Ciara Source Claps Back At Future / Says Rapper Hasn’t Paid $15,000 Child Support

Published: Monday 4th Jan 2016 by Sam

Well that didn’t take long.

Ciara is currently the top trending topic on social media following Future‘s scathing Twitte attack on her.

The ‘Dirty Sprite’ rapper alleges the Grammy winning songstress is preventing him from seeing their 20-month old son Future Zahir.

Naturally, the episode is causing debate aplenty, which makes the latest update oh so timely.

Ciara is remaining mum herself, but a “highly placed source” has elaborated on the matter.

See what we mean below…

E! reports:

A source close to Ciara tells E! News exclusively that the “I Bet” singer has never prevented Future from seeing his son and that he does not and has not paid $15,000 in child support.

As to why the rapper would go on Twitter with such bold statements, our source claims Future is jealous that Ciara has moved on and “that Future uses the situation to promote his music by staying in the press using her name.”

“Future has told her he hopes she fails in everything she does and that’s just being evil,” our insider shared. “He is unable to move on and co-parent in a healthy way.”

The drama.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Black power January 4, 2016

    Wait using her name to sell his music???? Lmaoooooo I stopped reading after that. Didn’t he leave her? Didn’t she dedicate her first single to him?? Isn’t she the one jumping into another situation to pretend she’s moved on & happy?

    • Sunshyne January 4, 2016

      Funny how the only time Future publicly lashes out at Ciara is when he’s about to drop music. Hence his last tweet after the rant being about dropping a “classic”. I see right through this clown. He is bitter and is using Ciara and their child to create buzz for his music. He’s a loser who can’t stand not being able to control the mother of his child.

      • Honest January 4, 2016

        You think future fans give a f*** about Ciara? Really? Ciara music posts get 10 comments but anything involving Future gets hundreds. Jackies total sales don’t equal to DS2 first week sales. FOH

      • Sunshyne January 4, 2016

        @Honest Future fans don’t care they stay commenting under her posts. Future supposedly doesn’t care but he still has Ciara’s initial tatted on his ring finger. *sips tea* #staywoke

      • Honest January 4, 2016

        and Jackie still ain’t selling boo boo.

      • Sunshyne January 4, 2016

        @Honest Sweetie, what have you sold. I hope your idol Future is paying you to troll under articles trashing his son’s mother. LOL!

    • MUSICHEAD January 5, 2016

      Yes but she never mentions his name. He stays name dropping her and that’s a clear sign of someone who hasn’t moved on. He only does this twitter s*** when he’s in his feelings and wants some attention.

    • Faf January 5, 2016

      You must be a Rihanna fan. @C*** Power
      He left her when he said on his album “Ima get my b**** back”

      Keep dreaming ugly

  2. Let be honest skrr January 4, 2016

    Future is not pressed for PR esp from ciara.
    Anyways You never know what happens from the inside. the truth is somewhere in the middle of this. – There are 3 sides to every story, what he said, what she said, and the truth

    • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 5, 2016

      Biitch stfu

  3. ONYX January 4, 2016

    I can’t stand Ciara at all but I have to defend her in this scenario…

    Future is a FUQING idiot for bringing such personal news to the forefront like this and now allowing the media to conjure all sorts of stories and theories.

    If you “just wanted to see Baby Future” then why not sort out letting that happen in private… why on earth would you post it on social media? What exactly are your followers going to do? Start a petition.

    Always one dumbass nīğğa doing the most, somewhere; somehow.SMH.

  4. All hail the Queen January 4, 2016

    How embarrassing. If Ciara wasn’t such a s***, and or used protection “According to Future, she gave it up real quick” she wouldn’t be having this problem.

    The Chronicles of a baby Momma, Ciara flop Harris

    • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 5, 2016

      Like yo momma

  5. Kylizzle187 January 4, 2016

    He’s tryna get that free promo! Don’t he got like 12 other kids? Can’t be a father to one and neglect the others FOH

  6. Chante January 4, 2016

    She still responds which means she still cares.
    I do believe she keeps the baby away from him until he pays her the money.
    This is going effect the baby really bad.

    • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 5, 2016

      U a stupid ho

  7. Honest January 4, 2016

    Ciara is tired. The only time people talk about her is when it involves baby daddy drama. Future actually charts and sells albums, while Ciara …… Well she exists….

  8. Jazmine January 4, 2016

    So you got B Scott and the Predator arguing over their child on social media, that’s a damn shame smh.

  9. Hur January 4, 2016

    #TeamCc she seems like a genuine young lady. Team Ciara all the f****** way!

    • Honest January 4, 2016

      Jackie ain’t sold 50k yet though. You a fake bird.

      • Sunshyne January 4, 2016

        Ciara’s first album sold more than Future’s entire discography ever will. Why be bothered by Jackie’s numbers?

      • Honest January 4, 2016

        who cares about how much she sold 11 years ago? That’s what’s wrong with you Cici fans. Step into 2016 your girl is faded.

      • Sunshyne January 4, 2016

        That’s what I”m saying, Ciara has been in the game so long that even if she never sells again she will still have outsold Future. This dude’s 5 seconds are almost up. Just you wait…

      • Drizzie January 5, 2016

        You’re pathetic. What do numbers have to do with s***?! You girls kill me. The father of her child is publicly degrading her. He only talks about her when he’s about to drop music. She made one damn song about him and moved on. You girls are late, tired, and bitter. Stank pum pum h*** you are…

    • Honest January 4, 2016

      No legacy and no real impact defines HeHe Harris. She’s just a space filler. If future never sells another record, he will continue to produce and kill behind the scenes like he’s BEEN doing while Ciara just hops from red carpet to red carpet with no awards or nominations.

  10. 4everBrandy_Ci January 4, 2016

    YESSSSSS keep it in the press and let the public know about this MISERABLE low life c*** Future. Future is pathetic and Ciara haters keep doing what y’all do because at the end of the day Ciara is happy. #C-SQUAD

    • Honest January 4, 2016

      The only pathetic one is Ciara’s fake ass. You’ll never be a Kardashian boo with her t***** looking ass. Strong jaw ass h**.

      • 4everBrandy_Ci January 4, 2016

        You low life WEAK pathetic urchin. What does the Kardashian’s have to do with this post? Poor you. *sips tea*

      • Honest January 4, 2016

        That’s who she wants to be so badly. Sip some of those fantasy ride, basic instinct, Ciara and Jackie sales you gingivitis having ass thot.

      • Jsismfjd January 5, 2016


    • ¥elyah January 5, 2016

      You mad that your faves headgame was wack so future went elsewhere?

  11. LB January 4, 2016

    This is getting embarrassing, Ciara girl do you really need that child support check? On second thought don’t answer that.

    Anyway there are certain situations you can exploit to draw attention to yourself, this is not one of them.

    Poor Baby Future is in the middle of this mess by two alleged “adults”.

    I guess K.Michelle was right, you can’t raise a man, and in this case a woman too.

    • Hur January 4, 2016

      But how much are your monthly checks? You got an opinion on someone’s else’s life. How is your life any better than hers? Right b**** it ain’t.

    • 4everBrandy_Ci January 4, 2016

      She’s not drawing attention to herself and that’s where you and the rest of these people who sit here and bash someone are WRONG. Future is putting this all on himself. Ciara can care LESS about what he has to say from now on. He did his dirt now he has to step the f*** up and do his part. She tried to stay patient and work with him but he still chooses to be this narcissist sick individual. F*** him. *sips tea*

  12. Terny January 4, 2016

    As the saying goes.. You lie with dogs, expect FLEAS! #WhatAMess.. Smh?

  13. Slay_Hive January 4, 2016

    #TeamCi This bum ass n**** has no shame. I wish people would stop making kids they don’t want. A real grown man wouldn’t handle family matters via social media. Using a child to promote your own bull is selfish. I’ve lost respect for him. How can any of you groupie hoess shade ciara and support this mess. I can’t!

    • 4everBrandy_Ci January 4, 2016

      They’re MAD. Let them stay that way because Ciara is collecting her coins with her OWN money and he’s still on them meds. *sips tea*

  14. 4everBrandy_Ci January 4, 2016

    The embarrassment is Future. Yet you low life raggedy hating bums keep talking s*** about Ciara 24/7 and wishing her failure but guess what? She’s still doing her thing and UNBOTHERED. *sips tea*

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 4, 2016

      With WHAT?! LoL
      Get ready for Brandy:The faded teen star/tv actress show to be cancelled within 10 episodes.

    • Honest January 4, 2016


  15. HailBeysus January 4, 2016

    What a Mess! Aren’t they like Multi Millionaires??? Why are they giving ghetto tease???? Ciara girl, leave the trash in the past! Fuxk the Child Support and raise the baby single handedly. He obviously only comes for Ci because she the most relevant of his baby mommas and a name people recognize! He using both if them to get that buzz going for that music! What a fuxking joke he is!

    • Honest January 4, 2016

      Y’all are so delusional! It’s Ciara not Beyonce! This drama will trend on black twitter and make ghetto blog headlines then fizzle out like C-Error’s career.

      • HailBeysus January 4, 2016

        What delusion? No body said Ciara was mainstream relevant! Bitxh it doesn’t change the fact he still using her for relevancy.

      • Honest January 4, 2016

        HOW SWAY? HOW?

        Who uses an irrelevant flop b**** for relevancy? #19K

    • TRUTH January 4, 2016

      LOL @ a name people recognize. Girl no one knows who Ciara is.

    • Mr. Cee January 5, 2016

      NO! Rih is a woman with an M.I.A. album, label issues, a fear of flopping, and KARMA tapping that a**!

  16. Ciara’s Back Up Dancer January 5, 2016

    You know…there’s an old saying that goes something like this…don’t make a woman a mother if you won’t make her a wife…just let that marinate

  17. Jamie January 5, 2016

    They need to just fuuuccckkk already.

  18. Mickey January 5, 2016

    I’m not a fan of neither one of them. If it was not for Future or Russel Wilson we would not be talking about Ciara. If it’s true that he is paying child support she should let him see his son. As far as Future talking Ciara to sell his music. That’s a joke because he would have flopped harder than she did with Jackie.

  19. FC/JC (FutureCiara) January 5, 2016

    Ciara is unbothered… Meanwhile Miss Future giving ha free promo and keeping her name trending #.

    • TRUTH January 5, 2016

      That’s the only way she can trend, like someone said, The Chronicles of a FLOP. Is Jackie her 4th flop album in a row?

      • Banks January 5, 2016

        Once again let’s tell these b**** ass haters know something. Ciara: Only Female Certified R&B song in 2015, Successful tour, Successful show on NBC, Ambassador for Topshop, Face of Roberto Cavalli, promotion deals with Ralph Lauren, Coach, David Koma & more. But low lifes still hate. It’s really sad! The Video to “I Bet” is her fastest growing video of her career with over 81 mil views but she’s irrelevant? Haha stay mad b****** bc Ciara is ONE winning ass flop!

  20. Mr. Cee January 5, 2016

    I know from experience guys like Future only keep up mess with the mother of their kids for attention…period. When a young lady moves on, some guys cannot stand it. They want so badly for the lady to still want them. They want to keep them hanging on. Future has no class, no chill and no respect for women period. He’s not a good role model for his son and exposure to him and his world would do more harm than anything to the baby. Women are commodities to Future and he’ll never change. What REAL MAN would put out personal information like this for the public to debate? Answer: none. I hope Ciara is happy and stays happy and not let this interfere with her life. Clearly, she’s unbothered…do you see her posting ANYTHING about Past, I mean Future?

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