Stargate Sounds Off On Katy Perry’s Songwriting Skills

Published: Sunday 22nd Mar 2015 by David

Pop production duo Stargate have weighed in on Katy Perry‘s songwriting prowess this week, sharing their thoughts on just how much she actually contributes to the songs that have made her one of Pop’s brightest stars.

Will Ms. Perry like what they have to say about her?

Find out below…

A Norwegian to English translation of their recent conversation with VG Rampelys reads:

“Firework” was according Stargate the first song they made together with Perry, and took just one day to nail.

– A good day at work. We made the music, she made “topline”, ie text, melody and concept, and I would say that it shows that she is at the top level what songwriting is concerned, says Hermansen.

– I do not think people are aware of how skilled she is at it. She has worked with Max Martin and Dr. Luke, and then it is not always easy to know who really wrote the songs. But when we met her, it was clear to us what a talented and purposeful songwriter she is.

Stargate, which has ten number one hits in the USA on your resume, was also impressed by Perry’s voice qualities.

– As a vocalist, I would say that she is undervalued. She sings the audience away. When we created “Firework” we let down a demo vocals first night, which was very good and raw. We decided to keep it exactly as it was, without choir or overdubbinger. It can only do with the really good singers. Because she usually sings such perfectly  produced pop hits I do not think people think about how good she is as a singer, says Hermansen.

Your thoughts?

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  1. blue March 22, 2015

    they said nothing bad, actually just confirmed that she contributes more than a word change


      Chile, and we all know who only changes one word in their songs. I have a feeling the beyhive might know the answer, but they not trying to go tell it on any mountains.

  2. DEL BEY March 22, 2015

    Katy is cute, I like her as a person

  3. 내가 제일 잘 나가 | Matt Toddy March 22, 2015

    Katy <3

    • FutureCIARA March 22, 2015

      Your plastic surgeon slays!

  4. metzo March 22, 2015

    I like Katy. I have nothing bad to say.
    But as far as talent is concerned, hmmph.. She’s Aight.

    • DEL BEY March 22, 2015

      Beyonce is CNN and Katy is Nick Jr, lets just say that

      • blue March 22, 2015

        really? Bey might have the bigger vocals and the better techniques but noway is she close to the overall artist katy is.

      • BossB*tchBeyoncé March 22, 2015

        And there’s no way a Rihanna fan should be in a conversation about artistry. Since Rih can’t compose her hits(like Katy) or flawlessly execute them live(like Bey).

      • DEL BEY March 22, 2015

        HAHAHA OMG BLUE, everything you say from this point is now VOID, how can you say such blasphemous things? Katy’s Disney Channel brand Vs Beyonce’s 17 year R&B/Pop/Dance queen? OK

      • blue March 22, 2015

        what about a mariah, whitney, sia, celine, mary j, m lambart, adele, ed, sam smith, jencarlos, shakira, alejandro sanz fan? Some of us can love more than one artist…

      • Lolz March 22, 2015

        Oop read a bit @BossBitchBeyonce. Even Katy looks up to Bey.

      • blue March 22, 2015

        really? Both bey and katy were blessed with singing voices…done, katy is an accomplished songwriter and plays and instrument too.

        Please! Never said anything about bey just that you can come for someone who does it all when you ride for one who does one thing brilliantly

      • DEL BEY March 22, 2015

        @BLUE, Nobody said anything about not liking anyone else, I give plenty of artist praise on here, INCLUDING Rhi, so how about you quit making excuses for your hate toward bey and actually give her props, she is superior to any other pop star of todays generation and that is FACT, whether you agree or not is simply for fun, you cant deny facts

      • blue March 22, 2015

        superior in what? Singing? I gave her props, what about you respecting katy and admit that she is a superior overall artist!

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        Spot on! @Del Bey

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        @BossBitch. Let that ni*** know!

      • KatyCat 4 Ever March 22, 2015

        How is Katy nick jr? I mean, just because she is colorful and fun doesn’t mean that she is for kids.

    • BossB*tchBeyonce March 22, 2015

      @Blue, Whitney only did “one thing brilliantly” & that was sing. Are you saying Katy is a better artist than her? And by your logic you would have to agree that they are both better than Rihanna but then we already knew that.

      • Special Delivery March 22, 2015

        This Blue person is delusional. This is the same person who tried to tell me Rihanna was the first pop female to start the EDM/Dance Pop trend in music. Like Britney, Madonna, Kylie and dozens other don’t exist. Ignore it.

      • blue March 22, 2015

        actually yes, whitney is the superior singer and name, but katy is the superior artist, katy could actually make music on her own and good music too. Whitney would be lost without her producers and songwriters.

      • blue March 22, 2015

        @special delivery, you really must be ‘special’ because i claimed she was the artist to bring it back, anyone with a brain cell, knows she didnt invent it…

      • BossB*tchBeyonce March 22, 2015

        so Katy is a superior artist to Whitney? Kay Bye… I’m done talking to you.

      • Special Delivery March 22, 2015

        How did you come to that conclusion when Katy always uses the biggest, most generic pop producers and writers in the pop industry for her hits. Just because you ‘can’ do something does not automatically mean you’re gonna be good at it.

      • Special Delivery March 22, 2015

        @Blue. No you did not boo. Do you need me to dig up the receipts. You were asking what mainstream pop female did EDM/Dance successfully before Rihanna did SOS. Nice try though but I never said you said she invented it. And even with that fresh claim how did she ‘bring it back’ when it never disappeared? Still showing how musically ignorant you are. *Plays Toxic*

      • blue March 22, 2015

        it didnt disappear but it wasnt the musical trend, think of the music scene before 2005 2007 and the big edm trend of 2009-2011, tell me it didnt come back into the mainstream around that time and the only chick really riding it wasnt rihanna, that gaga and rihanna werent at the forefront of it?

      • blue March 22, 2015

        one of these things doesnt belong
        sia, beyonce, katy

      • Special Delivery March 22, 2015

        You’re reaching with T Rex arms. Dance pop was popular in the 00s, before Rihanna came over from the Island. So are we just going to act like In The Zone, Confessions on a Dance Floor don’t exist then? ‘Toxic’ was perhaps te biggest dance pop hit of thd decade, before Rihanna existed. And thats just speaking specifically about ‘female’ artists. To put it bluntly, dance pop has always been a popular trend in pop music for the whole of the 2000s. Rihanna just rode the wave. The one who arguably brought real EDM based bodies of work in pop to the forefront was Lady Gaga, after ‘Just Dance’ came out. Rihanna was just including Dance Pop in her music like a lot of other pop artists were already doing.

  5. Stephy March 22, 2015

    Katy Perry is a DECENT songwriter & has a mediocre/average voice. Overall, she’s an GREAT Pop star. Very entertaining for her fan-base.

    • blue March 22, 2015

      her voice is anything but average, its just not polished but girlfriend hits notes most alto’s would kill their mother’s for.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

      She’s not decent if she wrote most of her hits and songs on her albums. That makes no sense… She is a good songwriter, they confirmed it.

      • FAF March 22, 2015

        I kissed a girl was supposed to be a quirky ironic song with rock edge & it took off and made her a pop star, then hot & cold did the same

        ppl seem to forget Katy was playing guitar and writing

        she dumbed her self down for success.. the talent is there she just doesn’t HAVE to use it

        she tries to put on stage shows when u listen to things like I’m still breathing from her first album, thats what she was MEANT to do

  6. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    I would pay them to expose Thiefoncé for putting her name on every song, but she definitely wrote 9/11. There’s no doubt about it. She definitely showcased her writing skills in that song. I was quite impressed. 😆

    • DEL BEY March 22, 2015

      Another post where Beyonce was mentioned not f****** once, but you still succeed at talking her name

    • TRUTH SERUM March 22, 2015

      Stay on topic doll, this is about Katie..

    • BossB*tchBeyoncé March 22, 2015

      Beyoncé should be paying you rent for all the space she takes up in that pressed little pea sized brain of yours!!

  7. DEL BEY March 22, 2015

    NOT Kim Jong Un, coming for me, when today is the first time I’ve been aware of its existence, you know alllll about my blog and I don’t even know you LEUL, carry on listening to your Kpop garbage

  8. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    FACT: Beyonce has 1 solo top 10 hit this decade. #DontPanic 😆

    • blue March 22, 2015

      save it for the bey posts, not everything is about her. Are u a navy or a beyhater?

  9. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015


    • BossB*tchBeyoncé March 22, 2015

      Is that the last time Rih had a multi platinum plaque? Oh no, that was 8 years ago. My bad.

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        LOL *Collapses onto the floor*

    • DEL BEY March 22, 2015

      Lana has sold over 6 million albums since her debut 3 years ago, she is doing just FINE..

      • 내가 제일 잘 나가 | Matt Toddy March 22, 2015

        How many number 1 singles does lana have? How many grammy’s?
        Katy may not have a grammy yet but at least she still gets nominated lmao

    • DEL BEY March 22, 2015

      haha don’t make me laugh, Koreans do not have ANY authenticity when it comes to culture, Koreans constantly JACK the swag invented by western media and use it for mere fashion LOL, this b**** is not feirce, she probably grew up eating plain white rice and studying for her exams

      • 내가 제일 잘 나가 | Matt Toddy March 22, 2015

        You’re disgusting. Imagine me saying that kinda trash about black people? ESPECIALLY living africa. By your logic black people must be climbing trees, looking for banannas to eat and hunting antelope.

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* March 22, 2015

      Shut up ling Lang. No one even knows you on Thatgrapejuice (1st strike) your lana shade was tired and late by at least 3 years (2nd strike) and you’re probably sneaking internet access in North Korea (3rd strike) bye now!

  10. DEL BEY March 22, 2015

    Kpop is complete and utter gimmickry, none of the style or influences originated from there at all, South Korea is basically Iggy Azealea when it comes to countrys, completely faux

    • 내가 제일 잘 나가 | Matt Toddy March 22, 2015

      You are one small minded person. By your logic, you think country’s should not evolve and develope? Country’s that “stay in its culture” end up like North Korea and some of the middle east.
      Stop talking drag queen. You’re starting to look as dumb as when beyonce tries to read in public

      • anonymousss January 1, 2017

        Lana Del Rey isn’t even mainstream in the USA That’s kind of y she hasn’t been nominated for a Grammy I think but she’s gotten and been nominated for other kinds of awards

  11. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    Oh, ugh. Silly me. I like Katy. And hearing that she writes song instead of falsely crediting herself is pleasing.

  12. Special Delivery March 22, 2015

    She serves her purpose as a good, concrete pop star.

  13. Debs March 22, 2015

    Like Katy. Need a post about nicki selling concert tickets on groupon for €20 ✌️

    • KeKe March 22, 2015

      Screaming!!!!! I just saw

    • Bey-Minaj March 22, 2015

      Those are lawn tickets u idiot. Artists always do that for their concert lawn tickets. I can’t with some of u actin like u know the music industry, when clearly u don’t.

      • KeKe March 22, 2015

        Where does it say lawn ticket?

        The Deal
        One G-Pass to see Nicki Minaj: The Pinkprint Tour with Meek Mill, Rae Sremmurd, Tinashe, and Dej Loaf
        When: Sunday, August 9, at 7 p.m.
        Where: First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
        Door time: 6 p.m.
        Full offer value includes ticketing fees


        *sips tea*

      • Debs March 22, 2015

        No you the idiot point was they aren’t even selling at that price

  14. Gee March 22, 2015

    Glad to see producers give an actual artist credit for being more than just being at the forefront Katy is a multitalented artist singer/songwriter which in the long run is very profitable I feel songwriting is a bigger business than being an actual artist.

  15. BossB*tchBeyonce March 22, 2015

    so Katy is a superior artist to Whitney? Kay Bye… I’m done talking to you.

  16. BeyIsKing March 22, 2015

    Idk why we continue feeding this Istandfortalent troll. Ignore him, the reason he continues this is because each time he says something, he elicits a response. We now know he’s mentally unbalanced so leave him be.

    • metzo March 22, 2015

      I refuse to believe that it’s a rational, mentally stable human being. #PoorThing #NavyBeLike

      • BeyIsKing March 22, 2015

        He’s clearly not stable. Each and every time he posts a comment it’s about Bey…it’s sickening

  17. metzo March 22, 2015

    Someone just said Katy Perry is an overall better artist than Whitney! I’m FUCKINGG done

    • BossB*tchBeyonce March 22, 2015

      Well chile, thats the navy for you!!

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

      They were referring to the definition of an artist, NOT success or acclaim of one. If you actually read what @Blue said then you would understood but since you are hive then I guess the analysis went over your head. Instead of shading blue, why not ask them to dumb it down for you if you don’t understand?

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

        Would have understood*

  18. blue March 22, 2015

    katy is a great songwriter (firework).

    Riddle me this who of the two is the superior artist
    michael jackson or whitney houston or mariah or celine dion?

    • metzo March 22, 2015

      Idk what you define Artist.. But I can tell you who the better Singer and/or entertaining is..

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        Or should I say vocalist. Cause nowadays everyone is a singer…

      • blue March 22, 2015

        and thats the point i was making, bey is the superior singer, but overall katy is the superior artist.

        That is nothing against bey its just something katy has over her.

      • I Stan For Myself March 22, 2015

        Katy is what you call a jack of all trades, master of none. Just because she can supposedly ‘do more’ does not make her a superior artist. Whitney and Bey are masters of their art/craft which is performing and singing.

  19. 7 March 22, 2015

    One thing is for sure, Katy > Rihanna.
    @blue let that sink in.

    • blue March 22, 2015

      honey i know that. rihanna and bey are the same type of artist you arent hurting me in the slightest.

      But i think i was arguing a point with beyhives not rihnavy…

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        Rihanna and Bey are the same type of artists? Please elaborate. *waits*

      • blue March 22, 2015

        they are singers… Not songwriters or instrument players.

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        No. Bey is a skilled VOCALIST. Rihanna is not. People often compare them just because they’re both black and mainstream and have Jay Z as a common denominator. But one is far superior than the other. They are not the same. Bey is way more talented across all dimensions.

      • BossB*tchBeyoncé March 22, 2015

        But Beyoncé is a songwriter & CAN lay instruments so…

  20. 내가 제일 잘 나가 | Matt Toddy March 22, 2015

    Katy and lana are on the same level talent wise. They both write and sound like goats.
    Career wise, katy wins

    • Eeww March 22, 2015

      Funny cause that thing in your avi looks like a goat with half it’s face paralyzed. Hopefully it’s not someone you know.

      • Barb-wire March 22, 2015

        @ewww, Screaming!!!!

  21. BeyIsKing March 22, 2015

    Someone just said Katy is a better artist than Whitney???!!!?! You’ve lost all credibility. Your opinions on music won’t count for much after that comment.

  22. metzo March 22, 2015

    @blue I’m waiting … 🙂

    • blue March 22, 2015

      by being the same type of artist i meant that bey and rih’s contribution to their music is mainly their voices…

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        That’s a bit more reasonable than what you first said.. in a sense of neither of them play instruments. But pls, they are not equal nor the same. Rih can’t hold a candle against Bey, not on stage, not in acting. JS

      • blue March 22, 2015

        lol…acting really? Like bey is some prized actress. And rihanna has only one real movie role to her name currently so how do you even compare?

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

        @Metzo shut up please, Beyonce and Rihanna are the same type of artist. I understood completely what the other Blue was saying, she wasn’t dragging bey or rihanna, just saying they aren’t songwriters or musicians. They only contribute their voices unlike Gaga, Katy and Taylor, who cares if Beyonce could sing circles around rihanna or whatever, the truth is she still cannot write music and she still has to record her vocals before performing them so…

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        How can I compare? Because I’ve seen both of their acting, and judging unbiasely, Bey’s acting is far more impressive than Rih’s. I’m not saying that Bey is some Angelina Jolie, but I can see why she was nominated for a Golden globe.

        If you are still skeptical, I got receipts.. just ask 🙂

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

        Have you seen ‘obsessed’? Not even her getting her ass whooped looked real. The fighting temptations? Gold member? Seriously?

        This was her first acting role and rihanna did not do a bad job, she will get more and she will improve

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        Have you seen Cadillac Records?

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        Funny you did not mention “Dream Girls” lol. Keep being in denial.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

        Did I say Beyonce was a terrible actress or did I say she had terrible roles as well when you pointed out Rihanna was bad in Battleship. Beyoncé was good in both films, cannot take that away from her nor will I ever but she also has more roles than Rih so maybe the comparison is a little unfair to judge. Wait till other roles come out and we will see if she got acting chops

      • Lolz March 22, 2015

        @Metzo How can you win a Razzie for minor role with like 10 lines. Crying.

      • TRUTH SERUM March 22, 2015

        @blue is dead blond trolling. F** bye

  23. Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

    March 22, 2015 at 10:27 am
    BossB*tchBeyoncé says:

    But Beyoncé is a songwriter & CAN lay instruments so…


    What instrument is that, the tambourine? the triangle? Or perhaps a shake n bake packet?
    The delusion in this post

    • metzo March 22, 2015

      She can lay instruments with her voice that’s for sure. A few singers can do that.

    • BossB*tchBeyoncé March 22, 2015

      Delusion is your fellow navy saying Katy is a superior artist to whitney freaking Houston. And that Beyoncé & Rihanna are on the same level artistically. That is delusion. Beyoncé can play instruments. She doesn’t but can. Not to mention she’s capable of mimicking a few instruments with her voice. Please fact check & do your research.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

        She wasn’t saying that though. She was saying as a artist she is more talented but Whitney as a vocalist and star she will never compare in that department

  24. 7 March 22, 2015

    Beyonce can use her voice to mimic a few instruments. Unlike some “singers”.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

      Don’t push it, you are reaching now.

  25. I Stan For Myself March 22, 2015

    Katy is what you call a jack of all trades, master of none. Just because she can supposedly ‘do more’ does not make her a superior artist. Whitney and Bey are masters of their art/craft which is performing and singing.

  26. Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

    No one said Beyonce cannot sing, she has improved much tremendously from her DC/first 2 albums days. Chill and breath, no reason to get defensive and try to make your fave superior when she is not. She’s only a singer, a talented one but that’s where the talent stops. Doesn’t mean she is less than the musicians, it just means she doesn’t have that skill.

    • 7 March 22, 2015

      So you admit Beyonce is more talented than Rih. Good.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

        When have I ever said rihanna was more vocally trained than Bey? beyonce had years of vocal training before rihanna even started so of course she will be better. Rihanna may be her level but her voice and control is improving, cannot say she’s not getting better

      • Lolz March 22, 2015

        Rihanna has had years of vocal training. Lmao at you acting like shes some kind of newbie to excuse her basicness against Beyonce. You’ve either got or you don’t. And has she not been singing since high school when she butchered Mariah Careys hero?

      • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) March 22, 2015

        They are both talented in their own way.Nobody is more talented than the other.fleayonce is slightly better at singing but she is no Deborah c** or Celine. Beyonce is a better singer than Janet too. Does this make her more talented than Janet?
        Case closed

      • Lolz March 22, 2015

        No honey, Beyonce is just lightyears ahead of Rihanna as a talent. Don’t be delusional. She can do way more than rihanna as a vocalist and performer. We’re not talking about anyone else. The world knows this besides the navy. Death at ‘slightly better’ singer.

      • metzo March 22, 2015

        @RihAmerican. Hi troll. Janet is an amazing performer. Bey is an amazing performer and amazing vocalist. Rihanna is none of the above.
        Case closed.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

        23 years? Vs 10 years? In game plus many add years before that? B**** bue

      • Lolz March 22, 2015

        I live for the excuse. 10 years isn’t enough time to perfect your craft? Beyonce at 20 was still better than Rihanna now. (See: Dangerously In Live at the Grammys)

    • Lolz March 22, 2015

      Dangerously in Love live*

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

        She was nasally and her voice was thin, b**** stop it.

      • Lolz March 22, 2015

        But Rihanna could never sing that. I dare you to provide a receipt were she shows more vocal tenacity in one performance. The only ballads she can sing are flat ballads like Stay of Diamonds.

    • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) March 22, 2015

      I have my opinion and you have yours

      • Lolz March 22, 2015

        Yes and you better recognize thats its just your opinion. And just that. Not a general opinion. Which holds beyonce way above Rihanna on the talent stakes.

  27. Lolz March 22, 2015

    March 22, 2015 at 10:35 am
    I Stan For Myself says:


    Katy is what you call a jack of all trades, master of none. Just because she can supposedly ‘do more’ does not make her a superior artist. Whitney and Bey are masters of their art/craft which is performing and singing.


    Aint that the truth!

    Its funny that it is Rihanna stans with the biggest opinions on here, when she falls into neither category.

  28. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    Why are the fleahive bullying blue? And did of those fatherless bastards just say Beyonce plays instruments? O_O

  29. Molly March 22, 2015

    How embarrassing to be apart of the same fan base as IStandForTalent.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

      Just like its bad having you as a C-Trio stan?

    • anonymousss January 1, 2017

      Molly, ignore IStandForTalent if u need to

  30. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    WTF is going on? Are the Fleahive with no GED having asses trying to make some kind of statement? Aren’t they the same people waste government resources by calling the FBI and creating petitions on change. org? They must have hangovers or something, especially that inbred french poodle. Pfffff #BeyHiveLogic

  31. Molly March 22, 2015

    Anyway I love Katy she makes great pop music and will be around for awhile.

  32. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    I love how Molly the inbred mongrel uses me to get in with fleahive. It’s cute. The only problem is that she doesn’t know which race she belongs to. It’s very sad. She must go ‘find’ herself. It brings tears to my eyes. 🙁

    • Molly March 22, 2015

      Girl you bring me to tears everytime I see that tragic avi, Honestly you have easily became the biggest joke on this site. Your life must be so f***îng miserable. Btw The hive and I are cool I no problem with them, Also bîtch im proud of being mixed so wtf are you talking about?

  33. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    I’m here for Molly’s transition from a Sasquatch to a flea. I approve of it. I guess she’s always been a fan of Beyonce all along.

    • Molly March 22, 2015

      Not when you stan for Beyonce harder than majority of the hive.

    • Mark111 March 22, 2015

      Well damn, he already trans from male to Hemale. Just changing the game, are we?

  34. Mark111 March 22, 2015

    She kills her ballads and slow songs. Katy The Mother Monster Slayer. Funny, her late 2013 album out did most of the others and it’s still active. The difference between great pop work vs hype and gimmicks.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez March 22, 2015

      Lmao I caught that

      • Mark111 March 22, 2015


    • XXX March 22, 2015

      Gaga shade!

  35. Mark111 March 22, 2015

    Flashback: “Gaga will outsell Katy because Gaga is an album seller and Katy is just a singles artist.” -The Cutters

  36. XXX March 22, 2015

    Thats cool. I like Katy. She knows her lane and is more talented than people think. She does not need to pretentiously over exert herself about her art then come with the most generic un sonically pleasing album of past the decade.

  37. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    Poor thing. I wonder what it selects on Application forms under race/ethnicity. That mixed mutt is such a kiii. It uses the fleahive, but of course their too stupid to notice. 😆 SMH

  38. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    Molly wants to be #Beyhive sooooo bad. I love how she uses me for some brownie points with them. #iApprove #GoAheadMyChild 😆

    • Molly March 22, 2015

      If that’s the case I could easily change my avi, Don’t be mad cause the beyhive and I have a common dislike and disgust for your ass.

  39. KING RIH March 22, 2015

    I am not here for this Sunday morning delusion. If someone does not like Bey that does not make them a Rihanna fan idiots so don’t bring my fav into this mess. Just stop it.

    All of a sudden, Bey is a songwriter and an instrument player? Sweet baby Jesus.

  40. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    Okay Molly.

  41. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 22, 2015

    The blasphemy. The lies on a Sunday, a holy day. Apparently Jay Z’s baby mama plays instruments and a songwriter of the highest prestige. They’ve really outdone themselves this time. SMH *sigh*

  42. HYISI March 22, 2015

    What’s the point of this article?Katy Perry’s vocals aren’t better than most of the R&B and Pop artist mainstream ignores,neither is her writing,so same beat,I meant Stargate could’ve kept that!Next we’re going to get a interview from Taylor Swift’s producers telling us she’s Aretha’s heir! FOH!

    Since when has writing songs made the better artist? Some of the most talented trailblazers such as Ella,Judy,Billie,Sarah,The Andrew Sisters never picked a pen up their whole career and are still better artist than the artist that came decades later.There are different things that make an artist great,songwriting isn’t necessarily one them. Some artist can’t sing but can write,while others are artist purely off of their vocals alone.Either or, Katy Perry is mediocre at best!The navy don’t have a leg to stand on in any artistry based argument, over a decade later Riri still can’t sing or perform.

    • KatyCat 4 Ever March 22, 2015

      Songwriting means that you are CREATING your own material. That’s what an artist/musician is.

    • anonymousss January 1, 2017

      Songwriting: Katy does more than Beyonce and Rihanna and she’s good at it, Beyonce and Rihanna do it sometimes
      Singing: They can all sing, Beyonce is more powerful with her singing usually and has better voice control than Rihanna I think but Rihanna’s voice might be better for some people
      They can all perform fine
      And better artist depends on definition of “artist” and sometimes is more of a personal thing

  43. Royalkev March 22, 2015

    Katy actually does have a lot of well written songs. I realized she had great writing talent since her debut with “One of The Boys”.

  44. Sarah March 22, 2015

    She’s a good songwriter most of the time. I do believe her label pushes her with this little kid image instead of using her better songs. I personally liked her better when she was somewhat alternative with ‘One of The Boy’. Her and Britney are pretty underrated with their songwriting abilities. Most people don’t know that Britney writes a lot of great songs too ie. ‘Everytime’ & ‘Everyday’.

    I like the article TGJ, I expected this to be an article mocking her.

  45. LB March 22, 2015

    She is superior to many artists in that department. She actually writes music instead of claiming to write other people’s music. I’ll give her props there.

    I did however detect plenty of lies on Katy’s vocal ability. But anyway as long as she remains Grammyless, I am fine.

  46. Slayty Perry (Superbowl Record Holder) March 22, 2015

    So they’re basically confirming what I’ve been saying: Katy Perry is the best songwriter in pop music today. She knows her craft and knows it well. As far as this delusional debate between the Hive and Blue, artist is a vague term. The way i see it, there are vocalist, entertainers, and musicians when it comes to music. Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, Britney (when her knees still worked and she was all there), and Beyonce are entertainers. They don’t play any instruments, they don’t write most of their music, they can’t produce, but they don’t need to. They slay the stage. I know Bey can belt but she is not a vocalist like Mariah, Celine, Whitney, or Christina. Those girls aren’t necessarily performers and usually don’t get involved much with their music but the can outsing everyone. Katy falls into the musician category, which is what blue was trying to say. Katy can write, play an instrument, and has even started producing her own music. If you lock her in an equipped studio she can make a masterpiece. A vocalist or entertainer usually can’t. Whitney slayed vocals but she didn’t write, didn’t play anything, didn’t produce, and barely had control over her sound/style/direction until her 3rd album. That is why blue said she’s not a better artist than Katy. She’s not an artist, she’s a vocalist. Katy is a musician. They can’t honestly be compared.

    • TheElusiveLamb March 22, 2015

      :I know Bey can belt but she is not a vocalist like Mariah, Celine, Whitney, or Christina. Those girls aren’t necessarily performers and usually don’t get involved much with their music but the can outsing everyone.:

      Excuse yourself. Mariah is EXTREMELY involved in every aspect of her music and overall artistry. She has written (by herself) songs that have never been released. She has written for others and the highest of the icons have praised her songwriting. Mimi is the ONLY other diva (besides Aretha) that is a musician. You may be able to apply the “not a musician” thing to the others, but NEVER for M-I-M-I.

    • metzo March 22, 2015

      Beyonce is a VOCALIST.

  47. Theman March 22, 2015

    Katy actually has a good voice. She is an awesome “Pop Star”. Beyonce is a superb entertainer/performer. Vocally, there are other amazing singers outside of Beyonce, in her era.

  48. Just Saying March 22, 2015

    Why do people literally compare EVERYTHING to Beyonce here? Shes literally like the bar standard to compare any and everything to. Even the most random people like Katy. Her and Beyonce are in two very different lanes are will be looked at totally differently.

  49. RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) March 22, 2015

    Case closed?? Bit ch stop stealing my line.As least you could’ve been more creative.Ops! I Forgot you stan for flopyonce.
    Yes,flopyonce is slightly better

    • Lolz March 22, 2015

      No boo, shes A LOT better. Learn the difference.

    • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) March 22, 2015

      Flopyonce is slightly better than Rihanna vocally.She has better control,good riffs and runs but lacks in power.She is nobody’s powerhouse.She tries to pull off Whitney live but ends up sounding like a screaming grunting cow! How is flopyonce light years ahead of Rihanna when she is not a powerhouse vocalist?? Im talking about Whitney,celine etc.Im talking about vocals but you want to mention performing.I never said Rihanna was a glorified performer so how Im I delusional?? You fleas talk about bey like shes perfection.Gurl please! I dont see what’s so spectacular about her performances.She runs around,shakes her ass,flips her wigs,pops her chest out yet you f*** think she is doing something impressive.Give me a break

  50. Lolz March 22, 2015

    These are just some of MANY examples of Beyonce slaying with just her voice alone. Now please stop talking garbage about shitt you’re ignorant to and do some research. Im not saying shes on Whitneys level, but that is rare. Doesn’t change the fact she can do WAY MORE and is far more versatile with her vocals than your basic ass fave who can only interpret the studio version of basic ballads. Please stfu you’re embarrassing yourself.

  51. FutureCIARA March 22, 2015

    She may be a little under-rated at this point in her career, As far as song writing and things go. Shes just so gimmicky

  52. @rihicon March 23, 2015

    I wish Katy would write more songs like “by the grace of god”

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