Report: Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 Tour’ Pulls In…$173 Million

Published: Thursday 15th Oct 2015 by David

The C word.

For some, it’s crude. Others? Crass.

However, if your name happens to be Taylor Swift it’s the driving force behind an enviable brand of success that’s now reportedly seen her earn a spot on the Grammy Awards committee.

We’re talking about competition.

Why that C word is set to heat up among Pop’s leading ladies now numbers from Swift’s latest live venture have surfaced?

Details below…

The ‘Bad Blood‘ singer’s ‘1989 World Tour‘ kicked off on May 5th  in Tokyo, Japan to support its parent album ‘1989′ and its supporting singles.

Since then the entertainer has delivered 59 sold-out concerts and has now learned that she has pocked $173 million from these dates…so far.

For, the tour does not end until December 12th 2015 and is expected to cross the $200 million mark within weeks after it astounded music industry insiders by sweeping up $13. 6 million this week from three venues.

So, just how many fans has the ‘Blank Space’ filler impressed since the tour’s  birth date? 1.5 million, spread out across 24 arenas and 13 stadiums.


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  1. ❤Queen Molly❤ October 15, 2015

    When will rihanna?

    • HailBeysus October 15, 2015

      I like Rihanna but GURL PREACH IT!!! ????????????????????

    • You tried October 15, 2015

      This girl is making money or making someone else in her team rich either way her Team Wins! thanks Kanye! Damn you Ye making this simple a** girl an IT girl

    • Pu$$y Juice Lover (Back From Hiatus) October 15, 2015

      Lmfao u really tryin this ho? How much did ciara’s mcdrive’s parking lot tour grossed? Jackie passed 40k WW yet?

  2. Unbiased Swiftie October 15, 2015

    Why are these B*tches above mentioning Rihanna though? LMFAO.

    When the f*ck will BeyTHIEFce’? Oh, that’s right… She did it ONCE with her last tour even though she had three major ones before it. Rihanna is still young and will easily pass the $200m mark with her next tour and Rihanna is still THEE GLOBAL POP STAR of our generation.

    ANYWAY… Taylor is outdoing all of the lessors and that includes Beyonce (and rihanna, truthfully) in album and single sales.

    *Cue the comments that say this is because she’s “White” and her fans are “Below 18*. YAWN*. KIIIIIIII.

    • HailBeysus October 15, 2015

      Lmfao!!! Don’t forget Bey and Jay have the second highest grossing tour of all time! 21 dates and they pulled in 109 million!!! Meanwhile Riri and Em pulled in a measly $36 million LMFAO!!! Beyonce’s lowest grossing tour is 33 million but technically her The Beyonce Experience is considered her first Major solo tour which grossed in $90million! Meanwhile while Rihanna’s first tour sits at the bottom with $3 million HAHAHA!!! Taylors total tour sales equal $336.3 millon. While Beyonce’s total enquals $570 million. So no Taylor still aint winning Bey in Tour sales. We will have to wait tell the tour raps up. Considering your girls last tour was only 36 million and it was a joint tour by 2 very huge names. I highly doubt her passing the $200 million mark will be so easy for her LOL!

      • lsyupp October 15, 2015

        Em n rih only had 6 dates biishh

      • Unbiased Swiftie October 15, 2015


        Bey and Jay have the second highest grossing tour of all time?????????

        B*TCH WHERE????


        I’m not even a Rihanna stab but I still admire her and she still has more than enough time to slay in your sales so… and QUEEN TAYLOR will outdo your THIEF’S tour sales in a couple of years so,yh! KIIIIIIII SWEETHEART! 😀

      • Rory October 15, 2015

        How can you compare Rih and Em’s tour?? They only had six shows!! 36 million from 6 shows in GREAT!! Bey’s and Jay’s tour is NOT the second highest grossing your of all time. Those facts are no where near true. Rihanna’s Diamonds world tours grossed 140 million with only 86 shows (which is remarkable). So I’m not sure where you get your facts from. Facts are facts. Bey’s Mrs. Carter World tour is grossed over 200 million which is beyond GREAT. But it did need 137 shows to get there

      • HailBeysus October 15, 2015

        Heres Forbes list for you basic bitxhes that can’t handle the Receipts.
        1. U2 $736,421,584
        2. On The Run $109,000,000
        3. Rolling Stones $558,255,254
        4. Roger Waters $458,673,798
        5. AC/DC $441,713,636
        6. Madonna $407,713,266
        7. U2 $389,047,636
        8. Police $358,825,665
        9. Rolling Stones $320,000,000
        10. Bruce Springsteen $314,000,000

        Those are the Receipts Billboard Forbes along with many other outlets say On The Run is the second most successful tour of all time! Seethe!!!

      • Tyler Makivelli October 15, 2015

        Yes it is dumb f***! On the Run is the second most successful tour after U2s because it grossed over 109+ mill with only 21 DATES. DO your f****** research Rihanna stan

    • HailBeysus October 15, 2015

      I dont make the Receipts bitxh! Just check Billboard Rolling Stones, VH1, TIMES, Forbes etc etc they all agree considering Jay-z and Bey only had 21 dates and grossed over 109 million! Averaging over $5 million a show. While the highest grossing tour averaging over $6 million per show by U2

      • Kelvin October 18, 2015

        Ummm that stat is old.
        On the run tour – $109m from 21 shows = $5.19m per show

        Monster tour – $36m from 6 shows = $6m per show

        So which is more successful again?

        Mrs carter show – $220m from 132 shows = $1.67m per show

        Diamonds world tour – $142m from 82 shows = $1.74m per show

        So who’s winning again?

      • HailBeysus October 21, 2015

        @Kelvin bish where??? Fist it was 86 then it was 85 now its 82 LMFAO!!! The total amount of show’s she performed was 96!!!! Not 85, 82 or anything lesser. How the hell can y’all try and stan for someone and not know their stats!?!? Again dumbass! Beyonce and Jay-Z pulled in 5 million a show with audience attendance averaging 45,000 a show. Em and rih need an extra 51,000 people to put an $800,000 gap between them. Considering the numbers for them to have been rendered the second most successful tour of all time. They should have had an even bigger gap of revenue! Also Rihanna’s biggest audience is 80,000 not no over 100,000 LMAO!!! I want recipients for your claims. Im talking DATES/VENUES/COUNTRIES AND MUSICAL OUTLETS THAT REPORTED ON THIS FAKE ASS CONCERT YOU AND YOUR FELLOW SEAMEN SWALLORERS HAVE ATTENDED!!!

  3. Unbiased Swiftie October 15, 2015

    The truth is…

    When the f*ck will Ciara Schwarznegger???????


  4. pat October 15, 2015


  5. ❤Queen Molly❤ October 15, 2015

    Taylor and Bey doing over 200M with less albums then Rihflop and isn’t Katy outgrossing her too? hehehehe Rihanna is always a step behind the real boss bitchesss.

    • Rory October 15, 2015

      Bey grosses that much when she does like over 130 shows. Lol. Rihanna grosses 140 with only 86 shows lol

      • Tyler Makivelli October 15, 2015

        Stop lying! Beyonce grosses more per show than Rihanna does and thats a documented FACT.
        How many 100+ mill grossing tours has Rihanna had? Exactly. So have a stadium full of empty seats.
        You sound dumb ass f*** trying to shade Beyonce when shes the highest grossing black female tour act of ALL TIME.
        The Mrs. Carter Show Grossing>>>>>>>>Any Rihanna Tour #FACTS.COM

      • THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR ANTI!! October 15, 2015


      • Rory October 15, 2015

        Ok first of all, Rihanna set RECORDS selling out 5 stadiums in her tour BY HERSELF. Bey needed Jay to do that. If you look at their averages, if Rihanna would have played as many shows as Bey did, she would have grossed more. That’s not hard to figure out. Rihanna has sold out those stadiums ALONE because she’s more global. Even you know that. You’re comparing a show with 86 shows to a show with 137…. WTF!! LOL!!!

      • HailBeysus October 16, 2015

        The self drag is real!!! Beyonce has performed in a TOTAL of 53 countries! While Rihanna has performed in 47. Beyonce has touched 18 countries that Rihanna has yet to sell a date in. While Rihanna only has 11 dates that Bey has yet to sale a concert date in. Its obvious who’s more global LOL! All them worldwide hits and the bish still can’t out do bey in performing in countries. Lets do the math on them tours since your so keen on her outselling bey if they had the same amout of dates. Rihanna’s highest grossing tour is 141 million 96 dates BITSH NOT 86!!! STANING FOR RIHANNA AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HER NUMBERS LMFAO!!!! Beyonce’s highest grossing tour is 229 million with 136 dates. Beyonce AVERAGED around 2 Million a show. Rihanna’s Average is 1.4 million a show. Add 40 more dates and times that by 1.4 million you get an additional $58,750,000 add to the total and its $199,750,000!!! Bey would still be slaying her by 30 MILLION HAHAHAHA SEETH AND HATE!!! We all know your going to come up with some bs to try and shade the QUEEN!!

  6. truth(Janet is QWEEN, MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) October 15, 2015


    • Lover of music October 15, 2015

      Fu ck you!! For heaven sake,you are a fan of a legend,why do u wanna start $hit with fans of a pop tart?

  7. Lover of music October 15, 2015

    And to think she is sooo basic at best….But congrats Tay-Tay! She has soooo much support and faithfull fanbase.

  8. christinastherealtalent October 15, 2015

    Janet will undoubtedly crush that!!!

    • Diego October 15, 2015

      Janet tour will not cross this she isn’t even selling out lmao

  9. Pu$$y Juice Lover (Back From Hiatus) October 15, 2015

    Lol i always laugh when Ciara stans come for big names. I mean yall do realise her last 4 albums combined dont complete to 1 million?

  10. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 15, 2015

    WHEN will Rihanna.e. all hail the new pop princess. Wonder is the ANTI tour will struggle for a start date like its parent album. Will there even bey a tour this go round? Pffft…

  11. Lmfao_Hoe October 15, 2015

    This b**** is beyond overrated asf, and basic as hell as a performer. The only reason she’s this big is thanks to Kanye dumbass. Should’ve just left her then-local ass alone for a bs award when Bey was already slaying with Single Ladies at the time. He helped (untentionally) give her hell of attention after that mic-grabb. If there should be anyone slaying like this it should be Ariana Grande. At least she’ll blow the other b****** off stage, she just needs to stand in one spot and let her voice doing the damn thing.

  12. Tyler Makivelli October 15, 2015

    How the f*** are you going to ask “when will Beyonce?” When the Mrs Carter Show is one of the TOP FIVE highest grossing female tours of ALL TIME? Beyonces the highest paid performer in the biz!!!

    So you Taylor Swift stans need to stay in ur lane. And Rihanna has YET to even have a tour thats grossed over $150 mill lol. The Navy really has no room to talk

  13. Navy Nick October 15, 2015

    Can’t shade her, she’s a sweetheart, but mediocre singer @ best…, she is slaying so it is what it is….

  14. Theman October 15, 2015

    Beyonce grosses so much because she tours so many times & she has toured a lot more than others. Taylor is selling more with less dates. Also, Taylor has sold out places that have the capacity of 50,000. Beyonce couldn’t touch that by herself.

    • HailBeysus October 15, 2015

      Um Beyonce’s biggest audience was 175,000 people at Glastonbury! Considering ot was the last day of the Festival im sure a hefty percentage were there for her. Her performance also sky rocked her album to the top of UK’s charts. When will a Taylor performance EVER!?!?! She was the first female to headline the Festival in over 25 years. Not To mention the people of Glastonbury and Glastonbury executives have been wanting her to Headline the Pyramid stage since her B-Day Era! When will Taylor? Also Taylor is only one tour behind Beyonce and Rihanna is 1 ahead yet bey still kills both of them by almost 200 million LMAO!!!

      • THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR ANTI!! October 15, 2015

        That’s a festival hun. Rihanna sold out more than that.

    • HailBeysus October 16, 2015

      @THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR ANTi KIIIII Rihanna’s biggest concert was 67,000 while Beyonce’s was over 70,000 in Singapore lmao!!! But if your trying to refer to her selling out Rock In Rio which was 75,000 then Bey’s Glastonbury counts to which out does your fave by 100,000 LMAO!!!! Y’all are so quick to dismiss Bey’s Amazing Festival moment but when Rihanna sold out Rock In Rio y’all was riding that mad hard LMFAO!!!

      • Kelvin October 18, 2015

        Ummm rihanna has sold over 100,000 tickets for 1 concert in Africa
        Over 80,000 tickets each for 2 concerts in France
        Over 75,000 tickets each for 3 concerts in UK

        Come again

  15. blue October 15, 2015

    is the hive seriously coming after 36mil from 6 dates???? Like you praising 109mil from 21 dates… Did you not take math at school? Clearly Em n Rih could have outgrossed bey n jay with the same amount of dates. And on their last dates rih n bey’s average per date wasnt so far apart.

    • HailBeysus October 15, 2015

      Well math genius! Beyonce and Jay Z managed to pull in 45,000 people per show and average at just a little above $5,000,000 a show. Rihanna and Eminem managed to pull in around 96,000 people per show. Making that 51,000 more people then Jay n Bey yet they still couldn’t manage to get over 5 million a show??? The numbers don’t lie. They should have been pulling in way more money than Jay and Bey since you claim they could have surpassed them if they had the same amount of dates.

  16. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 15, 2015

    Don’t nobody was checking for rih Android em ILLUMITI tour. 6 dates 36 mill soulds like 666 to me. Android em is a bigger seller than jayz yet ike & tina OTR tour still grossed 5 mill per breaking

  17. October 15, 2015

    gratz to her.

  18. shakira stan October 15, 2015

    I don’t like Beyonce ,I never did and will never will …but I would understand if she was the one pulling in these numbers because gurl has talent and works her fat ass off .But Taylor?
    Another example of white previledge …this ugly basic scrawny w**** stays winning .

  19. obsidian October 15, 2015

    It’s a sad state in music when an artist no discernable talent can gross that much on tour!!! This generation’s ear for music sucks!

    • obsidian October 15, 2015

      “With no discernable”

  20. #JACKIE October 15, 2015

    Rihanna loses AGAIN kii.

    • What now October 15, 2015

      Club Nokia Los Angeles 1,453 / 2,405 (60,42%) $44,288
      Best Buy Theater New York,N.Y 1,746/ 2,150 (81,21%) $48,145

      This iz the real loser boo boo KIIII

  21. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! October 16, 2015

    Wow this is so amazing!! Taylor swift is the biggest pop star on the planet! Quite amazing, before this album, I’d never thought she’d be in this position. Our album should go back into the top 3 this week in the states, 50 weeks on! And still hasn’t left the top 10

    Also blank space will soon be the second most viewed video on YouTube! It’s only a few behind Justin’s biebers baby now!

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