Weigh In: Are Rihanna’s New Songs Promo Singles?

Published: Saturday 6th Jun 2015 by David

It seems that there is a method behind Rihanna‘s supposed madness.

For, after critics slammed her for releasing three so-so selling singles for her yet-to-be released album, they may find themselves eating their words now that they have been declared buzz songs.

Full story below…

Critics had called the album campaign a mess after the singles ‘FourFiveSeconds’, ‘Bitch Better Have Money’ and ‘American Oxygen’ failed to fly as high as the likes of ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Only Girl  in the World.’

Noe it seems the cuts were buzz singles all along.

Peep this press release penned to support her forthcoming performance in Chile:


Rihanna comes to our country to promote his eighth album, tentatively unpublished and ‘R8’, which should go on sale this year and which has generated high expectations and good reviews thanks to three promotional singles would be called: ‘American Oxygen’, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ and ‘FourFiveSeconds’, the latter in collaboration with Kanye West and Sir Paul McCartney.



What do you make of this news?

Share your thoughts below!

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  1. meiammarie June 6, 2015

    rihanna has more grammys than mariah this world f***** up or ppl just dont wanna see mariah win

    • Stephy. June 6, 2015

      She has more Grammy’s than Madonna, Mariah, Diana, Celine, Toni, Whitney etc… I just think its because she apart of this era. Which isn’t much competition. As, the previous era.

      • The Nation June 6, 2015

        EXACTLY!!! Thank you for making some sense in this comment section.

    • TheElusiveLamb June 6, 2015

      This difference between Mariah and Rihanna is Mariah had true, mega talents with mega album & single sales as competition in prime.

      • Faf June 6, 2015

        Bc Grammys are paid for

        Not literally but by affiliation

        Grammys committee has ties with roc nation

  2. Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* June 6, 2015

    Honestly, BBHMM and American Oxygen are decent (American needs more lyrics though. It feels empty and not as triumphant as it should be) but I’m very glad to hear this news. Just go back to the drawing board and create some new music. If you want a more authentic feel, go back to your Caribbean roots, or go for a personal SelfTitled album. I’m still rooting for you, Rihanna. Love you ????????????

  3. Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

    Oh so now they’re “promotional” singles?? ???????? That’s usually what they’re called when they are FLOPS!!! This era is such a struggle. There is absolutely no buzz for her album. I’m crying!!!!

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) June 6, 2015

      LOL..it’s like if the hive regarded RUN THE WORLD as a promo single, the NAZI would have had a field day..RIHGOAT is flopping for her dear life and they don’t know what the hell to do.

      • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

        Ikr! At least when RTW flopped, Beyonce didn’t push the release date back. 4 even leaked a month in advance, with no #1 and still went platinum!????????????

    • The Nation June 6, 2015

      The thirst of the BeyHIVe is real. Don’t act like Grown Woman, Standing On The Sun and Bow Down weren’t “promotional singles” for her last album that she had to drop as a surprise PR stunt when nobody, especially her BeyHIVe, weren’t checking for the ratchet trash she tried to promote as singles.

      • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

        B**** the thirst for a hit single is REEEEAAALL! SOTS, BD and GW were NEVER released to iTunes as singles and neither were they performed a the Grammy’s, I heart radio, SNL, Jimmy Kimmel or march madness. CAN’T COMPARE AT ALL!! People want checking for her s*** yet she’s been charting higher than your struggling fave and has several platinum singles with a DOUBLR PLATINUM ALBUM! When was the last time rihannas miracle healing hits, gave her one? Sit down holla at me when she finally has a release date????????????????

      • Navy Gravy June 6, 2015

        Rihanna has never put out a whack album the issue right now probably has to do with management and the label and that tidal crap. The flea-infestation acts like they don’t remember when beyonce had that pepsi campaign with grown woman and h&m campaign with Standing on the sun. Those were supposed to draw some interest to her project and when she realized there was no buzz she knew she had to re record the whole album. And don’t say these songs were for the commercials because she was performing them on the Mrs Carter Show. Then she dropped bow down to let people know that she was cooking up something better. remember she was supposed to drop the album after Life is but a dream. Beyonce was the queen of snippets for 2012-2013

      • Naomi June 6, 2015

        ^Are you admitting Rih is taking notes from Bey then?

      • JT June 6, 2015

        You TRIEEEDD it, lmao you know damn well they was never singles! Grown Woman firstly got leaked and was for Pepsi, standing in the sun was performed ONCE and was only used for H&M campaign… Come thru with correct facts

    • Rihboy June 6, 2015

      You always the top 5 on a Rihanna post. It’s official you care more than we do. You in first place!!! You need a cookie or something. I’ve never met a Rihanna Stan like you. So worried. Hmmm!

  4. SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) June 6, 2015

    No, they are not promo singles, because they all flopped, it seems convenient to regard them as promo singles. I don’t see how a song featuring Paul McCartney and Kanye west will be regarded as a promo single. RIHGOAT needs to go back to the drawing board and SCREECH(Her version of singing) her heart out, if she really wants’s to save this MESS OF AN ERA…#FACTSONLY

    • datreddone23 June 6, 2015

      FFS is 4 mill worldwide and 7th best selling single this year babe in the US not to mention massive video views and streams definitely did not flop

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) June 6, 2015

        But wasn’t the NAZI expecting it to be a SMASHING 14th N0 1 SINGLE for RIHGOAT THO????

    • datreddone23 June 6, 2015

      Just because the Navy has high expectations for our Queen does not mean it flopped technically

    • Ciara The Flop June 6, 2015

      It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hilarious how the same BeyHIVe queens cry foul when the Navy comments on Beyonce as “thirsty haters” but make sure they are one of the first and often commentators on a Rihanna. (That is why everyone makes of the lack of intelligence of a BeyHIVe queen.)

      • Faf June 6, 2015

        It’s sooo funny how u say all that with Ciara in ur name

        Meanwhile her show was highest rated 10pm series AGAIN this week

        Meanwhile she dropped an album went on a tour and went gold off an r&b song while Rihanna tries to relive her pop glory days to no avail

        And I bet still out peaked American flop again in the U.S. And UK

    • Rihboy June 6, 2015

      Nor do I understand how it’s a flop when it’s platinum, spent time in the top 10 of billboards for a while, then top 20. Music video pulled 215 million views for such a flop song. Rihanna doesn’t need to go back to the drawing board. The hive needs to find some business. You guys care so much about her. Analyzing every move and step. If she isn’t a threat to the god you worship why are you so pressed to birate and belittle her? Help me understand. I thought you don’t have to have a number 1 song to have a successful single? Isn’t that what you guys were screeching sing beys last number 1 flop on top? At least my fave has double the amount she has. She has nothing to prove in that department nor album selling department. She has several platinum albums. Your fave couldn’t get a number 1 with the top ten writers in the room. She may have to cook up some gimmic soon. Seeing that nobody cares for the joint album she halted on.

  5. HYDROQUINONe June 6, 2015

    That’s what she would say in her defens as an excuse for not seeing you top 10 hit with any of those 15 releases….. girl bye

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) June 6, 2015


  6. datreddone23 June 6, 2015

    She will break MJs attendance record in Chile! She is soooo international

    • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

      So international, yet she doesn’t have a top 5 or top ten most grossing tour of all time???

      • datreddone23 June 6, 2015

        She would’ve if she had added almost 100 more dates like ya fave did and yes she is charting in more countries then any other artist on iTunes she’s deff worldwide when she can sell 85,000 tickets for Rock in Río in Brazil and stadiums in Europe Australia and Africa

      • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

        No she wouldn’t have.
        TMCSWT– 229 MILLION 132 Dates
        DWT-141 MILLION 96 Dates.
        That’s only a 36 date difference and nearly 100 million more. I thought rihanna was “stadium status”?
        I’m not really impressed with her selling out festival tickets when Bey has sent plenty of records,selling out in minutes. Beyonce is also charting on itunes several countries around the world. Why is she scared to release tho??

      • datreddone23 June 6, 2015

        88 mill dear and what tour did Beyonce have gross more then Rihs at 26 years of age?

      • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

        ???????????????????????? I just love how y’all throw age into the equation. Beyonce didn’t have 50 albums out at 26 but she was still a household name with several Grammy’s, records and accomplishments to her name. Not just chart stats.☕
        I know it’s 88 million b****. I said NEARLY 100 million. You do know how to estimate, right?????

    • LOL June 6, 2015

      Yet, her album sales are sooo LOW.

      • datreddone23 June 6, 2015

        She’s had a 10 mill album worldwide a 6 mill plus album worldwide and three 4 mill plus albums worldwide she’s a great album seller seeing as Loud is the highest selling for a black female artist this decade

      • Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

        Lol what Rihanna album sold 10 million? Cos it aint one on planet earth boo!

      • Faf June 6, 2015

        What sold ten mil ww?
        If it’s gggb ur speaking of how many rereleases and singles did that take ?

      • King Rih!! 230 MILLION RECORDS SOLD!! June 6, 2015


  7. HYDROQUINONe June 6, 2015

    Rihannas Flop era, I BET she will Out Flop Jackie

  8. Centurion June 6, 2015

    *Yawns* TGJ’s making a mountain out of a mole… again, but I’m sleeping tho.

    • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) June 6, 2015

      LOL..But if this was Beyonce, ur f*** ass would have gone in on her tho!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. datreddone23 June 6, 2015

    BBHMM is rising again on iTunes where is Feeling Myself?

    • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

      Where is #DELAYED8???

      • Keri Qween June 6, 2015

        The same place your hairline is ?

      • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

        Girl bye with that tired mess. With all the dragging and tugging,you stay rocking wigs, with that scalped peanut on your shoulders.????????????

      • Mark111 June 6, 2015

        Ha! Got em! #IWasHere

    • Keri Qween June 6, 2015

      Bbhmm has outsold that flop single even with the massive hype around that cheap video they released

    • Faf June 6, 2015

      FMS came out in December

    • JT June 6, 2015

      Feeling Myself is not a single… You tried and was unsuccessful

  10. HYDROQUINONe June 6, 2015

    The navy Dragged the Hive for the 4 era, well ur Fave is getting herself an era 10 times below 4 at least four sold 1.5 in the US alone how much u think Rlate gonna push?

    • Keri Qween June 6, 2015

      4 was a flop it stalled before it even reached 3 million worldwide

      I see the h/i/v is still hurt about that flop era kiii

      • Lolz June 6, 2015

        But 4 has sold more than Rihanna’s first two albums and all of them besides GGGB and Loud in the states, and the around same amount and Rated Flop, UNA and TTT in total. So what does that make most of Rihanna’s discography?

      • Barb-wire June 6, 2015

        Where’s big bird’s new flop single on iTunes though? You won’t come for FM ho, not when the Young thug feat is begging for views on vevo.

      • Rosie June 6, 2015

        3 million worldwide is a flop when your fave’s entire discography isn’t even at 1/3 of that?
        By the way Big Bird’s Young Thug featured “comeback” “Keep It 100” barely has 22K views on YouTube.

    • Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

      They’ve better hope Rl8 outsells 4 at this rate! The draggging will be ruthless.

  11. Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

    I heard she’s still recording, after releasing the first single in January. I guess she thought she could release anything and slay??? ???????????? I’m sure these flops and no buzz for her album, has humbled that massive ego!! #ArtFlop Teeeaaaassss????
    Oh and where is that WHUT b****?? She’s been so quiet lately…I think she’s still waiting on a #1 hit!????????????????????????

    • datreddone23 June 6, 2015

      So you admit she slayed with a versatile discography in her career?

      • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

        How did you get that from my comment??????????????????????

  12. UPGRADEBOY June 6, 2015

    We all know she can’t sell albums without some lead hit singles and now she needs promotional singles to sell “real singles”? What the f*** is going on? Is that so called reign letting up? Already !!! ????????????????????????????

    • JOHNVIDAL June 6, 2015

      Rihanna´s best first week sales cannot match Artpop´s (Gaga´s lowest) first week sales. Wait for R( slaes, if it ever comes 🙂

      • Mark111 June 6, 2015

        No matter how hard you try, Gags is dead. Oh and Fame barley did 100k it’s first week and Fame Monster & Rated R was released on the same day and R came on top. Remember when Gags and interscope wasn’t sure to call it a 2nd album or not, yet later tried to call it a 2nd album after the fact.

      • Naomi June 6, 2015

        True. Gagas dead, Rihs next. No one can knock Queen Bey off ????

  13. Centurion June 6, 2015

    Which other artist trends on Twitter for performing in a country? Lol
    Her status >>>>>>>
    Her power >>>>>>>

    • HYDROQUINONe June 6, 2015

      girl u still here, thought u crawled into a hole and died…. ur post get stale each and every month…. retire already u are 40

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) June 6, 2015


  14. MUSICHEAD June 6, 2015

    Let’s be real. Rihanna’s team rolled out the promo train for a surprise album release only to find that the lead singles all tanked. So Rihanna and co. went back to the drawing board to make some hits that would actually generate album sales. Come on…promo songs don’t get the SNL and Jimmy Kimmel viral treatment. They are rerecording the album is all.

    • Sean June 6, 2015

      My thoughts exactly.

  15. RealNegro June 6, 2015

    Buzz! my a**!

  16. UPGRADEBOY June 6, 2015

    Those are lead singles ,they just flopped, rih girl just drop that damn fat flop you’are carrying since 1905 and move on ,you are not gonna die lol

  17. Lolz June 6, 2015


  18. Carmen June 6, 2015

    Please. She just doesn’t know what she’s doing. Her family was tweeting about a complete album last summer now she’s thrown songs out that haven’t stuck with GP and she’s had to re recorded it but it’s too late because everyone’s lost interest.

    • datreddone23 June 6, 2015

      That’s why her courtside appearance at the NBA finals broke twitter ppl are very much still interested in Rih! No matter what she is doing she is still relevant

      • UPGRADEBOY June 6, 2015

        B**** where?

      • Faf June 6, 2015

        It broke Twitter Bc she was screaming lebrons name after the game like the hoee she is

        He’s married

        And used to date ci and she’s pressed about it

  19. Unbiased June 6, 2015

    Chile, they just went back to the drawing board. Save the lies..

  20. #TeamTinashe Stan June 6, 2015

    I’ve always said that Rihanna has more straight male fans than Beyonce. But it seems like there is tons of gayy people that are highly interested in her next effort. You go girl! But Jay Z is causing her to mess up this era especially at the wrong time when she is trying to build her own label.

  21. Johnny June 6, 2015

    I feel that because the text is translated, the phrase ‘promotional single’ could be a misunderstanding. It doesn’t say ‘buzz single’, and what is a regular single if not a promotional single? Idk, just kind of feels like people are grasping at straws with this one.

  22. Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

    BWAHAHAHA. Who has THREE buzz songs? Do you lack that much confidence? How much buzz do you need? Rihanna’s first song alone usually carry her whole era (Diamonds etc) so she’s not fooling anyone. Remember when the navy dragged Beyonce for releasing Bow Down as a buzz song. Watch them have all the excuses in the book. I’m getting such good kiis from this mess of an era.

  23. Stephy. June 6, 2015

    “She will break MJs attendance record in Chile! She is soooo international”

    What’s MJ’s attendance record in CHILE?

    • TheElusiveLamb June 6, 2015

      It seems to be somewhere in between 55k-70k from a little research, but who really knows?

  24. JOHNVIDAL June 6, 2015

    What a M E S S!
    I always thought the moment Rihanna takes a break (not releasing an album every year with 3 or 4 ready for radio singles each of those years) she would have problems. Plus once you are 30 or so, radio support tends to disappear. But I never thought it would be this obvious. I mean, it´s been a normal two year-break since the release of her last album and she is having such a difficult time? And with all the HELP she gets? I mean, PAUL from the Beatles and Kanye West were in her leading single!!!!!!
    She has released 3 singles and two videos already… and there´s not even a date for the album. What is she doing right now btw? Cause if this were a songwriter she would be cooking a few new songs to change teh direction before teh release, but she isn´t, they are cooking it for her. So right now, is she on vacation?
    Seriously, people can exaggerate all they want about Mariah´s Glitter, Lady Gaga´s Artpop, Janet Jackson´s last album and whoever they want. But it never was as bad as this situation. They had a release date and they went for it, or at least went for it once we already knew one or two singles.

  25. Barb-wire June 6, 2015

    I’m just surprised that anyone is still checking for anything authentic with this hill billy. Those weren’t buzz singles bye! Will she ever announce a release date though?

  26. CT June 6, 2015

    It is what it is I feel she will come harder on the next single… im still supporting my fav no matter what.

  27. Rosie June 6, 2015

    …but Navi told me she was a legend and the biggest female black musician of all time? Mess at Roc Nation completely scrapping her album and forcing her back into the studio with Diplo for a hit.
    And the “buzz single” is a well known excuse for flop singles. Stop.

    • Keri Qween June 6, 2015

      And your fave is supposed to be the queen of alternative music but it took her nearly a year to scan gold? Kiii

      • Rosie June 6, 2015

        Has No Hits Allowed even sold 300K worldwide? You literally have no room to speak when the last time the RIAA spoke to Big Bird was 2011.

      • Keri Qween June 6, 2015

        Actually it had Roseanne

        Didn’t I tell you that the last time you used that stale drag? And 2010-2011 was the last time she released music so what’s your point ? Worry about lanaalchoholics struggling declining sales

      • Rosie June 6, 2015

        “Lana’s struggling declining sales” but was still one of the best-selling female albums of 2014 in the US and worldwide that made multiple critic’s year-end lists and resulted in a sold-out arena tour.
        Not to mention it got a RIAA certification and scanned gold, something Bird hasn’t done since 2009.
        By the way, Bird released a song a few weeks ago and it doesn’t even have 23K views on YouTube. Literally everyone else can get 23K views in a few minutes/seconds. I see why you’re still fuming at the Hive 24/7 after they ended its career back about 6 years ago.

  28. diabetes June 6, 2015

    Honestly instead of “trying” to dance to 7/11 to gain beyhive support she should have pulled an actual beyonce earlier this year or late last year. Atleast it would have done better than to release flop singles decresing gp interest. Bey broke so many records with her last album selling 5 and outselling una. If she would have just released “rihanna” she wouldnt be such a flop right now

    • King Rih!! 230 MILLION RECORDS SOLD!! June 6, 2015


  29. I Stan For Myself June 6, 2015

    She needs to go away for another two years if she wants to bring back any hype for the upcoming era tbh. Changing it to buzz songs wont help and just confuse the matter. Ijs.

  30. ratedxxx June 6, 2015

    Which one is it going to be is rihanna an album seller or single seller….

    First you people complained all she can sells are singles

    When she proved she can sell albums too…you still complained

    • Faf June 6, 2015

      selling albums means u have to sell atleast 3 mil in ur domestic market

      Rihanna’s never done that

      Worldwide sales are easy when u PROMOTE yourself all around the world and make techno popcorn music

      Half Rihanna’s sales are from diff cointries that only listen to her Bc she’s light skinned

      • Faf June 6, 2015

        Countries ***

  31. Rihanna Lately June 6, 2015

    Smh. Anyways R8 will slay, I trust rih.

  32. Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) June 6, 2015

    Like flop flop flop. Pay By what you owe her. Bet am a have your money

  33. ratedxxx June 6, 2015

    The album hasnt even dropped yet ..and yet its a flop?

    lets not forget how 4 was doing ok

    None of the singles she dropped even made the top 10..she had 7 singles

    And to brag that it went platinum when Adele went diamond. ..ahaha

    • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

      Who else besides Adele went Diamond during that time bitchh?? Not even the artist you’re defending and not the one in your avi. Sit down you’re dumb. Also for Beyonce to still get a platinum album with no top tens or #1’s is great. Because plenty artists can top the charts but their albums struggle to scan copper????????????

    • Rosie June 6, 2015

      So obesessed and STILL clinging to the past like yesterday when you were using Deadney’s tour receipts from 2009. Adele outselling Beyoncé in 2011 has nothing to do with the fact that Rihanna’s era is struggling in 2015.

    • B2B June 6, 2015

      Did Billy Jean go diamond? Platinum? Gold?under 300k?

  34. Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) June 6, 2015

    Rihanna will never be a iconic. She wants to be a model like kareuche

  35. Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) June 6, 2015

    *London bridge tune* Rihanna reign is falling down
    Falling down x3 oh fair navy.

  36. ratedxxx June 6, 2015

    Oh lets not forget about bow down..buzz single

    Grown woman..buzz single

    Man please like I said your fav has been in the game for over two decades and still on platinum status

    I wouldn’t worry about the poor peasant that is rihanna

    • Keri Qween June 6, 2015


      I’ve said this before the h/i/v act like their fave didn’t release buzz singles before the porno album dropped

      Plus she had to change her entire persona to sell albums again acting like a cheap w**** for sales

    • Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) June 6, 2015

      Bey was so nice she re wrote Halo to suit rihanna. Here is the first lines….
      Remember that reign rihanna built,well navy it tumbling down… American oxygen didn’t put up a fight, james joint didn’t make a sound…. We found a way to let you see but we never really had a doubt… Standing in the light with no R8, Rihannas flopping now…

      Stay tuned for all lyrics. Its the follow up to American monoxide lyrics

      • Pray for #R8 June 6, 2015

        “James joint didn’t make a sound” Lmao!!! I’ve been waiting for AM’s follow up. Yaassss.

      • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015


      • Baddiebeymyfav June 6, 2015


    • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015

      Neither of those songs were released to iTunes and promoted at the Grammy’s, Jimmy Kimmel, I heart radio, SNL, March Madness!! ????????????????????????????

    • B2B June 6, 2015

      Bow down was a demo of what is now Flawless. Grown woman was used in the Pepsi commercial, so why not let her fans hear it.

    • Angie June 6, 2015

      Oh just shut up gal.do you need glasses?? Rihanna is flopping just admit it and move on,you all were dragging both the hive and beyonce when 4 was out and now that rihanna is flopping you dont wanna accept it,

  37. diabetes June 6, 2015

    Ill still cant give rih the ben-o-d. Bey had bow down standing on the sun and grown woman… none of them singles and non promoted. It was used for touring purposes only. Bey has got her beat this year alone already. 7/11 was a huge urban hit and she also got 3 huge performances and also 3 more grammys. All rih accomplished is a successfull animated film which is irrelavant as hell not like shell pocket much money from its gross.

    • Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) June 6, 2015

      Oh rihanna is gone and this is the spirit of her dead career. 911 ghostbusters

  38. Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

    Hypocrite Navy strikes I see.

  39. Rosie June 6, 2015

    Keri Hilson – Keep It 100 ft. Young Thug – 22,947 views
    “Published on May 15, 2015”
    Uploaded over three weeks ago and can’t even get 23K views but ok draG the “HIVe!!1”

  40. Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

    ‘your fave been in the game for over two decades and still on platinum status’

    LOL. And thats why shes Queen. Who else of generation is doing it after that amount of time?.

  41. Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

    Lets see Rih going multiplatinum after almost 20 years the game. Shes almost over and she hasn’t even reached 30. Sorry!

  42. diabetes June 6, 2015

    Beys last album broke so many records its ridiculouz. She is still the only female artist to sale 300k+ in each of its first 3 weeks and that album was the highest selling album of any female in 2013 just off 3 weeks when eihanna. She cant wven sell 300k in the first week with #1hit and promo that would put even elvis to shame. Rihanna new album will be jackies big sister lol at the thought of cerreo doing a joint flop tour with rih next ki

  43. Rihanna Lately June 6, 2015

    This Jazmine stan always dragging Beyoncé girl chill.

  44. Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

    Don’t the likes of Vanilla Ice have a Diamond album? Where is he now? The logic is so tragic and dated.

    • diabetes June 6, 2015

      Where is adele now? Besides in irrelavance. And 4 would have outsold 21 if it didnt leak 3 weeks prior

      • Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

        Adele is this generations Nora Jones. No hate but there is literally no logic in the comparison. Beyonce does not need fad sales, because shes not a fad. Shes had commercial success for almost 2 decades.

  45. Rihanna Lately June 6, 2015

    Rihanna will sell like she does & she will have another #1 single, she’s rihanna.

    • african music lover June 6, 2015

      @ Rihanalately,i love how positive you are,,

      • Pray for #R8 June 6, 2015

        Yas Me too. The navy better keep hope alive. Good for them.

  46. Emerald June 6, 2015

    They were clearly first. singles. You don’t go on SNL I heart radio and post Itunes links in your IG bio for just buzz.

  47. Pray for #R8 June 6, 2015

    Cues “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion.

    • Slay_Hive June 6, 2015


  48. Angie June 6, 2015

    Rihflop,release d album gal.i tink no one cares about rihanna again,its time for her to get married and ve children to get attention

  49. african music lover June 6, 2015


    June 6, 2015 at 1:52 pm
    Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One
    Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga
    and Beyonce (I wanna marry
    Bieber) says:
    Bey was so nice she re wrote
    Halo to suit rihanna. Here is
    the first lines….
    Remember that reign
    rihanna built,well navy it
    tumbling down… American
    oxygen didn’t put up a fight,
    james joint didn’t make a
    sound…. We found a way to
    let you see but we never
    really had a doubt…
    Standing in the light with no
    R8, Rihannas flopping now…
    Stay tuned for all lyrics.

  50. ~The Arcade~ June 6, 2015

    “Promotional singles?” ….Mmkay ????

  51. tyo June 6, 2015

    I don’t think they were supposed to be promotional but facing the long awaiting and let’s be honest, probably due to the sales which are weaker than her previous singles (especially the first ones of each album) they just became promotional. The ONLY thing I want now is a release date and and official statement.

  52. Angie June 6, 2015

    And ppl sayin what was beyonce doing at 26,beyonce had just 2 albums at 26 and was still makin history.she won 5 grammys a night younger than 26,remind me if i forgot but rihanna asnt won that even afta 1599266664223albums and 555552222984624851 features

    • Mark111 June 6, 2015

      And ppl sayin what was beyonce doing at 26
      Jacking Amerii’s sound,rushing an album in 2 weeks to stop Letoya, dancing like a h03 in Deva Vu, flopping with Ring The Alarm and getting upstaged by JHUD in her own movie.

      • Mark111 June 6, 2015

        Do your own research, I’m not your search engine.

    • Naomi June 6, 2015

      Who was Rihanna at 2 albums? Nobody.

      • Mark111 June 6, 2015

        #2 first single, song of the summer, a #1, a top 10 and a top 40. With a gold and plat albums. Irrelevant question as if Beyonce didn’t come off the back of DC. But that same girl has more hits than your fave. 🙂

      • Naomi June 6, 2015

        Correction: She was criticized for being a Beyonce wannabe with a flop debut and none of you Navys were checking until she switched lanes and jacked Fefe Dobsons style. All those hits and still hasn’t outdone Beys debut 🙁

      • Faf June 6, 2015

        Pls state facts @Naomi!!!

        Her music was generic as s*** and it took neyo writing unfaithful to give her something white acne face teens didn’t listen to solely

  53. Thomas June 6, 2015

    I see no issue with Rihanna releasing three songs promo. Beyonce released I be on/bow down at the beginning of 2013 and then dropped the album in December. She also released standing on the sun not to mention grown woman, she then went on to sell the album of the year. So if it works why fix it?

    • Pray for #R8 June 6, 2015

      But what Beyoncé didn’t do was perform the songs at the Grammys, snl, jimmy kimmell, or I heart radio. Nor did she make the songs available for purchase. These songs Rihanna has released, were Not promo singles… ‘Were’ … past tense.. Maybe they are promo singles now.. Now that they’ve you know… Failed to be “timeless”.

  54. Mark111 June 6, 2015

    Didn’t Beyonce release I Been Flopped, Wrong Woman and that Sunny cappy song in 2013? Don’t talk about push back when Bey had a large enough push back to film 16 videos and didn’t even know what song to push out as the first two singles. Remember that Blow and XO were supposed to be the first singles. And she scrapped a whole salsa album.
    FourFive sat in the top 5 for weeks, BBHMM is still in the 20s at #26 after two months. That’s staying power, while I Bet rise and dropped and Fooling Myself is doing the same. Let BBHMM video drop and it’ll cracks the top 10 and last the summer.

    • Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

      None of those Beyonce songs were available to buy. Try again!

      • Mark111 June 6, 2015

        Doesn’t matter, they were still released and ignored by the public.

      • Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

        Beyonce literally broke Twitter when Bow Down came out and she GW and SOTS were also very talked about. They were far from ignored. I think you’re getting confused with Anerican Oxygen.

      • Naomi June 6, 2015

        Welp! That puts his essay to bed.

      • Mark111 June 6, 2015

        I think you’re full of ????. Clearly you follow nothing outside of the pest nest, cause if so then it would had became a hit.

      • Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015

        Sorry, you’re just in full denial. Everyone was talking, ask Keyshia Cole. Bow Down was more talked about that any Rihanna flop SINGLE this era. Either way I still proved that your original comments still makes no sense whatssoever. Silly Queen.

  55. Naomi June 6, 2015

    Ha! The Navy can bring up Bey all they want, by your logic isn’t Rihanna copying Beyonces method then? #BeyInspired.

  56. Naomi June 6, 2015

    Imma need a receipt of Beyonce performing Bow Down, Grown Woman and SOTs on an award show or Saturday Night Show. Shoot, find me an Itunes link from they when they actually dropped! THAT is what you call buzz songs. Rihannas songs are scrapped singles. Don’t be mad because karmas coming back round after you tried to drag Beyonce all through 2013 now your fave is doing pretty much same but without the anticipation.

    • Yeah I Said It June 6, 2015


  57. Rihanna Lately June 6, 2015

    This R8 era is messy. Rih better come thru.

  58. Kingbeybitch June 6, 2015

    Lmaoooooioooo ????????????????

  59. Keri Qween June 6, 2015

    The h/I/v and their excuses

    Your fave released several buzz singles whether available for purchase or not their purpose was to get the public talking, no?

    • Naomi June 6, 2015

      Beyonces songs were what you call real buzz singles. Rihannas singles are scrapped songs. Thats what the Hive is saying idiot.

  60. Mark111 June 6, 2015

    Anyway, enough of the pest proving that they love Rihanna and jump to her post at lightspeed.
    Nothing other than Blurry Face is exciting in music. Ciara came and went within 4 weeks.

  61. Naomi June 6, 2015

    Why is the Navy always ghost in posts like these besides the Closet Queen and Bird stan? Lol. Even they know… Little Monster vibes.

  62. Band-A*** don’t fix bullet holes June 6, 2015

    Hey y’all Hilary Duff’s new album #breatheinbreatheout comes out in 6 days… Watch the video to its first single #Sparks


  63. BossB*tchBeyonce June 6, 2015

    The only song that Bey released in early 2013 that could be considered a buzz single is Bowdown and create buzz it did. Got more attention than anything Rihanna has done this era thus far. Standing on the Sun was for a commercial and so was Grown Woman. Neither got itunes link much less performances on award shows!! So how they are comparable to what Rih is doin now I dont know. But thanks for admitting that your fav is once again inspird by her “greatest idol”??

  64. LB June 6, 2015

    “The same place your hairline is ?”


  65. akoonamatatas June 6, 2015

    Is luvbird really from Botswana lolololololololol

  66. LB June 6, 2015

    Rihanna’s singles are flopping,

    Drunk in love

    Australia (ARIA)[87] Platinum 70,000^
    Canada (Music Canada)[201] Platinum 80,000^
    Italy (FIMI)[202] Gold 15,000*
    New Zealand (RMNZ)[85] Gold 7,500*
    United Kingdom (BPI)[80] Gold 458,000[81]
    United States (RIAA)[203] 3× Platinum (based on shipments) 1,930,000*^
    Denmark (IFPI Denmark) 20,000


    USA: 1,810,000 (1X PLATINUM)
    UK: 678,000 (1X PLATINUM)
    Germany: 296,000 (1X GOLD)
    Canada: 274,100 (3X PLATINUM)
    Australia: 245,000 (3X PLATINUM)
    Italy: 50,000+ (1X PLATINUM)
    France: 51,000 (1X GOLD)
    Swiss: 15,000 (1X GOLD)

    = 4,500,000

    -Spotify streams-

    FourFiveSeconds – 159,884,977

    Drunk in love – 137,280,970

  67. TheElusiveLamb June 6, 2015

    I believe Rihanna is going through the record company vs. artist situation aka “creative differences”. It appears that Rihanna does want this album to be timeless and not just chase the number one single, new era, new wig that she’s been doing under the record company’s direction. Songs like Cold Case Love, Roc Me Out, Skin, Fading, and etc. make her discography what it is anyway. Only time will tell R8 becomes…

  68. Barb B**** June 6, 2015

    No one even cares.

    • LB June 6, 2015

      Said everybody about Nicki’s tour

  69. Barb B**** June 6, 2015

    Taylor Swift is doing what the Navy thought Rihanna would do with her comeback, which is actually slay the charts. Too bad she can’t even outpeak Meghan Trainer now.

    • LB June 6, 2015

      Hiding behind Taylor Swift since flopnika can never and will never. Why is she struggling to fill theatres?

      • Barb B**** June 6, 2015

        Why are you literally stalking all my comments. Bringing up Nicki won’t change what I’m saying lol.

      • LB June 6, 2015

        It won’t make Nicki sell more tickets either.

      • Barb B**** June 6, 2015

        Her singles are selling better than your faves. You should adk yourself why

  70. Bets June 6, 2015

    This album is old before it has been released – NEXT

  71. JMar June 6, 2015

    Lmao The Navy Fans Was Talking All That S*** About Beyonce Ciara And Nicki Minaj Caling Them Flops While There Faves Got 3 Flop Singles Back to Back Still No Album Now She Wanna Call it Promo Single This B**** Is A Serious Joke She Needs To Hang It Up This Era is A Hot Ass Mess Straight Garbage. Lol

  72. justa June 7, 2015

    I smell lies

  73. LOL June 7, 2015





  74. Mr. CEE June 8, 2015

    This is just PR spin. Those are FLOP singles…let’s keep it real.

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