Chart Check: Adele Dominates Hot 100 For 9th Week With ‘Hello’

Published: Friday 1st Jan 2016 by Rashad
adele thatgrapejuice 9th week

With nearly two months of pure chart domination to her credit it appears at this point Adele‘s only competition is herself.  And, as recent reports suggest, she’s even winning there too!

Indeed, by saying hello to her 9th week atop the Billboard Hot 100 she’s also notched a new career milestone.  Besting her previous longest run, ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ by two weeks, Addy was also greeted with news ‘Hello’ boasts one of the longest consecutive reigns ever on the Hot 100’s summit by a song that debuted there.

According to Billboard, only 3 songs separate her from the top spot on that historic tally:

16 weeks, “One Sweet Day,” Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men, 1995-96
14 weeks, “Candle in the Wind” / “Something About the Way You Look Tonight,” Elton John, 1997-98
11 weeks, “I’ll Be Missing You,” Puff Daddy & Faith Evans feat. 112, 1997
9 weeks, “Hello,” Adele, 2015

This means, with her 9 weeks in tow, she already vaunts claim to the longest consecutive run at the top by a #1-debuting song by a solo female. But, only time will tell if she’ll snatch the overall title from Billboard queen, Mariah Carey‘s, legendary hands.

Until then, get the rest of this week’s Hot 100 chart check below:

Billboard Hot 100 This Week


As seen above, Carey, like Adele, also learned of a career best achievement this week.  Her timeless holiday classic, ‘All I Want For Christmas (Is You),‘ reached its Hot 100 peak over 21 years after its debut.

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  1. Kitteneyez January 1, 2016

    B******* like why the f*** how the f*** ?

    • Sweaterz January 2, 2016

      Living Legend!
      Where is Beyonce?
      after took more than 10 years to sell 5M Dangerously In Love album. She’s nowhere to be found. LOL
      Wanna talk about her latest single Runnin’ flopping worldwide? Haha
      Minimal vocalist like Taylor is doing well compare to Beyonce.
      Rihanna ANTI please come early.
      She’s the black female vocalist of this generation 🙂

  2. HailBeysus January 1, 2016

    Kiii when will Rihanna!?!?! Also im not sure that’s right. Didn’t Irreplaceable spend 10 consecutive week’s at #1?

    • blue January 1, 2016

      rihanna has the second longest running #1 this decade, well third in about 2 more week if something doesnt happen soon

  3. DIABETES UNBOTHERED January 1, 2016


    • HailBeysus January 1, 2016

      Love the way you lie and Independent Woman don’t count. Those have other artist’s on them. Also We Found Love didn’t stay at the top spot for 10 consecutive week’s. It got knocked off 3 times during its run LOL! Plus isn’t it a Calvin Harris track? The dude has the song on his album. He wrote and produced it.

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED January 1, 2016

        Tthat still doesnt explain why irreplacable isnt listed. & puffs song with faith and sweet day was feature boyz2men. I do think Hello will surpas most these songs but i doubt it beats mariahs record

      • blue January 1, 2016

        LTWYL counts because it has rih’s name on it, IW doesnt cause thats a song by DC and and does not list individuals. WF has rih as lead, and i dont think it featured on calvin’s album either.

      • Rory January 1, 2016

        We Found Love only got knocked off once. It was number one for 8 consecutive weeks, got topped by another song for 1 week, and it went back to #1 for it’s 9th and 10th week

    • Royalkev January 1, 2016

      I think those songs aren’t listed because none of them debuted at #1. I’m not sure …

      • HailBeysus January 1, 2016

        @Blue no it does not! Love The Way You Lie is not Rihanna as a solo artist. Its Eminem’s sng with Rihanna as a featured artist. Irreplaceable and Hello are solely Beyonce and Adele ainging in the song. Hence the longest running song by A SOLO FEMALE ARTIST.

      • blue January 1, 2016

        was actually talking about the overall record and not just the solo female title

      • killian January 2, 2016

        That’s totally right

    • Royalkev January 1, 2016


      It’s notable that “Hello” has spent its first nine weeks at No. 1 on the Hot 100. That’s the fourth-longest stretch that a No. 1-debuting song has stayed at the summit.

      • Kool kid January 1, 2016

        It’s referring to songs that started at the top. Irreplaceable didn’t start at the top

  4. Royalkev January 1, 2016

    I still like this song! I know some people are tired of it by now, but it’s very solid! This song’s success is well deserved.

  5. Barb-wire January 1, 2016

    Gratz Del’s! The slayage was realest.

    • ?Queen Molly? January 1, 2016

      Im glad Adeles numbers speak for themselves she doesn’t have to go on twitter and lie about sales like other artist.

      • Sam January 1, 2016


      • King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

        Oop! Molly taking names in 2016!

  6. DIABETES UNBOTHERED January 1, 2016

    “Irreplaceable” was originally a country record; it was re-arranged as a mid-tempo ballad with pop and R&B influences by modifying the vocal arrangements and instrumentation. During the production and recording sessions, Beyoncé and Ne-Yo wanted to create a record which people of either gender could relate to. The song’s lyrics are about the breakdown of a relationship with an unfaithful man and the song contains a message about female empowerment.

    Following the moderate chart performances of “Déjà Vu” and “Ring the Alarm”, “Irreplaceable” was released internationally on October 23, 2006 as the album’s second single,and the third in the United States on December 5, 2006. The single was released through Columbia Records. “Irreplaceable” was well received by contemporary music critics, who cited its distinct production compared with most songs featured on the album, and complimented its hook,”To the left, to the left”. Pitchfork Media and Rolling Stone placed it on their lists of Best Songs of the 2000s. “Irreplaceable” won several awards, including Best R&B/Soul Single at the 2007 Soul Train Music Awards. It was nominated for the Record of the Year award at the 50th Grammy Awards.

    The single was commercially successful worldwide. It became Beyoncé’s fourth number-one in the U.S., was B’Day’s most successful release, and remained at the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart for ten consecutive weeks.

    • King z January 1, 2016

      You clearly copied n pasted that from wiki. Bey song was NOT #1 for 10 consecutive weeks. It was #1 for 10 weeks tho

    • J January 1, 2016

      I don’t believe it debuted at #1 though.

    • OMG Logic!!! January 1, 2016

      “Beyonce and Ne-yo” Chileeeeee stop acting like Beyonce had anything to do with the creation of this song apart from laying down vocals.

  7. Who gonna check me boo?? January 1, 2016

    Tired of this fat cow!!!

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) January 1, 2016

      Me too

  8. blue January 1, 2016

    can someone anyone just knock her off, i like adele but leave something for the others too. This is all due to adele’s name not because the song is special in any way or form

  9. Sam January 1, 2016

    she needs to get passed Mariah and Whitney first

    • Terny January 1, 2016

      Look @ MY Chanteuse sitting pretty at the top of that list! #QUEEN! When will Rihanna & Beyonce? #YouCantSitWithUs ???

  10. blue January 1, 2016

    why is this about beyonce? Uptown funk did 14weeks not too long ago, so clearly its about #1 debuts

    • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 2, 2016

      U mad cause beyonce could never u ho

  11. King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

    Shout out to Twenty One Pilots! #13

  12. HailBeysus January 1, 2016

    Lao at Blue and that aliyah stan acting like they knew the article was about #1 debutes. Please y’all didn’t know that shiiit until Royalkev pointed it out. The post mentioned nothing in #1 debuts!

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

      Justin Bieber is killing the game in the shadows. His album is already platinum and adults are really taking into him. Justin Timberlake is going to have an issue soon.

      • HailBeysus January 1, 2016

        When early dementia kicks in and your leaving random comments like you cool with somebody ???? what kind of fuxkery!?!?!?

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

        That was supposed to be a post. Not my fault this site is crap.

      • Pathetic January 1, 2016

        Why must everything on this site always be about “dragging” or “scalping” ??
        Can’t you morons just engage in a mature conversation without name calling and degrading each other I swear some of you kûnts are pathetic. This is an urban blog after all not some fûcking war zone

      • HailBeysus January 1, 2016

        Lmao Pathetic! Gives this seminar about not insulting people and speaking to one another in a respectable manor. Then insults everyone afterwards. ???? The self drag! Practice what you PREACH pathetic bitxh!!

      • Pathetic January 1, 2016

        Sigh .. This just proves my point ??
        Happy new year and may God bless you

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 1, 2016

        @HailBeysus has me gasping for air because i’m SCREAMING! Lmao, how did KeriQween111 accidentally click the bright pink reply buttion? @Pathetic Most of us support positive comments, but there are the few select individuals (mainly the Nazi) that insist on getting their asses handed to them.

      • Pathetic January 2, 2016

        @Analise I wish you guys would pay the three trolling bottoms dust because the more you feed them the more they get “stronger” if you know what I mean

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 2, 2016

        ‘the more they get “stronger”
        That sentence didn’t even make sense. FRAGMENT – CONSIDER REVISING, B*TCH

  13. Music all the way January 1, 2016

    Guys i think they are talking about songs that debuted at number1 and stayed there,,unless i didnt understand the article

    • HailBeysus January 1, 2016

      Yea it is. I didn’t know it until RoyalKev mentioned it.

  14. Mimi Carey January 1, 2016

    So basically Beyonce is a flop lessor

  15. King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

    I have a feeling that Hello will be the song ofethe decade.

    • Music all the way January 1, 2016

      And what is your opinion on that?

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

        Doesn’t bother me. Greats, records and stats come and go. Adele is a great artist that reaches the youth and adults. There’s a reason people are BUYING her records. Plus 25 was the #1 pirated album in 2015 as well.

  16. Tyler Makiavelli January 1, 2016

    And still no Anti!


  17. Selenator January 1, 2016

    Lol yall will use any post to drag Bey and Rihanna. But look at Selena slaying @ #6!

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

      Her album is flopping with like 250k sold.

      • Selenator January 1, 2016

        Her fans don’t buy albums. The singles will carry it to gold

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 2, 2016

        Clearly and barley.

  18. Rosie January 1, 2016

    Ew at Twenty One Pilots getting a hit @ #13. There is no God.
    Seriously cannot wait until their 15 year old Hot Topic Tumblr user (that site fell off after 2013) fanbase leaves them.

    • OMG Logic!!! January 1, 2016

      I’d be more excited if Hot Topic went out of business once and for all. It promotes nothing but mediocrity. The never ending MCR obsession comes to mind.

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

      Aren’t your two faves fanbases are hipster/tumblr/ex emo sad no lives? TOP fans are pretty mixed, so FUUCK you!

  19. Erik January 1, 2016

    What about
    “We belong together”
    “I Will always Love You”
    “Unbreak My Heart”
    “My Heart Will Go On”

    • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2016

      This is about songs that debuted at #1 and stayed teher for weeks. Key word “debuted”.

  20. JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2016

    All I want for Xmas is You peaked now at #11??? That´s amazing damn it.

  21. Mariah The Legend January 1, 2016

    not the hive clinging to Adele when she outsold Beyonce the “ALBUM SELLER” in a month. LMFAOOOOOOO.

  22. Mariah The Legend January 1, 2016

    dangerously in love – 5m in 12 years
    emancipation of mimi – 6m in 2 years
    25 – 7m in 5 weeks

    and the hive say Beyonce is an album seller. LMFAOOOOOO. STOP THE DELUSION BEYHIVE. kiiii

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

      Well she’s for sure isn’t a single artist. lol

    • Royalkev January 2, 2016

      Mariah’s TEOM sold 6 million in 2013

      DIL was 4.9 for years and Mariah was on the verge of becoming 6x platinum for a while also. What’s the big deal? Everyone would want to see growing sales for their favs over a long period, it’s nothing to shoot down! No one will be complaining if one of their fav’s album continued to sell and reach diamond status one day. Everything is looked down upon once it happens to Beyonce. It doesn’t even make sense! LOL

      • HailBeysus January 2, 2016

        Death @RoyalKev CLOCKING Linda ???? It’s obviously a RIHANNA STAN! It just hides behind Mariah! It knows nothing about her stats and stays getting clocked! I don’t even stan for Mariah and knew her true sales unlike Linda! LMMFAO!!!!

  23. OMG Logic!!! January 1, 2016

    I LOVE Adele, but I’m going to need someone, ANYONE at all, to remove her from that #1 perch asap. I don’t like it when songs reach the 10 week period at #1. I can’t have anyone threatening Queen Mariah’s record apart from herself.

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

      Ha! Be scared. Rihanna will have that most #1’s soon as well.

      • King B January 1, 2016

        Nope. I think Katy can surpass that record. Maybe Rih can, but Katy will eventually snatch that record.

  24. #JACKIE January 1, 2016

    LMAO meanwhile Anti is still nowhere to be found!

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 1, 2016

      Same with Ciara music success.

      • #JACKIE January 1, 2016

        LMAO #JusticeForAnti

  25. King B January 1, 2016

    Didn’t know Ellie’s OMM still can chart this long. “Lights” and “Halcyon” are both great albums. But from the tracks that I heard, the latest album is more pop, and it’s so dissapointing. ELLIE PLEASE COME BACK.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 1, 2016

      Ellie Goulding is one of the few pop girls that I actually like + she has a unique voice and some cute music.

      • King B January 1, 2016

        Not sure why you guys classify her as “pop girls”. But her voice is so unique and i got goosebumps listening to “Atlantis”, she sounds like an Angel.”Explosion” “This Love” are one of my favourites. But her new album is just…hmmm

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 1, 2016

        Her music is POPular

  26. Datredd23 January 1, 2016

    Congrats to Rih for being billboards number 13 artist ever! That’s a major achievement for only being in the game 10 years and she looked fabulous New Year’s Eve!

  27. MCFan January 1, 2016

    This stat is incorrect – Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together hit 14 weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 in 2005

  28. HailBeysus January 1, 2016

    SCREAMING @LINDA acting like the Hive was dragged! Girl the doesn’t have to cling no one! Y’all do that on the daily with Adele. The receipts dont lie LMFAO!!! Nice try tho! Can’t drag anybody when you jumpship to stan for another! Y’all tried tho ??????

  29. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 2, 2016

    But she will NEVER be as good as Amy Winehouse. Amy MADE Adele. At least 25 isnt a copy of Back To Black like 21 was, she is finally finding herself instead of trying to be Amy

    • Career Ender January 2, 2016

      sales don’t lie
      21 > Back To Basics
      Amy sounded like a heavy druggie on that boring Album
      Set Fire To The Druggie WINEhouse is better than BTB Album in its entirety!
      Adele > Drug-my

  30. Shanghaichica January 2, 2016

    Whitney had 14 weeks at number one with I will always lobe you as did Mariah in 2005 with we belong together. So Adele has some way to go before becoming the solo artist with the longest running number one single.

  31. another taken day something ain’t wrong January 2, 2016

    Every artists have had number one song in the past on the chart border or more then 14 weeks chart

  32. Char January 3, 2016

    Mariah Carey we belong together was number 1 for 14 weeks also lol

  33. Kitty Puurrzz January 3, 2016

    Monica & Brandy The Boy Is Mine was #1 for 13weeks.

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