New Video: Coldplay & Beyonce – ‘Hymn For The Weekend’

Published: Friday 29th Jan 2016 by Sam

It’s here!

Coldplay and Beyonce sprung a surprise on fans seconds ago with the release of the video ‘Hymn For The Weekend.’

Ben Mor helmed the clip, which was shot in location in Mumbai, India.

The track is the official single to be lifted from the British Pop-Rocker’s new album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ and is expected to be performed live at next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Watch the Half-time  headliners in action below…

Rich, colorful, and cultural. Love it!

Coldplay and Beyonce headline the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show in Santa Clara, California on February 7th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Taylor Tori Azalea January 29, 2016

    yaaaaas biitch

    • You tried January 29, 2016

      Queen Bey Yoy better come through! Very beautiful everything about it! Slay a little

      • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 29, 2016

        Garbage honey

    • Ugggh January 29, 2016

      Yea because when Beyonce does culture appropriation it’s okay… this is an ignorant concept and you would think the concept would have been immediately knocked because of how insulting and unnecessary it is, but should I really be shocked by Coldplay, every album they go to a different country and appropriate the culture ( China, Africa and now Indonesia). Really Beyonce? I better not see this ignorance displayed at the Super Bowl Half Time show.

      • Danny Bey January 29, 2016

        You sound dumb. There’s a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural APPRECIATION, which this is. The damn director of this video, Ben Mor, is Indian so how the hell is he appropriating his own culture? B****** stay mad at Beyoncé with no validity. Should concentrate that energy more on donating to Flint Michigan or making sure Trump doesn’t get elected for president.

      • Ugggh January 29, 2016

        How am I dumb for being Western Indian and having a non-western Indian use my culture and water it down as “art”? If this was a white artist you guys would be pissed! If this was any other race appropriating black culture you guys would drag the fûck out of them. Such a double standard.

      • Danny Bey January 29, 2016

        You just made yourself sound even more dumb. It’s not even BEYONCE’s video nor her concept. It’s Coldplay’s. I.e. A white artist. So that just proves Beyoncé keeps you all upset for no reason.

      • Marcos Peguero January 30, 2016

        Nah, remember its only appropriation if white people do it. Its only evil if white people do it. Its only racist if white people do it. And to say Beyonce isn’t as guilty as coldplay because the song is not her’s its ridiculous. She wrote part of the lyrics, she is the video, she contributed to it. I personally could not care about culture appropriation, everyone has appropriated some foreign culture nowadays. Nothing you do now is actually yours originally, but if we’re going to apply this concept, it must be applied equally to all races, including every minority.

    • Unbreak my edges January 29, 2016

      The shjt is whack and ya’ll ho(e)s know it so stop it.

  2. Smile January 29, 2016

    It’s cute.

    • I support great music January 29, 2016

      These money makers such as bey, ri, cl always steel from M.I.A. #respect

  3. MsYonce January 29, 2016

    She looks so beautiful???! Coldplay videos are always cute

  4. trellbeylike January 29, 2016

    The colors were stunning!!! Beyoncé is gorgeous. the indian culture looks beautiful. I’m ready. Nice video coldplay.

    • x_x January 29, 2016

      Yea, I agree. The direction was nice.

  5. Surprise..(DEC 2013) January 29, 2016


    • MsYonce January 29, 2016

      Ikr I w

      • MsYonce January 29, 2016

        I was gonna say the same thing

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 29, 2016

      Them hœs finna seethe hunny! and they will conveniently forget about how Hœhanna was appropriating oriental culture in POC, but i’m sleep

    • x_x January 29, 2016

      Princess of China Pt. II

      But enjoy.

      • Ilovemusic January 29, 2016

        Man just look at the video and stfu. It’s from the same main artist, so having a similar theme is not far fetched. You stans kill me.

      • x_x January 29, 2016

        I’m not a stan. But you Beyonce fans would be s quick to call that s*** if it was the other way around. So you can kindly stfu. 🙂

      • x_x January 29, 2016

        Also– I was intially referencing the VIDEO + THEME. Not the FEATURED artist. Idiot

  6. Surprise..(DEC 2013) January 29, 2016

    She looks fuckking beautiful!!!!1

  7. i’m back B****** rihanna’s biggest fan January 29, 2016

    rihanna did it first, so sit the f*** down ho and clap it the f*** back! dusty ass ho go suck on yo man’s gorilla lips
    yes i am that petty like the rest of you beyonce fans who stay checking for rihanna and stay in her post!

    try me m************ i will drag you back to your mother’s uterus and make her eat your diapers you s***** ass hos

    • MsYonce January 29, 2016

      Lmao girl its Coldplay song and video they make the decisions on what they want. Go cruy now!

      • i’m back B****** rihanna’s biggest fan January 29, 2016

        b**** i dont give a f*** if its obama himself coldplay clearly choose rihanna first because hello ITS RIHANNA known for taking risks she ain’t basic like beyonce (ie her new album) dont come for me b**** unless i send for your ass because i will drag you you dusty ass mop headed weave smell like vinegar gorilla in the face looking b****. b**** come clean my yard

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) January 29, 2016


    • f*** ya January 29, 2016

      Get a life h**

  8. RASHAD January 29, 2016

    Honestly this is my first time ever hearing this song! I give it a 6/10.

    Positive- Beyoncé looks great and I love her subtle falsetto vocal delivery!

    Negative- The song has no climax it overall falls flat.

    Even though j know Bey was a guest on this song you should have used her vocals to her advantage! It will be interesting what they do with this song live because Cold Play & Bey always can take a average song and turn it into something magical when is performed live!

  9. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 29, 2016

    Why is ANTi struggling on all of the charts? The titanics need to explain, didn’t they say this was her “ray of light” moment?

    • i’m back B****** rihanna’s biggest fan January 29, 2016

      why is gaga so f****** basic i guess she ran out of tricks her shock value has no shock value and she has rosrted to acting because she knows her music no longer has any importance. i bought art pop and literally threw it out of my car window its trash b**** dont you dare come for queen rih she’s accomplished way more than lady flopa and is far more creative do you know how many people want to work with rihanna? so clap it the f*** back ho! wit yo ratchet ass begging for attention this aint even a rih post dumb broad

    • What now January 29, 2016

      We’ll find Rihanna’s Ray of Light moment when you explain why the album of the Millennium didn’t go platinum…

      • i’m back B****** rihanna’s biggest fan January 29, 2016

        b**** you can ask the same about beyonce why is that try hard b**** who made a video for EVERY single song on her album why has that b**** not reached diamond yet? not even her first album crazy ass s*** is diamond yet and we are talking about a woman who has been in this industry for a VERY long time. i stan for rihanna rihanna is my queen you cocome for her i come for you simple as that b**** and i will be the PETTIEST because ya been coming for rih since day one why ya so mad? because anytime beyonce is mentioned the comparison to rihanna follows yes be mad and stay mad b**** rihanna is still gettin her money so clap it the f*** back! rihanna did it first and it’s that simple.

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

        Best comment!

  10. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 29, 2016

    I love videos that explore other cultures. Plus, the concept overall is really cool. And, can’t forget to mention how good Bey looks.

  11. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 29, 2016

    ICONIC GODDESS!!!!!!!!! *prays*

  12. bash January 29, 2016

    LoveIt…go Beyonce!

  13. Penny Sparrow January 29, 2016

    Coldplay are so petty for not making this a tidal exclusive??

  14. Jay January 29, 2016

    This is such a Princess Of China-rip off videowise I am appalled

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 29, 2016

      Nope, POC had oriental vibes and was cheaply shot with a street fighter greenscreen, HFTW was shot in India with an expensive budget and cohesive theme.

  15. Penny Sparrow January 29, 2016

    The video is okay not amazing, makes me appreciate Indian culture even more and Bey looks amazing in that video I can imagine her having a quick Bollywood era

  16. T January 29, 2016

    Tass Queen bey!! She is sooo gorgeous!

  17. Sandra January 29, 2016

    Beyonce has truly lost it. Bad video && song. Her last good album was Sasha Fierce. I can’t believe she’s appropriating Indian culture. Shameful.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) January 29, 2016

      As expected….lmao. The hate and struggle is real

    • Absolved January 29, 2016

      LOL@you. What a desperate comment, just to say something – anything. Be quiet. You said that this year was Rihanna’s, well…

    • RihYonce January 29, 2016

      This isn’t even her song dumb ass & this video & song is amazing so stop hating

  18. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 29, 2016

    Why are the titanics bringing GaGa into this? Didn’t Riherrpes steal from GaGa for this promo? YASsSS, @Rashad spilled that tea earlier

    • What now January 29, 2016

      Didn’t Gaga steal that flop song Anticipating R*** Till It Happens lyrics pretending she wrote it and ole girl dropped the truth tea on who really wrote it??

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

        What Now with the dragging!

  19. Taylor Tori Azalea January 29, 2016

    Bey better come thru with her thieving techniques and steal Antis spotlight

  20. Ronnie January 29, 2016


  21. RihYonce January 29, 2016

    Yes queen !!! She looked so beautiful in this video ! And I can’t wait to see this live !!

  22. Charlieyoncé January 29, 2016

    My fave is f****** gorgeous ??? stunning visual, love Coldplay. Promoting the song with an epic halftime show performance will be the cherry on top ????

  23. RICHIE_RICH January 29, 2016

    Work out MOTHA

    • RihYonce January 29, 2016

      Beyoncé look was better than Rih’s , come on now & I love Rihanna but let’s not lie , and how is she copying if this video is Indian inspired & POC video was Chinese inspired, I can’t with y’all haters today

  24. jaquala January 29, 2016

    I hate to say this……but this is basic for bey bey I need her to snatch my soul. Beautiful video however it was a little everywhere (for me) vocals were nice not yonce great but idk. Maybe it will have to grow on me

    • MsYonce January 29, 2016

      She’s just singing background vocals Lool

    • RihYonce January 29, 2016

      She’s singing background vocals what do you expect her to do & it’s not even her song

  25. Taylor Tori Azalea January 29, 2016

    Put your wings on me wings on me
    Best video of 2016 so far after Out of the woods afcourse
    Waits for Work video

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 29, 2016

      I thought they were saying drinks on me, drinks on me…
      I thought this was an anthem for going out on the weekend. Looool I just had a Dumb blonde moment.
      Feeling like arianator, LB and Truth

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 29, 2016

        @EveryonesACritic She said that too, just in another verse.
        @Hœ-Wh00re-Hō shut up

  26. Barb-wire January 29, 2016

    I love it! Bey looks so pweeetay!!!

  27. DanYiel Iman January 29, 2016

    I’ve never heard a Coldplay song but I actually like this track Feat. Beyonce. I better go check out some of Coldplays songs in the future…

  28. MsYonce January 29, 2016

    Beyonce girl get ready to be dragged for cultural appropriation from everybody except INDIAN people. Anyways I’m glad she went to India and shot this???

  29. Everyone’s A Critic January 29, 2016

    Honestly she didn’t look that great and I would’ve liked interaction with the band. The In your face symbols weren’t helping either. She needs to stop fueling the juju rumours.
    Love the song but that wig looked like it was borrowed from watermelondrea

    She looked amazing in the veil though.
    I’m ready for more

    • SlaveMaster January 29, 2016

      B**** bye!

      • Everyone’s A Critic January 29, 2016

        Is that what your f***** daddy said when he left your mother?

        Never address me like that. You should know better

  30. RihannaNavyStan January 29, 2016

    ? I have no words lol , it’s obvious if Bey on a track oh it’s everything her vocals all that on point & blah but if Rihanna ft on a track it’s a bunch of negative feedback screeching & w/e like y’all are so hypocritical …. but how thoughtful of Bey remind you it’s just her vocals & her in the video not her ” verse ” …. anybocan do that & make a quick buck ? overall it’s cute. I don’t hate but y’all beyHive overrated her …

    • Absolved January 29, 2016

      Um. Beyonce has talent and is a real singer. Rihanna doesn’t and is not. If she was on the track, it would be nothing more than a marketing stunt.

  31. SlaveMaster January 29, 2016

    B**** F*** the RihYAWNna Navy. They some hateful spiteful and jealous b******. F*** any Bey-haters.

  32. What now January 29, 2016

    This was dope asf! It’s been one hell of a week this week. New J. Cole music. New Riri album. Amber & co Twitter beef. Etc. Etc. Hollyweird better slay and keep us entertained.

  33. JanStan January 29, 2016

    Loved it! Bey is giving me Runaway Janet realness.

  34. #JACKIE January 29, 2016

    Sorry but the song is whack!

    • SlaveMaster January 29, 2016

      B**** your life is wack. Your birth was wack. Your existence is wack. Your fave career is wack. Wack ass b****!

      • #JACKIE January 29, 2016

        Eww you’re irrelevant. I don’t entertain the help.

    • SlaveMaster January 29, 2016

      Your opinion is irrelevant just like your life. B**** your mom was the help when she got pregnant with you by a pimp.

      Ugly mad pathetic miserable ass b****.

  35. beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 29, 2016

    She looks better in henna than.I ever could & I have to say shr is perfect here.I don’t understand this cultural dispute thing at all ir maybe its thr fact that im ignorant about everything.Anyway B6 come slay me.

  36. MsYonce January 29, 2016

    Indian Twitter is loving it??. Of course Beyonce haterz are seething but oh well w?

  37. RihannaNavyStan January 29, 2016

    the devil in disguise. be mindful of what you watch ? … y’all ain’t never EVER Heard a coldplay record in y’all lives all of sudden y’all a fan ( BeyHive ) ????.

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 29, 2016

      Loooooooooooooool, it’s soooo true. But thats why people collaborate, to join forces.
      And the Queen DID that.
      Let’s get this to number one Hive

    • Danny Bey January 29, 2016

      “The devil in disguise” but you’re a Rihanna stan? Oh the irony and delusion this week.

  38. leemitch January 29, 2016

    Beyonce was basically doing background vocals tbh. They didn’t even put her name in the title as a feature. It might as well have been Mary J. Blige singing. She looked cute in the video tho.

  39. blue January 29, 2016

    its cute

  40. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 29, 2016

    I can’t wait for the Super Bowl performance. I wonder if she will come into the stadium through the sky, since we saw those pictures of her in the air. Plus the chorus says ‘shoot across the sky’, so it would fit the performance. I would be LIVING for another entrance like this!

  41. WINTZ January 29, 2016

    We cheering for u Bey!! U need a MEGA hit to save your career this time round. And a fresh sound but you looking pretty girl!

    • SlaveMaster January 29, 2016

      F L O P.

  42. T January 29, 2016

    The navy should worry about saving their flopping fave. Instead they’re pressed about Queen bey as usual because they know their fave will never ever reach her level.

  43. .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

    I like it. Well done Coldplay.

  44. Mo January 29, 2016

    Song sucks. Video is meh. Coldplay tries entirely too hard and desperate for a hit and were rude to leave Beyonce out of the title on YouTube. Bye.

  45. Barb B**** January 29, 2016

    Stunning, she looks amazing. Love the song as well. Superbowl will slay.

  46. .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

    TBH, it looks like a cheap Dollar store version “Princess of China”. There’s too much cultural appropriation from Beybøla. The song doesn’t even have Indian vibes unlike “Princess of China” which had clear Chinese vibes, thus the theme of the music video, but it’s My Coldplay so I like it.

  47. Royalkev January 29, 2016

    Beautiful colors! Catchy song! Beyonce looks absolutely incredible! This video has nothing but good things! Coldplay and Bey are perfect together for this collaboration!

  48. .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

    They Performing Arts dropout didn’t even have a full verse so her cameo wasn’t necessary.

  49. .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

    Ladies and Gentlemen, ANTi is platinum! Now seethe.

    • Barb B**** January 29, 2016


  50. Navy Nick January 29, 2016

    I’m a Beyonce lover, and definitely into Coldplay, but this video was just ok for me. It reminds me of the Rihanna one they did too… Could have done something more (ehhhh), they look great obviously, but the story was just blah. I also kind of idk, have mixed feelings about them. They now have worked with Rihanna and Beyonce because of their names, when Brandy gave them so much love on Afrosiaiac, just saying she’s amazing talent too.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 29, 2016

      Brandy IS the vocal bible, but honestly when she sampled Coldplay’s ‘Clocks’ on ‘Should I Go’ it overshadowed the artistry and complexity of the original song. I do think Chris should work with her tho, but not on a Coldplay song.

  51. .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

    Congratulations to @Rihanna! #ANTI is officially #RIAAPlatinum. @RocNation @TIDALHiFi
    ANTi went Platinum before ShitPrint. LMFAOOOOO

  52. Jacob January 29, 2016

    Princess of China still better

  53. Sam January 29, 2016

    Beyonce out here at her blondest looking very Rita Ora like, singing a minimal amount to just qualify as a feature. I think its safe to say that she wasn’t on location with Coldplay. I think that this is going to be the most boring Super Bowl show.

  54. No favs, just here for the music January 29, 2016

    Omg I LOVE.

    Beyonce looks gorgeous. The video makes me love the song even more. Great Job!!!

  55. Unbreak my edges January 29, 2016

    Ya’ll beyhive make me so fuking sick yassssssing all things beyonce the ho(e) was barely in the video. sit do f** down somewhere and stfu dumb ass site with commentators with no brains. silly ho(e)s

  56. Rihboy January 29, 2016

    Beautiful colors? Are these the qualities we are considering because it’s a flop? ?. Bey looked nice but that was her only contribution to the song. She was the instrumental ????. Girl bye!

  57. Danyboo January 29, 2016

    I just dont like she doesnt gave a verse… beys in the backup oohs and ahhs

  58. fatusankoh January 29, 2016

    Omg queen bey is so beautiful she always slay their is no one like her I love the video I can’t wait for the supper bowl

  59. Carry On January 29, 2016

    Janet Jackson’s escapade. Good thou….

  60. King Mark111 /.\ January 29, 2016

    Very nice video. Made me love the song even more.

  61. killian January 29, 2016

    Yes bey oh yes ….you’ve got vocals you’ve got moves you’ve got star power and you are drop dead gorgeous there anything you can not do? #video of the year

  62. Jamon January 30, 2016

    Let me start by saying this, the title of the article needs to be, “Coldplay ft. Beyonce”. Another thing is, Coldplay should be in the picture, not just a photo of Beyonce. Another thing Sam, Coldplay is headlining the Super Bowl, not Coldplay and Beyonce. She is a superstar, who has her credibility, Sam doesn’t need to take the shine away from another artist, just so he could mention her name. If it were me, I would be offended. But I’m sure this is the only site that does immature antics as such.

  63. Takuara January 30, 2016

    It was a cute Lil video but uummmm tell me again why y’all are fighting over celebrities whom have never put money in ur pockets or paid Any if ur bills. Get a life and let’s make this money these celebs not arguing over us lmfao silly rabbits

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