Watch: Rihanna Performs ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ In Front Of Beyonce At MET Gala

Published: Tuesday 5th May 2015 by Sam

As if Rihanna‘s polarizing MET Gala gown wasn’t enough entertainment, the 27-year-old was tapped as the night’s headlining act at yesterday star-studded spectacle.

Backed by a rousing band, the self-proclaimed Bad Gyal performed atop of dinner tables as she barked belted songs from her catalogue, including current single ‘Bitch Better Have My Money.’

Interestingly, that portion of the set was performed right in front of rival Beyonce, whose reaction seemed “interesting.”

Watch the footage below…

A video posted by Anthony Ruffin Jr. (@jet_x2) on

Is it us does Bey’s head jerk back at the “I call the shots” part?


Your thoughts?

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  1. Asgi May 5, 2015

    R u implying the song is about jayz and beyonce

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* May 5, 2015

      None of my business, but it’s tea doe

      • Steven May 5, 2015

        Out of ammo gotta reload

      • lololo May 6, 2015

        Rih on their mouth like liquorrr

    • You tried May 5, 2015

      I think people and TGJ are clearly either STUPID OR NIAVE! Hunni RIHANNA IS SIGNED AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN SIGNED TO THE ROC UR pretend beef between the two is hilarious! BEY IS CLEARLY STANDING UP AND SHOWING SUPPORT FOR HER LESSOR

  2. maurice May 5, 2015

    Beyonce looks guilty af as Rihanna is singing that song though. LOL.

  3. Asgi May 5, 2015

    The footage tho is terrible, hard to see beyonce and all the other celebs

  4. Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 5, 2015

    Like lana’s career it flop flop flops.
    Visit me in south korea and botox tok tok

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* May 5, 2015

      Lol a flop sells a million copies of an album in a week? *reads ultraviolences receipts. Gives you napkins for the egg on your face*

      • FAF May 5, 2015

        A million in a week?

      • Rosie May 5, 2015

        No matter what is sold first week, we already know Cedric will be selling 30K max on THIS week.

    • Rosie May 5, 2015

      And what is a CL?
      Bringing up Lana for no reason whatsoever won’t change the fact that literally NO ONE gave a s*** about Fad’s fat ass last night.

  5. Suicide Blonde May 5, 2015

    And who the f*** is Beyoncé?…Y’all give that woman too much importance, the world does not revolve around her, maybe for her fans but not to normal people, get over it, the title of this post is TOO MUCH to me.

    • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

      LOL. i’m saying. The b**** is so tired… been replicating the same look for the past two years. Rihanna served last night. not dressed as a THOT but a classy b****. Read What Vogue had to say, Vanity Affair. E! Andre Leontelle….

      They all concurred that Rih was what the METS is about. She was the Queen of the night. Poor bitter Bey.

      • Rihboy May 5, 2015

        Exactly. Bey bared it all to completely miss theme and out trend which she talked at! Thot self.

    • TRUTH SERUM May 5, 2015

      But your lane ass is more obsessed with her than her own fans. Why continue to follow someone you hate. Not only is it a dead blond, it’s a delusional one at that. Lol

      • TRUTH SERUM May 5, 2015


      • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

        FOLLOW? b**** your flop fave was retweeted on my timeline, UNFORTUNATE because i rather not see it.
        If i wanna see basic bitche sin excessive bronzer and no clothes i can visit King a Diamonds. SCRATCH THAT the b****** @King of Diamonds weaves be laid for days not that whack ass ponytail.

      • TRUTH SERUM May 5, 2015

        Now you know yo ass don’t know anything about a syrup club that showcases women. We’re talking about beautiful Beyonce and not the drag shows you attend b*** pirate.

      • TRUTH SERUM May 5, 2015


    • RATEDXXX May 5, 2015

      I usually don’t direct reply to people..but danm son

      we are on the same page…..

  6. LOL May 5, 2015


  7. Janet’s Left Tittie May 5, 2015

    TGJ Reaching for Rihanna yet again! YAAAWN FEST! Rihanna’s Money is Beyonce’s Money as she is a product of Jay Z, so this imaginary rivalry is foolish! Whether you like it or not , every time Rihanna is successful Blue Ivy gets a new extension to her room! And every time you try to ruin Rihanna your messing with Beyonce’s paper! SO TGJ Better Have Yonce’s Money!

    • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

      I think you missed the part where my b**** calls the shots. Rihanna has her own label now. Jay-Z works for her. his 15% is only due to managing her via rocnation. Rihanna can FIRE the camel anytime.

      • Jonatello May 5, 2015

        LMFAOOO As if Jay is FAZED by getting fired by that b****! Jay ain’t got s*** to lose! He will stay living lavish! Giving no f****! Have a cathedral of seats!!

  8. Quinn May 5, 2015

    Lol Bey swung that pony around like girlllll

  9. Keri Qween May 5, 2015

    I cant see sh#t. And sam is being messy kii but your implying your fave is pressed listening to the lyrics and Rih is beys rival? I thought the h/I/v said she was so inferior Haha ????

  10. FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

    Awww Sam being mad that every credible site and fashion critics said she stole the night!!! Your fave came after dinner was served dressed like a 2 dollar hooker in a cheap version of her last year ensemble, thinking she just might be the baddest…. but b**** still came short. & let me not even get started on that ponytail. YUCK.

    B****’s fashion is struggling harder than nicki minaj to get her last two albums two albums to sell platinum.

    BBHHM has outcharted 7/11 lest we forget.

    And its rather typical off baddy bey to be preST tho.

    • Keri Qween May 5, 2015

      B**** you better READ

      BBHMM has sold 400k in one month and ratchet 11 only 628k in 6 months ????

      • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

        YASS hunty. The Hive and the raggedy ass Barbs were ‘Feeling Themselves” a bit too much. ONIKA has yet to win a Grammy, get a #1 song. Her last two albums have yet to sell a million. She has three albums and only one has sold platinum this after 23712328 videoes and features amongst other promo. YET the bsic b****** come for the navy? i cry every time because the LOLS write themselves.

      • Keri Qween May 5, 2015

        The h/I/v thumbing down comments ???? but you stated nothing but facts maybe that’s why they’re so bitter

        And onika fans stay trying it when the struggle print is barely scraping 600k with a million features and plenty of promo

        This will be her second flop album in a row roman reloaded didn’t even sell a million copies last updated sales had it at 897k ????????????????

      • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

        NICKI should praise the GODS for streaming!
        The hive “Bey had no promo” b**** what is the purpose of a music video, you’re h** had 17 a video for a song that isnt even on the album. THE FACKING STRUGGLE.
        But i’m here filing my nails waiting anticipating the Ciara album projections. The album is currently 13 on the iTunes Chart like if my fave flopped that hard, that would literally be it. “I Bet” this b****’s album sales will have “Got Me Good” like she’s beyond over now and the Ciara fans have the nerve.

      • Keri Qween May 5, 2015

        Oh please that b**** had promo! She had ber industry friends dropping hints before the album , she released teasers liie Grown Woman Bow Down etc, that dont count as promo? Kiii her fans are delusional

        The Caesar fans are just trolling at this point I mean they have nothing to lose

        They know their fave is a flop ????i can’t wait for these projections I’m going to be SCREAMING hunny SCREAMING

        And it will only get funnier after the first week cause you know the sales are gonna plummet each week

      • FAF May 5, 2015

        @Fresh how many singles and rereleases did it take for GGGB (the album that put R**** on the map) to go double plat
        Nic got 2 #1s beyonce got 5
        Rihanna got 1 at the PEAK of her career
        & now more pushbacks than her edges

  11. No favs, just here for the music May 5, 2015

    Bey and Rih are rivals? Since when? I could have sworn it was just the stans

  12. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy May 5, 2015

    Man TGJ love to create stan wars and using the hive is the perfect bait. Beyonce looked down and as if something was on her dress not trying to shade Rihanna. I mean I’m sure she’s heard this song long before we heard it. Who knows, they could be the best of friends behind closed doors and probably allow the stan wars as publicity and exposure.

  13. FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

    BUT lets beyy honest. I would have my head in the ground too if i was a self proclaimed KING. yet my rival is the biggest selling black female artist second overall only to Madonna.

    • grump May 5, 2015

      Rihanna is not the second best seeking female artist. Stop this lie.

  14. BeyIsKing May 5, 2015

    That title is a bit of a reach…

  15. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy May 5, 2015

    I want to see the WHOLE performance! I want to see the crowd’s reaction. Now that is worth a million dollars

  16. jae May 5, 2015

    You guys are ridiculous with the name calling! If you dont like Rihanna why even comment?! I never understand how rude and negative people in the world can be! Both Rihanna and Beyonce are talented, good looking women. Like it or not! Rihanna is under Jay-Z’s label!
    “Dont act like” he or his wife had never heard the song b4 being put on the album, OR as if they were surprised Rihanna performed the song! Grow up people!

  17. metzo May 5, 2015

    Bey looked like she was sweating under her scalp

    • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

      YASSSS! If you can be objective you would know that the two are very threatened by each other. The fact that Fashion is Rih’s thing and Bey tried to one up her last night and Rih was commissioned to perform, must have diminished your fave’s self worth just a bit i would say.

  18. FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

    The HIVE and Sam should bow to Fenty’s Knees tbh. RIhanna is to be thanked in no small part for Beyonce’s last era, which was an ode to TTT & UNA. Yet the Hive were adamant that my fave wasn’t popping yet there fave was clearly taking notes.

  19. Kuku May 5, 2015

    not bey with that 5 dollar pony tail …

    • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

      i cry …. like bringing the hood to the red carpets. SLAY a bit.

      • Tyler Makiveli May 5, 2015

        I know ur not trying to call anybody hood when Rihanna walks around wearing duby wraps in public…

  20. lee May 5, 2015

    You can’t even make out Beyoncé. If anything, from the pics I’ve seen, Bey looked like “this child sound terrible” lmaoooo

  21. Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 5, 2015

    Bey reminded me of that persian guy in disaster movie

  22. LB May 5, 2015

    “Rihanna performs b**** better have my money in front of Beyonce”, so what?

    She performed it in front of Madonna and she, Madge, was rocking to it she even used it as an instagram caption. She even performed it in front of Cher, and she was rocking to it too.

    • red wine May 5, 2015

      these people on this blog don’t know what real legends are and Beyonce isnt

  23. T May 5, 2015

    Why is the delusional navy getting hype like this single and every other single rihanna has released ain’t flop? The crowd looked bored as hell and bey looked bored because she can do this in her sleep and 10 times better. Most people are making fun of rihanna cheese omelette dress. Bey was the most talked about as usual. Rihanna is clearly under pressure right now because no one but a few delusional navy is feeling her music.

    • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

      FLOP? if BBHMM that has been out for 3 & Half weeks is a flop. What is Beyonce’s discorgaphy?
      Rihanna has 13 #1 and 36 top 20 singles. get it the f*** together broke h**.

      When will youre flop fave…. Beyonce only has 3 platinum singles off Beyonce and those just received certifications 2 years after their release. SO WORRY B****.

      • Keri Qween May 5, 2015

        And the singles from Beyonce are platinum based on streams.

        She would see a platinum certification this era except for w**** in love if the riaa hadn’t accounted for streaming

        7/11 is platinum but only sold 628k

        #factcheck ✊

      • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

        oh no say it ain’t so @ Keri :'( . Show a bit of MERCY the hive can’t handle all this true tea all at once lover.

    • Jonatello May 5, 2015

      “cheese omelette dress” LMFAO I AM SCREAMINGGGGGGGG!!!!

  24. diabetes May 5, 2015

    After the performance was over…

    Rihanna: “Maybe I should just bow down”

    Beyonce: “yeah, maybe u should.”

  25. (Rihyonce) May 5, 2015


  26. LB May 5, 2015

    But Sam, why are you holding my comments? Aren’t you going to address why Jackie is flopping harder than Ciara after the hive proclaimed their support for her this era.

    According to the hive, based on their support, Ciara was posed to outdo Rihanna this era, why are you holding my comments of my receipts where I show the fruits of their declared support?

    • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

      NO SHE AINT #13 on iTunes for days. SLAY CICI SLAY :’).

      I’m literally screaming. Ciara’s floppage is otherworldly, if that were my fave SAM would have already had a myriad of post addressing just how UNDERWHELMING the album is performing yet Ciara is being pampered. A flop is a flop @Samantha. Numbers don’t lie.

      • LB May 5, 2015

        Yes I agree, if it was Rihanna, he would be posting updates at 130 characters per second and slamming her on twitter. Now that his fav, even after the declaration of support from the hive, is performing worse than the previous era, he wants to use those rubber gloves on her.

        Let him address why his other fav is flopping even after the hives support.

  27. diabetes May 5, 2015


    • red wine May 5, 2015

      go on a diet

  28. Mark111 May 5, 2015

    The fact that they asked Rihanna to perform and not Bey. I guess they wanted songs that are hits and people knew. Beyonce wants to be Rihanna SO bad, it’s sad. You had your time to be a bad girl and you spent it jacking J.Lo, you lose.

    • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

      Beyawnce has literally been trying it.

    • diabetes May 5, 2015

      Yeah, bey wants to have 3 flop singles in a row. Lol bbhm still isn’t even gold after all this promo.

      • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

        flop singles in a row… AO is a flop point blank. BUT FFS has been slaying your fave and will sooon outsell DIL so keep it cute b****. BBHMM will be platinum after the video so girl bye.

  29. diabetes May 5, 2015

    Lol at Kim k and bey looking so disinterested in that pic.

  30. OMG Logic!!! May 5, 2015

    She may have had a backtrack on, but bish was owning the stage and that look without a trace of doubt. I must say only Whitney was ever that self-confident.

  31. Mark111 May 5, 2015

    I’ll just say this and it’s the realest thing I’ll ever say. You had attention seeking wh0res Madonna, Gaga, Miley and Kim in one spot. You had the Pest’s Queen there and who? Who grabbed the spot light? Rihanna. Out of ALL these pop stars, who was asked to perform? Rihanna and That’s why she’s the baddest! (save your replies, you can’t come for this comment.)

    • diabetes May 5, 2015

      Lol rihgoat has a flop album and single to promote. Of course she performed. Bey looked so much better and younger despite their 6 year age difference.

    • T May 5, 2015

      This is what I mean by delusional. None of those women have music out except for rihanna and Madonna. 2 terrible choices but I’d rather have rihanna screeching boring performances than watch Madonna old a**.

  32. LB May 5, 2015

    LMAO Mark111 be easy on her, we all know BaddieBey is BadGalRiri (Talk That Talk era) Lite, let her enjoy her midlife crisis as Rihanna, she has been J.Lo all her life.

    I still want to know how Ciara is performing considering the hive’s support, what fortunes have begotten Ciara after the hive’s declaration of support As far as I can see, this album is performing worse than Ciara (album).

    • #JACKIE May 5, 2015

      QUEENara is fine! JACKIE in stores now! Where’s #RL8’s release date?

    • Mark111 May 5, 2015

      I wanna know where’s the C-Scotts? They were calling flop all month, now their fave’s album dropped, they’re gone. I went on Amazon to see the album in the new releases tab, I had to swap to a whole other column to find her album… IN THE NEW RELEASED SECTION!

  33. #JACKIE May 5, 2015

    Rihanna is DONE and BBHMM is a FLOP!

    • Mark111 May 5, 2015


    • (Rihyonce) May 5, 2015


  34. LB May 5, 2015

    The C squad are naive for relying on the hive’s support, they don’t know the hive are still paying off those 200% payday loans they got for Beyonce tickets? HBO ratings flop should have been the writing on the wall.

    • #JACKIE May 5, 2015

      We are not relying on the hive’s support. Most of them only like Ciara to spite the G**** any damn way. Stop worrying about ci and stay focused on your FADING fav!

  35. T May 5, 2015

    This is why I left TGJ because there is nothing left but delusional stans with the navy being the most delusional of all. In what world is rihanna superior to bey? Does she have 5#1 albums or over 20 Grammys or worth over 500 million? No. Your faves lane is $1 singles and she can’t even sell those anymore. People are sick of talentless rihanna which is why the navy only has fashion to be hype over this era and she doesn’t have that anymore either looking like a cheese pizza. Rihanna fell off. Get over it navy.

    • Jamon May 5, 2015

      That’s what stans on this site do. No shade against Bey but her fans do the same thing to Mariah Carey. She has 18 #1’s,sold over 200 million records, $530 million net worth.

      Instead of bashing and comparing each artist, let them do them, however they choose to do it. Rihanna, Beyonce and Mariah are all very different artist.

      • Jamon May 5, 2015

        BTW Sam is the root to the problem. I never seen a site so bias and unprofessional

  36. LB May 5, 2015

    Sam has blocked me, AGAIN lmao. OK Sam

  37. Keri Qween May 5, 2015


    Not Caesar flopping AGAIN kiiiii

    The album hasn’t even entered top 10 on iTunes going on the 2nd day ????and where is her second single on iTunes dance like were making love? I’ve looked and can’t find it

    #50k first week

    • #JACKIE May 5, 2015

      Keri was kicked out of the industry and rihøe is afraid to release.

      • (Rihyonce) May 5, 2015

        ???????? DELUSIONAL B****** !!! @#JACKIE!!

  38. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 5, 2015

    Sam u messy queen, u just love staring stan wars huh?? But anyTways, Bey Bey looks amazing and Princess Rihanna looks s*** as well. Madonna…………..

  39. Weezy Tha G.O.A.T May 5, 2015

    Beyonce didn’t look impressed tbh.

  40. (Rihyonce) May 5, 2015

    ???????????? You people really think that Rihanna and Beyonce hate each other lmaoo I wouldn’t be shocked if they were really close lol i recall Beyonce saying Rihanna was like family in 09/10 in a CNN interview..And Rihanna is always praising her.. DEATH AT YOU SAD B****** WHO ARE HATING ON THE TWO MOST RELEVANT BLACK GIRLS IN MUSIC TODAY BYEEE
    #CARRYON #QUEENSHIT ????????

  41. HYISI May 5, 2015

    The delusion is just way too jarring, if anything there was so much shade being thrown around at Rihanna performing from the looks of it.
    All the hype in the world won’t stop R8 from flopping, most people were clowning her ensemble instead of praising it and you can go to any social media site and see that.WTF is a fashion site or magazine to the actual real and unpaid for opinion of the public?
    People talking about the world doesn’t revolve around Beyonce but are always so quick to be perched in every post mentioning her!Maybe your world does. If the Hive are pest what are the navy, dung? What type of person jokes about a serious disease like H**? What type of person constantly says they hate a person but don’t even know them and continues to click every article that mentions the said person??

  42. Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 5, 2015

    Speaking of ciara, i will be expecting the c squad to be practicing the blood violin if CL debuets in the states with bigger numbers

    • KeKe May 5, 2015

      Mumford and sons are predicted to sell 250-275K i bet Jerk Me will only sell 10% of that????????

  43. BossB*tchBeyoncé May 5, 2015

    Sigh. The navy is so stupid!! Anyone that has been on this site as long as some of you navy members have should be able to detect the bait from a mile away!! But being the stupid idiots that you are you fell for it! Smh!

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez May 5, 2015

      The irony of you calling the navy stupid when the hives only requirement is if you have an I q lower than Beyonce’s.

      • Tyler Makiveli May 5, 2015

        Umm, let’s not speak of IQ’s when you stan for someone who had an off-and-on relationship with a man who used her face as a punching bag.

  44. kingbeybitch May 5, 2015

    Beyonce made every BEST dressed list and was the most talked about at the Met Gala yet again….

    • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

      oh she was? Rihanna was the Top and Second Trending topic on twitter for hours. Lets be real.

  45. kingbeybitch May 5, 2015

    Harper, Vogue, E, Complex etc have all said Beyonce shut s*** down when she arrived.. Everyone on the red carpet from Fashion journalist, paparazzi etc refused to leave until Beyonce arrived.They waited and extra 1 hr and 30 mins for her..Queen As soon as Bey arrives navy on twitter got salty cause everyone was saying Bey shut it down. Let it go Navy Rihanna looked like big bird.

    • BossB*tchBeyoncé May 5, 2015

      This isn’t even about Beyoncé vs rihanna! It’s about Sam needing hits for his site & the navy being stupid enough to fall for it!!

    • FRESH NAVI May 5, 2015

      i can’t argue with the hive if they’re gonna make s*** up. Beyonce was in fact on several Best Dressed Lists but to thine own self be true… The B**** was not voted THE BEST DRESSED that was rihanna and about you saying the pappz said she shut it down… what is credibility? are you just throwing out names like i can’t even… brig me the truth b**** and we can talk.

  46. TheElusiveLamb May 5, 2015

    It’s sad that this pic was used as a catalyst for a stan war when in reality it just shows that they have zero issues with each other. Beyoncè probably is looking down to make sure she doesn’t trip in that gorgeous gown. Let it go TGJ. It’s old.

  47. sashay May 5, 2015

    so many blonds….which one is Beyonce???

  48. Tyler Makiveli May 5, 2015

    The reach lol.
    That’s h** ain’t no one.
    Queen Bey was not checking for her in that vid.

    • Tyler Makiveli May 5, 2015


  49. Tyler Makiveli May 5, 2015

    Like FLOP FLOP FLOP! You know that you OWN ME don’t act like you forgot!

  50. Mark111 May 5, 2015

    Wait, wait, it it true that Jackin’ is not in top 100?

    • Rosie May 5, 2015

      iTunes US Top 100 Albums:
      1Mumford & Sons – Wilder Mind
      2Mumford & Sons – Wilder Mind (the slayage. They suck though)
      3Zac Brown Band – JEKYLL + HYDE (released last week)
      4Chris Stapleton – Traveller (who)
      5Tech N9NE – Special Effects (who)
      6Various Artists – 21 Totally 80s Hits (mess)
      7My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall (preorder I think?
      8Granger Smith – 4×4 – EP (literally who)
      9Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color (two weeks old)
      10Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface (preorder)

      13. Cedric – Jackie (never entered the top 10)

  51. Rosie May 5, 2015

    Same thing as always in this post.
    The same ugly bored gays falling for the bait.
    Big Bird’s last remaining fan and the 5 Little Cutters (especially LOL or w/e) hiding behind Rihanna.
    The Ciara stans trying it when their fave will sell 30K max first week (get ready for the lashings tomorrow at around 4 pm eastern).

    • Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 5, 2015

      Lmao you’re so sick

    • TheElusiveLamb May 5, 2015

      LMAOOOOO! You’re so shady

  52. Music Lover~ May 5, 2015

    This is ridiculous, besides, Bey looks like she was bopping to Rih, “Left hand up, head bopping and feeling the song”.

    The drama in this post is too much. Really unnecessary, and disturbing.

  53. GEEZUS95 May 5, 2015

    Not Tech N9ne outselling CIARA!!! Is her album out? Imma give it a listen.

  54. Stephy. May 5, 2015

    Beyonce don’t wanna be Rihanna. Get over yourselves. Anyways, this was a nice event. Everyone SLAYED-T! Especially, Rihanna. Her “performance” was cute too.

  55. I tell no lies May 5, 2015

    Big Bird’s mistress was being laughed at all last night and today. Her worshippers were and still are up in arms because they know when Beyonce arrived, she shut that b**** all the way down. No n****** or a** crack showing. Now that’s how u wear that s***.Cokehead Rihanna had her mosquito bites showing with that after party outfit and a blunt.This b**** is so used up that it’s not even funny anymore. It’s rather sad. She on top of tables screeching because she was coked up.People laughing at her a** left and right, from the cheese pizza dress,the thousand bobby pins to the laughing stock performance. Navy are so delusional,the girl is a mess from over indulgence of drugs.Nobody is or was talking about that performance in a good way, she’s being laughed at.Just look at her up there, she looks like a fool.

  56. RATEDXXX May 5, 2015

    shade…she’s like bish you better have my money….ahahahahahahahaha

    the song still sucks though…..I miss Rated R Rihannna…that was her best album to date

  57. RICHIE_RICH May 5, 2015

    The reach!!!!! Beyonce slayed last night enough said. I will say Rihanna stuck to the theme ,but Beyonce shut it down

  58. CherylSoldierr May 5, 2015

    Why are Lana fad rey stans trying it when their faves total uv singles sales amount to less than a fifth harmony second single?

    • Rosie May 5, 2015

      Has Only Human sold 70K?

      • CherylSoldierr May 5, 2015

        Didn’t Ultraflop suffer an 80% decrease from bored to death? A Shawn mendes handwritten T. A true fad.

  59. Rihboy May 5, 2015

    Rihanna was labeled and announced best dressed by many lucrative fashion outlets. With bey coming in second. Moreover that was already a given. She dressed like the witch bride last year for a bridal theme. This year she dressed as a thot for a Chinese through the looking glass theme. Conclusively, there are other photos and videos on Instagram clearly showing that bey was twisted and enjoying herself alongside bieber, jay, and cara. This post was pointless. She also attended Rihanna’s after party. Only the hive making this a competition. There was none after she ascended to her throne on the carpet.

  60. african music lover May 5, 2015

    And the stupid fans fell for the bait,i got to admit i am a bit dissappointed in people like L.b, Marikos and others because they are one of the oldest tgj commenters and they should see stan bait from Sam miles away and not fall for it,,but i guess with the bashing Rihanna has received in the last past days,the navy just have to cling to anything to drag… The C-squad better be ready for the massive dragging they gonna receive from the navy and few remaining cutters and that one remaining kerry stan(i didnt know there were any remaining,…. As for my girl Riri,um still waiting for something to blow me up from you coz i know you hv it in you.. I never understand how guys fight over women’ dresses at some stupid event,, shout out to my two favourate black girls doing it big in this industry but lets face it, Rihanna is not really on B’s level in any way.

  61. 160 May 5, 2015

    The queens outfit was LIFE and she looked STUNNING but idk wat the f*** the hive are talking about “critics say Beyonce shut it down” she didn’t shut down s*** she looked like a tacky mess. Lool now we all know it was queen RIH who the media said was shutting it down at the gala. RIHANNA (not any of ur flop faves) were asked to perform AND SHE SLAYED EVERYTHING!!! IF THESE PRESSED BOTTOMS WERENT BOWING DOWN BEFORE THEY ARE NOWWW!!! BOW DOWN LESSORS!

    • Rihboy May 5, 2015

      Why Sam ain’t post the recent interview with ester dean on hot 100 saying she couldn’t get a hit out of bey Lls!!!! I’m in tears…..He post anything anti Rihanna yet his fave is rihinspired.

  62. 160 May 5, 2015

    Why are people acting like the hive aren’t dumb ghetto losses bottoms who fall firband create every stan war LMAOOO stfu ur all known for being the most disguting and stupidest stan base no shade just truth..

    • 160 May 5, 2015


    • red wine May 5, 2015


  63. bria May 5, 2015

    The hive needs to be quarantined

    They are truly a blot on mankind

  64. Queen Madonna May 5, 2015

    The Navy has got to be the dumbest and most delusional stan base in the world. Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise, these dumb bitchs stan for a talentless thot.

  65. Barb-wire May 6, 2015

    ^^^^ This

  66. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 6, 2015

    Those people seem to like the performance of riri

  67. Krista May 6, 2015

    LOL at the Dumb Navy falling for this.

  68. ~The Arcade~ May 6, 2015

    She barked indeed Sam, this atrocity of a song only emphasizes her already pitiful vocals… I couldn’t even get through 2 seconds of an instagram video I saw earlier. Yuck on Yuck on Yuck!!!

  69. Davide Laffe(PHOTOGRAPHER) May 6, 2015

    OH JEEZ STOP THE DRAMA and SHADE CONJURING.. she’s standing up and dancing.. do you see KIM k sitting down…. now thats the shade that needs to be addressed . Beyonce is standing up.. moving her pony tail side to side smack it in the air.

  70. daryl May 9, 2015

    She is not 27

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