New Song: Janet Jackson – ‘No Sleeep (Remix) (ft. J.Cole)

Published: Thursday 23rd Jul 2015 by Sam

Earlier this week Janet Jackson shared snaps of herself at J.Cole‘s Los Angeles concert – leaving many speculating whether the pair would be collaborating in some capacity.

That question received an emphatic answer today, after a Cole assisted remix of Ms. Jackson’s new single ‘No Sleeep’ was premiered on LA’s Real 92.3 radio station.

How does the Roc Nation rapper fare on the laid back groove? You be the judge below…


Your thoughts?

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  1. Brandy = Queen/King B July 23, 2015

    Slay a bit Jan. ???? & Kudos to J Cole snagging the feature. He’s the only male rapper out right now with a conscientious and authentic voice.

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 23, 2015

      YAAASSSSS BISH!!! Whev will MaDinosaur???

  2. carpetlayer July 23, 2015

    I like it!adds flava to the track. ….good job j cole

  3. Molly July 23, 2015

    Cling Janet cling!

    • BeyRihLiyah July 23, 2015

      Lol stop molly she is one of the people who is the reason for ci being here

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 23, 2015

      Is cici still avsingle mother who caint keep a man or sell records??

  4. BeyRihLiyah July 23, 2015

    I love it

  5. jjsrb July 23, 2015

    No. 1 on Billboard Trending 140 again 🙂

    • Sandra July 23, 2015

      But nowhere to be seen on the Billboard charts, or any charts really 🙁 poor Janet

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 23, 2015


  6. Gee July 23, 2015

    Something about this song still misses the mark for me even with the JCole addition. Hopefully Janet has stronger material to come because this song just does not pack that knock out punch.

  7. NCA=Nicki-Ciara+Alicia July 23, 2015

    OK but why J cole he is not a singles artist so I don’t think it will do her any favors

  8. Raz July 23, 2015

    This AND a video coming. We are living in JANET’s world right now. This is ON POINT! Haters step back

  9. Tommy Johnson July 23, 2015

    Wow!!! I LOVE IT!! SLAYED!!!!

  10. Navy Nick July 23, 2015

    It was mellow as fu”” love it… Video will be amazing….such a groovy song.

  11. ~The Arcade~ July 23, 2015


  12. Stephy. July 23, 2015

    This sound good. Loving this GROWN shitt! Gon’ Miss Jackson

    • Monica Stan July 23, 2015

      When will Miss Cowry stop singing about unicorns and rainbows?

  13. MichaelM July 23, 2015

    She is 49 years old, and trending and playing on radio. Janet is doing this. Janet Jackson and tina Turner – Set the bar and Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara all fell into her fold.

    Janet jackson is the greatest Female live performer ALIVE today. She is unmatched, not even Madonna who sings a full show of flop songs to promote her flop cd that NO BODY but the white g_ays have purchased. JANET sticks to the HITS at her shows and she gives you the original sounding version so you can enjoy.


  14. Danny Bey July 23, 2015

    I never really cared for the song initially (except for the bridge, which slays), but J. Cole made me really like the song. It’s brings me back to Go Deep, Got Till Its Gone, etc. Great move Jan. can’t wait to see what’s next. I hope there is some choreo in the video tho but I’m still excited nonetheless.

  15. Danny Bey July 23, 2015

    PS. After hearing and loving this from Janet & J. Cole, I would love to hear a Mariah & Drake collab. The 90s formula, when music was easy and yet dynamic, is slowly SLOWLY making a comeback into the new age era, but I’m soooooo here for it. Beyonce’s “Party”, this “No Sleeep” remix, Big Sean’s “Play No Games” and others have all got me feeling quite nostalgic and I’m loving it all.

  16. Keri Qween July 23, 2015

    Yasss let’s get a video motha!!

  17. truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 23, 2015


  18. Kayla C July 23, 2015

    The vibe reminds me of Mariah Carey ft. Mobb Deep – The Roof

  19. Ellie_Lights_93 July 23, 2015

    No Sleep remains a flop and this J. Cole feature won’t rescue it. Today’s Thursday, where is it on the latest Hot 100? Not seeing it anywhere on iTunes either. Just retire Janet, the milk is spoiled. The GP is over you.

    • Sandra July 23, 2015

      Tell em. Janet has been over since 2002

  20. Sage July 23, 2015

    It’s been almost 15 years since her last top 10 hit. LOL

  21. Lake Erie July 23, 2015

    I’m Def feeling this JJ!

  22. john July 23, 2015

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Biting Truth July 23, 2015

    Why does this site keep pretending with this woman? No Sleep is complete garbage that isn’t being played, streamed or bought. It’s pitiful that she ran to J. Cole to try and give this DOA song a boost after it quickly became clear no one was really interested. Wendy was right. She should just take her tired “I wish I was Michael” act to Vegas and perform her 30 year old hits at Caesars Palace.

  24. john July 23, 2015

    Janet Jackson’s ‘No Sleeep’ Debuts on R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay Charts

    Jackson’s solo version of “No Sleeep,” which will not appear on the album, rose to No. 5 in its second week on Billboard’s Adult R&B airplay chart, making it the diva’s first top five hit on that chart in 11 years.

    The J. Cole version will go to the Adult R&B format, as well as Hot R&B (urban mainstream) and Rhythmic radio.

    • KatyCat July 23, 2015

      Yeah thats real cute but where is it on the Hot 100 (the chart that actually matters?) Funny how the solo version won’t appear on her album. Goes to show how she feels about it and its lack of real success.

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 23, 2015

        Biitch get a man!!!

  25. DTG July 23, 2015

    So much for her not chasing trends or being desperate enough to feature hot stars of the moment for relevance. She could have done this song with one of her actual peers: Rakim, Dre, Snoop, L.L., but who does she use? J. Cole. Why? To try and sponge off his popularity at the moment because her own name hasn’t gotten this song any real traction.

    • Sandra July 23, 2015

      Janet’s name holds no power, that is why her song flopped… She has to use Kendrick’s name to try make this a hit (which it won’t be).
      Nobody’s checking for Janet jackson in 2015. This isn’t 1993 anymore!

  26. Sandra July 23, 2015

    Will this trend-chasing remix be enough to make the song re enter the charts I wonder. A bit desperate of Janet to jump on Kendrick Lamar to try and gain some success for her song. Now she won’t have any excuse left for this flop. Remix with hot rapper, appearance at BET, lyric video…

  27. Sandra July 23, 2015

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the remix but I still feel it’s a bit desperate of Janet to do this remix

    • @Sandra July 23, 2015

      You don’t even know what desperate is. Janet started this trend that your MJ actually followed. Even used the same rapper. Now is that desperate?

  28. WTF?! July 23, 2015

    You guys are the biggest IDIOTS! Janet actually started this trend with the rapper and pop/r&b star featuring a rap star on a track.

    • Flash80 July 23, 2015

      Janet didn’t start shi*t and MJ certain didn’t follow her inferior less talented a***. MJ did a song with Run DMC back in 1987.

      • Kev Kev July 23, 2015

        Actually Jody Watley started the trend way before anyone else. Mariah Carey refined it!

  29. @Flash80 July 23, 2015

    B****, bye!! he followed that New jack swing trend for his Dangerous album and followed Rhythm Nation. the truth hurts. Yall act like Michael created everything!

    • Sandra July 23, 2015

      Janet didn’t invent New Jack Swing! No matter how much yall keep trying to make it happen. Prince and others did it before her. It’s thanks to Jam and Lewis that Janet even did New jack swing. She was their puppet. Truth hurts!

      • @Sandra July 23, 2015

        Nice try, but Janet actually produced and composed some of her albums with Jimmy and Terry. And I can tell that you don’t know ish because you didn’t even talk about Teddy Riley. The KING of that era. Why do you think that MJ called him for Dangerous? And yes Janet can have a hit w/o Jimmy and Terry she did it with Black Cat. And her single Just A Little While which was gaining heavily in radio play was yanked after the Super Bowl. Actually it was the #1 gainer before it was yanked.

    • Flash80 July 23, 2015

      Um Rhythm Nation was nothing but a whole album of Bad copycats. The whole theme of RN copies from MJ’s “Man In the Mirror” and the RN videos blatantly bit the videos of “Bad” and “The Way You Make Me Feel”. And “Black Cat” was Janet’s attempt to copy “Dirty Diana”. Janet stole from MJ left right and sideways. Dangerous was done in vein of what Teddy Riley did with GUY. Not Janet. LOL.

      • @Flash80 July 23, 2015

        Oh, honey, Rhythm Nation actually was an album that Janet decided to make socially conscious for kids that took off in a way that no one expected. It was a movement. She actually got the idea from Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, but she decided to make them dance tracks. Bloop. And yes there are interviews out there where Janet states the influences behind Rhythm Nation.

  30. MUSICHEAD July 23, 2015

    If they would only add a flute instrumentation to this song…

  31. JDE97 July 23, 2015

    Janet’s idiotic stans have a lot of nerve pretending that Michael took anything from her when the real truth is that she would have never had a career if it weren’t for him. Dangerous is nothing like Rhythm Nation and at no point did Michael or anyone he worked with EVER credit Janet as being his musical inspiration, because quite frankly she wasn’t. I can look at at least 50% of Janet’s music videos and see obvious Michael rip-off’s. From direction to choreography. And just to be nasty for a second, let me point out that Michael had hits with a multitude of collaborators, from Quincy Jones to Teddy Riley to R. Kelly. He even wrote and produced several alone (something that Janet hasn’t the talent to do herself.) Janet never had a single hit that wasn’t produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Before them, she flopped. After them, she flopped. She started flopping while stopping working with them, and her reunion with them for “No Sleep” hasn’t been successful. So fall back and know your place Janet stans. You are in no position to posture. She will never be as big a star as he was in life (or death). She will never be as successful. And most of all, she will never be even half as talented.

    • Colosoul July 23, 2015

      No one will ever be as big a star as MJ. You sound stupid because that’s his blood. That’s his sister and they both have said how the other inspired them at times. She doesn’t need to be as big as MJ sweetie. Check her receipts. She just dropped that she was gonna tour and her name it is selling out arenas in major cities: LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta, DC, NY, Baltimore, Chicago, Boston, Honolulu, etc. Yes all those will sell out, if they haven’t already, without any promotion, album or video. A lot of people on here are doing nothing but talking because you have no idea how influential Janet is. It’s fine you like Michael but don’t pretend like Janet is dependent upon him for anything or that she didn’t blaze her own lane.

    • @JDE97 July 24, 2015

      Oh, honey, deluded MJ fan you are. Janet took MJ’s choreography? no, but MJ actually took some of hers. YES! Check her Control Era videos then check his Bad era videos. He even used some of her ish from The Knowledge in You Rock My World. Some of his videos came straight from movies. Janet, NEVER! And those albums that he supposedly did by himself will NEVER equal the work that he did with Quincy! He even called Jimmy and Terry for HIStory, but the quality of that album NEVER equalled the work in which they did with his baby sis. The common denominator is Janet!

  32. Casual-T July 23, 2015

    Why is she doubling down on this failed single?

  33. Adrian July 23, 2015

    It’s funny how people don’t understand how much Janet doesn’t care. Her main focus is the tour. Rather she puts you guys to sleep and trash her for it or not she’s just putting the song to give you guys something to talk about for buzz. Which is working in her favor rather anyone on Grape Juice thinks it’s a flop. And if she really wanted to make a huge comeback she’d still be on a record label making comepletely different moves but as of now she’s making her own choices with where she wants to go. You guys are overshooting with your expectations for this comeback and for those who says she’s a flop and she’s over aren’t Janet Jackson fans at all and are the same people who spewed hate towards her from the beginning but I’m sure Janet still doesn’t doesn’t give two shits either

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