‘Between the Sheets’: Chris Brown & Trey Songz Take Live Show To Atlanta


Cynthia Bailey isn’t the only heating things up in the A this week.

For last night saw Chris Brown and Trey Songz took to Atlanta to continue on on their ‘Between the Sheets’ tour, rocking a sold-out crowd’s world at the Philips Arena!

There, they were joined by the singer R. Kelly who helped the boys deliver a live performance that precedes the release of Songz’ next studio album, ‘Tremaine.’

Check ’em out below…

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  1. TheElusiveLamb March 3, 2015

    Chris Brown & Trey Songz go ‘In Between the Sheets’ in ATL… I can’t, I shan’t, and I will not. I love my gays.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 3, 2015

      Your avis are great. I loved the one with Whitney dressed to go on stage in The Bodyguard, you know, with the hood on. Iconic.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 3, 2015

        Thank you. I try to incorporate the real bad b****** & Goddesses lol. But that was one of my fav avi. Whitney couldn’t have been anymore beautiful and graceful during that era if she tried. I miss her so much.

    • maurice March 3, 2015

      smh. mooriah stans cant even tell when they’re being trolled. KII

      • TheElusiveLamb March 3, 2015

        Lol. But we can tell when empty head, loose booty, crackling skin, pus from the asshole b****** enter our reply boxes. That my dear is what you are. Leave my comment section before I drag you back to slums of the ATL b****. Good day.

  2. Miss Pretty PuZy March 3, 2015

    How are they SUPPOSEDLY selling out all these shows but neither can scan 500k? Have they even scanned 300k yet?

  3. Theman March 3, 2015

    Trey has sold about 300k. Chris has sold about 360-375k. Chris should’ve kept on promoting his own album, before releasing this joint album with Tyga… His era’s are too short.

    • Miss Pretty PuZy March 3, 2015

      Really? That’s it with all of those singles? Pathetic!!!

  4. Career Ender March 3, 2015

    trey bubble head my fav almost 40 year old upwards failing flop pornstar

  5. Career Ender March 3, 2015

    im sure those between the duvet tickets cost as much as a $20 food stamp
    the pornstars are slaying!

  6. Career Ender March 3, 2015

    I always see grandpaVidal dragging Will Smith
    but he stans for that wizard nosed biatch flopga, who has a half successful and half flop career.
    her box office flops harder than DEADpop
    Will Smith >>>>>Flopga

  7. Career Ender March 3, 2015

    im sure the almost 40-something-year-old bubble-headed pornstar aka “the live wanker perfomer” will be a shadow to fistopher on that cardboard stage they managed to book.

  8. Career Ender March 3, 2015

    what are this round headed biatch’s performing style?
    wank..wank…hump air…takes off t-shirt…. dìck pops to the unsuspecting thirsty girls…grinds on stage….emits goat sounds. ..
    guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrl bye!!!!!!

  9. Career Ender March 3, 2015

    fistopher will dance a storm (slinging his dìck to the thirsty höes) while he lipsynces to save his terminally ill career

  10. Career Ender March 3, 2015

    they both trash singers live and people who go there…just go there to see them wank and sling their trash pipes all over the stage

  11. Rosebud (Natalie La Rose Stan) March 3, 2015

    Trey and Chris are beyond stale. Bring on Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and PartyNextDoor

  12. Eris March 3, 2015

    the comments sections are boring unless u see Beyonce, Rihanna or Nicky in the caption

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