Hot Topic: What’s Next For Azealia Banks?

Published: Tuesday 22nd Sep 2015 by David

Her debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ showcased a way with words, vocals and poetry  that places her ahead of most (if not all) her contemporaries…at least on a talent tip.

Alas, it’s the stories Azealia Banks creates for the media and not her music that has seen her pull in the most attention since she touched down on planet Pop four years ago, and for all the wrong reasons.

Today, footage captured her of calling an air steward a f***** saw her stripped of her “verified” status on Twitter and come under fire from critics who blasted her for what they’re calling a homophobic verbal assault.

Now, as she continues to function as an artist outside of the major label system we ask this simple question…

What’s next for Azealia Banks?

Here at TGJ HQ we feel her unique gift will see her follow in the footsteps of Grace Jones and dip in and out of mainstream approval and outlast a number of her unoriginal musicality-deficient rivals.

However, if the reaction to this scandal is anything to go by the rapper will have a long way to go before reaching the heights her talent should have already elevated her to.

Do you agree?

Weigh in below!

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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan September 22, 2015

    Y’all are doing the “What’s Next For…” for the wrong people.
    How about what’s next for Rita Ora, Ciara, and Elijah Blake?

  2. BEY>RIH September 22, 2015

    Despite her having no common sense the girl is talented and HAD an “it” factor. But just like Iggy she is constantly destroying her image outside of music. And sadly today’s music industry is literally all about image. Tbh I only see maybe 2 female rappers to reach successful heights in the next 20 years, but there will never be anyone as big as Nicki, Missy, and Kim.

  3. JanStan September 22, 2015

    To figure out what’s ‘NEXT’ shouldn’t she have had to do something relevant in the first place?

  4. adub September 22, 2015

    Mannn…. she’ll be alright.

  5. Chile. September 22, 2015

    she a waste of talent… i hate her now she known for her crazy outlandish outburst more than her music which is sad.

    she needs some serious help.

  6. Rosie September 22, 2015

    What’s next? Her only remaining fans were white gays and now that this video is out, they’ll ditch her effectively. A mess. She was finally starting to get a bit of traction back after ending Iggy’s career/Broke With Expensive Taste finally being released. She deserves it though.

    • Arianator Barb September 22, 2015

      I’m a huge fan and I’m not white

  7. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig September 22, 2015

    Promotion to full-time barista at Starbucks? She can rap peoples orders and keep them entertained while they queue 🙂

  8. #JACKIE September 22, 2015

    Nobody ever gave a f*** about her but tumblr queens and the blogs

    • BeyOnic September 22, 2015

      And people who actually know that music is An art form unlike Ciara

      • #JACKIE September 22, 2015

        Ciara slays this racist, homophobic, flop, psychotic no edges having ass b****. You can miss me with that boo.

  9. Stanfornoman September 22, 2015

    Question: What’s next for Azalea Banks
    Answer: Who gives a motherfuck?

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