Watch: Rihanna Dazzles For ‘Dior’ / Previews New Song

Published: Wednesday 1st Apr 2015 by Sam

Pose for the camera now flick, flick!

Rihanna may still be scrambling to salvage her new album behind the scenes, however she has no problem wowing with her beauty.

Today saw the first visuals released from her groundbreaking partnership with Dior and oh does she deliver.

Lensed by Steven Klein, the digital short also features a new track believed to feature on the Roc Nation model’s serially delayed LP.

Can’t say we’re feeling the song, but being the fair and unbiased site we are we’ll hold the fort before casting judgement.

In the meanwhile, check out the visual below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Skyfall April 1, 2015


    • maurice April 1, 2015

      her new era is a mess.
      I’m trying to force myself to like it. It aint working.
      Ciara, this is your chance to sabotage four-five head Rihanna

  2. #JACKIE April 1, 2015

    SNIPPET QUEEN!! It sounds like s*** and FourFlopSeconds is free falling down the chart. The complete and utter decline…

    • Skyfall April 1, 2015

      B**** please shut the f*** up, I don’t know why the c-squad even claims you. You can’t drag or read and you always make a complete and utterly fool out of yourself.

      The only thing that has been free falling is I Bet down the charts (no shade because I love the song). Rihanna is doing perfectly fine FFS has been consistently selling and remains unbothered. BBHMM is slaying effortlessly and just be ready to have the rest of your edges snatched when AmeRIHcan Oxygen drops.

      • #JACKIE April 1, 2015

        Yawn….be gone peasant. I have no need for you.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan April 1, 2015

        “You can’t drag or read and you always make a complete and utterly fool out of yourself.”
        This isn’t one in particular though, the whole entire #SissySquad can’t do neither but what they do best is “Making a fool of themselves” hehe. 😉

      • Skyfall April 1, 2015

        Becaaue you know you have no credibility.

      • #JACKIE April 1, 2015

        Stop perching in my reply box and go wait for your thot ass favs delayed ass album to drop #YonceGotHerScared #CiciGotHerScared . I see why you’re mad d***. 😆

      • #JACKIE April 1, 2015

        Kii @ the tuna stan chiming in. Sis you stan for an albino cockroach one hit wonder. You don’t even have a leg to stand on. Exit stage right.

      • #JACKIE April 1, 2015

        But h** you stan for Keri f****** Hilson. That automatically dismisses you from life.

    • Keri Qween April 1, 2015

      free falling? its been out for two months and has been in the top 5 the entire time and 1.4 million in the US alone

      if you wouldve supported I flop It wouldn’t have fallen 17 spots in one week, Caesar can even sell 200k of his single

      stop letting he h/i/v/ hype you up to get Heara dragged

      • #JACKIE April 1, 2015

        But h** you stan for Keri f****** Hilson. That automatically disqualifies you from life.

    • Faf April 1, 2015

      It really sounds a f****** fool

      Kanye production style works for him and him only nowadays

    • LOL April 1, 2015


  3. Skyfall April 1, 2015

    Um, Sam and David why are the comments closed on the Tyga post? Yall ain’t s***.

  4. Daria April 1, 2015

    Sounds like another flop and damn she ugly

  5. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 1, 2015

    Your shady introductions are exhausting Sam. Anyway, when will Jay Z’s cüm loving püssy of a gutter achieve such a feat? No wonder she’s out here in a rush to put an album out. #Desperado

    • Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 1, 2015

      Forgot ‘wife’. 😆

  6. Suicide Blonde April 1, 2015

    One thing the Hive can’t deny is the fact that Rihanna is gorgeous, she’s stunning.

    • Beygency April 1, 2015

      Lol at you mentioning the Hive in regards to Rihanna’s beauty. I won’t lie, Rihanna beautiful(for her standards) but she can’t hold a candle to Bey.

      • caribbean native April 1, 2015

        fall back ho! bey-flop is a old hag

      • JEMINA NELSON April 2, 2015


    • let’s be real April 1, 2015

      Beyonce in MY opinion is prettier but Rihanna has this animalistic beauty to her

  7. Tyler Makaveli April 1, 2015

    LOL @Sam reciting my jam!

    “Now pose for the camera now flick flick! Pose for the camera now flick, flick, flick.
    Pose for the camera now flick flick! Pose for the camera now flick, flick, flick!”
    -Beyonce Get Me Bodied

    • Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 1, 2015

      Mega F*****!

      • Tyler Makaveli April 1, 2015

        Bwahahaha don’t be mad just because your girls “Ray of Light” era hasn’t been all that you were making it out to be.
        You can always start the R9 anticipation instead. ..10 months shouldn’t be too long lmao

    • Slay_Hive April 1, 2015

      Yaaaaas my jam
      *drop to your knees arch ya back girl, shake shake it like that alley cat* owwwwww

  8. #TeamTinashe Stan April 1, 2015

    The song sounds like a Kanye produced track. Still need to hear more.

  9. Mark111 April 1, 2015

    “but being the fair and unbiased site we are”
    Well itnis April Fools, that was the best joke yet.

  10. BeyRihLiyah April 1, 2015

    it’s too early to tell but I kind of like it , it kind of sound like something a song Kanye would do

  11. Mark111 April 1, 2015

    I trust Kanye, he’s a great producer, just don’t go too far left, but left is good tho.

  12. Mark111 April 1, 2015

    Can Jacked up there tell me where’s I Bet on the charts. I mean if FourFive is flopping down the charts (to #8), then what is Caesar doing?

    • #JACKIE April 1, 2015

      Tell me what your doing other than being PRESSED! I hope your alien fav purchased tix for the Jackie tour so she can see how a real b**** slays the stage!!!!!

      • Mark111 April 1, 2015

        where’s I Bet on the charts

  13. Slay_Hive April 1, 2015

    This era is A a damn mess! Her scared ass might as well release the album since we’ve heard every song. Giving me Flop Pop struggle for platinum teas… Come on Queen drop that joint album and slay the game once again. These contrived b****** are boring me. ZZZZzZzzzZzzzzz

    • #JACKIE April 1, 2015

      Yessss b**** and the G**** is do delusional about it. F****** ugly ass snippet queen scared to release kii

      • Slay_Hive April 1, 2015


    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 1, 2015

      Whatever happened to the singles that Beyonce sent to radio sis?

      • Tyler Makaveli April 1, 2015

        Don’t worry about those singles! Her album scanned over 900k in its 1st week and went DOUBLE platinum.

  14. #Boss April 1, 2015

    Standing on the sun H&M >>>>>> still love riri tho #BBHMM is my jamn!!!!

  15. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy April 1, 2015

    Her beauty is radiant! The song definitely sounds like a Kanye track. It reminds me of “Flashing Lights” and “Robocop.” I can’t wait to hear the album as a whole and the music videos.

  16. CherylSoldierr April 1, 2015

    Sounds horrible and death at her thinking that sampling a Florence and the machine song is timeless.

  17. Slay_Hive April 1, 2015

    I’m already bored with rihanna and she hasn’t even released her album yet.

    • Keri Qween April 1, 2015

      But you’ve left multiple comments already you cant be too bored slave_hive

      Kiii don’t be mad at the world because ttt outsold 4closure

      Why would Rih be scared she’s released and outsold your fave beforeee

      • Tyler Makaveli April 1, 2015

        The only Beyonce album that Rihanna has EVER OUTSOLD in her WHOLE ENTIRE CAREER was “4”. So sit!

      • Slay_Hive April 1, 2015

        B**** me leaving comments has nothing to do with her era being boring Skeri the bandwagoning Flop

    • LOL April 1, 2015


    • riri April 2, 2015


  18. LOL April 1, 2015


    • Mark111 April 1, 2015

      HAHAHAHA, insects NEST!!!!

    • Tyler Makaveli April 1, 2015

      Is Gaga still posted at the convalescent mooching off of senior citizens?????

  19. Royalkev April 1, 2015

    Sounds very Kanye produced (‘All of the Lights’). I can’t tell how I’ll feel about the track yet, but I actually love that song. Why do I keep seeing Whitney in this girl (… that walk @ 0:54). Lol … Btw, Rih looks good in the white dress!

  20. Nicky April 1, 2015

    Lmaooooooooo@ GayHive

    My fave movie is projected to do $100 m in the us alone for her movie by Sunday this week
    While sitting lovely at #1 on iTunes


    Can we say Bosssssss. Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This year is already in her hands . That reign!!!!!!


  21. Nicky April 1, 2015

    Lmaooooo@ tyler with lies
    GgGB and Loud outsold bday and iasf dummy

    Has beyonce starred in a movie that’s projected to do over 400m Ww? Lmao!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tyler Makaveli April 1, 2015

      LIES! I Am Sasha Fierce sold more than every single one of Rihanna’s albums. GGGB hasn’t even sold 11 mill. So stop it.

  22. shakira stan April 1, 2015

    Lol rihanna on her worst day is 100 times more beautiful than Beyonce ….don’t make me pull put that unphotoshopped pic of the Acne Queen.

  23. Yeah I Said It April 1, 2015

    Another underwhelming song. Damn it must be hard being Navy keeping up these false pretences stanning for this wack music.

  24. NayvOrDie April 1, 2015

    She’s so beautiful. That Dior commercial will slay when it premiers and possibly up their revenue with her star power. I’m not feeling that snippet. Maybe if I hear it in full,I might change my mind. Anyway I went to see Home this past weekend(with my family). I loved her voice and the movie overall. It’s an improvement from Battleship.

  25. #JACKIE April 1, 2015

    The G**** is fuming kii

    • RihHive April 1, 2015

      lol @ u tryna make G**** happen. Give it up Gretchen

  26. Beygency April 1, 2015

    That snippet sounds dry and boring. Why is she scared to release the damn album. We all know it’s filled with ratchet thot anthems and try hard indie song’s.

    • King B > ur fave April 1, 2015

      And it a Florence and the machine song anyway screaming

  27. Barb B**** April 1, 2015


  28. Barb B**** April 1, 2015

    How many snippets has she released now? Remember when the Navy were mocking Bey for snippets this time two years ago?

  29. shakira stan April 1, 2015

    There is a reason jay z cheated with rihanna…she is fresh succulent and young… Beyonce is cold ,dried rusty and fat and if her dancing skills are anything to go by,am guessing she is stiff in bed too.

    • King B > ur fave April 1, 2015

      Lol a Goat stan should of course support another goat nothing surprising here

  30. shakira stan April 1, 2015

    Fourfive secs is better than anything in that wack visual album ….the only song that came close to it was pretty hurts but we all know how that one went under and bubbled.

  31. Rihboy April 1, 2015

    Yessss!!!!! This album will still quadruple Jackie in sales. Idk why Cerror fans feel entitled. The hive jumping on ciara bandwagon got you guys feeling champ.

  32. hahah April 1, 2015

    when will TGJ make a post about cici discounting ‘I bet’ to 69¢?

    • Rihboy April 1, 2015

      They won’t!! It’s killing the hive and squad that Bbhmm is thriving and four five seconds as well. Outselling theur faves

  33. shakira stan April 1, 2015

    One of those goats has outsold Beyonce album wise and the other has outsold her discography… It must
    really hurt being outsold by goats

  34. let’s be real April 1, 2015

    This era is a CATASTROPHE tbh its seeming very messy and every song sounds like”lets TRY and make a classic” classic songs just HAPPEN when you try hard it comes off contrived and sloppy. Stick to your bubblegum method and shine.

  35. Somebody watching over you boy April 3, 2015

    What next for riri after this

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