Beyonce’s New Video: Singer Rocks New Orleans For New Visual

Published: Sunday 20th Dec 2015 by David

Beyonce is taking a journey to the past for her latest visual.

Details below…

The ‘Dot’ singer’s secret plans to fly to New Orleans (where her family settled in the 1800s) were unearthed when locals who had been enlisted to star in the clip spilled the beans on social media.

Click here to read all about it.

Today, fresh details have emerged from its scorching set via a fan who was impressed by the efforts her camp went  to stop the video  from being leaked Elevator-gate style.


Keep it locked on TGJ to learn more about Bey’s latest project.

Until then…

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  1. CodeRed December 20, 2015

    #CODERED in stores now! Support real R&B!

    • Damnn Janet December 20, 2015

      Monica needs r&b hits but doesn’t have any hence the flop. Fantasia got it right.

    • Arfa December 20, 2015

      Adelephants stamped has ended Beyonces career

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 20, 2015

      The irony of it all….Check this out, it also been #8YEARS AGO(GOOD S**** GONE BITTER) since RIHCUNT had a multiplatinum album..(OVER 2 MILLION) in the U.S!!!!!LMAO

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 20, 2015

        But sells millions of copies WORLDWIDE. You call that a read? LMAO


      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 20, 2015

        The point still remains that …..#8YRS AGO was the last FUCKKING time RIHJECT went multiplatinum in the U.S (THE BIGGEST MARKET). LOL

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 20, 2015

        And she sell millions of copies WORLDWIDE, meanwhile Beybola can’t get a hit record in the U.S (THE BIGGEST MARKET). #8YearsOfSingleLadies
        ??? ???

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 20, 2015

        BY hit record…U MEAN DRUNK IN LOVE, which the RIAA certified triple platinum and was NO 2 on the billboard chart. P.S (IDGAF, IF IT’S WITH OR WITHOUT STREAMING)

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 20, 2015

        Yes, #2 with streams hence #8YearsAgo ?

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 20, 2015

        But with streams has FOURFIVESTD’S hit TRIPLE PLATINUM????

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 20, 2015

        Nice try phāg. Don’t change the subject.
        #8YearsAgo ? ? ?

    • HailBeysus December 20, 2015

      Kiii Rihanna selling millions of albums worldwide THE DELUSION IS REAL!!! She averages around 3m a album sells over 1m in the states and over 1 million over seas. Meanwhile the Queen goes multiplatinum in the BIGGEST MUSIC MARKET regardless of a #1 single and sells millions worldwide wide Self Titled says hi CENTIPIED!! 2 in the states 3M WW meanwhile Unapologetic sells like 1.4m us and 1.6 WW KIIII

      • Memz December 21, 2015

        The ”Queen” goes multiplatinum, but she can’t go DIAMOND! What a kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  2. Damnn Janet December 20, 2015

    I love that Tgj is teaching a little history. Fascinating.

    • Terny December 20, 2015

      Only cos its Beyonce related #UnInterested

      • Damnn Janet December 20, 2015

        Actually no. They put me onto the imitation of life when they linked it another post.

  3. right December 20, 2015

    Why? She has already killed music

    Thankfully cb jazmn s and some others are bringing it back

    Enough with sellong s** and lip synching and calling it talent

  4. Fake Songwriting Credits December 20, 2015

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, from now on, whatever she does, will be nothing compared to Adele #alwaysalesser
    Adele will join Britney at the Diamond Selling Artist Club.
    It’s an Adele world and I’m loving every second of it….

    • RihYonce December 20, 2015

      You must hate your life lmao Beyoncé will always be relevant no matter what & if she promotes this era she will sell even more ! Every since adele dropped people have been waiting for the queen to shake things up cuz these chicks are to boring and predictable

      • OMG Logic!!! December 20, 2015

        Not as predictable as Thighyonce’s leotards and stripper music.

      • Memz December 21, 2015

        OK, I wanna see a Beyoncé album selling more than 21/25; then, you can talk.

    • killian December 20, 2015

      White f****** c***

  5. Spoken Reason December 20, 2015

    Nice to know but not entirely relevant at the moment. Then again, her name in any headlines is guaranteed to get a handful of clicks. I’m confused as to why there are some people on here who are so obsessed with this woman that they practically wait for a post mentioning her in efforts to try and bash her. It’s comical. All of it. Whether it be 8 years or a million…single ladies was still a #1. If it can take Rihanna 7 albums to go #1…well, you all get it. As for Adele, I thought she was already in the diamond club, and isn’t she approaching her 2nd Diamond album with 25? Has Britney achieved a 2nd one? Serious question. Oh well. Have a nice day everyone.

  6. King Mark111 /.\ December 20, 2015

    #8YearsAgo is a moment! Haha hahahaha.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 20, 2015

      A moment for RIHJECT’S last multi-platinum album in the U.S!!!!!LAAMO

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 20, 2015

        You can’t even spell ‘LMAO’ right. ???

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 20, 2015

        They’re trying so hard to reverse the jab. Lol

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 20, 2015

      Rihanna can’t get a multiplatinum album OR a release date. How does that make you feel?

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 20, 2015

        GGGB is Mutli plat and Loud is 200K from going double. Doesn’t matter because every album since GGGB sold over 4 million WW. But clearly Beyonce going on year 8 without a #1 hurts you. Crazy cause it’s (according to you all) easy to get a #1.

  7. BeyTHIEFce’ = Adele’s Lessor… And Ya’ll Will Deal! December 20, 2015


    Nobody is checkin’ for this bleached-out SLŮT who has been rockin’ the same ol’ weave since 2008 and whose live performances and overall style has been the same ol’ since 2003…

    She will forever be Adele and Taylor Swifts lessor

    However, I’ll give her a chance and eat my words if she can get an album in the U.S to scan 5Million +… or better yet… a DIAMOND album like other legends!!! LMFAO. KIIII. #8Years. 😉

  8. cocobutta December 20, 2015

    Bey saw how Street camera caught Missy footage of wtf (unless it was a camera phone)

    Shut it down.

  9. Mariah The Legend December 20, 2015

    #8YearsAgo is a kiiiii. LMFAOOOOOO

  10. Barb-wire December 20, 2015

    Ohhhh Bey better come the fuxck through!!! I have a feeling she’s releasing mid next year though, either way I’m perched.

  11. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 20, 2015

    I think bey is planning a MASSIVE FULL YEAR TAKE OVER Drake/chrisBrown/Nikkiminaj/Taylor/Adele style take over and NOT a Rihanna one… you know… the kind with 3 FLOP singles & No Rihlease date???

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 20, 2015

      lol,CB done NOTHING and Nicki TPP is still not plat. Poor thing.

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 20, 2015

        Uh, chris is about to get a #2 charting album selling more than rihs prediction of 150k… has plenty success this year. Nikki #1 female streaming and way ahead of rih also got vh1s BIG IN 2015 award… why didnt rih?… both dominating 2015 more than Rih with less effort. BTW WHERE IS ANTISOCIAL?????????????

  12. Royalkev December 20, 2015

    Bey’s going to come back with a monster first single. I can’t wait to see what she’s on now.

  13. RihYonce December 20, 2015

    I want her to have black hair so bad this era but I know she’s gonna be petty lol but I think the single will come the beginning of 2016 and the album maybe in the spring , I don’t think she’ll wait mid year. Hopefully we get something in time for the grammys

  14. Tyler Makiavelli December 20, 2015

    December 20, 2015 at 3:37 am
    LB says:


    What’s the point of a multi-platinum album when you’re a global superstar?

    How exactly is Rihanna a “global superstar” when she can barely even sell 3 mill worldwide? Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron????

  15. Tyler Makiavelli December 20, 2015

    Yeeesss Bey! LET’S GO GET EM’

  16. Suicide Blonde December 20, 2015

    What the video David posted has to do with her video?

  17. Keri Qween December 20, 2015

    Yawn, who’d she steal the concept from

    • killian December 20, 2015

      You sit down with your tired old hag you Stan for

    • killian December 20, 2015

      Beyonce annihilation on its way.y’all better get ready.

  18. Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB December 20, 2015

    HA! Theifyonce strikes again!

  19. Fatusankoh December 20, 2015

    Good for queen Bey I can’t wait good luck and more success in all she do

  20. #JACKIE December 20, 2015

    RIP ANTI – D.O.A.

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 20, 2015

      The fact that you bring ANTi up every post, show’s Rihanna’s impact. You’re still talking about it, yet no one mentions Wackie, the 100K WW sales to date flop.

      • #JACKIE December 20, 2015

        The fact that DEADti still has no release date…………….

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 20, 2015

        The fact that Wackie been out and still no one cares. 100K WW? What kind of flop? She can’t even top Rihanna first week sales?

  21. HailBeysus December 20, 2015

    Lmfao!!! Isn’t it funny how Centipied has been using the #8years ago for The Queen. But in the last post i flipped the script bringing up Thotannas #8YrsAg4Multiplat now all these lessers wanna use Centipieds Hastag and desperately try to reverse the script KIII Nice try but the kii is Thotanna having multiple #1 HITS but still can’t get a multiplatinum certification in THE BIGGEST MUSIC MARKET ?????

  22. Mariah The Legend December 21, 2015

    FLOP. she’s such a flop. Adele ended her career flop. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • HailBeysus December 21, 2015

      Bye Linda Adele ended no one! Bey will out last Adele’s relevancy just like she did Mooriah kiii!!! Just wait and see!

      • Mariah The Legend December 21, 2015

        You want to have the last the comment so bad. LMFAOOOO. Beyonce is a flop and there’s nothing u can do about it. kiiiiiii

  23. Mariah The Legend December 21, 2015

    she stills from people. she caint get a number 1. LMFAOOOO. she’ll never be Mariah.

    • Mariah The Legend December 21, 2015


  24. HailBeysus December 21, 2015

    ????? i can’t with Linda Self-Proclaiming Bey wants to Mariah!! The desperation of her trying to keep MooMoo relevant LAWLZ!!! You can’t call Bey a flop when your fav fails to go multiplatinum or break the top 10 hell has she ever broken the top 20 since 08??? Also honey i always get the last say because you bitxhes flock away when the heat gets to real. Like what happened to Centipied when me and tyler clocked his false receipts and lame shade KIII Much like when we exposed your alter ego Linda ??????

    • Terny December 21, 2015

      Lemme teach you two new words to add to ur vocabulary ?.. OK here it goes. “Diamond Album” ???

      • HailBeysus December 21, 2015

        Awww did they teach them big words to you in the youth home? Cute thanks for sharing but please fade away into the abyss with the fellow Moo Moo stans.
        Kiii at you also needing to play captain safe a hoee and coming in for Linda’s defense hahahahaha!!!!

  25. Mariah The Legend December 21, 2015

    LMFAOOOO. It wants to have the last comment so bad. Beyonce a flop. Adele killed her career. nothing you say will save the whooores flop career.

  26. Mariah The Legend December 21, 2015

    adelephant sold 5 million cds in a month. beyonce goes multiplitinum with RERELEASES. oops!!!!!! kiiiii. FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  27. Mariah The Legend December 21, 2015

    this hailbeysus b**** is obsessed with centorion. It talks s*** about LB, Mark111 and centuron and they pay it dust. talk about a lessor!!! LMFAOOOO

  28. HailBeysus December 21, 2015

    Hahaha talks about lessers when it credit a biased survey tjat was desperately screaming for relevancy by spamming the hell out of TGJ website kiiii the selfd drag ?????! Honey no obsession Centipied just makes it easy for its dumbass to be clocked dragged and served with its forged receipts and constant obsession y’all have with The Queen hahahah!!! They pay me dust??? Lies they’ve replied plenty and got clocked and served! Centipied sure as hellc ame flocking back in once i brang up Rihanna’s
    #8yrsAgo4ThatMultiplat hahaha we are all lessers with Avi’s on a website arguing over are favs. You act as if some of us here are making millions and interviewing celebrities hahaha

    • Mariah The Legend December 21, 2015

      hunny your irrelevant. you started commenting this year and do nohing but kisss asssss. thats why you not the survey. you so irrelevant it hurts. Hahahahaahahahahahahaaha

  29. HailBeysus December 21, 2015

    Also Linda you is a mothafuxking Kii!!! Self-Titled sold a majority of its Albums long before that re-release came out. Lmao keep trying it tho because Moo Moo still a flop with autotuned vocals these days hahahaha

  30. Mariah The Legend December 21, 2015

    she still here? LMFAOOOOO. Beyonce a flop and a d*** sucking whooore. she’ll pnever be Mariah. Beyonce goes multiplitinum with RERELEASES not just an album. oops!!! How does that feel? LMFAOOOO

  31. HailBeysus December 21, 2015

    Screaming!!!! @ it self proclaiming i kiss ass!!! RECEIPTS BITXH I NEED RECEIPTS WITH THOSE ACCUSATIONS ???? Poor thing its desperately trying to drag but honey I ain’t moving an inch hahaha!!! Also DEATH @It once again self-Proclaiming i desperately want to be on its survey of irrelevance ???????
    Gurrrl why do y’all keep bringing up that i just started commenting this year?? Are y’all that fuxking dumb you forget i already made clear as ever! i know this

  32. Mariah The Legend December 21, 2015

    LMFAOOOO. why would someone who started commenting this year be calling people lessors? LMAO. it tries toooo hard. you stan for a flop whoore with an ugly vomiting loooking ass bitvh baby maried to an even uglier Nigggga. who would want Jay Z? have you seen faves ugly baby? i wish fist brown could punch it like it with rihaana. HAHAHAAHAHAHHAHhaHHAAah. No number 1, no diamond album. Beyonce is a SUPER FLOP. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  33. HailBeysus December 21, 2015

    Oh the saddest part is this “new comer” seems to have clocked you LB Markiesha and Centipied ????? Bitxh you keep changing subject like im going to sway lmfao! GURRRL keep trying because you seem dumb af! Also your proves once again why you’re a lesser. Aiming for child and saying disgusting things about her proves what a low life your are! You also further prove what an ugly soul your are by only being album to find love with someone who looks like a supermodel kii shallow much!?!? Bey is unbothered by the lesser and forgotten Moo Moo stans she’ll continue to go multiplatinum and sell singles by the millions have tours that make 100s of millions hahahaha! She’ll also continue on her path to legendary status with the countless legends that didnt need 1 billion Number 1s or diamond albums hahaha

  34. Memz December 21, 2015

    When Beyoncé goes diamond in the US, she can be compared to Adele. Period.

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