Azealia Banks Uses DNA To Trace Roots Back To West Africa

Published: Friday 23rd Oct 2015 by David

‘Count Contessa’ crafter Azealia Banks is following in the footsteps many an African-American by using her DNA to trace her ancestry beyond the shores of the United States.

After making headlines for slamming institutional racism and the “cultural smudging” of black culture in entertainment the rapper teamed up with ‘Ancestry’ to discover which parts of Africa her ancestors lived in before they were captured and forced into cattle slavery.

The results were astounding…


Her journey to the past saw her find 93% of her ancestry in West Africa and learn that 31% of her DNA can be found in the neighbouring nations of Ghana and Ivory Coast.


She isn’t the first entertainer to step back in time to learn the truth.

Peep the interesting clips below…

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  1. LB October 23, 2015

    She is insanely talented, oh well, on to the next one.

    Tinashe keeps slaying South America btw.

  2. Arkhes October 23, 2015

    Am from Ghana and I think she’s a Ghanaian from her pressed bitter attitude sometimes.

    • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB October 23, 2015

      I can see it lol

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 23, 2015

      Lol really?, all the Ghanaians I know are chilled af.

  3. janvier October 23, 2015

    Lol bish work on your music. I never thought that the iggy was gonna be bigger before you.

    • What now October 23, 2015


  4. Suicide Blonde October 23, 2015

    I did this DNA Test back in 2013, it came out like this:

    Region: Europe – 100%

    Sweden – 60%

    Norway – 20%

    Denmark – 10%

    Iceland – 5%

    Italy – 5%

    No surprises here (Swedish parents), and i’m Haplogroup I-M253, which has its highest frequency among Scandinavian males. Everyone should do this, it’s good to know where you come from and who where your ancestors, even tho i have nothing to be proud about the damn Vikings, lmao.

  5. Barb-wire October 23, 2015

    When is this bitxch shutting the fuxck up and focus on her mixtapes?

  6. MinkDraggingTheFloor October 23, 2015


  7. brandon halink October 29, 2015

    Do you know…. that Azealia Banks is a Psychopath? She has no conscience. Psychologically she fits the description of a Psychopath. All the information is there.

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