes done a lot and worked hard, I think people talk because its a popular opnion on the less chartable. She does however have CIL, SL, Irreplaceable, plus Listen shows up as an audition song for about every singing show, sooooo…I think shes done well
    Plus this heffer changed thegame with that didgtal drp, hate the music all you want, but recognize the impact, whether you think shes garbage or not, she put sokething out, and people responded, shes due respect

  60. Kisses Down Low February 26, 2015

    Not when people still quote getting married/proposed to with ‘putting a ring on it’ (something Ciara couldn’t keep). Why people always gotta hate on Bey? Sign of success I guess. Times change man, not every song is going to have the same type of impact as sweet home Alabama gossssh!

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

      Lets not forget Kelly who couldn’t keep a ring and was getting her ass beat sis. Caught amnesia? Ciaras prince is out there waiting for her while kellys ugly husband is a DL fagget

      • Kisses Down Low February 26, 2015

        But Kelly is currently happily married with a man who actually supports her and her child. You tried and failed.

      • DEL BEY February 26, 2015

        NOT a Ziara stan talking about keeping a man

  61. xedos February 26, 2015

    TO me Rihanna GGGB was a more complete/classic album than anything beyonce release.Beyonce put too much filler on her albums

  62. topplewear3938 Sam Smith and Drake Fan February 26, 2015

    I want to say one more thing. In complete honesty, whether Beyonce has an “Iconic Hit” or not is irrelevant to me,

    Because I believe Beyonce the entertainer, Beyonce the artist, Beyonce the image, Beyonce the musician, BEYONCE is an icon. That is all.

    Please Kid Rock, that was truly unnecessary. I wonder if Kanye will clap back. Ohhhh boy lmao

  63. #TeamTinashe Stan (“All Hands On Deck” featuring Iggy Azalea Now On iTunes) February 26, 2015

    Now I’ve been perceived on here as a “Beyonce hater” by her delusional, illogical fans when really I am not, I am just critiquing based on facts and true things that have been said about her not actually writing or coming up with song ideas but this is definitely untrue by Kid Rock. She’s had a few…. That’s all I’m going to say.

    • CherylSoldierr February 27, 2015

      Why is all flops on deck still not in the iTunes top 200 w a remix?

  64. Dancing Monkey February 26, 2015

    Say My Name
    Independent Woman
    Crazy In Love
    Single Ladies
    Love On Top
    Drunk in Love (in about 10 years)

    • Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 26, 2015

      Drunk in love is as impactful as 7/11. Only little kids wanna sing and cover it

      • LDN Chick February 26, 2015

        I think you might wannna do some research before you say that^

      • LDN Chick February 27, 2015

        Dead at the page not being found.

  65. LDN Chick February 26, 2015

    I am also dying at the stupid people who insinuate Beyonce has not got a diverse fan base. Get a life outside of Twitter and you’ll realise she has an extremely diverse fan base both race and gender wise. It is reflected in her shows which actually have a higher percentage of Caucasians than anything else. This is coming from someone of mixed race who’s white side likes her more than the black side! The only thing she may lack is die hard straight male fans (and I mean genuine fans of her music, not looks and body) That’s for obvious reasons because of the way she has marketed herself since DC days.

  66. Meteorite February 26, 2015

    I get what Kid Rock is saying; he’s saying that she doesn’t just have that One Special It Factor song. That one song that she will always be known for, a Signature Song that she will be known for years later when she no longer relevant but when people say her name they know that One Song.
    Example the following people (to name a few) will always be known for these songs:
    Michael Jackson – Thriller
    Madonna – Like a Virgin ( or Vogue)
    Mariah Carey – Hero ( or We Belong Together)
    Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing ( or I Will Always Love You)
    Christina Aguilera – Beautiful ( or Genie in a Bottle)
    Sade – No Ordinary Love
    Britney Spears – Baby One More Time
    Aretha Franklin – Respect
    Etta James – At Last
    Linkin Park – Numb

    Then again he does have an album to promote so I don’t know….

    • LDN Chick February 26, 2015

      Don’t be stupid. Beyonce – Crazy In Love (or Single Ladies).

      • Meteorite February 27, 2015

        Stupid? BÏtch Please!
        Anyway, you are blithely unaware that I was being sarcastic, hence the sarcasm when I mentioned “Signature Song that she will be known for years later when she is no longer relevant” and to further solidify the irony I also stated, “Then again he does have an album to promote so I don’t know….” Meaning he is only “Firing Shots” as a publicity stunt to gain attention for his new album that just came out this month. It is sad yet predictable that people cannot read between the lines and must take everything so personal.

    • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

      for sade it should be the sweetest taboo or smooth operator

      • Meteorite February 27, 2015

        @LDN Chick and @BeyRihLiyah

        I am more than immersed enough in pop culture to know that Beyonce DOES have a Signature Song in the forms of “Crazy in Love” OR “Single Ladies”

        As for Sade after doing some research majority of the sites I looked at say that “arguably” her Signature Song(s) is “Never As Good As the First Time” or “Sweetest Taboo” or “No Ordinary Love” or Smooth Operator”
        Take your pick.

    • Queen of Trip Hop February 27, 2015

      For Whitney I would switch I have Nothing with I Wanna Dance With Somebody or Greatest Love Of All.

  67. #TeamTinashe Stan (“All Hands On Deck” featuring Iggy Azalea Now On iTunes) February 26, 2015

    This is why I don’t pay attention too much to the charts because it has no value. A lot of artists have missed the charts with their songs or albums because of poor management and promo.

    Janet had tons of CLASSIC I’ll mention her last ICONIC single in my opinion and that was “All For You.”

    Aaliyah was on Atlantic Records and was pitted as a game changer in R&B. Her ICONIC single would be “Are You That Somebody.”

    Ashanti was breaking records in R&B and her last ICONIC single would be “Rain On Me.”

    Beyonce’s last Iconic single would be “Single Ladies.”

    Rihanna’s would be “We Found Love.”

    At the end of the day it’s how much the public keeps the legacy of the song and how it’s still being played in high regards.

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

      What is Tuna’s?

    • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015


      Aaliyah iconic song is try again, rock the boat at your best, and are you that somebody

      beyonce iconic songs are crazy in love, single ladies, surivivor, independent woman,and drunk in love

      ashanti doesn’t have anything iconic so bye at you mentioning her

      and rih’s iconic songs are umbrella, diamonds, take a bow,we found love and pon de replay

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“All Hands On Deck” featuring Iggy Azalea Now On iTunes) February 26, 2015

        Clearly you were born in 2004 or something.
        Lol As I know already, you aren’t smart!
        I clearly stated for the artists that I mentioned up there that they had more then one iconic single, even Ashanti. Out of all of Aaliyah’s singles “Are You That Somebody” was her most ICONIC single imo (Not talking about chart positions) it’s what the songs did. And of course she has more then one.
        And seeing that you said Ashanti has no ICONIC singles….. Please exit my reply section. 😀

      • BeyRihLiyah February 26, 2015

        b****** shut the fuccck up and try again is more iconic than are you that somebody? that’s a proven fact

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“All Hands On Deck” featuring Iggy Azalea Now On iTunes) February 26, 2015

        Ok seriously, the whole “I’m an Aaliyah fan” needs to stop! Do your homework, little boy before questioning me about the QUEEN. 😀

      • LDN Chick February 26, 2015

        Try again is 100% more iconic than Are you that Somebody. That song crossed over more than any of her other songs and is her most recognized to date. BeyRihLiyah is right.

      • CherylSoldierr February 27, 2015

        Did she really just say that Ashanti’s iconic hit is rain on me? Screaming!!!! Get tuna a top 20 hit anywhere on this planet before you talk about others flop

    • topplewear3938 Sam Smith and Drake Fan February 26, 2015

      I know you probably get a lot of s*** for being a Tinashe fan but I must say, her album was AMAZING. Even though she did flop, she truly didn’t deserve to. It’s really unfair :/ I’m a fan of Tinashe as well ^_^. Numbers aren’t always everything that’s for sure. Because sometimes really great artists get swept under the rug. It’s a shame really. I really hope in time, she will get more recognition

    • musicMatters101 February 26, 2015

      I dig what you are saying and your examples. Yeah Janet has many. “Escapade” certainly is one!

    • Mark111 February 26, 2015

      Aaliyah had a few iconic songs, but I’m shocked that no one brought up One In A Million.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“All Hands On Deck” featuring Iggy Azalea Now On iTunes) February 27, 2015

        I only mentioned her most ICONIC song in her discography and that’s “Are You That Somebody.” The song that is highly reviewed and most praised for changing R&B and thus helping Aaliyah to gain notoriety.

      • Queen of Trip Hop February 27, 2015

        One In A Million is a R&B classic but I wouldn’t call it a iconic song(the album is iconic tho), Are You That Somebody is her most iconic hit for the reason that the Tinashe stan has stated.

  68. Naomi February 26, 2015

    Wow. Glad that most people are being logical on here and defending Bey. It doesn’t even need an explanation tbh. You can call Beyonce fat, thief, basic sales or whatever you want she’s still an icon and has iconic hits #ThatIsAll

  69. Gee February 26, 2015

    Kid Rock has a right to his opinion to me Beyoncé has classics but no iconic hits.

    • musicMatters101 February 26, 2015

      I could agree with this statement. She does have a few classics, but def not iconic songs. I think if anything is iconic of Beyonce… its her stamina!

  70. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

    A Ciara fan talking about Mariah though? Lmao

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

      You should be happy somebodys talking about that slaughtered cow

  71. RoyalBey February 26, 2015

    Lol what’s ciara’s iconic hit?

    • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015


      • Rosie February 26, 2015

        Hollering. No one cares about Local Party and it’s not even 2 years old yet.
        Cedric’s only semi-remembered song is 1,2 Step.

      • #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 26, 2015

        Nobody cares about Llama at all U wannabe Canadian d*** b****

      • Rosie February 26, 2015

        Is that why her album outsold Cedric’s in a week?
        Has I Bet scanned 100K yet?

      • CherylSoldierr February 27, 2015

        Sis I bet hasn’t scanned 60k worldwide. West coast did that in 4 days kii

  72. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

    Slut_hive stays perched in me reply box as usual. Btw HUN, the top played song on my phone is My All by Mariah Carey. Nice try though


    Having signature songs does not make them iconic. But the ultimate struggle is her signature songs being w****/booty shaking anthems. Embarrassing.

  73. Blue Ivy Rod (fourfivesecondsofSeethin) February 26, 2015

    Iconic hits? Hmm I think Iconic tours is more reasonsble

  74. musicMatters101 February 26, 2015

    I like Beyonce music. I think she is talented as a singer and performer. I like Destiny’s Child. But I do agree. Beyonce’s music is “just OK” nothing spectacular about it. I was talking about this the other day and if any song would be her iconic hit, its “Single Ladies.” And that song isn’t musically special. its catchy, it had a super popular video, became an anthem for women. But it isn’t a “Thriller,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Hey Jude,” or “Like A Prayer.”

  75. Danny Bey February 26, 2015

    So I guess that’s why Single Ladies won Song Of The Year. Or why Crazy In Love is still being played 12 years later. Or why the Queen Of Soul covered Survivor. You don’t need a ballad to have an iconic hit. That’s why Beyoncé is so revered. Bc her iconic hit(s) is not the expected norm of what an “iconic” song is. She’s created uptempo empowering songs that have transcended cultures and crossed over. Just cuz you don’t see trailer trash ass Puss Rock grooving to any oh her songs doesn’t mean their not iconic. Not everybody likes Purple Rain, Walk This Way, etc. Go smoke a cigarette flop ass.

  76. DEL BEY February 26, 2015

    NOT fridgeriah perched in here watching my every move, in the wise words of your fav #whyyousoobsessedwithme? quickly find a new drag honey, it’s getting old, like mariah’s voice, though I love her

    • Lana Lover February 26, 2015

      Drag that s*** Mariah.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

      Let’s just get it straight honey

      1. You’ll never have a vaginaa
      2. Your blog will remain a struggle
      3. My faves are superior to yours

      • DEL BEY February 26, 2015

        Correction…I’m aware of my god given genitalia, my blog is doing fine hunny, worry about possessing a life outside of a TGJ, and my fav has almost out grossed your favs net worth, while she struggles to hold any sort of relevance in today’s market

      • TRUTH SERUM February 27, 2015

        So Nasty and so rude!!

  77. Lana Lover February 26, 2015

    Mariah and Ciara fans are such jokes both can’t sell over 60k first week anymore so why are the stans talking?

    F*** kid Rick

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

      Lmao you stan for Lana. Don’t even try it. What has she even done that’s groubdbreaking? Sit down.

      • DEL BEY February 26, 2015

        no s***, when did anybody claim she did anything ground breaking, meanwhile Lana can actually sell over 60k, well 60 more k than mariah anyways

    • Musika February 27, 2015

      Damn, this is their edgiest comeback yet!

  78. Kelsey92 February 26, 2015

    ‘Crazy In Love’ is iconic because it’s one of the biggest pop songs of the 2000s and has proved it’s longevity.
    ‘Single Ladies’ because of its cultural impact and message was huge. The lyrics are still largely quoted and associated with engagement so probably always will be. The video is also iconic.
    This may be weird to some but ‘Listen’ is also an iconic ballad. Do people realize how much that song is covered in talent shows and is associated as one of those big ballads you have to nail now? It’s actually annoying the extent it’s covered. Like, can people come with another song?
    I would go as far as to say Run the world is iconic girl power anthem specifically although I’m sure many will disagree simply because of its chart position or because they don’t like the song, which I think is unfair. Because when you think about it’s usage, it is.

    And of course her Destinys Child songs Survivor and Independant Woman.

    So Beyonce has had many big iconic moments that span throughout her whole career. She might not have a song as big as some 90s songs but neither do most of today’s artists but she most definitely has iconic songs. These artists need to recognize that people die out with age so what is iconic to you won’t always be iconic to someone 20 years younger who may never even heard ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ in their life. And while you may not think certain songs are iconic because they’re not your typical transcending ballad does not make them any less viable.

    • Mark111 February 26, 2015

      Plus any song with a dance will ALWAYS be known. Play The Twist and see how many people will get on the floor.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2015

      Dead at you saying “Listen” is iconic LMAO LOLOLOLOL

      • Jewel February 27, 2015

        I agree with Kelsey92 and Stephy about Listen. It arguably is the evidence is the extent to which it is covered by the GP as a power ballad. You know iconic songs are not always defined by charts and sales right?

  79. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 26, 2015

    I forgot to mention that Queen Britney Spears has more iconic hits than Bey. Deal

    • DEL BEY February 26, 2015

      to bad she has the brain capacity of a potato and cant sing to save her life, at least she isn’t lazy enough to be caught lip syncing her songs #oop

    • CherylSoldierr February 27, 2015

      Girl what kind of lie lmao. Her last one was toxic.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 27, 2015

      If you’re suggesting Baby One More Time is iconic, then you may as well go and say the Macarena is iconic and the cha-cha-slide is iconic LOL! and any other BS you can buy on a karaoke playlist smdh

  80. Carry On February 26, 2015

    She don’t have no soulful around the globe, all around the world then stare at the stage iconic hit. I’ve been slammed by the blue hives too much for this which is sad. I don’t understand the spell she has over certain people. I don’t think they never been to a real concert before but only Beyonce’s.

  81. Mark111 February 26, 2015

    Why? Why are you comparing her two some rock songs? Crazy In Love, Single Ladies and Halo ARE classics and HUGE songs. The artist he named only have one of two HUGE hits, so what’s his point? And HE doesn’t even have a classic, only white trash play this music. Yes I go in on the Pest, but you will not discredit this woman. Whitney was HUGE and her main timless classic hit was a cover. I think the ONLY artist that have a handfull of timeless hits is MJ, everyone else have a few if not one, if not NONE. And those two other songs are bigger than the band that plays them.

    • DEL BEY February 26, 2015

      thank you for being unbiased.

  82. Rihboy February 26, 2015

    But who is kid rock? He must be putting out an album soon; or wants to be blacklisted. Single ladies clearly was iconic. As an ex bey fan, I find his statements both ludicrous and pressed. I still do that little dance in the mirror. Crazy in love is also an iconic. Where he live? Under a rock. This is not me switching up, it’s me being real. A waste of a post.

    • Rosie February 26, 2015

      fff; He just released an album this week. Always hasbeens coming for Bey to get some attention.

  83. Brandys Starr February 26, 2015

    Obviously songs are not going seem as big as they were in the 80s, 90s and earlier (like the songs he mentioned) because there is a lot less control on what music is filtered. But anyone denying Beyonce of iconic songs first need to recognize that a song does not always need to be of ‘Thriller’ standard to still be classed as iconic. A song with significant impact, that continues to stand out over others of the time is iconic. Of course Bey has those. People read way too much into it.

  84. Mark111 February 26, 2015

    Oh I get it now, he just dropped an album. smh

  85. OMG Logic!!! February 27, 2015

    Beyhive up in here talking about “Bey’s music.” You mean the music she didn’t write?

    • XXX February 27, 2015

      Its still her music fool.

  86. J.E February 27, 2015

    I get what Kidrock is trying to sya. But who has nowadays?
    Last time a singer that had such impact was 13 years ago. Christina Aguilera with her Beautiful. But why bother she is Beyonce!!! and I still like her.

  87. XXX February 27, 2015

    Well I think she did. An iconic moment doesn’t always have to be with a massive power ballad. Dance floor hits are just as impactive and stand the test of the time because they will bring people together no matter what age, race or gener you are.

  88. XXX February 27, 2015

    Lmao at this has been talking about her because he has an album out this week go. He also spoke badly about Obama. The struggle and desperation. I swear these people need to give Bey a cheque the amount of free promo they get from her name, and they know it.

    • XXX February 27, 2015


  89. Adia February 27, 2015

    1 Beyoncé is iconic legendary
    2 she does have big iconic singles halo crazy in luv etc
    3 flawless vocals when I saw her I didn’t hear the woman breathe once during the entire show (really ask any other artist to do that , they don’t have the training)
    4 why do these people make controversial comments to stay relevant do something good in this world. We don’t need opinions about people in the public eye we need more people helping each other to gain better lives
    5 Never Ever talk about a black woman’s beauty something you don’t know about if your into white women with big breast that’s your business but don’t subliminally say that white women are better
    Do something better with your time

  90. Suicide Blonde February 27, 2015

    I get his point, he just think she’s overrated, she doesn’t have a ‘Purple Rain’ which is true and her so called classics fell short in comparison to other artists hits, i agree with him on that, he just went too far with his comments, she has a good team promoting her, like if she’s this genius, even Billboard stand for the woman, you can see it in their articles, they really want the word to believe that she is the biggest thing on earth since Jesus.

    • CherylSoldierr February 27, 2015

      Honey go sit down somewhere. If anyone is overrated it’s madonna. Shes literally been clinging to collaborators and producers since erotica flopped. You give me kid rock, white trash, I shop at Walmart teas.

  91. CherylSoldierr February 27, 2015

    Literally the definition of local (4-5 states) white trash hillbilly. I literally screamed when he said his fan base is 45-50 yr old white women who shop at Walmart.

  92. Indie February 27, 2015

    Typical ageing white man, who’s bitter that a Black Women is the biggest artist in THE WORLD! CRAZY IN LOVE even got white people trying to pop there booties and singe Ladies changed the wooooorld, anytime anyone does that hand to show off there ring its associated with Beyonce for life! there are actually very few artist ever that has made such an impact with a song globally! Even Drunk In Love and Halo I consider to be iconic then lets not start with Survivor, Independent Women, and Bills Bills Bills All anthems! His a jealous idiot!

    • fatusankoh February 27, 2015

      Indie omg well said thanks

  93. MISHKA February 27, 2015

    Irrelevant people would pull all kinds of stunts to get in the news nowadays.

    Can’t you talk and walk back to irrelevancy at the same time, Kid Non-Factor Rock?

  94. waterfalls February 27, 2015

    beyonce has an iconic hit with crazy in love, iconic video with single ladies and iconic performance with run the world billboard. but her whole discography is weak compared to her status.

    I think Beyoncé album will become a classic to our generation and to r&b public but not to the music. she does not build her career with cohesive albums like rhythm nation or velvet rope. she started with 4 and beyoncé.

    she did a prime first with hit singles and lot of marketing . and now she think about quality and music.

  95. kingbeybitch February 27, 2015

    Beyonce has iconic hits we all know that. Only the anti Beyonce stans will say different and Rihanna navy please shut up. When was the last time anyone talked about Umbrella in fact when was the last time y’all heard umbrella? CIL still being played and remembered same with single ladies ( They even started a show called Single ladies). Irreplaceable and Halo are also iconic they said being performances on talent shows and quoted. Listen is more covered Diamonds so please.

    • fatusankoh February 27, 2015

      King beybitch you said it all thanks

    • Queen of Trip Hop February 27, 2015

      Rihanna has certain Hive members so pressed it’s not even funny, all of the notorious navy members and Bey haters have said he is wrong and she does have iconic hits….not you acting like We Found Love, and Diamonds don’t exist.

  96. TRUTH SERUM February 27, 2015

    I’m so late to the party but those statements had to be the most sexist comments I’ve ever heard. The hillbilly conservative undertones to his statement. Rather you’re a fan or not …. For what she does, Beyoncé has had some iconic moments and some of her songs will be timeless. Besides that, here it is a black woman that has made it in a white male dominated field and made moves that completely changed the industry. Yeah, I said it… A game changer and he tries to diminish her to a hot girl which is outside of his preference?? Wake up people (in my school daze voice). heres to out post racist/sexist society.

    Meanwhile Bey Is somewhere perfecting her craft and working harder. Bey isn’t an over night sucess, she’s consistently been getting better and better. I wonder what his thoughts are on Adele and or Taylor. Or Madge **side eye**

    • Charlieyoncé February 27, 2015

      TRUTH SERUM thank you!!!

    • JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2015

      What you are saying is true but there heve been black women having more success than Beyonce and breaking more barriers than her before Beyonce. Some fans like to hype all about her too much.
      Whitney houston and Janet Jackson were the first black females to have undeniable worldwide superstardom on the level of any band with white male members or any male star. It had never happened before like that. Whitney Houston was bigger in 1985-1995 than what Beyonce has ever been, and we are talking 20 years before she came to her current position. Barriers were broken long ago, and not by Beyonce. Beyonce came when females in general had been leading the charts and industry for at least 10-15 years.

      • TRUTH SERUM February 27, 2015

        Agreed but you still can’t discredit her accomplishments . She’s carving out her own lane and leaving her legacy and breaking down barriers under totally different circumstances. Those legendary greats didn’t have to deal with illegal downloads, social media, and the “giga-byte babies”. You can’t say it’s already been done when the music climate/industry is completely different now.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2015

        Downloads have nothing to do with what we are talking about. We are talking about breaking down barriers, and Beyonce has broken down none. All of them were already broken. Just say she is building a legacy and she is very successful. I totally agree. She and Gaga are the only ones who deserves an important position in mainstream music nowadays talent wise imo (among the ones who are mainstream I mean). Nothing against Beyonce.
        PS: when I say Whitney was bigger I didn´t mean sales alone, obviously it´s almost impossible to do that nowadays because of the illegal downloads. I´m not ignoring that. But that wasn´t the point. No Beyonce album has served the commercial slayage Whitney served. Sadly, one example that could come closer would be Taylor Swift nowadays… 🙁 At least we have Adele to remind us talent can still do that. That´s having the type of success Whitney and the likes had. Beyonce has not achieved that status, sorry.

    • fatusankoh February 27, 2015

      True well said thanks that that red nick hatters have norting queen bey

  97. Charlieyoncé February 27, 2015

    Errmm. What about the iconic Crazy in Love? Or the ground-breaking Single Ladies? People still rock to the smash titled Say My Name, and get uplifted by the sensational Survivor, or shake their booty to the absolutely timeless Bootylicious! The list is f****** endless. You don’t have to love Beyoncé to know her iconic hits. Kid Rock needs to take a cathedral of sits. So should all the haters. Xo

  98. Charlieyoncé February 27, 2015

    Love On Top WILL be a classic, and y’all heffers will deal. Xo

  99. February 27, 2015

    HOOOOO sh!t!!!!! this isn’t no shot it’s f-cking atom bomb just went off.

  100. JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2015

    LOL well his comment seems a little bit absurd.
    But it´s true Beyonce (and not only her but none of these chicks like Rihanna and the rest) doesn´t have a classic on the level of Purple Rain and things like that.
    Crazy in love is her biggest classic and her R&B song with the biggest crossover appeal. Her best album is her last one. But her fans are delusional is they think that album is becoming the type of classic we are talking about. She would have needed at least a huge single because people need at least a song to remember. To become that type of classic you need Adele´s “21” type of slayage in all fronts. None of these girls have ever served that.
    For a female pop megastar you need at least an “I will always love you” or “All I want for Xmas is you” type of timeless classic which will be forever played. We are talking about Purple Rain guys. I know it´s not all about success, but to become such undeniable classic for most people you need to have both types of slayage. Thriller, Like a Prayer, With or Without You by U2, Bruce Springsteen “Born in the USA”, “Hotel California” by Eagles. Those get played 30 and 40 years later and will forever be played it seems.
    Yesterday I read a commentator saying the album “Beyonce” will be remembered 90 years from now LOL Boy if only the people who bought the album know the songs on that album (because there have not been real huge hits to make the rest of the people know about the songs), how the hell is it going to make it to 2100???
    Beyonce is one the biggest stars on Earth now. No shade at all. She´s bigger and better than what is considered her competition. Only she and Lady Gaga deserve their position in nowadays mainstream pop among the female artist we have now on the radio. But guys, she doesn´t have those type of classics in her catalogue. Sorry but no. And that´s why is always so unfair to think she has the most grammys ever. It´s appalling. But she´s doing great, and like I said, her last album is her best.

    • TRUTH SERUM February 27, 2015

      @john, there’s some truth to some of things you said but Bey isn’t done yet! She isnt an overnight success and I think we’re only scratching the surface. Adele’s 21 isn’t a classic in my opinion, that title would be more fitting on Amy Winehouse’s body of work. Adele is Nora 2.0.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 27, 2015

        Of course she could still produce a lot more of good stuff. We´ll see. Like I said, I´m not hating, I´m not like that. About Adele and Amy, both are great and Adele slayed, everybody will remember that for years and years. Sorry but it is like that. Adele is not Nora 2.0 Adele is a pop star. Nora was jazz, very difficult to sell big in that genre for long. Adele has really captured the world. Of course we still don´t know. She may not even be interested in being that big again and starts trying less commercial things on purpose. We´ll see. But it´s not like Nora´s case.

  101. Jewel February 27, 2015

    The desperation for some promo.

  102. What now February 27, 2015

    I truly think beyonce will be remembered as wanna be, tried to be , faked to be, but not the real thing when all the smoke ne mirrors clear

    She is marred in stealing, copying, unlike any ‘true’ icon

    She is a fake it til you make it icon and in the end you can’t fake it, and she hasn’t produced the goods, she tried to steal them, pr her way but as a organic artist she was never and will never be

    She is the front womn for men (first her dad, now jay) that created someone they could boast about, by herself she icant even talk, articulate, compose, write, choreograph all of it is someone else’s

    She will never go down wit he greats , she will go down as the greatest thirst for icon status

    • TRUTH SERUM February 27, 2015

      You sound ignorant. Lmao

  103. fatusankoh February 27, 2015

    What is wrong with this red nick want tobe a star by bashing best every thing queen bey my fellow behives let continue to love support our queen for life don’t let the hatters get to us God bless protect our bey blue jay and the wounderful behives for life thanks Sam for posting

  104. FutureCIARA February 27, 2015

    Regular people trash Beyonce everyday…. What makes his opinion news worthy again???

    • Tyler February 27, 2015

      True that!

  105. caribbean native February 27, 2015

    Cant say she dont have iconic songs…she has 2 actually……but the reat he said i see no lies

  106. sean February 27, 2015

    Um Bawitdaba and Cowboy from Kid Rock iconic. Bawitdaba launched the rap metal movement.Cowboy influence now being hear in Jason Aldean,Colt Ford,Rehab,Florida Georgia Line,Blake Shelton,Big In Rich.Cowboy was the first country rap song.Only God Knows Why was first song to use autotune. Picture,All Summer Long you hear everywhere stores,restuarants,live on tv after several years. Them um anyone seen the chevy commercial with Born Free that is on every five minutes. You do relize he has old sold just off Devil Without A Cause alone right ? Lastly American Bad Ass,his nickname,beer company and the song played by the boat bombed in Yemen coming back to port.Recently in 2 movies GI Joe and Battleship.Only God Knows Why waa the song of choice on radio stations for 9/11 has well.I yawn at grammys Hendrix and Led Zeppelin dont have grammys.Not that hard in the genric pop field to win. Tho Beck and Swift beat her

    • sean February 27, 2015

      My phone over spellchecks before you call me a dumb hick and you can’t edit on here

      The one line wanted to get crossed that got butchered is Devil Without A Cause alone outsold her entire solo catalog. He doubled her sales in US.No clues on World Wide but Devil has sold 26 million worldwide.

    • TRUTH SERUM February 27, 2015

      So we’re going to ignore the epic Run DMC and Aerosmith collab. Not to mention the Beastie Boys contribution to Rock metal. I can name a tons but it would be pointless. Kid rock is no icon, he did get a good sound bite to put him on the front page of blogs.

      Cowboy wasn’t the first country rap song either. Big and Rich along with other artist where doing it underground way before him.

    • Rosie February 27, 2015

      Literally no one remembers any of those redneck anthems anymore except for maybe Picture.

  107. Diora Couture February 27, 2015

    Has it occured to anyone that maybe, JUST MAYBE, he was asked to give his opinion on Beyonce in some way shape or form and that was his response. I’m not a betting person, but i’d be willing to read the entire interview and see how the topic of Beyonce came to be?

    THAT being said, all you queens are hissing about is how many HITS Beyonce has, but, not even I, being a bit of a Beyonce fan, can really see myself randomly singing one of her songs in it’s entirety at random without listening to it. As i read these replies i am finding myself singing the hooks or something from the songs some of you have listed.

    But, HONEYS, NONE of those can i remember word for word the way i can the ones by Celine, Whitney, (mariah’s) Hero…. so THAT’S what he’s referring to when he talks about iconic hits.

    And regarding her looks, i can certainly identify with what he’s saying, ’cause i’m sitting next to a straight guy whose only comment about Beyonce is “i don’t like her, but she’s hot; she can get it.” I think THAT’S the way Kid Rock is referring to how people see/admire her.

    Unfortunately the way the excerpt is worded it makes it seem like he just sat there ad rambled all his thoughts on Beyonce in one entire breath, when probably they condensed the responses for the excerpt. your thoughts?

  108. hives scared of R8 February 27, 2015

    300 comments! Are we going for 400??Why are people hating on kid rock.He is right and wrong.Drugyonce has iconic hits but they are basic as fukk##!!! I dont care what you fleas say Rihanna has better music.Thats why they hate on her.She is a fake bit h,steals and her stans are the worse.Im pretty sure alot of celebrities feel this way but they dont want to get dragged by the fleas so they keep their mouth shut kiiii

    • LDN Chick February 27, 2015

      No ones even thinking of forehead. How you gonna call Beyonce hits basic when your faves most iconic is singing about an umbrella ella ella eh eh eh. Bye!

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