Watch: Mariah Carey Performs ‘Vision of Love’ & ‘Infinity’ On ‘Kimmel’

Published: Tuesday 19th May 2015 by Sam

This week brought with it the release of Mariah Carey‘s new greatest hits collection ‘#1 To Infinity.’

And despite boasting 18 chart-toppers, the diva isn’t resting on her laurels when it comes to promotion.

Fresh from performing at the Billboard Music Awards, Mimi took to the stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live to offer a new rendition of ‘Vision of Love’ and current single ‘Infinity.’

Watch Mariah in action below…


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  1. Shaquinisha-rose May 19, 2015

    So good!! ‘Vision of Love’ sounded awesome!

    • Lambypal May 21, 2015

      The tea is she is almost 50 and out singing girls half her age #iCant where they do this @? These h*** need to step they cookies up

  2. titi May 19, 2015

    MC !

  3. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 19, 2015

    She sounds amazing. Hope the single takes off, although she has sold over 200 million records what’s another million? LoL

  4. JOHNVIDAL May 19, 2015

    Looking fabulous and sounding great!
    Sam is such a hater. Always manages to write all the posts about Mariah, and when it is good stuff the only thing he can say is “better” LOL Of course your favorite flops are doing great, right? 🙂

    • Cough Cough May 19, 2015

      It was just better, it wasn’t great or amazing and it wasnt 100% live so better is the fitting term. Stop being delusional like it was so amazing. It was not

      • JOHNVIDAL May 19, 2015

        He doesn´t need to shade all the time a real legend when at the same time he constantly praises Ciara´s vocal performances. Do you get it?

      • Cough Cough May 19, 2015

        But Ciara’s not a vocalist, she’s a dancer/performer and she always drivers that and for what she is capable vocally she delivers. Their standards are different honey, Mariah is a vocalist and is not delivering.

      • NoHateNoShade May 19, 2015

        Exactly! @Cough Cough

      • Rihboy May 19, 2015

        Yeah infinity definitely had backing. But it was better than her previous at billboard.

  5. beyhive May 19, 2015

    good job MIMI! shame on smartphone watching Jlo!

  6. Theman May 19, 2015

    No she sounded GREAT. TF you mean better? You just have too much pride to say that she did her damn thing HATER !

  7. OMG Logic!!! May 19, 2015

    So much better than her Billboard performance. She had much more energy and had actual control over her vocals. Oh lord Jesus, I hope her voice keeps getting better.

  8. LB May 19, 2015

    Fantastic, go Mimi.

  9. Cough Cough May 19, 2015

    Better is the fitting term. I didn’t feel anything in my spirit but she wasn’t hard to watch like she was at the awards. She was in better voice and more believable when she was lip synching the high parts. Better.

  10. gilbert May 19, 2015

    ew wtf what that lmao Mariah should seriously stop singing and making a fool out of herself. Idk what her fans hear whenever they watch her live performances. They’re all like “Yesss her voice is back. She sounds amazing! She’s back b******! She killed it blabla” Like for real? I agree that she was an awesome singer back in her prime days but this was terribly awful let’s be real and unbiased now. She was so out of place, off key most of the time, struggling with notes, weird growls, and that last “whistle” or whatever u call it sounded so dry and irritating. Enough Mariah, just sit home and enjoy your royalty. Your time is up 🙁 i’m not a hater fyi

  11. Barb-wire May 19, 2015

    She did what she had to tbh, and anyway MC has nothing to prove to anyone. She can sound like a pack of ducks and these new girls will still never be able to keep up.

  12. MusicLife May 19, 2015

    Mariah overall you sound terrible. And this is coming from a huge MC fan. The botched big notes you TRY to cover up, the lower key, huskies sound.

    Gross in one word. And such a boring live performance without the legendary vocals. Pass.

    • Chillin May 19, 2015

      You are such a are not a “huge MC fan” GTFOH!

      • Lake Erie May 19, 2015

        Exactly lol. It’s amazing how these so called fans come out of the wood works.

  13. Rihanna Lately May 19, 2015

    Why does she keep singing Vision Of Love? Well she wasn’t bad & she needs to lose weight.

    • Barb-wire May 19, 2015

      Why is your one octave fave keep pushing
      that flop American monoxide? She’s such a
      failure and an embarrassment.

      • Lambypal May 21, 2015

        Death certificate signed and sealed????????????????????

    • TheElusiveLamb May 19, 2015

      She sings VOL bc it is her first #1 & the song that put her on the map for the 25 years that she has been here.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 19, 2015

      She had an iconic first single that was released 25+ years ago and she can still sing it because it’s timeless. Unlike a certain somebody who claims that they want to make timeless music but continues to put out McMusic (prolly explains why she hasn’t performed Paid4MyReplay in years). #AintNoneOfMyBusinessItsTeaThough

    • Lambypal May 21, 2015

      Because Vision of Love just turned 25 dear the single that started the Mariah reign the single these girls heard on the radio that made them
      Want to “sing”

  14. Monica Stan May 19, 2015

    What are yall hearing? Her voice sounds like nails on chalkboard

  15. Barb-wire May 19, 2015

    Why is your one octave fave keep pushing that flop American monoxide? She’s such a failure and an embarrassment.

  16. LC May 19, 2015

    This performance was definitely better than the Billboard awards. She sounded good. Especially during Vision of Love.

  17. Jenny F May 19, 2015

    I’m confused as to what you’re all listening to. 80% of Infinity was mimed

    • TheElusiveLamb May 19, 2015

      You can obviously hear two voices for a reason.

  18. Chillin May 19, 2015

    She definitely SLAYED Vision Of Love..very controlled and on key..Infinity was definitely sung over the track..BUt she still got that whistle..GO Mariah!!

  19. pat May 19, 2015

    She sounds a fool….but applaud her for trekking forward anyway

  20. TheElusiveLamb May 19, 2015

    I don’t understand why they show the entire concert. She performed Always Be My Baby & Touch My Body as well. I wish those were televised, but at least the Lambs have the footage of that on YouTube (along with The Roof). She did good. I think that VOL is her best since The Adventures of Mimi Tour.

    • King B May 19, 2015

      Always be my baby we’ll forever be my favorite mariah song with my all

  21. Music Lover~ May 19, 2015

    That was great, I love her.

  22. Legend B May 19, 2015

    Get it Mimi! Mariah singing Infinity remind me of Whitney singing I Look To You @ The AMAS. You know they’ve went thru so much and you’re hoping they’re back. You know That Golden Voice is their anymore but you’re glad they still have some of it. Im glad shes back performing, because i know thats what she loves.

  23. Rihicon May 19, 2015

    I love it! I wish she sang like this Sunday night though cause more people were watching

  24. Brandy stan May 19, 2015


  25. Theman May 19, 2015

    Her voice sounded really damn good. Even with Infinity she was still singing. Very very good job. Her voice is GOLDEN altogether. It sounds nothing like MIMI’s..

  26. Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) May 19, 2015

    Mariah did that. I love the whistle note! This was an excellent showing!

  27. ~The Arcade~ May 19, 2015

    The song is growing on me… Aah! Vision of Love = nostalgia!!!

  28. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money May 19, 2015

    Amazing performance

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