Watch: Drake Assaulted In Dubai

Published: Wednesday 18th Mar 2015 by David

‘Truffle Butter’ spreader Drake was assaulted by a partygoer in Dubai recently, pushed in the head as he enjoyed a night out at Movida nightclub on Saturday evening.

What happened next?

Footage from the event below…

The lyricist was in town as a guest of the royal family, arriving after the release of his latest studio album ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late‘ to spend time with Prince Mansoor, a member of the Al Maktoum royal family.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BeyRihLiyah March 18, 2015

    they better leave the king of urban-pop alone

    • Toohotfortv March 18, 2015

      So ironic the song that was playing. Am I the only one who noticed that? They might’ve just felt it.

    • noelle March 18, 2015

      They do not know who tf they f****** with.

    • JENNY JONES!!! March 19, 2015


  2. Sarah March 18, 2015

    That really didn’t even look like a ‘push’. Poor Drake, hope this doesn’t get her down too much.

  3. Mark111 March 18, 2015

    I love how he looked back all tough AFTER he walked a mile away. I’m sick of these puss @ss rapper act all thug with their bodyguards are in front and doing all the work.

  4. Al March 18, 2015

    Bout as ghetto as a bin bag take a seat daria

    • TheElusiveLamb March 18, 2015


  5. TheElusiveLamb March 18, 2015

    Lol he’s so funny when he tries to be hard & tough.

  6. Rated R March 18, 2015

    ” I hear fairy tales ‘bout how they gon’ run up on me / Well, run up when you see me then and we gon’ see” – I Guess We Saw

  7. Rated R March 18, 2015

    Drake: ” I hear fairy tales ‘bout how they gon’ run up on me / Well, run up when you see me then and we gon’ see” – I Guess We Saw

  8. FutureCIARA March 18, 2015


  9. Mother March 18, 2015

    Where’s the assault tho?

  10. Bravo!! March 18, 2015

    They just rub the top of his head…

    • Bravo!! March 18, 2015

      The did have enough time to punch, but instead they just rub the top of his head.

  11. Bravo!! March 18, 2015

    Now!, if it was me I would have went for the booty grab

  12. Boykin March 18, 2015

    TGJ tryin’ so hard. Drake’s head was just barley grazed. Ushered even. “Assaulted. “Why do I even bother?

  13. dc forever March 18, 2015

    SOme of them are prejudice against jewwish people. He should have done a show in Tel Aviv.
    He would make a lot of money there

    • OMG Logic!!! March 18, 2015

      Or maybe they just recognize a b!tcha$$ wigga when they see one.

      • LeLe March 18, 2015


  14. king March 19, 2015

    why the hell will you want to go to this place?

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