Hot Shot: Rihanna Rocks New Puma Range

Published: Tuesday 7th Jul 2015 by Sam

Cop a gander of fashion model Rihanna.

The sometimes singer styles and profiles in a newly unleashed snap from her upcoming Puma range.

With her musical efforts languishing, it would appear the 27-year old is following in the footsteps of Rita Ora and Beyonce – who’ve launched their own lifestyle lines with Adidas and Topshop respectively.

Cute pic.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Centurion July 7, 2015

    The ‘model’ shade soooo tired. Anyway, she looks great. She’s such a beauty. ???? ???? ????

    • Keri Qween July 7, 2015

      Sam is a h I/v so he’s always going to be forever pressed and bitter over Rih. He represents the h/I/v so well ????

      • Centurion July 7, 2015

        And he’s a lazy writer too.

      • Keri Qween July 7, 2015

        True that, he doesn’t even try to come up with original shade , I think it’d true he’s trying to get a reputation as the blogger who shades rih to get a interview

    • Lisa July 9, 2015

      This girl needs to stick to modeling, but with her ugly tattoos shes going to alienate the fashion industry. Vocally, she shows no sign of improvement and her live performances are marred by poor vocals, drug induced lack of energy and she’s a lazy live performer. Honey, if you can’t dance, the least you could do is sing on Key.

      fyi : her best friend, the drugged out girl she’s always with needs to be FIRED. shes helping destroy this girls career.

  2. Keri Qween July 7, 2015

    Topshop..what’s that?????

    Get that money Rih ????

    • hivehighness July 8, 2015

      Something Keri can’t afford, get a job Keri

  3. Stephon Maurice Jackson July 7, 2015


  4. Skyfall July 7, 2015

    Slay!! She looks so good.

  5. ENOUGH ONIKA July 7, 2015

    Flop brand being promoted by a flop artist….Puma stay being a flop….

    • Pray for #R8 July 7, 2015

      I don’t know why the navy is trying to convince themselves that Anyone wears Puma but… It’s hard out here. I’ll let them live.

    • BeyRihLiyah July 7, 2015

      But your broke raggedy ass cant afford puma or anything else

    • RICHIE_RICH July 7, 2015

      On the real who still rocking Puma? Hell when I was younger we didn’t rock Puma. She looks good in the pic doe!!!!

  6. BeyRihLiyah July 7, 2015

    Looking good rih

  7. SipTheTruth July 7, 2015

    This chick will never make a comeback cos she has little talent and her attitude is on par of mariab carey’s. Gaga will make a comeback cos she has her attitude in check and has the t a l e n t.

  8. Mark111 July 7, 2015

    I always had a thing for Tom boys since age 8. Rihanna looks s*** af. The other girls can’t keep up with her.

    • Barb Wire July 7, 2015

      Yus! But remove the *tom part.

      • Who gonna check me boo? July 7, 2015

        ^^^????????????fag111 stiles again

      • Who gonna check me boo? July 7, 2015


  9. DEL BEY July 7, 2015

    Would Barb-Wire and her non platinum weave please step forward. I see you try come for me yesterday, let’s talk boo

    • Linda July 7, 2015

      Who’s Barb-Wire?

      • Mark111 July 7, 2015

        *falls to the ground*

  10. LB July 7, 2015

    HOT HOT HOT, this girl is just gorgeous.

  11. Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

    This chick is really promoting the hell out of herself and is getting no where. The buzz for this era has dried out like a raisin and that overhyped mess of a video hasn’t even gotten 20M views yet. She is done. There is no obvious trend to hop on. Keep modeling gal.

    • Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

      Your here once again hating. Can you do it outside of a Rihanna post b*tch? or is that too hard b*tch?

      • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

        ???????????? biitch do you just sit and wait for me to comment? When you pay these MF bills than you can tell me where to comment..k? Until then take your meds hoee

      • Carry On July 7, 2015

        She’s on a slow lane; let her pass by. Poof! be gone.

    • lmaooooo July 7, 2015

      the vid is flagged, what do u except? 150m views/week?
      lmao stop being delusional. no wonders why everybody hates on H** injected scums. get a life sissy

      • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

        ???????????????? Excuses Excuses. They’re like ass holes we all have one. Except yours resembles a wide gaping hole filled with torn bacon strips. FOH

    • Rihboy July 7, 2015

      It won’t hurt her. She is still the most viewed on YouTube and vevo. So who cares. Moreover it’s only been a few days. I see you left your brain where you left your edges. A few post back. Retreat, rihcollect, and sit on a d*** ☺️☺️

      • Killer Bey July 8, 2015

        Awww my little lap dog. Taking her place. Right in my MF reply box more pressed than its mothers wide flat ass!! Her little free vevo video view “reign” is obviously over. Its not looking good for her. The same thing the doctor told you when he stuck that tube down that battered opened annus! Now Bey gone, Bey quiet and Bey seated to the left with your fave’s relevancy.????????????????

  12. Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

    Hi navy!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Of course STD_Hive is here to talk about the person that boils its nerves. Kiii. Navy let's drag him brutally once again like we did a few days ago.

  13. Mark111 July 7, 2015

    When did 20 million views become the standard? The last I checked it was at 17 million and it’s only day five. So…

    • Keri Qween July 7, 2015

      The bald p*** is reaaaching for anything ????

    • Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

      Hii @mark111. that bald phagg like what keri said is stupid and cannot gather its thoughts. Rihanna has more views than beyonce on youtube combined. We need to drag STD_Hive and his 6 wifi networks together.

      • Mark111 July 7, 2015

        Again? Dragging that iMax Forehead thing is starting to become a weekly thing. lol

      • Who gonna check me boo? July 7, 2015

        Did this b**** just say IMAX forehead ??????????this is the end of me

  14. Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

    Better have my money sold more than 7/11. Get ur crusty ass out of this rihanna post. How are you going to come for the digital queen.
    List of best selling music artists.
    Rihanna (191M)>>Beyonce (75M). Chile. girl bye!

    • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

      Post that receipt biitch

  15. Linda July 7, 2015

    She looks gorg. Katy slays her tho.

  16. Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

    Didn’t Nicki Minaj Anaconda video get 19.6M views in 24 hours without the help of the BET awards promo hype and a budget higher than her net worth??????????????????? won’t even mention Wrecking Ball. Biitch is DOOOONNNNEEEE!!! No one cares anymore

    • Linda July 7, 2015

      Girl stop. Don’t get yourself dragged for the 747746333656th time. kiii

    • Keri Qween July 7, 2015

      Fourfive outsold anaconda and bbhmm outsold ratchet/11 and flopping myself

      • Faf July 7, 2015

        Anaconda was solo and wasn’t performed on the Grammy stage

    • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

      Dragged by who biitch??????????????????????? lmao here she found talking about FFS. That wack ass mess was just well perceived because it was her comeback single after two years and still wasn’t strong enough for her to release that delayed album!! Is American Riihject plastic yet?? With all the promo BBHMM has reeieved it should be double platinum..not impressed hun

      • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

        *here she goes

    • smh July 7, 2015

      Hunny stop getting DRAGGED by that Justine skye stan. You’re embarrassing the Beyhives.

    • Rihboy July 8, 2015

      Your point is? Anaconda was a remake of an original so it was sure to garner the views of older fans. Moreover it was a collaboration. Sirmixalot ft Nicki. No need to perform an original smash on the stage. Everyone already new it. By far one of her worst songs ever. Wrecking ball? Did you not forget Miley’s pre bad girl persona her Disney beginning. Furthermore her father being a country legend? No we leave those facts out. How many views does feeling myself have? Girl go sit you think you have everything figured out but you don’t. Now rihalize, rihvert, and rihdirect your obsolete receipts and tired shade somewhere else.????

  17. Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

    Beyonce still struggling to get a number 1 hit still? I thought so. even ciara out peaked Pretty Hurts. she should just make demos for Rihanna becuz we know who is winning in the billboard hot 100 charts like always. even Mariahs flop single out peaked that h*e. SCREAMS

  18. Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

    ????????????????@ this dumb stalking biitxh talking about those Generic hot 100 #1 singles that aren’t even respected enough to earn Grammy’s. Beyonce has FOUR multi platinum ALBUMS! When was the last time a BB100 hit got crack head one????bye

  19. Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

    You know you not dragging when you have to convince yourself with your other troll accounts. That Justine Skye trolling biitch is a joke and a struggle. Another one of you dumb pressed dragged navy biitches trying to come after me with a failed trolling account. Sit down. I own you hoess. All it takes is for me to leave one comment!! BOWWW

  20. Keri Qween July 7, 2015

    Kiii edgeless hive typing essays again

  21. Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

    STD_Hive did Pretty Hurts chart on the Hot 100? soundz like a good tune.

    • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

      Lmaoo if Beyonce promoted it at every award show, SNL, March Madness, Jimmy Kimmel, Grammy’s, IheartRadio, BET awards like a cracked out slave dog, I’m sure it would have sold more than American dime bag. FOH stupid trolling struggling cumm guzzling slorre!

  22. Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

    I wonder how many single compilation albums it will take before Crack head gets an 85 metacritic score.
    Obviously Bey makes the better music????????????????????

    • Keri Qween July 7, 2015

      But that overhyped trash album still couldn’t win album of the year . without her father on the Grammy committee, looks like she won’t be getting album of the year anytime soon

      • Alex July 7, 2015

        Does Ri have an album of the year Grammy?? Or skeri Hilton?? I’ll wait..

      • Keri Qween July 7, 2015

        But y’all claim her music is better and y’all brag about Grammy’s why can’t she win album of the year? ????

  23. Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

    STD_Hive is certifiably obsessed with Rihanna. I never heard the homo talk about beyonce as much as Rihanna. rihanna slays my brain as well std_hive. your not alone

  24. Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

    How the fxck can you talk about what I’m obsessed with when your delusional depressed broken spirit ass has created a troll account to dedicate every comment to me??Go suck on a steak knife dumb hoee!!

  25. RICHIE_RICH July 7, 2015

    The dumb navy are funny

  26. RICHIE_RICH July 7, 2015

    When did Slay_Hive get dragged?

  27. RICHIE_RICH July 7, 2015

    5 navy to 1 hive and y’all still can’t seem to drag Slay_hive!!!!

    • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

      ???????????????????????? They can’t handle me boo!! They need to log off those cheap net10 androids and take a backseat like their fave’s career

  28. Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

    Im a troll now? SCREAMING. Didnt we find out that you made a account named RihNavy and you changed it to Slayonce_giselle some sh*t like that in less than a month becuz you were trying to make the Navy look weak? Bye felicia. We dragged you for that yesterday and you could say nothing b*tch boy. Youre on a Rihanna post but your a bey fan and youre seething all over this post. get it together. stop making ppl drag you.

    • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

      ???????????????? So now I’m RihNavy??! Biitch sit down. You are the most delusional obsessed rihhtard I’ve ever not had the pleasure of coming in contact with?? I need to see receipts girls. Not here for those fairy tales made up in that schizophrenic mind of yours. Come harder or I’ll conitunue to stump that peanut into your shoulders! Obsessed biitch!!! ????????????????

    • Keri Qween July 7, 2015

      ☕☕☕☕oh my!

  29. LB July 7, 2015

    Are y’all dragging that Imax bald head again? SCREAMING at this becoming a weekly feature. I don’t think that ho has any hair follicles left at this point.

  30. Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

    ???????????? Yaaaas hold my comments before I snatch the head off these struggling hoess!!!

  31. Keri Qween July 7, 2015

    ???????? I knew RU Paul was coming

  32. Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

    DooDoo_Hive/RihNavy and its 6 wifi networks is still getting dragged flawlessly. Slay_Hive/RihNavy/slayonce your girl did 75M to Rihannas 191M. Look it up and stay mad. Kiii at this mad demented bey stan ROTFL.

    • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

      ???????????? was is this like the millionth time you’ve mentioned me???? You must be 12 years old. Your struggle is showing it. I also asked for a receipt proving that 75M and you’ve yet to find it. Take your big autistic looking head out of my ass for a second and find that receipt biitch!!!

      • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

        *What?? is this

      • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

        Lol another $1 single sale list!???????????????? ugh go help your real irrwkevant dickk nose fave scan toothpaste first biitch

      • Keri Qween July 7, 2015

        But you’re the one always bringing up singles flopping wwhen your fave is at the bottom of the list amongst today’s artists ????

        And keri is fine, college educated and has plenty of success to her name. She’s just not an overrated attention w**** like your fave who had to change her whole image to sell an album like a cheap $2 w****. Maybe Keri can teach your illiterate fave how to read

      • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

        The only reason I mention singles flopping is because that’s the only thing the navy has to read with. Kii duhhhhh Beyoncé’s first single from this era has charted higher than all ten of Cokeanna’s from THIS ERA! Her singles have had more success on Cokeanna’s only stomping ground. Where is that #1 single y’all were so sure she would get??? Hahaha She definitely won’t be getting a double platinum album either as number 1 hits can only seem to get her to platinum. I smell an epic Art Flop struggle for gold, whenever she gets the confidence to release. As far as Skeri Diick nose birdson is concerned. She can take that college degree and go read a McDonalds application because her music career is OVA and she can’t seem to even afford a one bedroom section 8 apartment either???????????????? Bey is good and definitely unbothered. That flop would switch places with Queen Bey in a heart beat. If only she was half as talented and didn’t write generic basic hits for basic artists that will never see the top 500 of iTunes or will never be heard outside of a hood radio station within the Atlanta perimeter. I’m done. Goodnight hoee

  33. PUSSYONCE FEARS RIRI July 7, 2015

    FCUK MAN Slayhives hairline annoys the fcuk out of me. I can’t even be on KING Rihanna’s article without this fcuking dragged back hairline a55 n*gga being f*cking pressedt all over it. All I know is Pussyonce needs to iron her skin she is getting too wrinkly and dried up. She needs to retire and hang up the skripper boots.

  34. Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

    SCREAMING at this h*e.

  35. Justine Skye & Rihanna July 7, 2015

    Can you bring Slayonce/RihNavy out of the closet? We want to see your alter ego/troll account praise you like the last post. Please?

    • Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

      ???????????????????????????? Girl exit. Your struggle is an insult to the navy’s already torn spirits and snatched wigs. All you can do is lie now. Hahah Go lay down hun. Give that scalp a rest!!????????????????

  36. Slay_Hive July 7, 2015

    *sings* *Say my name Say my name*???????????? The dedication is appreciated. I’ve dragged you biitches back further than COKEanna’s ten mile wide & deep h***** infested stank box tunnel. BYYYEEE!!!

  37. bria July 7, 2015

    Bbhmm has more views in 5 days than local/11 after how many months

    Rihanna slayed

    • Tyler Makiveli July 7, 2015

      LIES~ lmao

      • bria July 8, 2015

        Look on vevo oh yeah you all dont even believe your own eyes when it comes to bellyfoldonce

  38. Tyler Makiveli July 7, 2015

    Is “Bey Ima Have Your Money” #1 yet?
    After the IHeart Radio performance, the BET Awards sneak peak, and the 7 minute short film….I’d expect it to be????

    • Killer Bey July 7, 2015

      The navy is so delusional lol

  39. Killer Bey July 7, 2015

    SlayHive keeps the navy bothered. It’s like twenty of them and they still get dragged. I see why he keeps them pressed. This sh*t is hilarious. Drag em slay lololol

  40. african music lover July 7, 2015

    She looks cute but on a serious note, who is still rocking PUMA?? Well i dont really care about her stuff outside the music and she has been disappointing me the whole of this era when it comes to music…and what happened to all the singles she released for the soundtrack of that movie?did they chart? Something is just off this era.

  41. ~The Arcade~ July 8, 2015

    I was beginning to wonder what happened to the endless shade, cos its been so long since Sam did a Rih post LOL

  42. bria July 8, 2015

    Thats the point to reignite the brand duh

    Watch her do it

  43. TinashaSunshine July 9, 2015

    Slay_hive stawp stawp ur killing me Lmao

  44. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money July 10, 2015

    She looks nice in them

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