Chris Brown & Kendrick Lamar To Perform At BET Awards 2015

Published: Thursday 11th Jun 2015 by Sam

The 2015 BET Awards are rapidly approaching.

As such, the days and weeks ahead are sure to bring a host of exciting announcements with them.

Case in point today. For the first batch of performers set to blaze the stage have been unveiled.

Details below…

Moments ago, organisers revealed Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar as the inaugural names to rock the 15th anniversary of the ratings juggernaut – which this year airs Sunday, June 28, 2015 at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Brown alongside Nicki Minaj lead the pack of nominations with placements in a whopping six categories.

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for your complete 2015 BET Awards fix – including the announcement of more performers.

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  1. Skyfall June 11, 2015

    Rihanna needs to perform BBHMM, then drop the video.

    • Career Ender June 11, 2015

      it would flop even if she have Jesus himself in the video #HasBeen

      • Mark111 June 11, 2015

        It still at #24 after 11 weeks. Flop?

    • Goldie June 11, 2015

      Oh please. Rihanna has abandoned you Rhitards.

    • Goldie June 11, 2015

      Oh please. Rihanna has abandoned you Rhitards

  2. meiammarie June 11, 2015

    He looks fine af in that picture

    • Career Ender June 11, 2015

      everybody and their mama knows this guy looks like a rabid infested dog
      bye thirsty biatch

      • Beyonce is King June 11, 2015

        OMG! B**** you made me spit out my water! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

      • TheElusiveLamb June 11, 2015


  3. da realest June 11, 2015

    Well I hope Ms. Janet will do some kind of surprise performance or something. The Bet awards will be the perfect time to do it. Well I’m crossing my fingers anyways.

    • gina June 11, 2015

      Rumor is that she’s getting the lifetime achievement award. Fingers crossed too!

  4. TheElusiveLamb June 11, 2015

    PLEASE JESUS let the Janet receives the lifetime achievement award rumor be true! Amen.

    • NoHateNoShade June 11, 2015

      Yes I’m actually kind of excited for the BET Awards this year. I remember when this was the GO-TO Award Show where you would even see ppl that you haven’t even seen in a while. All the A, B, & C list celebs. Janet not only needs the Lifetime Achievement, but it would be amazing if she performed her new tune.

      • TheElusiveLamb June 11, 2015

        I agree. I would even settle for the new single to be released on iTunes and etc. the same day. Just as long as I get new Janet music!

  5. #TeamTinashe Stan June 11, 2015

    If they don’t make TinaSlay Slay perform I’ll be PRESSED like a Jackie stan. And once again, Chris Brown is performing at the show……. with what song though? Smh

    • Career Ender June 11, 2015

      aint nobody here for Zimbabwean biatches re-enacting I-robot movie on stage

  6. Tyler Makivelli June 11, 2015

    Going as seatfiller this year!!! My as will be there in the mosh pit screaming my f****** ass off lmao. Im actually looking forward to Bobby Bieges performance and if Janet shows up its going to take the Jaws of Life to prevent me from jumping on that stage LOL.

  7. Mark111 June 11, 2015

    I sick of seeing him and his lip syncing, wanna be MJ dances at every award show. Like Usher, it became boring and repetitive. Ciara better have her flopping @ss on that stage (even tho it will do nothing for her album.) Rihanna needs to be there with #BBHMM, and no back tracks. I really want to see Janet, very few rappers, they have the Hip Hop Awards for that mess. We need more male R&B artist that brings something NEW and no, I’m not talking about Fluke James or Ejected Blake.

  8. RihYonce June 11, 2015

    Can’t wait for Chris to slay !!! He is the king of the BET Awards

  9. jj June 11, 2015

    No beyonce in janets tribute please i need ciara. Mya. Britney…tinishe kelly roland

    • Career Ender June 11, 2015

      Queen Bey would never!
      she doesn’t use Damita anyways

    • Shady81 June 11, 2015

      If Janet does have a tribute it’s likely what and who she wants in her tribute. Personally for me I rather see her perform at the Grammys next year for her 30th anniversary of Control with her old crew of dancers and beyond and her finally getting the same lifetime achievement award she presented Michael with back in 1992.

  10. Grande The Way June 11, 2015

    What is this, the 6th year and a row? How many more years are we going to have to watch him lip sync on the stage? BET needs to book some fresh talent like Tinashe, The Weeknd, and K. Michelle. No more Chris, Trey, and Usher please. It’s stale.

    • RihYonce June 11, 2015

      He lipsyches because he dances heavily , doing flips & crazy stuff, I mean can you get up there & try it ? But I hope does sing live this year he didn’t release any dance records this year & we know his voice has been damaged a bit as well

  11. Really(Beehiveallday June 11, 2015

    ok beyonce and nicki needs to perform a mash of 7/11,flawless and feeling myself, jcole, ciara needs to be the main tribute for Janet. surprise guest like it use to be Erica for gospel but please dont perform i luv god, i bet jamie fox is going to perform, k.michelle, it would be cool if they gave Dawn Richard a spot. fetty wap and rich homie quan just to name a few

    • RihYonce June 11, 2015

      Yes !!! I totally agree a 7/11 performance would be great especially if she’s nominated multiple times for it , I hope she wins VOTY

  12. Jhené Aiko Stan June 11, 2015

    I was hoping BET would give the many breakthrough R&B acts a chance but I see they are sticking to the same old same old. Chris performs basically every year. It’s not going to be anything we didn’t see last year or the year before that or the year before that. If the rest of the line up is like this I wont be watching.

  13. YoursTruly June 11, 2015

    I’m so tired of the same old performers. Let some new artists come showcase their talent. Tinashe should be one. And has big Sean ever performed? If not he’s long overdue then… Ciara hasn’t since 2013 so I wouldn’t mind her either. Anything but the same old usher/beyonce/nicki/etc . I love them to death but there are other artists who need the opportunity.

    • YoursTruly June 11, 2015

      And I’m so here for Janet debuting her new single on it! Show us how it’s really done queen 🙂 *prays*

  14. RihYonce June 11, 2015

    What’s a Janet tribute without Beyoncé wtf?but yes Mia definitely Janet it suites her best , but as long as Beyoncé shows up and shows out it wouldn’t matter or not if she performs but she will be collecting her awards I have a strong feeling that she’s actually going to show up because has nothing else to do lol but yes I do agree we do need more new faces but who else new can pull it off all we have is tinashe so …….

    • RihYonce June 11, 2015

      I meant Ciara lol not Mia who tf is that lol

  15. Royalkev June 11, 2015

    I really want CB to be a part of that tribute! 🙂

  16. Shady81 June 11, 2015

    If for some reason BET Should decide to have a lifetime achievement tribute for Janet this should be the line up with these songs in mind.

    Control/Nasty/Pleasure Principal
    What have you done for me lately/ & When I think of you master mix performed by:Tinashe

    Let’s wait awhile performed by: Vivian Green

    Rhythmn Nation Era:

    Come back to me performed by: Ledisi

    Black Cat Performed by:Lenny Kravitz or Tina Turner

    Alright (just dance no singing involved) Performed by: Ciara

    Miss you much/Escapade/Rhythmn Nation performed by Asia (star of Dance Moms & Raising Asia)

    Janet Era: Love will never do without you intro then go into
    That’s the way love goes performed by: Toni Braxton

    Again performed by: either Ann Nesby or Shanice or Chante Moore

    If Performed by: Beyonce

    Anytime/Anyplace performed by: Bruno Mars

    Velvet Rope Era:

    Together Again performed by: Mary Mary or Yolanda Adams with a chior in the background

    Got til it’s gone performed by Q-Tip (but just His rap part due to time Restraints and BET’s budget)

    And due to Time Restraints and the lack of BET’s Horrible Budget they will save cost by doing this….

    All for you era:

    Intro for I get so lonely begins and gets blended in with All for you song performed by: Jennifer Lopez

    Then they will have a big screen mashup of the last three albums Damita Jo to Discipline to save on time and cost you no how cheap BET asses are. But my opinion still stands Janet will have a much better tribute if she just wait for the Grammys and decline BET’s offer because if she performs at the Grammys it will be 29 years since she perform there and they will give her a full 25-30 min time slot plus the production will be great and she’s doing her own tribute with special people she worked with such as dancers and celebrities she made famous plus it’ll be just as great if not better like when she first performed at the Grammys back in 1987 remember, BET continues to relie heavy on a black peoples budget where s*** just looks downright cheap and thrown together. Whereas the Grammys are known to have a better budget that caters to the A-list with great success and do I dare say this a white folks budget so Janet will walk away with a much better and more grander tribute especially for someone of her caliber you have to think these two key components 1. Cheap black folks budget that will give Janet a thrown together tribute that is also filled with time Restraints.

    Or White folks budget that will cater to Janet and give her what she wants, no time Restraints, plus a breathtaking performance fit for Jackson royalty these things come into consideration when speaking of a great tribute for Janet think about it.

    • Shady81 June 11, 2015

      You know (correction error)

  17. DearSaintNobody June 11, 2015

    BET Awards Performance Lineups:

    1. Beyoncé / Nicki Minaj – 7/11,***Flawless, & Feeling Myself Mashup
    2. Kendrick Lamar
    3. Jazmine Sullivan – Brand New or Let It Burn
    4. Chris Brown (With songs from “X” or new songs from “Upcoming Album” or Sevyn Streeter – Don’t Kill The Fun or Omarion & Jhené Aiko – Post To Be)
    5. Tinashe – 2 On & All Hands On Deck Mashup
    6. Ciara – I Bet & Dance Like We’re Making Love
    7. Trey Songz
    8. Big Sean
    9. Kanye West
    10. Erica Campbell & Tina Campbell Mashup of their solo songs or Michelle Williams
    12. And Last, But Never Least…. MS. JACKSON If You’re Nasty (P.S. I Know That She’s Married, So Don’t Correct Me… LOL.)

    • DearSaintNobody June 11, 2015

      P.S. Let Me Not Forget… Rihanna, Janelle Monàe & Jidenna, Fifth Harmony, Kid Ink, DeJ Loaf, Tink, Fetty Wap, Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper with Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, K. Michelle, J. Cole, Wale, Meek Mill, Wayne, Drake and Whom Ever Else!!! Whew!!! I’m Tired, That’s Too Many People All One Show… We’ll See What BET Can Do… Ummm… LOL

  18. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money June 11, 2015

    I hope the bet award show do have other artists to performance

  19. MISHKA June 12, 2015

    What a surprise.. NOT!

    Tinashe, Jeremih, Jason Derulo, Natalie LaRose, The Weeknd, Dej Loaf, Jamal and Hakeem Lyons, those are the people we want to see.

    Not this Mr I-stalk-my-ex-so-that-nobody-will-ever-date-her-again fool.
    I’m even ready for Rihanna to make a return and to outshine dude.

  20. Blacksista June 12, 2015

    Dare I say Janet Jackson too good for BET.

    • Shady81 June 12, 2015

      Janet definitely is to good for BET The Grammys would be better.

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