Spotify Inks Major New Deal With Starbucks To Compete With TIDAL

Published: Saturday 23rd May 2015 by David

Critics may have written Jay Z and Beyonce‘s TIDAL streaming service off as a “flop” but it would seem Spotify has decided not to underestimate the rising business.

For, in a bid to wash the threat of competition away, the company has inked a deal with Starbucks that will see them make their way to a coffee house near you.

A competitive move below…

HDD reports:

Starbucks announced a deal to work with Spotify to produce playlists for its stores. The deal, which comes two months after Starbucks stopped selling CDs in its stores, will give the streaming service valuable exposure at Starbucks’ 7,000+ domestic locations just as it girds itself to face perhaps its biggest challenge yet from Apple Music.

The partnership, slated to kick off this fall, will let Starbucks employees and customers pick the songs played in the stores. Those playlists will then be available to stream within the Starbucks mobile app, which has been downloaded by 16m people in the U.S. As part of the program, about 150k Starbucks employees will get comp subscriptions to Spotify’s premium service, beginning this summer. Spotify users will also be able to gain rewards points for the Starbucks app.

“We’re really making the barista the DJ here,” Daniel Ek quipped (!) in a conference call.

“By connecting Spotify’s world-class streaming platform into our world-class store and digital ecosystem, we are reinventing the way our millions of global customers discover music,” Starbucks Chief Executive Barista Howard Schultz said in a statement.

Added President/COO Kevin Johnson, “We plan on building one of the most robust digital ecosystems of any retailer in the world. Given the evolution of the music industry and the proliferation of streaming technology, it was natural that we would partner with Spotify in offering our customers a new way to engage with their favorite music, whether their thirst is Tall, Grande, Venti or Trenta.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. RihNavy May 23, 2015

    Spotify is sooooo petty ????????????

    • Danny Bey May 23, 2015

      I was literally going to comment the same thing lmaoo

    • AmbeRussell May 23, 2015

      What is petty about making business moves that will help your business out. This has nothing to do with tidal besides the fact they both are streaming services. Petty is iTunes messing up rihanna and nicki music downloading.
      But this has nothing to do with tidal

  2. Centurion May 23, 2015

    There must be a conspiracy to shut down Tidal and HDD is being quite messy.

  3. christinastherealtalent May 23, 2015

    Jay Z is/was arrogant enough to think nobody else would try to compete with him! #deadazzwrong. Some people just aren’t educated or smart enough to pull off their own business. Stick with what you know Jay and Bey!

    • Queen Barb May 23, 2015

      But wtf is Floptina doing these days? stfu h**.

  4. Molly May 23, 2015

    Poor Tidal

    anyways today is my birthday *positive vibes*

    • RihNavy May 23, 2015

      *sings, “I was born by rivuh, rivuh, RIHVUH! I was born by the river I was shaking that ass!” Happy Birthday!

      • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* May 23, 2015

        Yessssssssss I love that vine “poppin pvssy, I was making that cash.

    • Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 23, 2015

      Happy Birthday ????????

    • Career Ender May 23, 2015

      Happy Birthday Mo.

    • Sweet Janet May 23, 2015

      Happy birthday Ashy!!! Your such a awesome friend. Remember I was there when you got dragged and jumped by your cousin and I will always be there for you and you better be there there for me. Hope you have great day filled with vaseline and lotion.

    • Barb-wire May 23, 2015

      Happy Birthday messy bittch.

      • RihNavy May 23, 2015

        SCREAMING @ Sweet Janet & Barb-wire’s happy birthdays!!! ????????????????

    • Lake Erie May 23, 2015

      Aaaw!! Happy Birthday Molly!!! My fellow C-squadean! 😉


    • Only (NICKIARA) May 23, 2015

      Happy Birthday you B.M.F. May the less infested d*** f*** you tonight.

    • Molly May 23, 2015

      ^ Thank you guys 🙂

    • #JACKIE May 23, 2015

      Happy birthday boo! I wish you many many more and you better be twerkin something tonight????

      • Molly May 23, 2015

        Thank you Ms.Jackie

    • Regina George May 23, 2015

      Happy Bday Molly gurl

  5. Queen Riah May 23, 2015

    Spotify is coming for BLOOD…

  6. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 23, 2015

    Damn Tidal is sinking quicker then the Titanic.

  7. Queen Barb May 23, 2015

    Spotify is messy!

  8. Neliahah May 23, 2015

    So Spotify is essentially expoliting artists music for their own benfit. Instead of the cds being sold at starbuck & the money going to the artists they are gonna get money by inking this deal on artists back by playing their music for free in the stores. And yall said Tidal was exploiting ppl lol, look at Spotify blatantly inking deals like they own every artist music. The blatant hypocrisy is amazing tbh

    • OMG Logic!!! May 23, 2015

      Are you illiterate? Starbucks chose to stop selling CDs on their own. Obviously no one was buying them because no one cares for CDs anymore.

      • Danny Bey May 23, 2015

        They bought me when Beyoncé sold her album there.

    • AmbeRussell May 23, 2015

      But their music would get played for freee. All stores get music playing on a cd. And yeah they probably paid for it, but hell not that much. The sing being stream now means they at least get the play from the streaming. Also, spotify had 1 yr where they actually broke even. Don’t blame the app, blame the system that allows these artist to get r****. Also, beyonce and Taylor’s of the world aren’t getting hurt from this as Taylor was gonna make over $5 mill just from spotify before her album was released last yr. this hurts indie artist, not the mega stars.

    • May 23, 2015

      people being trick in to thinking tidal is the enemy,and too busy hating on tidal to see that, spotify and the rest of them, is on these smear campaign against Tidal and it’s working sad really, why are they doing this if tidal is just a flop. they see something big, and they are trying there best to stop it. with all these petty tactics, and black man should own anything like this it seems. people are busy hating on tidal and what tidal stand for is going over there heads.

  9. Career Ender May 23, 2015

    smh. good luck

  10. RihNavy May 23, 2015

    As long as $50 million carbonated beverage doesn’t release her album exclusively on Tidal, then I don’t care, because the public needs to have that album or iTunes again. As for Aunt Rih, I hope she’s paying attention to the signs and follows Kanye’s lead. She can’t afford to flop again after these singles patterns, smh.

    • rosy May 23, 2015

      I agree with u it seems she In a cloud to realize her songs flop is rih blind deaf or dumb or Drugged out To notice wtf is going on tidal sucks

  11. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare May 23, 2015

    Wait, don’t you have to be competitive in order for someone to compete with you?

    TIDAL is not competitive right now. Spotify is competing with Apple Music.

    • RihNavy May 23, 2015


  12. diabetes May 23, 2015

    Tidal trying to compete with spotify is like cerror trying it with rihanna. Spotify does seem worried though but so is rihgoat lol.

    • Lake Erie May 23, 2015

      Well, when something fabricated meets something authentic, they seem not to mesh well. So your analogy is right on. 😉
      Tidal and RihRih should be worried.

      • Lake Erie May 23, 2015

        I mean Spotify and RihRih should be worried.

    • Natasha3 May 23, 2015

      Rihanna ain’t thinking about you. The lol is the fact that you can’t seem to stop thinking about her!!!

  13. #TeamTinashe Stan May 23, 2015

    Yes Spotify ????

  14. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 23, 2015

    TBH Apple is slacking because if they offered a streaming service they could easily kill off both Tidal and Spotify – Then again, it would defeat the entire purpose of purchasing things on iTunes. Anyways didn’t Apple offer Beyonce a new multi-million dollar deal for a new album, she should really take them up on that.

    • coolness May 23, 2015

      OMG, Daddy Lenny in your avi! *insert heart eyes emoji*

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 23, 2015

        Hmmm yes he’s fine + séxy!!!!

  15. Barb-wire May 23, 2015

    Happy Birthday messy bittch.

    • Barb-wire May 23, 2015

      Uggh I hate Opera Mini.

      • cake like Lady GaGa May 25, 2015

        LOL, not at your broke a** using opera mini on your blackberry curve. bittch sit the f*** down. kii

  16. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 23, 2015

    So now they are training the Starbucks baristas to be DJs ???? SMH the basics can’t even get my order right, and now they are doing this too. And does this mean they are not doing the free song of the week on itunes? #BYE

    • RihNavy May 23, 2015

      LMFAOOO! I can’t with you! ????. P.S. I can’t wait for How to Get Away with Murder Season 2!

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 23, 2015

        YASSSSS HONEY! I can’t wait either!!! I need Viola to snatch me up and get me together!

  17. OMG Logic!!! May 23, 2015

    Reaching for DA GAWDS! Nowhere on the article is Flopa55 Tidal even mentioned. Spotify is getting ready for Apple Music. Tidal doesn’t even register on their radar (or anyone else’s for that matter).

  18. RitaSlayer May 23, 2015

    Lollz Molly got jumped by his cousins? DEAD. And you call yourself a man, you should be ashamed.

    • Rihfund May 23, 2015

      That infected bottom molly is a mess chile….

  19. Barb-wire May 23, 2015

    The foot on Tidal’s neck doesn’t seem to be letting up. Smh Tidal can’t seem to be catching a break.

  20. TRUTH SERUM May 23, 2015

    The white people are banning together because Jay is on to something. Meanwhile the bottom of the barrel ghetto blacks are speaking against it so that they can feel better about there self worth … @keri… #whathappened to black pride and ownership!!!!

    • Lake Erie May 23, 2015

      Yup. I agree. I still say they expensive as hell though lol.

    • May 23, 2015

      so true.

  21. Bitchpleaseeeeeeeee! May 23, 2015

    Did you guys caught the Rihanna shade Beyonce threw on her Facebook page??? Sam did you missed that??? Lmfao

    • Lake Erie May 23, 2015

      Where’s the link yo?

      • Bitchpleaseeeeeeeee! May 23, 2015

        Check Beys Facebook page. She wearing a tshirt so catch the

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 23, 2015

        She’s wearing a shirt that says ‘queen bee, noun: i call the shots’. LOL!!!! It’s as deep as people want it to be!

    • Lake Erie May 23, 2015

      Well I just looked, how did she shade? Based off the comments, everyone’s tell her that Lil kim is the queen bee.

      • Natasha3 May 23, 2015

        That was NOT shade! You see it as shade because you have hatred in your heart!! You attract nothing but negativity!

    • RihNavy May 23, 2015

      Biiiitchhhh, mama is throwing! ????????????????

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 23, 2015

      LOL and you just know that Dogfaced b*tch Wendy Williams is gonna have a field day on Monday when she talks about it in hot topics #HowYouDoing?

  22. nations May 23, 2015

    Blacks will celebrate a fall of their own than praise his rise to the top. Anyway, no one said you should get Tidal so such towards it is unwarranted. If you are ghetto and and broke stick to pirating music as you’ve always done and stop talking as if you have cash to spend.

    • #JACKIE May 23, 2015

      Whatever! That Tidal press conference was one of the most narcissistic vomit inducing things I’ve ever seen in my life! Jay Z thinks he is God and it’s about time that he’s humbled!

  23. Suicide Blonde May 23, 2015

    Today is my birthday too, happy b-day to u 😀

    • Molly May 23, 2015

      Wow that’s awesome. Thank you, and Happy birthday to you aswell hun.

      • Suicide Blonde May 23, 2015

        Thank you. Geming power babe 😉

      • Suicide Blonde May 23, 2015

        I mean Gemini 😉

      • Molly May 23, 2015

        Yes baby Gemini power all day.

    • Career Ender May 23, 2015

      Happy Birthday Suicide

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez May 23, 2015

      I’m a Gemini as well 🙂

    • Royalkev May 24, 2015

      Happy B’day Suicide! 🙂

  24. nations May 23, 2015

    But why are black people hating on tidal? I dont like Beats by Dre but i’ll never say anything bad about it. If you spent as much enegery on your education instead of hating successful black people perhaps you’d be able to afford a $20 per month service. Im not american in fact im south african and $20 is peanuts to me because I majored in mathematics and physics at UNIVERSITY (no community college) instead of history like 99.8% of black americans. Anyway, this crab in the barrel mentality will that centuries to cleanse away.

    • Lake Erie May 23, 2015

      O its never going away. It’s here to stay unfortunately. It’s actually getting worse. Over here in America anyways.

      • nations May 23, 2015

        our race prefer to tear apart one of their own instead of supporting them. All other races own big slices of the world’s economy but our own. its sad to see such self hate. most black people are still oppressed mentally, they love their masters to death.

    • #JACKIE May 23, 2015

      And yet you are tearing down black people while bragging and boasting about your so called accomplishments. Worry about your own continent that is run by everyone except Africans you booty scratching lion chasing ass b****. Go sacrifice a lamb or something and stop worrying about us black Americans.

      • KeKe May 23, 2015

        You are one ignorant piece of dog shìt smh.

      • Liberation May 23, 2015

        I’m sorry I actually agree with Jackie for once minus the name calling. Idk who is thumbing nations up, but his comment was extremely arrogant and disrespectful to the black race. Black people love Beyoncé and Jay Z and purchase all of their stuff, and now that we aren’t buying Tidal we are hating and tearing them down? Shut the f*** up and stay in South Africa.

      • nations May 23, 2015

        only black americans think that africans chase animals around, it just shows that your minds cant see what lies beyond your ghettos. whilst you boast about america keep in mind that you are only boasting about things that white people have, not you. I drive a mercedes benz A200 cdi, which car do have? im sure it was made in the 80s. I am allowed to tear down success hating n*ggers like you; just remember that for as long as we shall live im gonna be better than you in life, im already smarter than you and more successful than you are yet im only 24. Keep your america with your food stamps, i’ll keep my africa and continue to grow as a person. have you even been outside your state? I doubt it. next time, if you cant afford something like ciara’s singles/albums, shut your black hole instead of hating.

      • #JACKIE May 24, 2015

        B**** shut up this is the internet, people are free to be whatever they want so I take what you say with a grain of salt kii. why is Africa so rich in gold and natural resources but the people are poor as f***? That’s because (the same white man) is in control kii. F*** you and your granny ass Benz kii.

  25. May 23, 2015

    why is spotify so shook, seems like something more than what meets the eye is going on. they are going ofter Tidal with all there power, and other cr@p, what is it just because most of tidal owners are black.

    • Lake Erie May 23, 2015

      Yup I think it’s something more too.

  26. Lake Erie May 23, 2015

    Yo! Lmao! This has got to be the only site/blog where the commenter’s know one another and actually converse too lol. What do yal think of that?

    • Career Ender May 23, 2015

      we know each other online only
      but we are more into wars with each other than a good convo with each other

      • Lake Erie May 23, 2015

        Yea. Lol. I agree. But I just find the dialogue, and responses to one another funny. It’s like a actual social media site in way. Like fb, twitter or IG. Minus profiles lol.

  27. LB May 23, 2015

    Are the hive celebrating Tidal’s downfall because they cannot afford it and are therefore hoping the service will be free?

    I mean all I see are the hive swashaying and “yasssssing” this, oh I thought this was Blue’s trust fund. The hive are pathetic.

    • Career Ender May 23, 2015

      dead walls pathetic biatch
      quote for me 2 hive members (cos you said hiveS) saying ‘yaaaaassss’ to tidal in this post
      [10 Marks]

  28. LB May 23, 2015

    Happy Birthday Suicide, Molly.

    • Suicide Blonde May 23, 2015

      Thank you.

    • Molly May 23, 2015

      Thanks LB.

  29. LoveBey May 23, 2015

    They are really goin after Tidal with everything they have. They are determined to make sure it fails. Is there not room for everyone to coexist and make money? Each program caters to a specific demographic and I don’t see why it has to be only one service on top.

  30. Mark111 May 23, 2015

    For one, the service is less than two months old. Two, Spotify is not worried about Tidal. They been here for a while. Three, the streaming movement was already in motion before Tidal, hint the reason Jay bought the service, hint the reason Apple bought Beat By Dre, simply for its streaming service Because itunes is declining and iTunes radio flopped. If you can’t beat them, buy them.
    For people to blame Blacks is stupid. We’re not forced to support you just because you’re Black. You wanna know why Spotify and Pandora is working? Their service is free and great. Wanna know why iTunes and Apple is successful? They make great products (for the masses, i hate Apple. Samsung FTW). Why did Beats By Dre work? Because the product was great. What is Tidal offering other than videos that no one cares about and music? I’m not paying $1,200 a year for music videos and music that i can just buy the damn album or single.

    • Mark111 May 23, 2015


    • Liberation May 23, 2015

      I agree. What in the hell does education and blacks tearing each other down have to do with Tidal flopping? We already have Spotify and Pandora, why pay $20 a month for the same service? People simply are not interested in the service, black…white….Asian…Indian whoever. The public needs more than a bunch of rich overexposed celebs signing a contract at a press conference to convince them to purchase….lol.

  31. RealNegro May 23, 2015

    Being a negro. Hence my name. I’m investing into Tidal. I could care less how flop it is. I support mine.

  32. kingbeybitch May 23, 2015

    Sam where’s the post about Nicki blocking her fans for no reason and everyone dragged her for filthhh

  33. TheElusiveLamb May 23, 2015

    ^^ I agree. Spotify is petty, but at the same time, it’s healthy competition. They are not just in a “fight” with Tidal, bc Apple and etc still exist.

  34. Jhené Aiko Stan May 23, 2015

    I highly doubt Tidal was in mind when they inked this deal. Notice how the article quoted mentioned Apple’s service and not Tidal. Sorry, but Tidal is not on anyone’s radar, certainly not Spotify’s. Their only threat at this point is Apple. Jay Z needs to realize that artist exclusives aren’t enough and all co-founders need to put aside their egos and realize that none of them have the star power to take down Spotify or even be considered competition. Lowering prices would be a good start. People love cheap things.

  35. Casual-T May 23, 2015

    Makes perfect sense — fills the music void for Starbucks and helps Spotify expand further. Tidal is toast. To make this work, Jay Z is going to need to establish an ongoing pattern of exclusives and such, and in the long run, the math won’t add up. He tried to fill a need that didn’t really exist in the market.

    • Molly May 23, 2015


      • RihNavy May 23, 2015

        Sis you better be bussin open on someone’s man tonight, to this song!

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 23, 2015

      *Drops it low and attempts to pick it back up* YAS! This song goes tf hard!!! Sounds like something she recorded during On the Run

      • RihNavy May 23, 2015

        This site is so dry today, I need a post that’s gonna give me wig-snatching and shade throwing real ness. I’m bored.

    • Lake Erie May 23, 2015

      I like it! But is this official?

      • LoveBey May 23, 2015

        I don’t think this is her.. Doesn’t sound like her voice especially in the chorus

      • RihNavy May 23, 2015

        @Lake I think it’s her boo! It sound like it may have been pitched slightly higher to avoid copywrite infringement.

      • Lake Erie May 24, 2015

        lol @RihNavy.

  36. King Rih!! 230 MILLION RECORDS SOLD!! May 23, 2015


  37. ANTMO May 23, 2015

    Not being shady but does anyone else use Beats Music, their app is quite good and so are the playlists

  38. Adele’s Husband May 24, 2015

    Which university did you graduate in?

  39. Adele’s Husband May 24, 2015

    I hate opera mini. I was talking to Nation. Which south African university did you graduate in?

    • nations May 24, 2015

      Rhodes, Industrial and Systems Engineering. Currently im doing my honours at the University of Pretoria.

      • Nick May 24, 2015

        But I thought Rhodes university doesn’t have engineering? Anyway good luck. I’m studying @ NMMU doing Economics

  40. Toni May 24, 2015

    Please, Spotify is trying to compete with youtube and Apple. Oh, and for those whose saying certain artist are flopping because of Tidal. All I have to say is what about the previous singles they have released on itunes. Those singles didn’t really do that well either, so stop blaming Tidal. They’re flopping because they switched label and the new label isn’t coughing up the payola like the old label was doing.

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