Lady GaGa Manager: New Album Unlikely For Release This Year

Published: Saturday 7th Mar 2015 by Sam

Lady GaGa has been on quite the winning streak of late.

Well documented is the under-performance of her 2013 album ‘ARTPOP’ (which has yet to sell 800,000 in the US). However the onset of this year has already brought with it both a Grammy and a Gold certification for ‘Cheek To Cheek’ – her Jazz standards album with Tony Bennett.

What’s more, the superstar earned universal acclaim for her jaw-dropping ‘Sound Of Music’ medley at the Oscars late last month, which was swiftly followed by the blockbuster announcement that she’ll be starring in the hit series ‘American Horror Story’.

Naturally, then, the assumption was that the singer would quickly leverage the positive climate into the roll-out of her next project.

Perhaps so. Yet, it’s now been confirmed that the diva is unlikely to deliver said LP before the close of this year.

Full story below…

Speaking with Billboard, manager Bobby Campbell (who stepped up to steer her career after “that” oh so public split with Troy Carter just days before ‘ARTPOP’ dropped) revealed that the singer’s LP isn’t currently scheduled for a 2015 release. A comment seemingly seconded by label Interscope in the feature.

Interestingly, Campbell (who operates under the Live Nation management umbrella) highlighted that while some of the (well received) moves GaGa is being praised for presently may seem sudden, many of them have been in the works for the several months. In particular the ‘Horror Story’ gig and the Oscars performance – which was the product of two solid months of rehearsal with her longtime vocal coach.

And while suggestion of no new album this year may pierce some fans, the insightful piece appeases with a quote from RedOne – GaGa’s longtime collaborator who she recently reunited with.

Speaking about their sessions for the as yet untitled set, the ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Bad Romance’ producer told Billboard their that first day back together on January 14th represented a full-circle moment. Not only because it happened to be the eight-year anniversary of their ‘Just Dance’ sessions, but also because:

“She has a cleaner life and I have a cleaner life now — I see her happy, smiling like the girl that I knew before. She’s in a really ­beautiful place.”



For yours truly, a GaGa “comeback” has never been a case of “if” but rather “when?”

She’s too talented, too smart, and surrounded by too many industry think-tanks for a well-calculated comeback not to happen.

And while we’d love to see her album arrive sooner rather than later, we’re all for giving both she and her team time to continue plotting out the necessary steps.

Ever the hard worker, the newly engaged star will be doing just that while on the ‘Cheek To Cheek Tour’, which plays to sold out amphitheatres across the US this Summer.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rima March 7, 2015

    Artpop still sold more than UV so Lanas one fan can’t say s***.

    • BCGKC March 7, 2015

      What’s with Lana Del Ray anyway. What I’ve seen so far is dark and demure. That’s fine but is there any other mood or is that just her “thing”?

      • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* March 7, 2015

        You’re obviously a fairweathered music listener. Look at her short film Topico. It’s nothing less than ingenius perfection

    • #JACKIE March 7, 2015

      Lol Llama is DONE Sis

      • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* March 7, 2015

        Actually Ciara is done. She could die and reincarnate as Josephine Baker and no one would care. She could give her baby to adoption and file for bankruptcy and TMZ would pick up the story. You could offer a homeless man Fantasy Ride Or Death By fire squad and they’d say “either way is suicide”. C error could be the spokesperson for fhe first man to give birth and again NO ONE WOULD CARE. CIARA IS NOBODIES SAVIOR OR AUNTIE. GOOD DAY khunt!

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* March 7, 2015

      And why is lana bought up when she has a loyal cult following and is basically an underground artists. That’s like comparing the sales of a battle rapper to j cole. It’ll never be a fair fight but at the end of the day, for a jazz/avant garde singer to be compared to a pop singer, I’d say Dhali Lana Del Slay is doing well. Goodbye!!

    • Rosie March 7, 2015

      F** why are you so obsessed with me? Your b**** ass can’t even talk about your fave IN HER OWN POST. What a f****** depressed and lonely life you must live to perch on a blog all day not even talking about whoever you’re supposed to be defending, I can’t even imagine. You should really consider suiside just like the other Little Cutters.
      BTW, Ass To Mouth STILL hasn’t scanned 1 million worldwide with more promo than Born To Die, Paradise, and Ultraviolence COMBINED. You’re fave has been regulated to a tribute act in less than a year. Not to mention no one even streams her music anymore. The decline in literally EVERYTHING is REAL.

  2. I STAN(D) FOR TALĖNT March 7, 2015

    She better slay. Her Oscar performance was good. She should leave the euro-centric electro BS and do something like the queen of pop’s “Rebel Heart.”

  3. Mark111 March 7, 2015

    3 back to back flopping albums will be the final nail. To she should wait, go away, let the public miss you before forget about you. Take time to come up with something fresh. Funny how those Oscar performances did nothing for them. Shout out to that one Rita Whora stan. 🙂

    • #JACKIE March 7, 2015


      • Mark111 March 7, 2015

        #4 vs #96 peaking I Bet (I’ll flop). 🙂

    • TheElusiveLamb March 7, 2015

      She has not had three back to back flops. She underperformed once and the other did great for a jazz album. She’s going to be fine.

  4. kingbeybitch March 7, 2015

    No no gaga please take you time. I want you to come back and slayyyy the hell outta me

  5. DeCarlo March 7, 2015

    LOOOL Why does everyone hate Lana and Rosie so much?? I hardly comment on this blog but the shadication is THICK! LOL I love Gaga and Lana, and i can’t wait for their next projects…that being said… That delusional ass b**** that stans for Cheryl has the f****** NERVE to come for Lana when you’re flop ass fave has NO certifications outside of the UK what-so-f******-ever!!! Is ONLY FLOPPING even GOLD in the UK??? Her biggest Market?? ATLEAST UV is Gold in the UK, why isn’t cheryl?? She had a hit single and that still couldn’t get ONLY FLOPPING past 20k in sales! Is it GOLD in the US??? Where the f*** is Cheryl’s credentials in certifications outside of her general market?? UV may have under performed, due to lack of promo but it’s still managed to sell over 3 Mill Worldwide and is now Gold in the US, gold in 5 other countries and platinum in 3 with little to NO promo! Don’t EVER come for Lana again!!

    • Yo mama March 7, 2015

      Who is Rosie?

      • DeCarlo March 7, 2015

        Lana Stan

      • Your scalped edges March 7, 2015

        Oh. Why mention it? Are you a fan of it?

    • Rosie March 7, 2015

      Like, I don’t even know. I barely even mention the ugly FAD anymore? They’re still seething because their fave is clinging to an 88 year old to save her career, I guess. Or maybe because of Spotify showing the receipts yesterday that Fad is less relevant than Ariana Grande?

  6. Yo mama March 7, 2015

    Shes done. Goodbye gargoyle. RIP gargoyle. 2010 – 2014.

  7. Stephy. March 7, 2015

    Lady Gaga will be fine. I want her to re-invent herself as a Jazz/Classical singer tbh. But, I guess that’s just wishful thinking… Good Luck Gaga.

  8. Yo mama March 7, 2015

    Enough of this b****. Shes like that call me maybe b****. Its ova gargoyle. And whos Lana? Im so confused.

  9. SipTheTruth March 7, 2015

    Her next album will do well cos of the hype. She needs to h e a v i l y reduce the gimmicks tho

  10. The Beysus Impact March 7, 2015

    @ScoreMetacritic: The Fame Monster by @ladygaga
    Metacritic score: 78; generally favorable

    • Rosie March 7, 2015

      Artpop: 61

  11. TheElusiveLamb March 7, 2015

    Interesting, but talking her time will definitely help for the longevity of the album/era. I understand she loves to be a pop star, but I really think she could can be the charts with some Adele/Amy Winehouse material. Collaborating with people like Frank Ocean, Timbaland, Missy, & Drake for production and a pop collab with Madonna, JT, and Katy Perry, could give Gaga the PERFECT formula of The Fame and a totally different direction that could please fans and have her image not so gimmick like. I wish her luck either way.

  12. Madison March 7, 2015

    And when she’s not on gimmicks everyone was like “oh what happen to her we want the old crazy gaga back”. And when she’s shifting her music everyone would say the same thing. And when she’s doing the same thing people woukd still trashing her. In my opinion She can do all of the gimmicks or whatever she wants, whether you think it’s fake or not cause she can back it up with her talent. The hate for Gaga is real tho, I’m not a huge fan but i enjoy her present n enjoy her music. its not hurting to have someone like Gaga who is ambitious with her pop music i mean whats bad about it? Cause she bragged about her music? she has every right to do so cause she’s pretty much involving with the whole process. But the GP rather have someone safe like queen of basic katy perry which is pretty sad. And at the end who has the grammys and who’s dont? that says it all.

  13. No favs, just here for the music March 7, 2015

    To be perfectly honest, I haven’t listened to Lady Gaga’s music since ‘Telephone’ and I only knew about ‘Applause’ from a commercial lol and that song was sub-par to me.

    Even her Grammy performance that everyone talked about I have yet to watch. I dunno, her music just hasn’t caught my interest as of late but regardless, I will be keeping an ear open for her new stuff. Lady Gaga does come off as a total sweetheart though.

    • No favs, just here for the music March 7, 2015

      *Oscars not Grammys lol

  14. Casual-T March 7, 2015

    Makes sense. I think she should wait a minute before releasing new material.

  15. Suicide Blonde March 7, 2015

    I honestly wish her the best.

  16. Cake like Lady GaGa March 7, 2015

    The Monsters aren’t expecting anything this year anyways. But when GaGa comes back, she will SLAY all these pop tarts.. And is UltraFLOP certified sand yet?

    • Rosie March 7, 2015

      Has Ass To Mouth scanned 1 million worldwide yet? I thought Interscope spending all that money making her perform on literally every televised event (including the Oscars), the global H&M holiday campaign, the HSN deal, the Starbucks special edition gimmick, the Target deal, the tour + New Years Eve Vegas show, and then basically admitting today that she’s trying to save her image would do it, but nope, it’s been stuck at 900K since Christmas.

  17. Rosie March 7, 2015

    Screaming at Fad’s last two remaining stans on here running in this post, that is actually about their fave, only to talk about the “irrelevant, fad, Tumblr flop” Lana Del Rey. IT has been busy trying to save itself for the past month or so, and the Cutters swear that she’s “back” and that her next era will “slay” or w/e, and yet that’s all they can do? I wonder why all that promo since September couldn’t get anyone to buy her SOLO albums? Or to stream her music, since streaming is officially bigger than single sales as of last year? Funny how they completely forgot the $100 million drop in tour gross, or even how F.A.G. bombed harder than a Ciara single with a multimillion dollar video?

    • JOHNVIDAL March 7, 2015

      Boy seriously. Leave it! I know deep inside you have great taste and all. Just stop this war.
      Are you mad at the universal acclaim she got at the oscars? People who don´t even follow music industry like us were left open-mouthed.

      *plays “my p**** tastes like Pepsi Cola” lol*

  18. Gaga is OVERD March 7, 2015

    She’s still done.
    Nothing wil help her.
    NO tv show.
    No oscar performance.
    She’s over.

  19. FutureCIARA March 7, 2015

    Death @ Llama stans in here seething already.

    Anyway, Whenever Gagas album releases, I will be here for it! Glad she gave a spoonful of her vocal capability to the GP, And I want her new album to showcase more of that pure vocal demonstration. I dont want her to lose her artistry though, And I agree she will be fine.

  20. I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 7, 2015

    Lady CACA is a certified FLOP, Rih is 10x better than her and you höes will have to fúcking deal!!!!! 🙂 This is the year of Kanye and Rih, and seething áss bítches can continue to seethe! spend 4,5 seconds of seething and get over it 🙂

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