New Song: Nicki Minaj & Jeremih – ‘Angel’

Published: Monday 29th Jun 2015 by David

DJ Prostyle is to thank for the angelic number waiting for Nicki Minaj and Jeremih fans below.

For, after watching them to team up to create the song ‘Favorite’ the DJ called on the pair to reunite to record his new single ‘Angel’ which hit the net to support his forthcoming album under Warner Bros.

Minaj is currently readying the birth of the U.S. launch of her world tour while Jeremih recently celebrated the release of the single ‘Not My Day’, released by his writing partner Keith James.

Meet ‘Angel’ below…

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  1. Rima June 29, 2015

    Another song that will fail to reach number 1. Have fun dusting off your EBT awards Nicki.

    • maurice June 29, 2015

      I swear, this thot and her pop songs are getting on my damn nerves.
      Yet she wants to be known as a Hip Hop rapper.
      Miss me with the bullsh1t.

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) June 29, 2015


      • RihYonce June 29, 2015

        So you’re hating on Nicki because she has diversity & can do whatever she wants with her music ? She’s already proven her point as a MC she can light any rap b**** up when it comes to rapping , and then turn around and do a pop record without busting out 16 bars

    • Nicki is queen!!! June 29, 2015

      What has a #1 got to do with anything? Since when does a #1 single truly indicate talent? We’re great on this team with #1 ALBUMS

      • maurice June 29, 2015

        RiYonce, the bish is what we call a “bipolar artist”
        she cant decide what she wanna be.
        she makes pop songs for the money and rap songs when she wanna get respect from dudes in hip hop. she’s a sellout on top of that, and her pu##y stank.
        I imagine s.elx with her and meek smelling like chicken and sweaty BO

    • PiNkY June 29, 2015

      Lmaoooo omg I died EBT AWARD ????????????????????????????

  2. Rima June 29, 2015

    BTW this is such a Chris Brown rip off. Sounds similar to CBs EDM songs.

    • Nicki is queen!!! June 29, 2015

      How is it a rip off from CB? Did he birth EDM? Does he even produce those songs? I think not

  3. african music lover June 29, 2015

    Can we just miss her,like for a year or something? She is everywhere.

  4. Barb-wire June 29, 2015

    ^^^Kiii keep making these broke bottoms seethe Queen!!! And slay us while you at it.

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) June 29, 2015

      Biitch icki done…DEAL!!!

      • TRUTH SERUM June 29, 2015

        H**, yo mammy done!

  5. Don’t hate B!TCHES. June 29, 2015

    WTF was that toy rap he done… What a load of $hit!

  6. LB June 29, 2015

    LMAO she has run out of ideas ever since EDM died out. I thought the Pink-slip is supposed to be a rap album, you know, honouring the Blueprint LMAO.

    So this tragic flop has so far released 4207320875190286701 flop singles, has had zero cracks at #1 and the Pink slip still not platinum. This chick is pathetic.

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) June 29, 2015


    • TRUTH SERUM June 29, 2015

      That would be Rhi boo. Nicki is still winning. Her album was released!

    • Nicki is queen!!! June 29, 2015

      What does this article have to do with TPP? Nice that you keep up with a woman you supposedly don’t like for knowing that she said it was going to be more of a hip-hop album. It’s her music, her career, she can do what she wants. As you’re “not” a fan why does it bother you? I didn’t know Gold/Platinum singles were flops. Like I understand waiting for your fav to finally release an album may get tiring, you have a video to look forward too now though ???????? but boredom should never get you THIS bothered by someone you don’t like

  7. LB June 29, 2015

    Missy Elliot never struggled like this during her prime, in fact Missy was a pioneer who had her own unique sound. Missy was a true artist; singer, rapper, producer, composer, director.

    Icki is just a tragic mess, cannot write her own rhymes, cannot produce, cannot do anything.

    • The Delusion June 29, 2015

      No No No!! I will not let you sit there and compare Missy to Lil Kim 2.0.
      Missy never struggled to get a #1 hit
      Missy never struggled to win a grammy
      Missy never struggled to go plat and I’m sure she never struggled to fill up venues without having to discount her ticket prices
      Never slander Missy’s name like that EVER!

      • RihYonce June 29, 2015

        But where is Missy now !? , Nicki will get her Grammy really soon she just hit it big 5 years ago she has time hop off

    • Nicki is queen!!! June 29, 2015

      Does Missy have a #1 single or album? How many years in did she actually get her first grammy? Not going to comment on the blatant bs & bias in the end of your comment.

  8. Britney Stan June 29, 2015

    This girl is tired and recycled at this point she’ll never win a grammy.

  9. BOOBIE June 29, 2015

    Ya’ll know I ride for Nicki but she and Jeremih and DJ Prostyle could’ve kept this one it made my ears hurt

  10. Applause June 29, 2015

    Nicki makes me appreciate Missy and Kim alot more they were true to their craft. Nicki is a fame hungry attention seeking sellout.

    • The Delusion June 29, 2015

      I detect no lies this h** has her hands in way too many pies

    • What now June 29, 2015


  11. LB June 29, 2015

    David/Samantha, I know you guys cover too, FYI NBC just dropped Donald Trump over his remarks about Mexicans.

  12. truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) June 29, 2015


  13. Slayty Perry (1 Billion Views) June 29, 2015

    She’s about to tour the US? I hope those Groupon tickets are selling. Wouldn’t want her to perform to half filled crowds or just cancel like Iggy did. It’s going to be embarrassing to hear how her opening acts upstage her like Tinashe did last night.

  14. What now June 29, 2015


  15. Mimi Carey June 29, 2015

    Flopnika is getting dragged omg

    • Kitty June 29, 2015

      The sad thing is you actually believe that.. lmao! #bitchbettercheckbillbored

  16. Mimi Carey June 29, 2015

    No wonder missy shaded her the other week be original Nicki.

  17. Geezus95 June 29, 2015

    All Eyes on You #2 on iTunes. Bad For You cracking the Top 40. I smell her 64th and 65th Hot 100 entry next week.

  18. It’s Barbie B**** June 29, 2015

    The queen has 3 songs on the billbored charts. mess at the losers perched in this thread. That meek and nicki is slaying the top 2 of itunes. when will your favs?

    • Rihboy June 29, 2015

      Well my fave made it to 1 and remained for weeks with ffs and Bbhmm. Soo… I’m wishing them the best though. Meek has 3 songs in the top 20 of iTunes. Very impressive. Let’s see how they fare for the next week. Lastly, where did all these bandwagon meek mills fans come from. So nicki slobbin home down and immediately you Stan for him. He better thank Nikki for his cone up on iTunes because without the carefully planned publicity and exposure he has been getting that album would have been called forgotten.

  19. RihYonce June 29, 2015

    Yall can hate on Nicki all you want but she will remain the best female rapper to EVER step on the scene , and she will continue to grow and get better

    • PiNkY June 29, 2015

      Man stfu Nicki minaj is not the best female rapper are u f****** dumb??? HOW DARE U B**** NEVER EVEN DID A FREESTYLE OR A RAP BATTLE LET ALONE KILL ANOTHER FEMALE ON A TRACK SIT YOUR YOUNG ASS DOWN

    • Rihboy June 29, 2015

      That’s until someone new comes on the scene as she did. you see she shouted out dej loaf on bet. Tink is coming up too. She will be remembered but she can definitely be replaced. No ones indispensable. I’m sure lil Kim felt the same way.

  20. You is hooker June 29, 2015

    Nicki is unbothered by your failed drags, her and meek sitting pretty in the top 2 on itunes; while she’s counting out the platinum and gold plaques from all of her hit singles from billbored this era.

  21. Car facts June 29, 2015

    Her and Meek are coming for that top 10 hit next week. i see you queen!

    • Rihboy June 29, 2015

      On iTunes or billboard?

  22. JT June 29, 2015

    Onika… Wyd? Wtf is this?

  23. Rihboy June 29, 2015

    Looks like roman stepped into the booth with her on this one. I want to say it’s dated. It’s a bit Selena Gomez/Ellie goulding. Chris brown forever tease. Furthermore I enjoyed the few bars roman had to contribute. 2/5. Mainstream may pick it up depending on the push it gets.

  24. k June 29, 2015

    nice on the pop tip,Nicki keeps doing her thing on every avenues.

  25. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money June 30, 2015

    It ok not that bad

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