Ciara Visits MTV / Dishes On ‘Jackie’ Album & More

Published: Wednesday 15th Apr 2015 by Sam

The ‘Jackie’ promo machine is steamrolling on.

Ciara is leaving no stone unturned as the May 4th release of the album, her sixth, fast approaches.

Her latest stop? MTV, where she spilled on the recording process of the project, its collaborators, and much more.

Check out the insightful feature below…

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  1. iLoveMusic April 15, 2015

    May 4th is taking forever to get here! I’m so ready for Jackie… Ciara’s about to slay!

    • arfa April 15, 2015

      25k or less first week

      • iLoveMusic April 15, 2015

        You know it’s gonna sale way more than that, so why are you being ignorant? Keep calm, & wait for May 4th!

      • Toohotfortv April 16, 2015

        You know what? I’m that person who likes ciara (not loves ciara). I really appreciate what she tries to do as a performer and honestly, her videos are some of the best in regards to what I’ll deem “urban-pop”. In a lot of her press before, she always seemed very guarded and almost too “media-trained”. Now, although she still presents herself very thoughtfully, it feels like a lot of the facade has come down. I have to say I’m not a fan of her latest single and I really hope she releases something new before the album comes. Still, I’m intrigued to hear what she’s done for this go round. Frankly, she always has at least a good handful of well-crafted material.

  2. Pat April 15, 2015

    She talks different every era…

    • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 16, 2015

      bcos she a dude… lol

  3. lsyupp April 15, 2015

    Good luck

  4. Jamie April 15, 2015

    Her model face is so blah and repetitive.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 15, 2015

      Let’s see yours..

      • Jamie April 15, 2015

        Says a grown ass man who stans for a fictional character’s doll. B**** don’t do it. I would make your thirsty ass nut for days.

      • What now April 16, 2015

        Haha let this b**** know!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 16, 2015

        @Jamie Ooo I’m scared.. *rolls eyes at this ugly b*tch*

  5. metzo April 15, 2015

    I hope she pushes his era all the way this time. Great single choices + epic promo.

    • metzo April 15, 2015

      This era*

  6. I support great music April 15, 2015

    The energy is real, she looks so confidence! I’m effin’ excited for this era! #jackie

    • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 16, 2015

      Is that your BITCCHH over there? given me the ugly stare…

      • I support great music April 16, 2015

        Yea honey thats my jam 🙂

  7. Slay_Hive April 15, 2015

    Where is the new single Ciara? I’m ready to be slayed live on May 5th!!!

  8. BeyRihLiyah April 15, 2015

    FLOPACKIE aka jack off is on the way to flop

    • Cough Cough April 15, 2015

      Why are you so MADt, girl?

      • BeyRihLiyah April 15, 2015

        I cant stand Ciara her stans they made me not like her so fuccck her flop t***** ass

      • Cough Cough April 15, 2015

        Why would you let anyone other than Ciara, personally, make you not like Ciara!? That makes no sense. You must be super young, girl it’s not that serious. I pray for maturity in your future, girl.

      • BeyRihLiyah April 15, 2015

        #YAWN you invited yourself in my reply box so you can un-invite yourself out

      • Cough Cough April 15, 2015

        Girl you know being steam pressedT and MADt to the God’s, like yourself, will cause premature aging. Nothing worse than an angry 16 year puta, pumping down the block looking like she’s 30 #WoosahGirlWoosah

      • Cough Cough April 15, 2015

        ***16 year old puta***

  9. Haii April 15, 2015

    It would be smart to release a new single along with a video before May 4th. Ciara promotes like its 2003.

    • BeyRihLiyah April 15, 2015

      no she promotes like she have a 2 dollar budget (which she probably do)

      • Soldier Of Love. April 15, 2015

        That was pretty dumb. Probably the weakest shade I’ve read in these comments.

  10. RATEDXXX April 15, 2015

    CiCi could have had RiRi’s career…she can dance her a** off, her voice is decent….but no she went and fugg it up

    as soon as I started seeing her hanging out the KKK..I said career over…

    honestly her time as passed..she should do more modelling, do a jessica simpson and create a billion dollar empire,

    • BeyRihLiyah April 15, 2015

      key word *could have*

    • Haii April 15, 2015

      She took almost 2 months to release the video for I Bet , by that time the song had already flopped. Really Ciara? How are gonna waste your time promoting a flop single? How is she expecting I Bet to sell the album?

      If she want to do the branding thing she can do that. Ciara has the looks and the connects. She should do more acting too.

    • What now April 15, 2015

      B**** you sound crazy! This thot could never have Rihanna’s career!!!!! So funny how all of her stans have clung to the Hive for life support and call R8 singles flop, yet Ciara hasn’t seen top 25 in a decade. FLOP T*****!

      • Soldier Of Love. April 15, 2015

        First it was top 100. Then top 50. Then top 40. Now top 25? Y’all just won’t let this woman live lol

      • only_cannabis April 16, 2015

        she’s a non-factor in the game, didnt chart top 10 in ages. but at least she promotes her thing unlike some other singers cough also i wont understand till my last days why didnt they release overdose as lead, it was a smash

      • What now April 16, 2015

        Thot b**** I never said top anything, but you can keep on taking up for THIS FLOP THOT

  11. RATEDXXX April 15, 2015

    jessica simpson was smart with her money…as soon as she realized all the albums she was dropping sucks..

    instead of crying about her music career..she started selling shoes and purses, than clothing….affordable

    now her brand is worth over a billion

    you too can have an empire ciara…

    • BeyRihLiyah April 15, 2015

      all of Jessica simpsons albums did better than ciara

      • Soldier Of Love. April 15, 2015

        Ciara’s R&B. Jessica is pop. Huge difference.

      • BeyRihLiyah April 16, 2015

        @soldieroflove get the fucccck out of my reply box you stinky filthy b******

  12. Torikellystan April 15, 2015

    All her “stans” and phony ass supporters are gonna scatter like roaches when she flops again. I’m surprised she hasn’t pushed back yet…

    • Soldier Of Love. April 15, 2015

      Sis, you Stan for tori kelly. Help homegirl get past YouTube videos and THEN come for Ciara.

  13. LB April 15, 2015

    I need to hear one more single to be convinced whether to buy or spotify it.

    • What now April 15, 2015

      For what? All of his tracks sound like the flop reject pile of real artists. This b**** will never make quality albums or hits. Ugly voice, ugly ‘woman’, & uglier baby.

      • Soldier Of Love. April 15, 2015

        You hate a complete stranger. THATS Ugly.

      • What now April 16, 2015

        You’re a power bottom. That’s even uglier.

  14. Rosie April 15, 2015

    35K tops first week unless the album is pushed back.

    • What now April 15, 2015

      22k** and dropped from Epic records. He’s probably going on tour to give Meghan Trainor, Mariah, and etc a bigger budget.

  15. Mark111 April 15, 2015

    Her team really has faith in her for them to have a date and promo with one single that’s not doing well. But that what I been asking for, have yo ish ready to go and stop the push backs and 99 “buzz” aka failed singles. I really hope the next single is a jam and it cames out in 2 weeks. Don’t wait til the week of your album Ciara, push that 2nd single out next WEEK! I’m buying, hell I bought all her albums, I’ll be happy with 60K the first week.

    • LB April 15, 2015

      She needs to convince me first. Ciara was fun a pop album but I have no idea what Jackie is about.

    • What now April 15, 2015

      Lol agreed! Her dumb ass stans really think this thot is going to sell.

  16. What now April 15, 2015

    This t***** b**** will flop. Janet needs to sue this b**** for copyright infringement. She’s such an ugly flop who has the most ignorant and delusional stans in the world. I HATE THIS T***** B**** and his tucked away d***.

    • Soldier Of Love. April 15, 2015

      You are so mad.. You shouldn’t be lol

      • What now April 16, 2015

        And you shouldn’t be alive, but whatever

  17. Rihboy April 15, 2015

    I honestly hope she does well this time around. With the show and her tour; she has all avenues to make this era last. However I just have a sour feeling that she will be let down by her fans again. Lukewarm first week scans, and possible hits that won’t flourish. Ots like it’s almost a hit but not. Being on top of the urban charts for a day isn’t commendable anymore. For someone of her tenure she should be up there with bey, Nikki. Rih. she needs to break out of this local domination for a month tease.

    • What now April 15, 2015

      She doesn’t deserve to be compared to female artists.

  18. What now April 15, 2015

    Next stop? TRANNYslvania, FLOPVILLE. 22K <<<<<

    • TheElusiveLamb April 15, 2015

      Um, sweetheart, what’s going on? Lol.

      • What now April 16, 2015

        I’m sick of her dumb ass delusional stans. Dem power bottoms stay shading Rih and etc but call others pressed. They are all flops just like their t***** fav

    • Barb-wire April 16, 2015

      Gurl stop the bullsh!t.

      • What now April 16, 2015

        Go suck a d*** until Nicki goes platinum b****

  19. Slay_Hive April 15, 2015

    I wish her luck this era. At least she has a release date and everything seems to be in order. No chaos and confusion.

    • Rihboy April 15, 2015

      Girl bye. Have you showered at all. Have you had a meal. Always posted up.

      • Slay_Hive April 15, 2015

        B**** why are you worried about that? Have you showered instead of keeping up with what I’m doing?

    • Rihboy April 15, 2015

      You wish her luck until they drag bey and you switch up. Please! Spare me the phony consideration for ci.

      • Slay_Hive April 15, 2015

        B**** I haven’t dragged Ciara in a while and I’ve paid her stans dust. I Stan for talent. No phony teas over here. You should try it. 😉

  20. RICH_RICH April 15, 2015

    Make us know it this season Ciara!!!!!

  21. Slay_Hive April 15, 2015

    I’m waiting on that RihGirl B**** at the doe! Wya B****?

    • RICHIE_RICH April 15, 2015

      How Nyc treating u sis?

      • Slay_Hive April 15, 2015

        It’s great. It’s finally trying to warm up outside. Getting excited for my first NYC summer. How have you been?

      • RICHIE_RICH April 15, 2015

        I’ve been going living between Chicago and Nyc for work. Yea the summers are cute in Nyc . It’s been nice in Chicago the past few days and cool at night . I want to see how the summer is going to be in Chicago since everyone is raving about it . Are you going to D.C for Memorial Day weekend?

      • Slay_Hive April 15, 2015

        Aww that’s what up my family is from Chicago and I was born there. Chicago summers are nice too. Boys everywhere with shirts off lol Two of my friends have been planning to go to D.C for Memorial day weekend and asked if I wanted to go. I would love to go but haven’t decided yet. I heard it’s fun af tho!!

      • RICHIE_RICH April 15, 2015

        Yes Chicago is a T hun. D.C is going to be poppin .

  22. TheElusiveLamb April 15, 2015

    I’m glad she’s out there promoting full force. I wish her well.

  23. Cough Cough April 15, 2015

    Whew heauxs are in this post seething

  24. SheBadd April 15, 2015

    Her stans are gonna disappear until the coast is clear after she flops. It’ll be a repeat of 2013. Put your money where your mouth is C-Squad! Stop trolling twitter and blogs and support your girl! The same goes for these fair weather fans in here!

    • Soldier Of Love. April 15, 2015

      I won’t go anywhere. You b****** don’t scare me.

  25. FutureCIARA April 15, 2015


  26. Soldier Of Love. April 15, 2015

    Are these b****** mad or what? I really don’t understand how or why Ci got y’all so bothered. Like really? You hating ho’s are pathetic.

  27. RATEDXXX April 15, 2015

    yes Ciara could have had rihanna’s career….deny it all you want, but thats the truth.

    people seems to forget rihanna wasnt the one def jam was pushing at first

    jay z and co was pushing Teairra Marí

    rihanna got her big break from fefe dobson…def jam was suppose to sign her than turned around gave rihanna her whole look and sound..GOOD GIRL GONE BAD

    • Mark111 April 16, 2015

      lol, lies!

  28. Barb-wire April 16, 2015

    I can’t with these no life having h*** coming here to attack Jackie’s daughter as if it’s their mission in life. So much for saying she’s irrelevant when she has you h*** in your feelings.

    • NineteenEightyNine April 16, 2015

      Nicki platinum yet or nah

  29. I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 16, 2015

    I thought she didn’t like Brazilian hair, she got about 39 inches of it on

    • Sarah April 16, 2015

      SHe never said she didnt like it..she even said it on the Breakfast CLub yesterday..she wears it all the was just in reference to who the other chic was

  30. NineteenEightyNine April 16, 2015

    It will flop and Mole, #jackass and PastCiara will cry victim when dragged

  31. Sandra April 16, 2015

    Good luck Ciara 🙂 Hopefully “Jackie” can be a success 😉 I love “I Bet” ! Waiting for the 2nd single now 😀

  32. BEYONCE April 16, 2015

    We get it, she love her son but why bring him up on every interview, is more like she is promoting the son rather than the album.

    • Rico April 16, 2015

      Are you a parent ? If you have multiple kids you may not feel the same, as just having one. When you have one child it’s like yall become one. She’s happy , let her live

  33. Rico April 16, 2015

    Why do I have a feeling Rihanna is going to pull a Beyoncé and drop the same day as Ciara ? Hmmmm am I the only one? Anyways I’ll be supporting cici this go round ..

  34. 4everBrandy_Ci April 16, 2015

    You haters are PRESSED as hell!!!! It must be lonely sitting behind a computer talking trash about someone that YOU don’t f****** know. All the same REDUNDANT late ass shade. “Ciara’s a flop”, “Ciara’s a t*****” b******* comments need to EXIT the doorway. What’s up with this generation worrying about sales and popularity. Ciara doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you pathetic trolls say about her on a daily basis. This m*********** is a flop but she sold over 24 million years throughout her ten year career. What are you idiots doing with your lives? Stop coming for someone who has been blessed with a gift and talent unlike some of you lessors sit and throw shade. Ciara is not like these stuck up celebrities y’all love to kiss ass just to please them. She’s boring BUT she’s still relevant and this era is about to turn things up once she brings the HEAT. #C-squad don’t give a f*** about peasants that come for Ciara. We’re here for our Queen. KNOW THAT!!!!!

    • 4everBrandy_Ci April 16, 2015

      I meant over 24 million records. Lol!!!!! =)

  35. you wanna be on tv I bet April 16, 2015

    Good luck to cici princess and can’t wait for her album come out next month on the 4th right before Chris breezy brown 26 birthday

  36. Wait what? April 18, 2015

    Alright now.

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