TGJ Roundtable: Rihanna’s 8th Album Campaign – Calculated or Catastrophe?

Published: Tuesday 21st Apr 2015 by Sam

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Today’s roundtable topic asks…

Rihanna’s 8th Album Campaign – Calculated or Catastrophe?


In a way, I’m both shocked and not by the messiness of Rihanna’s current era. 

On the one hand, after exhausting all the wigs in her dresser and riding every popular genre wave, something about her felt artistically “maxed out” by the end of her last album cycle. Add to this the success of rivals such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce during her downtime and it became clear the pressure to deliver would be a tall order for Team Fenty. 

Yet, given that this is a collective who’ve transformed a marginally talented model into a major music name, I was anticipating more water-into-wine style miracles. Indeed, even after ‘FourFiveSeconds’ disappointed, I was convinced it was a minor misstep ahead of an inevitable bounce back. Two singles later, and how wrong could I be. 

With deflating interest from both fans and casual listeners, ‘R-Late’ is shaping up to be Rih’s ‘ARTPOP.’ Not so much from a material standpoint (as that project boasts solid singles and great supporting songs). But primarily in that the climate surrounding its release make sailing to major success near-impossible. 

Like, at this point, I’m not convinced there is anything that could drastically redeem the campaign. For, even if a hit singles arrives, it’ll likely remain just that – a hit “single.” The whole point of preceding an LP with singles is to provide a vehicle to sell its parent album. Given that so few have bought into what she’s selling this go round (at a price point of $1.29), what are the chances of them buying into the body of work it’s attached to at full price?

Still, stranger things have happened. So, I’m not writing off Rih just yet. What’s more, even if she doesn’t “win” with this project, dips are almost guaranteed in long, seasoned careers. I just hope by the time the next album rolls around, she will have decided whether she wants to be Tracy Chapman or an ATL Trap Queen. 



Every artist faces a career hiccup or two during their run, and Rihanna is no different.

Unfortunately, with a new batch of younger and arguably more talented female artists making a move into her lane, Rihanna’s recent career missteps have seen talk of her decline arise far earlier than even her critics might have expected.

It seems that after enjoying the success of the Adult-Contemporary easing songs ‘Diamonds‘ and ‘Stay’ the star’s camp appear to have set out to force a ‘Ray of Light’-inspired reinvention on her. However, for one reason or another, they seem to be struggling to find a balance between what Rih is and what they’d like for her to be.

The dying buzz around doesn’t mean all is lost, but does mean her camp will have to work fast to complete the “timeless” album they’ve been working on.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

For, most timeless albums are released by acts who are deemed to be credible creatives who seek to send a clear message through a cohesive body of work.

Therefore, her method of collecting songs from writers and producers who don’t know each other is unlikely to work this time, especially if she’s still depending on Kanye West to piece them together for her.

Will Rihanna get it right? Of course she will, she’s Rihanna.

However, it may be a while before her fans receive the “timeless” music they’d been promised.

My suggestion?

Madonna’s ‘Bedtime Stories’ style album tracks with ‘Clean Bandit’ sounding singles and packaging.



As our beloved Lady Gaga can tell you, being a hit-making factory is a double edged sword. For, every new single is a new opportunity to “flop” (a word used entirely too loosely) and, in turn, a new opportunity for the masses to call for your decline. It amazes me how a person can amass an untouchable body of hits, release two fairly well-performing singles (in the absence of full on promotion), and be considered a flop.

Such is the case with Rihanna.

While I feel the era may not have kicked off to the standards of her previous, there’s much to consider about how much of an anomaly ‘R8’ is.

#1 – It’s the longest time of her career she’s gone between albums.

#2 – The songs are the riskiest of her career. ‘FourFiveSeconds’ and ‘BBHMM’ are both polarizers and stray far left from the Urban pop-skewed numbers that line her #1s list.

#3 – They have not enjoyed the promotion of her previous efforts. Two performances hardly count as promotion, nor does a stripped down music video.

#4 – Like Gaga, Ri’s fanbase – though loyal – do not seem to be (as a whole) interested in deviation from the diva they’ve grown to love. Gaga confused ’em with ‘Born This Way’ and Rihanna had many scratching their heads with ‘FourFiveSeconds.’ Unlike Gaga, before Ri gets too deep into this era, there is still time to save it while straddling the line of “safety” and “risk.”

I’m sure that once she cranks out another safe number with a fashion forward music video to accompany it, all will be well with the world. Sam will seethe, #TheNavy will sigh a breath of relief, and everyone will get that reminder that ‘FFS’ and ‘BBHMM’ was truly just the calm before the storm. R8 is coming.



Rihanna’s predicament is very intriguing to me because I feel like it says a whole lot about the beauty’s status in this industry 10 years after her debut.

A decade removed from ‘Pon De Replay’, Rih-Rih is still scoring Top 20’s left and right – with her latest singles hitting #19 and #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. All with very little promotion. With said singles being her least radio-friendly to date, we can agree that a bigger-than-usual portion of the tracks’ success comes from the name attached to them.

Now while it’s great seeing that brand “Rihanna” carries as much clout, Team Rih shouldn’t believe the hype. At least not completely.

While ‘FourFiveSeconds’ had a respectable chart run – which I feel was fuelled by the “comeback” factor as well as the presence of its collaborators – second single ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ came and went (despite still gracing the top of the iTunes chart on its way) and latest release ‘American Oxygen’ is struggling to keep up on the digital tally.

A solution to all of that would be to revert back to the old tried and tested formula of releasing edgy radio-ready music, shooting glossy music videos and giving good-enough live performances. I get that the new goal is to position the star as a “credible artist” but they shouldn’t play with what made her a household name today, and that’s her Billboard Hot 100 credentials. Get it together, people!

With all of that being said, it’s funny that some would be quick to call Rihanna a “flop” because she’s reached another that isn’t “#1” on the Top 20. It goes to show just how far she’s come.


Do you agree with our points? Who was spot on? Let us know your thoughts on the latest TGJ Roundtable and Rihanna’s 8th album campaign.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Centurion (S/O to my biggest fan, AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig) April 20, 2015

    Ugh! I knew this was coming. What a bunch of traffic thirsty thots!

    • Centurion (S/O to my biggest fan, AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig) April 20, 2015

      Well… You won’t be getting that web traffic courtesy of Centurion. I’m gone.


      You’re fake stan is funny, chile! Just make sure to keep it on a short leash, so it won’t harm any of the other users. Thanks!

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 20, 2015

        @DUMASS Who on earth are you again? I really can’t even comment on you because you’re so damn irrelevant I’ve never even paid your generic ass comments any attention. You were so scared to vent your opinion, that you had to wait and cling to that mentally retarded recluse to mention me. You’re the definition of pathetic, and if you continue to display such questionable behaviour you too will be attending therapy sessions along with @ITroll4Talent. Basic ass thot (Who knows.. maybe I’m talking to one of @ITroll4Talents multiple personalities 🙂 ) LMAO how many usernames do you need to be dragged under?

    • Only April 20, 2015

      Please don’t return

      • WHO ME? WHO YOU, CHILE? HA HA HA! (QUEEN SLAYANNA) April 20, 2015

        Damn, it’s like that? Well, fortunately, like Mariah, I’m completely unbothered! Bye!

    • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 20, 2015

      this thot would flop do hard and u will deal with u al aye coming for Bey Its gonna be so Juicy… kiii

  2. ENOUGH ONIKA April 20, 2015

    A f*ckin mess as predicted last year #ImOut


    I don’t know why the world isn’t here for “American Oxygen,” but never mind that!Navy, let’s help get Rih’s era in order by supporting the hell out of her singles!

    # BBHMMY video coming soon!
    # 14th Hot 100 #1 coming right up!
    # To be continued for AO

    • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 20, 2015

      good luck with that, keep dreaming…

    • rosy April 20, 2015

      I’m not supporting those songs I miss rude boy only girl in the world collaboration with drake I’m not interested with r8 I feel with Jayz at the helm he don’t know what the f*** he doing rih is too big of a star to fall this way her fans are use to her coming with her album fast and we waited waited she drop a messy sound track from home then this snoozfest with kanye we the fans are confuse about where the album going it’s like where is Waldo she sunk herself when she put stuff on tidal I feel Jay uses rih to build his brand that’s bey job rih feels she owe him her first born

      • WHO ME? WHO YOU, CHILE? HA HA HA! (QUEEN SLAYANNA) April 20, 2015

        Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. Hopefully, Rih will throw out some hits that you like to rejuvenate your interest in her. Don’t give out on her yet, we need you. Navy needs you!

  4. christinastherealtalent April 20, 2015

    All her crazy a** stans care about is her 14th #1. Don’t worry about your faves longevity and relevancy, just worry about that 14th #1. Yup. You got it all figured out!

    • SMH April 20, 2015

      10 years in the game and still cranking out top 10 hits shows that her fans don’t have to worry about her longevity and relevancy. Too bad christina fans don’t have that luxury.

      • WHO ME? WHO YOU, CHILE? HA HA HA! (QUEEN SLAYANNA) April 20, 2015

        Ooh, yes! Gather that ponytail and loose edges and drag for your life! I’m so here for it! I love my Navy!

    • Mark111 April 20, 2015

      Yet XXtina didn’t even make it to yeasr 10.

      • WHO ME? WHO YOU, CHILE? HA HA HA! (QUEEN SLAYANNA) April 20, 2015

        Ooh, tell her!

      • FAF April 20, 2015

        ??? christina won a grammy this year for a top ten she was on LAST YEAR

        this is her 16th year…

      • Mark111 April 20, 2015

        Please, those are not HER songs. When will HER song crack the top 10? We make fun of Beyonce, but XXLarge is worst… and fat.

  5. BeyIsKing April 20, 2015

    They should forget this era and work on her next one. Where she will go back to what she’s known for, being a singles artist who releases quick and easily forgettable chart toppers. Look at Gaga ARTPOP flopped (though it’s a great album) she’s gone back to working with RedOne Rih should release this album get this era done with and work on her ninth album doing what she’s known for. She’s not a renown musician she isn’t known for timeless music, she should stick to what works for her

  6. Mark111 April 20, 2015

    It doesn’t matter, if she goes #1, it’s generic, Mc. Singles, if she tries something different and evolve (same with Rated R) She’s a flop, what’s going on. This is FAR from a Gaga, Gaga didn’t start flopping with just Artpop, she was flopping in the BTW era as well. U and I, Edge, MTN all flopped and it was clear that if she didn’t bring something new that she was going to flop.
    I will say when people switch labels and team, things gets rocky. Happen to MJ, MC, and so many others, but I don’t see this as a rocky. Only thing that “Flop” is AO and we don’t even know cause it’s only a week old. And if anything is the blame for it is Tidal. Why Rihanna the only artist taking a chance with this site while the Boss man’s hooker is playing Marry Had A Little Lamb, I live on Jay’s nuts tunes. I want to see if the other artist in tidal will take this chance their next era.
    Plus, the Committee Of Pressed and Bothered Stans (CPBS for short) are boys that call flop, when their faves are the only one that flopping. All #BBHMM need is a video and it’ll crack the top 10.


      Well said! She even said herself that the video will be fire. The only possible issue I can think of is that she’ll have to battle Taylor’s “Bad Blood” video with all those celebs in it just to drag Katy. If Rih has Katy in her video, Taylor will learn to seethe!

    • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 20, 2015

      you just one hypocritical whorë so now that’s your fave number ones are suddenly Irrelevant? you need counseling girl….

      • WHO ME? WHO YOU, CHILE? HA HA HA! (QUEEN SLAYANNA) April 20, 2015

        Chile, up out my face! I can’t even understand what you’re referring to. My impact and relevance >>>>>>>>>> you, closet stan!

    • SipTheTruth April 20, 2015

      But with BTW, edge of glory, born this way & you and I all went top 10 so I don’t see that as a flop.

  7. No favs, just here for the music April 20, 2015

    This is getting very interesting. Right now, things aren’t looking so hot for R8. However, it’s not too late to turn things around. Who knows what’ll happen.
    I shall be watching lol
    *kicks up feet and throws on shades*

  8. UPGRADEBOY April 20, 2015

    I have a question : is the navy going for à collective suicide or Nah ??? Lmao

    • Mark111 April 20, 2015

      The Navi wants the album. That’s the only reason SOME are freaking out.

  9. SMH April 20, 2015

    The relentless obsession and insecurity over Rihanna clearly proves her relevancy is intact. Funny how folks are so ready to call 2 singles that both charted in the top 20 with little promo a flop, when a certain other female artist released 6 singles last year with major promo and only one of them charted in the top 10. And that was largely due to streaming and the presence of the rapper she married.

    • Absolved April 20, 2015

      You mean that certain female artist whose album was also RIAA certified 2x platinum — something that Rihanna only managed to accomplish once in her entire career…and that was almost a decade ago? Heh. Yeah, you keep clinging to top 20 singles while my favorite sells more albums and tickets than Chris Brown’s ex-c** rag.

    • RCi April 20, 2015

      The receipts for the major promo please… Rihanna has performed at more award shows than Beyonce did her entire last BEYONCE era and Rihanna is still flopping.

  10. Casual-T April 20, 2015

    Miscalculated catastrophe.

  11. absolved April 20, 2015

    LOL@all these “rubbing it in” articles.

  12. #TeamTinashe Stan April 20, 2015

    Here we go with these fanbases (every one of them including Navy) that have no jobs or a life to dedicate their heart out on why they don’t like or see it for an artist like they do in every post. SMH.

    Watch the same comments transpire here like in every other post.
    HASHTAG: #TheAntiSocialLifeIsReal


      Chile, please! Worry about getting “All Hands on Deck” to chart. You have work to do ever since Natalie La Rose stepped onto the scene.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan April 20, 2015

        My comment struck a nerve to you didn’t it? Highly sorry that it relates to you.
        Go out more boo boo 😉

  13. BeyIsKing April 20, 2015

    Lol I see the Navy using the whole “song charted in the top 20 it’s not a flop” yet when 7/11 peaked at #13 with absolutely no promo you all called it a flop left right and centre. So now that it’s happening to Rihanna a top 20 song isn’t a flop no more? #DoubleStandards

    • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 20, 2015

      preach sister girl preach

    • Mark111 April 20, 2015

      7/11 is a sh1tty song, get over it! And a video IS promo! lol

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        SCREAMS! @ the hypocrisy. YOU SAID that she was going to deliver “timeless” music. Yet she releases a shitty ratchet ass song like BBHMM….performs it at an award show, and still barely manages to crack the top 20 lol. According to the Navy, anything less than a #1 isn’t a hit. Your girl is flopping #DealWithIt

      • Mark111 April 20, 2015

        I never said that. IF so find it. Until then, stfu forever.

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        Oh, you didnt say that???? Well, you were running around saying s*** like this before your fave released the trash that is BBHMM…So you might as well have.

        January 24, 2015 at 8:04 pm
        Mark111 says:

        Meanwhile, yall fave is on some 7/11 and Feeling myself trash. The roaches can’t say sh!t to me from this momen on.

      • Mark111 April 20, 2015

        Where did I say that she was going to deliver “timeless” music? You still didn’t prove anything, 7/11 and Feeling Myself are crap. BBHMM is a much better song and so is AO and FourFive. So foever sit. (And the fact you dug into tgj archive to January is just sad. Get a life. 🙂

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        BBHMM is better than 7/11 according to whom not that general public! Not Billboard! I dont see Serena Williams making BBHMM inspired vids for vogue. So sit.
        The bottom black ass line is, your fave was talking about releasing “timeless” music and your ring leader LB was calling this era her “Ray Of Light Moment”…yet she turns right back around and releases a ghetto ass trap song called “B**** Better Have My Money”. Karma is real! Feel free to wipe the rest of that egg off of your face h** lol.

      • Mark111 April 20, 2015

        The pest loves to derail, where did I say she was going to deliver timeless music? You said that I said it, where is it? Like I said, stfu forever. Talk about a foot in the mouth.

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        Your fave said that she was going to release “timeless” music and you cosigned her by putting her on some pedestal after she released FourFiveSeconds and were throwing shade at Beyonce for releasing trap tracks….But now that your fave is doing the same muthafuckin thing and released a trap track her damn self you have a sudden case of amnesia? B**** sit the f*** down!

      • Mark111 April 20, 2015

        “Your fave said that she was going to release “timeless” music”

        No hooker, Where did IIIII say that? YOU said that I said it, where is it?

  14. I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 20, 2015

    Ladies, this your song
    So as soon as this come on
    You should get out on the floor
    Go and get your s*** on
    If you know that you better
    Than the new girl that he on
    Go ‘head and tell him now,
    “You gon’ miss me when I’m gone.”


      Yes! I hope you’re here for “All Good” and “Baby Get Up” like I am! I can feel her slayage coming on! Jackie is gonna catch bodies this era, sis! Let’s get ourselves ready for it.

  15. Cake like Lady GaGa April 20, 2015

    LOL but Mark111 is SEEEEETHINGGG, and I love it!!!! 😀

    • Mark111 April 20, 2015

      Oh David allow you to comment now? Or did you finally found a workstation with an ip address that hasn’t been blocked yet?

  16. Pit to bring it down on somebody April 20, 2015

    Everybody should go check out Chris brown song that feat Rihanna called put it up

  17. Rico April 20, 2015

    Rihanna will be dropping may 4. She is going to pull a Beyoncé .by her doing it this way she will break the Internet of course for a day or two. She will have good numbers but I’ don’t see longevity with this album like her previous efforts. Her other singles still slay till this day. Yet only bbhm is the only thing hot so far. Anyways all this Rihanna talk will definitely help Ciara sells this go round. May not be huge but I see much improvement from her last effort.. … Now I will sit back and sip this tea .. Thumb me down I don’t care I love both ladies ..

  18. metzo April 20, 2015

    Good luck to Ms. Fenty.
    In the meantime #NP Chris Brown & Rihanna- Put it Up . HOTT.

  19. HOWYOULIKEIT April 20, 2015

    She is DONE. No need to argue left and right.
    Do you purchase singles or albums of a drug dealer???
    Ciara will outsell her.
    And she will never match the critical acclaim of Beyonce

  20. ATL April 20, 2015

    All of this is absolutely calculated !


    I guess all that watermelon got a certain fanbase seething and perched watching the next thing Rih will do, simply for their fave to attempt and claim she did it first. I’m wrong? Nope, but some of y’all weaves are!

    #Leave that Yaki alone and go pre-order “Jackie”!

    • Guess April 20, 2015

      Nah. But those microphone beatings sure have left the navy mentally defective. Death at the shipwreck thinking we’re here to experience rih’s next move. Make no mistake, The hive is here for laughs.

      • WHO ME? WHO YOU, CHILE? HA HA HA! (QUEEN SLAYANNA) April 20, 2015

        Uh, it was like only one fan….and he was getting crazy, so she had to put that island beating down on him….with love, or course. I guess it beats getting a tired ass weave stuck in a fan and getting pulled (dragged, to be more specific) off stage by crazy ass grown men that have no home training for women.

      • Guess April 20, 2015

        She beat him… With love??? Wow. The damage is worse than I thought.


    This site is known for stan wars. Don’t come on here seething that it’s all you see when you’re doing nothing to change it. Boo boo kitty, be the change you wan’t to see! I don’t have to mention any names, since she knows who I’m talking about (to).


  23. Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

    No Def Jam=No #1 Single
    She should have never switched labels.

    • Mark111 April 20, 2015

      Def Jam haven’t had a plat artist since she left.


    I’m so tired of Rih working with that drug addict Chris Brown! I know she’s forgiven him, but I just can’t do it. Besides, her star power is much bigger than his. Why work with a lessor? He needs you more than you need him.

    • Beyhive88 April 20, 2015

      Ha Chris brown needs Rihanna.. the struggle, if I’m not mistaken if he had never raised his hand her sells would have never raised themselves… she should be thanking him as much as she can.. She always calls on Chris to save her, he need to leave her assuming alone and let her flop!!

      • WHO ME? WHO YOU, CHILE? HA HA HA! (QUEEN SLAYANNA) April 20, 2015

        Okay, you have a point! I guess he helped “S.O.S”, “Pon De Replay,” “Unfaithful,” and pretty much the remainder of her succeeding singles become SMASH HITS AND ELIMINATE SOME OF HER CONTEMPORARIES’ CAREERS! He did play a part in her impact, though,…and his self-destruction.

    • Beyhive88 April 20, 2015

      Ha Chris brown needs Rihanna.. the struggle, if I’m not mistaken if he had never raised his hand her sells would have never raised themselves… she should be thanking him as much as she can.. She always calls on Chris to save her, he need to leave her alone and let her flop!!

  25. Lolz April 20, 2015

    It’s a HOT MESS. And there’s no excuses. If this was any other artists the Navy would be having a field day with this. They got too cocky, so did she. Karma always comes back around. At this rate she won’t outsell 4. She’s gonna need a miracle and either scrap the whole thing or release music that people actually like. They went from dragging anything that did not reach #1 to celebrating Top 20. Quite hilarious really.

    • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

      Lol idk why the Navy were acting like Rihanna was immuned from flopping when Music of the Flop, A Flop Like Me, Rated Flop, and Flop that Flop happened….

  26. Lolz April 20, 2015

    That Rihanna region just LET UP.

  27. Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

    Oh, you didnt say that???? Well, you were running around saying s*** like this before your fave released the trash that is BBHMM…So you might as well have.

    January 24, 2015 at 8:04 pm
    Mark111 says:

    Meanwhile, yall fave is on some 7/11 and Feeling myself trash. The roaches can’t say sh!t to me from this momen on.

  28. Nichole April 20, 2015

    This “timeless music” phase won’t last, once Rihanna starts missing those Hot 100 #1’s. She clearly won’t have any with R8.

  29. robyn April 20, 2015

    For once I agree with the tgj Round Table, Rashad and Joe are totally on point. I’m still waiting for that R8 album with excitement.

  30. Charlieyoncé April 20, 2015

    3 singles later and still no album? It ain’t lookin good for R8.

  31. ~The Arcade~ April 20, 2015

    Joe and Rashad are clearly stans, I just side-eyed the “giving good- enough live performances” quote. Come on now this is Rihanna we are talking about 😀 And LOL at “Sam will seethe”

  32. Haii April 20, 2015

    A Rihanna single out of iTunes 100 within a week? Is this really happening? I am just gonna step back and watch how this one plays out. I have no more words

  33. CherylSoldierr April 20, 2015

    Mark is so steam pressed! I’m screaming!

  34. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

    I think she is doing a surprise release of some kind of all these singles are not apart of the album. It doesn’t make sense and she’s chilling on vacation not giving a damn, something is up and I know it’s coming soon

    • Yeah I Said It April 20, 2015

      She’d be dumb to do that. Everyone would just say shes copying Beyonce. And it wont be a surprise.

  35. african music lover April 20, 2015


    US iTunes: 104. Rihanna – American
    Rihanna song jumping out of the top 100 US ITune is unheard of…but i hv a felling something huge is coming from her hence she is paying all of this some dust..but in the meantime i will just sit back, grab pop-corn and enjoy the meltdowns from the Navy..

  36. Notafollower April 20, 2015

    Oh well better luck next time and no I will not be buying her album.

  37. ARC April 20, 2015

    OMG! I love reading these comments and seeing the Gavy seethe and break down. Its hilarious, especially that Mark guy.

  38. Keri Qween April 20, 2015

    I’ll say calculated

    because you losers make 2-3 posts per day dedicated to Rih and #r8 each reaching 100+ comments

    and the same pressed members of the h/I/v who have been waiting for rihs downfall for years because she rivals their aging fave fills up 90% of the comments ..
    And the 2 z squad members who can’t even get their faves single to sell 150k fill the other 10% of comments

    Therefore keeping #r8 a hot topic…I said calculated kiiii good job Rih

  39. coolness April 20, 2015

    WHY are Rihanna fans BLAMING Jay-Z for the messiness of this upcoming album??? Rihanna is a grown-a** woman who according to her fanbase, is making her own boss moves while under a label. So tell my why everyone but HER is being blamed for this sudden lack of focus. All you’re doing is further reaffirming the long-believed notion that she’s nothing but a label puppet who isn’t in control of her career. Anyway, I like Rihanna because her music for the most part is pretty dope. I didn’t like FourFive Seconds and BBHMM is try-hard. I do find the Navy’s meltdowns to be somewhat hilarious because it’s now clear that they pretty much have nothing to fall back on without those big radio #1 singles. Rihanna is stunning, stylish, has a unique voice but is an incredibly marginal talent.

  40. Yeah I Said It April 20, 2015

    Don’t see what else she could do. Shes already done a soundtrack, released three songs and done big performances. The only the thing she could do is scrap all these songs and not include them on the album. But by then it already be Rihanna overexposure again.

  41. Suicide Blonde April 20, 2015

    It seems to me that Rihanna is lost, she’s in a “Britney dimension” waiting for her team to decide what to do with her career.

  42. Mark111 April 20, 2015

    I’m still waiting for Tyler to post a comment of me saying what he claims I said. Don’t hide, just admit that you were talking out yo smelly @ss and we’ll call it a day.

    • ARC April 20, 2015

      Ur on here so pressed. Its alright i’m sure Rihanna will get it together. i’m sure Rihanna’s nudes will leak or she’ll walk a red carpet with her t****** out again and that will get her singles back on the charts.

    • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

      LOL I know you felt really foolish for making this statement after Rihanna released a track as ghetto as “B**** Better Have Money”. Still waiting for that so called “Ray of Light Moment” to happen…any time now #TIMELESS

      January 24, 2015 at 8:04 pm
      Mark111 says:

      Meanwhile, yall fave is on some 7/11 and Feeling myself trash. The roaches can’t say sh!t to me from this momen on.

      • Mark111 April 20, 2015

        Where is that comment did I say “Rihanna is doing timeless music”? I mean YOU said I said it. Where is it? You’re not getting by on this one. It just shows how the pest just full of sh1t. Man we got you guys so bothered. Lol

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        No, that comment proves that you’re a delusional walking contradiction.
        The operative question is, who in their right mind would bash Beyonce for releasing 7/11 then praise a track like B**** Better Have My Money FourFiveSeconds later?????
        Karma’s a a b****, with a capital BEY…you NAIVEy stans never learn haha. SMDH.

  43. TRUTH SERUM April 20, 2015

    TGJ staff, you all are way to hard on Rhi.

  44. RCi April 20, 2015

    Rihanna is the most talentless entertainer in the history of music. Rihanna can’t write, play instruments, dance or even sing well… Even Britney Spears was once a great dancer but Rihanna literally has no talent to fall back on. All the foreheaded one has is her looks and the cuteness will fade just like her career.

    • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) April 20, 2015

      Talentless yet she has sold over 150 mill records.She can write,check Rated R credits.Rihanna can sing and her tone is unique.She has sold 150 mill because of her cute voice.She is beautiful but so are most chicks in the industry.Dont say she is famous because of looks.She has the personality,attitude and drive.

  45. LB April 20, 2015

    I can’t wait for BBHMM video, that song has grown on me.

  46. RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) April 20, 2015

    I dont know why the fleas think the navy should come in here with regrets.I am still standing by what I said.Gaga flopped on her third album,flopyonce hasn’t seen a #1 hit in 7 years,cibola fell off harder than humpty dumpty.

  47. LB April 20, 2015

    @ RihAmerican (hives scared of R8)

    The hive have been praying, day and night, by their Beysus crosses for Rihanna’s downfall since she swatted their queen roach with Umbrella.

    They thought their prayers were answered with Rated R, ooops nope, not when Rude Boy blocked Beyonce’s last attempt at a hit (by clinging to gags might I add) and swatted their queen roach again with LOUD, TALK THAT TALK and Unapologetic.

    Let them have their moment on the blogs, at the end of the day, numbers speak louder than words. Rihanna is calculating, she has got something in store.

    I still don’t understand, someone help me understand. Out of 5 nominees, only one stanbase decides to chimp out, someone explain it to me

    • Bammmm April 20, 2015


      Baby your defending Rihanna..while trying to shade Beyonce with a clip from the GRAMMYS…something Rihanna won’t see again in a while.


      • LB April 20, 2015

        Actually, only intelligent people, probably college educated can see that I’m not talking about Beyonce, I’m talking about her psychotic fans. But then again most Beyonce fans believe in the mantra of “schoolin for life:.

    • Mark111 April 20, 2015

      LB, don’t give the avi’less troll accounts your time. It’s obviously on of these stans of flops.

      • LB April 20, 2015

        LMAO probably is.

    • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) April 20, 2015

      LB these fleayonce stans are pathetic.They think they’re loyal.Hives are not loyal they’re just obsessive and delusional.Everything is king bey king bey!! This bi tch could execute a terrorist plot these bums would still scream king! At least the navy called her out and asked questions.

      And yes Rihanna has outsold their fav in record sales thats why they would rather cling to Cibola’s left nut than give Rihanna credit.

  48. Theresa April 20, 2015

    I will save my opinions until one of my friends purchase the album, before making a statement.

  49. Bammmm April 20, 2015


  50. Vandrea April 20, 2015

    More like comedy…

  51. Mark111 April 20, 2015

    You know you’re that chick when your top 5 and top 20 hits are called a flop and I Bet can’t even crack the top 40 is praised. *waits for billboard stats on Wednesday*

  52. LB April 20, 2015


    LMAO the truth is the hive are most threatened by Rihanna. As the Beck debacle has proven, they are bullies and have managed to bully every other stanbase except for the Navi, why? Because the navi doesn’t take their crap, the clap back and clap back hard.

    I love it when the navi stand up to a bunch of bullies, calm down hive, there is more to come. Please get an ice-pack, there’s more seething for you to do.

    I can send you a gift voucher if you can’t afford one, oh and that comes with a free can of whip cream for your humble pie, so please be patient.

    • Naomi April 20, 2015

      You need to stop recycling the ‘Beck’ line. It’s tired like your existence. #ComeHarder.

    • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) April 20, 2015

      Yess draggg LB!!! They are clinging to Zsquad now kiii The navy is the only stan base that wont bow down to these bums.

      • Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

        Girl who is clinging to the Csquad? You have it mistaken. The hive just supports talent. Not our fault ciara is releasing better music and her era is in order. BLOOP!!

    • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) April 20, 2015

      Zsquad clinging to fleas, fleas clinging to zsquad.Truth is cibola could release shi t music you would still kiss her ass.You call whispering talent??? Rihanna is a better singer than cibola too and whooped her record sales.lmaoo I cant at your stupidity.Face it,you would cling to anything thats not Rihanna.What makes the situation funny is the simple fact that the zsquad have been draggin your fav.

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        And no f**** are given.
        1) Rihanna isnt vocally talented either; she sounds like a bag of cats.
        2) At least Ciara brings something exceptional to the table. She’s a killer dancer….Rihanna is not.
        3) Rihanna isnt a song writer nor is she even a good overall performer.
        4)Rihanna sucks at everything outside of Instagram Modeling.
        5). You’re just mad because every stan base has joined forces to drag Pon De Forehead.

      • Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

        Lol b**** why are you worried about what the hive and csquad are doing when AMERICAN Flop is falling down the charts at the speed of lightening as we speak? Rihanna is no better a singer than ciara, as proved by that horrible american oxygen performance. Maybe that’s why its flopping?? Lmaoo what ciara does have is true passion and dedication. She’s a decent singer, great dancer and a PERFORMER. rihanna possesses none of those innate qualities. Match that with the “s***” mediocre music she has been releasing, her partying and crack habit and it equals a FLOP!! Rihanna has reached her peak. She’s had twenty eras all within ten years and is no longer interesting. The only one stupid is rihanna for taking that break. the gp has moved on and you sinking ship tone deaf titanics will DEAL!

  53. Naomi April 20, 2015

    Hahaha! I’m living. The meltdowns, the excuses.

  54. Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

    Lol I just love Sam and his shadiness!! I agree with Sam and David. Can’t believe rashad claims Rihanna hasn’t been promoting. That was hilarious. This era is a flop. She’s peaked and no longer has anything to offer. I’m enjoying watching the navy seethe. Lmao

  55. Naomi April 20, 2015

    The Navy need to stop lying to themselves, acceptance is the first step forward. Rihanna is flopping for her standards and you have whole lot of egg in your faces. She is usually slaying on the Hot 100 by now. Now you’re relying on a Beyonce esque surprise slay of some sort LMAO. A whole lot of de Ja Vu. Rihanna’s not calculated, she’s lost. You thought she would snatch wigs, get another #1 with ease so you could drag Beyonce and her ‘flop singles’, now her singles are not out charting or outselling Beys. Beys been in the game almost 20 years and survived era after era and no one can knock her off so don’t act like the Hive is threatened by this weak era, you are deluding no one but yourselves. But if that’s what helps you feel better…

    • Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

      Lol they are so delusional. Beyonce wascstrugglung for a hit. Now they’re praising top ten and top twenty hits. Beyonce was washed up and needed a gimmick release to sell. Now they’re hoping for a big surprise and shock release. REALLY???!! They are hypocrites and this era will flop harder than Aretha Franklin’s titties!!

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        LOL They’re praising top 10’s and 20’s but conviniently seem to forget that they were bashing Beyonce for peaking at #2 with drunk in love. Funny how they were just dragging 7/11 through the mud but turned right back around and acted like Rihanna was the best thing that ever happened to music after releasing “B**** Better Have My Money”. The NAIVEy is full of pathetic hypocrites.

      • Naomi April 20, 2015

        Don’t forget Beyonce is releasing trash while Rih is growing as an artist, now they’re twerking down to B**** better have my money. And the Hive is so pressed threatened like they were not doing the same during 4 and Artpoop era.

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        Exactly! I couldnt have said it better myself
        If that angus bucket headed swagger jacking ass b**** pulls a Beyonce I’m going to SCREAM! lol. She’ll never be able to live that down.

      • Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

        I know. That’s what’s so funny to me. Cant forget how they called Beyonce snippetyonce all of 2013 and claimed she was scared and saying that the unofficial songs that were leaked were flops. Now their fave is three OFFICIAL singles in, BUNCH of well publicized promo and still no album. Who’s really scared? I will never ever forget what neyo said LAST YEAR! “Beyonce’s album put pressure on R8” and she’s still under pressure… Lmao at this point I’m just waiting on Bey to surprise release and block ha ass. Bwahahaha

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        Yessss! I’d die if Bey dropped another surprise album solo or with Jay/DC soon. Im still anxiously waiting for that Feeling Myself vid with Nicki too.

      • Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

        Lol If Beyonce surprised released again, everyone would forget about Rihanna and ha little dry ass era. The shade of it all! I hope we get the feeling myself video soon.

      • UPGRADEBOY April 21, 2015

        Lmao poor Aretha

  56. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 20, 2015

    Yeah my stalkers doing double-shifts, responding to my comments 3 days later and calling me ‘boo’. You’ve embarrassed yourself beyond repair. I feel so sorry for you!!!!

    January 31, 2015 at 2:53 pm
    AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig formerly ‘HBIC_MamaPope’ says:
    Not Annalise getting Keating5 to cover up the murder and still giving them an exam to complete! LOL
    February 2, 2015 at 5:33 pm
    Chile, your comment made me kii!!!!! She’s a boss bi*ch!!! Love her, boo!!


      Girl, leave it alone! It’s over and done! Go get a new weave, go fix your nails, go practice your ballroom dances, whatever! I’m tired of the pettiness coming from you. The shade is so tired. Really, searching through months of archives to find a comment? Chile, find a damn job. Adios, senorita!

  57. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 20, 2015

    This b*tch is a pūssy and she tried it so hard with me on the Ariana Grande post. Shame the post wasn’t popping so she could really get that shine she wanted. She created a troll and got read for absolute filth for it! Really though, you didn’t need to grab your smartphone and laptop to like your own comments tho! SCREAMING! Petty af. Next time @ me and don’t hide behind other users (who happen to have Paranoid Schizophrenia).


      Why aren’t you asleep yet, sis? What…are there any monsters under that bed of yours? Do you want me to get rid of them for you and read you a bedtime story? Keep being pressed and making me relevant, boo boo kitty! I’m here and I’m livin’ for every second of it. You better go round up a couple of your closet stans so that we can have a battle, but you might be on my team though. Lol! Girl, give it a rest. Seriously! This is more tired than your loose, dry b****

  58. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

    @Slay_My_Bottom, you’re a great multi tasker. The you use Tyler, Noami and An*lise accounts has slayed me, if only you could slay a dictionary the way you slay a refresh button then you would be the ultimate Beyoncé fan.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

      The way*

    • Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

      B**** stfu! Your entire existence on this blog is a big fat STRUGGLE!! Do you come to this blog to only interact with me? You’re always dedicating your comments to me and wtf does “slay_my_bottom” mean? Lmaooo

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

        No I don’t interact with you, your other personalities reply to me and many other navy and troll hive users

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        *Looks at the comment above*
        @Slayriah LIES! You stay mentioning the Hive. Stop stalking our lives and focus more on getting American Flopygen in the Itunes 100

  59. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

    The hive can drag all they want but how could a singles artist have outsold an album artist?

    Get her masters before her?

    Have sold over 240 million records according to roc nation?

    Where’s her receipts? Show us Beyoncés worldwide sales

    • Guess April 20, 2015

      More albums, more records sold supposedly, and her masters yet less money, less Grammys, less acclaim. The self drag. Your fave tries her absolute hardest to get a Fraction of beyonce’s pie. Success is measured primarily by money. So… why isn’t Rihanna’s superiority reflected in her income?

      • Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

        And how you doin *n Wendy Williams voice* lmaooo get ha together!!!!!!

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

        Where are her masters and receipts for her records? Why do you keep deflecting?

      • Guess April 20, 2015

        I see you missed the point. The point was, if Rihanna has done what you said over bey, getting her masters, selling more records, why doesn’t have half of bey’s value? 100 mil in a ten year span… Something bey, who hasn’t sold as many records as you say, managed to do in one year. You get paid what companies feel you are worth. Which is why your fave got 1 mil to creative direct puma, while bey got 50 mil to hold a carbonated beverage. I said what I said because you’re a Stan, and all of your comments stem from superiority, hence why I posed my very relevant question.

    • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

      In what world has Rihanna outsold Beyonce in album sales….I’ll wait.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

        Slay my bottom I said record sales. Do I have to bring definitions too?

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        If that was the case, then why did you feel the need to ask why a “singles artist” was outselling an “album seller” is singles/record sales dumb dumb? Elaborate….

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015


  60. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

    @LB and @Mark111

    They’re not even worth Beyoncés attention, why are we giving these homeless Atl fairies any? Just ignore them and keep dragging Beyoncé till she finally gets a hit

  61. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 20, 2015

    This b*tch tried it, I don’t recall ever conversing with this low-life that is so obsessed with beyonce that he has to name his username after her defenceless child. You’re pathetic and unlike you I am not obsessed with musicians I don’t like, which explains why I don’t waste my time going toe-to-toe with Rihanna stans. You’re not my type.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

      Girl are you mad because I called you A***-ise? Poor thing

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 20, 2015

        DeadT Slayriah the crew have been doing a phenomenal job of keeping you constantly steam-pressed and checked on a daily basis. They do it, so I don’t have to mingle with common folk like you! and yeah you’ve been begging for me to say it so I will call a spade a spade. Your fave is a crack whõré. IT’S A WRAP!

  62. Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

    Lol she’s so bitter that rihanna is a flop now. Stop worrying about us and find that album release date. BWAHAHAHA

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

      Okay could you find Pretty Hurts sales certification or chart position? 🙂

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        Did you finally find one for American Flopygen????

      • Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

        Yeah right after you find american oxygen in iTunes top 100. Looks like it won’t outsell or outpeak pretty hurts either. Bloop! Lmaoooo

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

        Nope but I found 4-5 secs in the top ten 🙂

      • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

        But American Flopygen isnt….It didnt even top Pretty Hurts. The self drag! lol. KEEP TRYING.

  63. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

    Slay my bottom means you want d*** in da ass i guess if you were dumb enough to say sale is sell then I should have known better… Poor thing, maybe bey should donate to your special Ed fund?

    • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

      “i guess if you were dumb enough to say sale is sell then I should have known better”.

      Speaking of trolls, why do you and Slayriah keep on repeating the EXACT SAME circa 2003 recycled b***** drag???? Hmmm *gives side eye*

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

        If you’re gonna occupy my reply box then could you be a dear and fetch Beyoncés worldwide receipts! Make sure to also bring me some sugar for my tea.

    • Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

      Well it sounds stupid and yes I love cockk. I don’t see the shade in that.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015


      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

        It’s nots cockk, it’s cockks. You like multiple cockks in your ass

      • Slay_Hive April 20, 2015

        And you like multiple p*** tapes. That’s the only way you’ll get close to a cockk or asss!! Hahaha

  64. You wanna be on tv I bet April 20, 2015


  65. Junior in Jamaica April 20, 2015

    Balanced enough opinions…

  66. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 20, 2015

    They sure p*** off easy, I just make one comment and I get disliked. Now An*l-ise is mad and having meltdown.. You gonna be okay? Want me to bring you a tissue?

    • Tyler Makiveli April 20, 2015

      HA You think that this is bad? Lol. Get use to the dragging Slayriah because we’re going to go in full throttle IF RLATE ever manages to drop!

  67. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 20, 2015

    LMAO!!!! Am I ‘having meltdown’?
    You value my opinion so much that my name stays on your dry chlamydïá-filled mouth even though we’ve barely exchanged words. Why would I be even slightly pissed off with a random troll that has been fixated with me for weeks. You’re the Michelle of the Navy.

  68. Trice April 20, 2015

    I think Rihanna started this era off fine, she has to do things to reinvent herself. I agree the video to five seconds was too stripped down, more would have landed her into the number 1 spot on the charts. The second problem is releasing her new music through Tidal only, well I don’t believe she has enough clout to make this work and she will flop if this is the only way R8 will be available, sorry, this will make her lose many sales, whether singles or albums. If her first week sales are only available through Tidal, sorry the support won’t be there like it otherwise would. In between time, she’s losing fans and interest in her new project because of the constraints of having to have Tidal. Others should have been the ones to pave the way with their projects like Madonna, Taylor Swift, Usher and so on. Rihanna stays on top because of the catchy pop songs and awesome videos, she’s our fave glam girl or fun video queen. Stripped down is great for AOL or Yahoo music sessions. But, it’s far from over, she didn’t release a video for BBHMM, and we don’t know what else she will release. One or two major number 1 singles will make this false start a distant memory. She did hit a hiccup, after the Jimmy Kimmel prank, April 1st, she was sizzling hot for a video for BBHMM, but it didn’t happen, now her camp has to revamp their rollout plan and deliver and they will, trust! Alicia Keys had a rocky start to her Girl on Fire. The Fire single (featuring Maxwell and videos from album) gave her album and tour legs. Be patient, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet!

    • Ree April 20, 2015

      So can you tell us what went wrong with 45s and BBHMM? Those two songs were not released exclusively on Tidal. BBHMM went to number one on iTunes but the steam ran out quickly. I think people are getting tired of Rihanna and attention is beginning to shift to newer, fresher faces. AO is not just underperforming on itunes, it is out of the top 100! It is flopping hard and while her fans want to use Tidal as an excuse they need to face the truth, the song is not good enough.

      • Trice April 22, 2015

        People do tire of all of the usual artists, so how they present their projects is important. I think Tidal came at the same time she was gearing up (a distraction at the very least). Again, if she releases her next album exclusively through Tidal, it won’t do well. It can be debated if she has now lost momentum (perhaps), and therefore sales will inevitably be soft with or without streaming. I know people are tire of the hand full of artists (not just Rihanna), personalities sell music today, not quality or timeless music (who’s making awesome music?). Nicki Minaj saved her day by releasing the movie video in conjunction with a public break-up with her long-time beau. There’s only 4 or so major black female music superstars (excluding legends Mariah and MJB). Black music isn’t as appealing because there are less players and diversity, and we don’t buy too much anyway. So Rihanna’s future success will survive R8 possibly not being a smash hit, tho, two hot singles would change things, a coin toss, but hey it’s very possible!

  69. You wanna love it right better then my money April 20, 2015


  70. red wine April 21, 2015

    with all of that said and done the fact is everyone is waiting on R8 the fans and the haters

  71. MISHKA April 21, 2015

    Note to Rihanna: Call Jason Derulo and ask him to pen a fast monster hit to save your a$$.

    BET Awards, you better get that boiii to perform this year!

  72. dydy972 April 21, 2015

    Rihanna for years provided 5-6 songs at the same times on the charts, videos monthly and lots of hair changes, different styles , makeup etc…
    Her fans were getting used to having it ALL fast, good and easy.
    This time, her team and herself probably wanted to slow down for her songs to stay longer on the charts but more importantly on people’s mind.
    I don’t think it’s a management issue, just a change in her business but unfortunately, when fans get use to huge promos, extravangant stuffs FAST FAST FAST ; they expect the same all over again !
    Give someone fries and fast food all the time, when they’ll have to eat healthy food, it will be a rollercoaster for them.
    Good luck miss fenty

  73. FutureCIARA April 21, 2015

    Old Navy is getting DRAGGEDT up and down this post!!!!!

  74. real 90’s generation April 25, 2015

    Does she think she’s the 90’s generation or something ?

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