TGJ Chart Check: Wiz Khalifa Keeps Hot 100 Under His Spell

Published: Thursday 30th Apr 2015 by Rashad
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Wiz Khalifa‘s hit ‘See You Again’ sees the rapper #1 again!

Unceremoniously dethroning Bruno Mars’ 14-week reign with ‘Uptown Funk,’ Khalifa’s latest chart-topper, coming courtesy of the ‘Fast & Furious 7’ official soundtrack, has also taken over the Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts and Hot Rap Songs charts for the third week.

But, as indicated last week, his tenure at the top is threatened by the advancement of a certain Jason Derulo.  His latest hit, ‘Want To Want Me,’ has blasted into the top 10 and could see itself knock at the #1 spot sooner than previously expected.

Get the updated Hot 100 below:


Hot 100

1.  Wiz Khalifa – ‘See You Again’

2.  Bruno Mars – ‘Uptown Funk’

3. Fetty Wap – ‘Trap Queen’

4.  The Weeknd – ‘Earned It’

5.  Maroon 5 – ‘Sugar’

6.  Elle Goulding – ‘Love Me Like You Do’

7.  Walk the Moon – ‘Shut Up & Dance’

8.  Ed Sheeran – ‘Thinking Out Loud’

9.  Flo Rida ft. Sage the Gemini – ‘G.D.F.R.’

10.  Jason Derulo – ‘Want To Want Me’

See the full list here.


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  1. G.U.Y April 30, 2015

    who buys Jason’s singles? he’s such trash

  2. Danny Bey April 30, 2015

    Wow, the guys are winning right now. For awhile the ladies were domination the Hot 100z All but one of the Top 10 is male.

  3. RANCOR April 30, 2015

    At least the singles charts seem to be blackening back up a bit again. That 2010-2013 euro/EDM/electro era was treacherous. Now we just gotta move past this gay ass “hipster” phase and maybe things will look normal again.

    • OMG Logic!!! April 30, 2015

      Blacks are 13% of the population. How is them dominating the top 10 “normal?” And what is “gay ass hipster music?” I assume you don’t call Rap and Hip/Hop ghetto ass ni gger music do you?

    • Rosie April 30, 2015

      Name one of these “gay ass hipster” songs you speak of on the top 10, let alone top 20 right now? Don’t say Walk The Moon because Shut Up and Dance is by far their most pop single.

  4. Keri Qween April 30, 2015

    My babe fetty wap slaying with trap queen he could soo beat it down even with one eye

    • Career Ender April 30, 2015

      I see you got a gravatar now
      I can somehow spare you some of my supervisor attention
      but that owl is still a flop!

      • Keri Qween April 30, 2015

        I decided to put some beauty here got tired of seeing monkey ivey and your short stubby fave!

  5. Career Ender April 30, 2015

    fug you tgj you hardly made this when King Bruno was slaying
    now you constantly doing this cos this malnutritioned , skelenton looking , weed smoking, divorced crack n!gger is reigning?
    your basic for this Rashad Maharaj!

  6. Lil Kim thee ONLY QB April 30, 2015

    Yay kudos…..whatever. I just never really saw the hype of the hot 100 category. I just hope that ratchet ‘Hey Mother’ song by Titi Garbaj doesn’t reach the top 10. Like how did it gain like 8 spots this week?? Conspiracy

    • Bella3 April 30, 2015

      I dont even like Nicki like that anymore but The song is fire & Prefect for the Summer & her new song NightIsStillYoung is going to probably be a big hit as well. Its her only solo Pop song this year & the GP are wanting for another pop hit from her. Its been 4ever since StarShips came out all we had was Bang Bang. Lol

  7. OMG Logic!!! April 30, 2015

    I don’t know who Jason Derulo is, but if he can push Uptown Funk down to #3 then I’m all for his climb.

  8. Kelendria April 30, 2015

    This hasn’t happened since … In the words of Bash “blacka yella” good job Wiz

  9. Bella3 April 30, 2015

    I love that Wiz & Charlie are number 1 See you again is an amazing tribute song but it being on the Hiphop & R&B charts have more to do with its Digital numbers & not the fact that Urban fans like it. Because Urban fans don’t buy music so the only true way to tell what there listening to is by Urban radio witch SeeYouAgain is no where. Lol Oh and Congrats to Jason his song is 5 on Pop radio & 9 on over all Radio Songs Chart & because of his performance on TheVoice is now 3 on iTunes! And I love #TrapQueen one of the best songs of the year hands down.

    • BeyRihLiyah April 30, 2015

      shut up you say the same thing in every post that you post in have you seen the albums sales lately ? the industry as whole is suffering no one is going platinum anymore hell people are barley going gold the only artist that have went platinum on a album in the past 2 years is beyonce and taylor swift

      • Bella3 April 30, 2015

        Lies!!!! The truth is 80% of Urban acts just don’t sell & the only reason there hasn’t been anyone this year to sell a million is because no big artist has came out yet. Every big artist who has came out from 2010 to now has gone platinum aside from Gaga & Bieber but thats because they had Black Out era’s. ( ARTPOP ) ( Journals) But Taylor,Bruno,OneDirection,KatyPerry,EdSherre,Rihanna,Drake & Queen Bey have had all there albums from 2010 to now go platinum.

  10. SipTheTruth April 30, 2015

    I’m starting to get behind derulo..and bruno mars is FEATURED its not his song

  11. JOHNVIDAL April 30, 2015

    I´m glad Rihannas is not getting hits anymore. About time! She didn´t deserve that constantsupport from radio and label non stop.
    I´m also glad Uptown Funk din t make it further than those 14 weeks. Good song, great artist. But that´s enough. It´s not legendary material.

  12. african music lover April 30, 2015

    bwahahahahahahaha…death at Rihanna slaying top 30s,, that rain just wont…….NEVERMIND


    Chile, thanks to Wiz’s impact Mother Lamb’s record for “One Sweet Day” was saved. Now, if “Trap Queen” becomes the new number 1 after Wiz is finished, I’d be completely fine with that and supportive.

  14. Rozer (Natalie La Rose Stan) April 30, 2015

    Damn, I was hoping Somebody would be back in the top 10 after that promo. I guess sales and streaming are keeping Natalie out of the top 10. Congrats to all who made it though.

  15. Casual-T April 30, 2015

    I did not expect Uptown Funk to STILL be holding at #2. Basically, See You Again denied Uptown funk weeks 15, 16, and 17 at #1.

  16. You wanna love it right better then my funky money May 2, 2015

    Congrats to wiz and some of those other artist song is pretty good and not so good

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