Chart Check: Zayn Malik Topples Rihanna On iTunes / Sia Sinks ‘ANTI’ On Album Chart

Published: Friday 29th Jan 2016 by Sam

Rihanna‘s ‘ANTI’ album arrived amidst a sea of chaos this week. And while a mighty media campaign has been mounted to massage sales, the 27-year-old’s battle against the backlash looks to be an uphill one.

Details below…

As at writing, the project’s fourth-but-apparently-first single ‘Work’ has been bested on US iTunes by Zayn Malik and his debut solo effort ‘Pillow Talk.’

Having launched into the top spot upon release, where it stayed for two days, the diva’s Drake duet now settles for second place after the One Direction star snatched the #1 position.


The climate isn’t altogether better on the album front.

Singer-songwriter Sia‘s sophomore effort ‘This Is Acting’ currently sits above ‘ANTI’ (which was made available to purchase after being free on TIDAL). Both releases are #2 and #3 respectively.


There’s ample irony in this, because ‘Diamonds’ writer Sia has made no secret of the fact that her album is comprised of songs that were written for other artists (including Rihanna) who rejected them.

Now, ain’t that something!

In any case, with a physical edition of ‘ANTI’ due next week, it’ll be interesting to see how – if at all – how it reflects on the project’s commercial standing.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Gerett January 29, 2016

    The demand for Rihs music is not there. Idk why she expects people to buy an album that they’re still giving away for free. The fact that there are still free copies left is a kii in itself.

    • maurice January 29, 2016

      I’m so confused by her marketing camapaign.
      All I know is that she’s already made 25m from her Samsung deal, who are also paying for her tour stage, etc. She’s probably never made 25m from one of her albums alone, so she’s happy regardless.
      It was more or less an album for Samsung’s phone release than an album with the record company’s backing.

    • You tried January 29, 2016

      The real Kii here is “EVERYONE THATS CURRENTLY IN TOP 3 won’t go PLATINUM” oops lol ??

      • DD January 29, 2016

        At least they “won’t go platinum” with credibility. Same thing can’t be said about Hoax-hanna.

  2. AllHailMariah January 29, 2016

    She might not get that number 1 album or number 1 BB100 entry?☕️Yasss for Sia and Zayn trumping her?

    • Cupid January 29, 2016

      Check again… ANTI #2 and will be #1 soon. Too bad haters.

  3. Mariah The Legend January 29, 2016

    Wow. The hate is too much. Anyway, let the rants begin!!!!!

    • rosy January 29, 2016

      I know right the hate is real and grapejuice stalks her all day to find something to post so the haters can tear apart really!!!! The woman top 90 f****** country why her accomplishments p*** you all off so much it makes you sleep well at night okay will it help she dies will that make u feel better get a f****** life

  4. Taylor Tori Azalea January 29, 2016

    kiiiiiii kiiiiii kiiii and another double kiiiiii
    Lmfao sam finally writes about RIH since Anti walls dropped and I love it
    Zayn Malik better come thru
    and if this album doesn’t debut #1 I’ll forever kiiii any day at any navy when trying to throw shade at Bey

    • rosy January 29, 2016

      Stfu you bammer

  5. blue January 29, 2016

    can just imagine sam refreshing the itunes chart every minute just waiting for the moment the zayn song topped work so he can post this pre-written report.

    • Rihboy January 29, 2016

      Right! We all know how it goes when a major star releases to iTunes for the first day ????. Bye Sam.

    • rosy January 29, 2016

      He is obsess it’s pathetic maybe he needs amber to play in his b*** hole

    • Rihboy January 29, 2016

      Plus anti is now ahead of sias album since he wants to be a petty refresh queen. Pillow talk is a really good song. But that song will be carried by the hype of him becoming a solo artist. Plus its generic pop that any other artist could have made number 1.

      • CherylSoldierr January 29, 2016

        Like every one of rihs past hits? Girl have a seat

      • Rihboy January 30, 2016

        Rihanna’s number 1’s are diverse. Different genres. Not all pop. Which what one direction does. All pop.,Rihanna can sell any genre. Now she is selling alternative.,what has Cheryl sold? Oh yeah I forgot she doesn’t exist in the industry. ??

    • What now January 29, 2016


  6. Eldela January 29, 2016

    I have ZERO interest in anything One Direction-related and will not be buying this “Zayn” persons music, but I appreciate his cockblocking Rihanna.

  7. blue January 29, 2016

    love on the brain blows my mind. Is that even rihanna’s voice on the second verse.????

    • Lmfao_Hoe January 29, 2016

      I love S** with Me, Same Ol Mistakes, Work, Close To You, Needed Me, Consideration, Love in the Brain, Woo, and of course James Joint. Everything else is either growing on me or I’ll give another spin later. But overall I really like the album. Its mature and solid in her standards.

      Somebody said she stole Beys Superpower with Love In the Brain, but somebody said Bey stole that vibe from Amy Winehouse Wake Up Alone smh.

      • Rihboy January 30, 2016

        Love on the brain sounds nothing like superpower to different concepts.

    • Rihboy January 30, 2016

      Is it her voice? What? Yes it is.

  8. RASHAD January 29, 2016


    • rosy January 29, 2016

      What makes you giggle that you broke and have no life and live in the lap of hatred for someone you don’t know and want to fail I’m certain u black right ?

      • RASHAD January 29, 2016

        You mad or nah? It’s not my fault her flop album sliding down the charts. Go vent & project to someone else. (Continues to giggle).

  9. blue January 29, 2016

    anti is now #1 in the uk. And ww.

  10. MISHKA January 29, 2016

    ‘Work’ is actually a great song, I like it.

    But when compared to her previous projects, there is no hype at all , and this is very confusing. People waited wayyy too long and now they are used to her absence.

    Plus there are a lot of exciting young acts coming up: Justin is back better than never, Selena finally found her mojo and Zayn is finally aware of his potential and is about to take over. There are also those young girls Tinashe, Alessia Cara or even Serayah from Empire who are getting a lot of buzz.

    Rihanna is 28 now, the rebellious act won’t mean much now, unless she becomes a real activist. She needs to add more than just selfies to her story.

    • Cupid January 29, 2016

      No hype? Are you serious? Lmao you don’t get 1million streams of an entire album an hour, 13million streams an hour (deluxe wasn’t included), with no hype.

  11. 555 January 29, 2016

    well see if she sinks or swim next week
    too early
    (even mariah’s latest flop was #1 in 20 countries when it dropped)

    and btw Higher is the best thing on ANTI

    • rosy January 29, 2016

      You can’t wait can you let’s see if your welfare ass foodstamps approve next week

  12. DJ January 29, 2016

    Congrats to Zayn!!!
    There weren’t any guarantees for solo success.
    Y’all stopped reportng on blk women except rh & bey????
    Y’all have a pop group 5th harmony cover but no monca or no other news on rnb females????

  13. blue January 29, 2016

    i understand the tidal exclusive thing, but why give away for free?

    • rosy January 29, 2016

      You can’t wait can you let’s see if your welfare ass foodstamps approve next week

  14. Music all the way January 29, 2016

    This album reminded me when Beyonce droped 4,,it was soooo different from her previous records which most of the time sided to more pop sound but she did something different with 4, more RnB with lots of vocals… Anti sort of reminds me of 4 (well the vocals on Anti obviously dont even come close to 4), f*** the charts and sales and do what makes you feel better.,, But the way her fans be trashing other artists who under-performs is soooo pathetic,so i hope this ulbum and it’s singles wont flop…
    Goodluck girl and keep making that dollar

    • Natasha3 January 29, 2016

      All fan base are guilty of the very same thing that!!!! Rihanna’s fans aren’t the only ones and not all of them do that.

  15. Hey now. January 29, 2016

    but y’all still struggling to keep a minimum wage job…

  16. well well January 29, 2016

    @sam’s bash quickie? ofc… there’s no selling against millions prepub lil girls with boy fever. is it spring already? lol

    dunno what sia is about. where the chart from? and a free tease is a free tease if you want it. and we are still not even a day in yet. wtf. you too quick @sam. but yo need that mob feel right now… neh. that lil backyard here? more lol

  17. Thruth Hurts January 29, 2016

    OMG the hive is buying pillow talk see navy you should have play nice instead of boasting and talking s*** now y’all girl is flopping

    • rosy January 29, 2016

      You can’t wait can you let’s see if your welfare ass foodstamps approve next week

  18. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    yes thank you Sam!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rosy January 29, 2016

      We navy do not care about the hives they are obsessed with rih and come on her post about anything that is written it drives them crazy that another black woman is popular as beyonce the hives are all welfare recipients non illiterate asses with no life or job prospects so their job is to hate on rih all day everyday with no compensation bey don’t even acknowledge the hives at least rih gives her navy a shout out bey spit on her hives like the bottom of her shoes peasants

  19. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    what reign?
    #1 solo song 4 years ago!!!!!!

    • rosy January 29, 2016

      We navy do not care about the hives they are obsessed with rih and come on her post about anything that is written it drives them crazy that another black woman is popular as beyonce the hives are all welfare recipients non illiterate asses with no life or job prospects so their job is to hate on rih all day everyday with no compensation bey don’t even acknowledge the hives at least rih gives her navy a shout out bey spit on her hives like the bottom of her shoes peasants

  20. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    the spirit of 4closure has descended at camp fenty
    you can’t put tge blame on giving album for freee
    no a flop is a flop

  21. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    where is LB?????????
    can you stomach the floppage you Botswana – Canadian demon?

  22. Jamie January 29, 2016

    I’m over here laughing my ass off!!!! Get it Zayn!!!

    • rosy January 29, 2016

      Instead of looking for rih to fail go get a job or go to school get off whomever couch you on and get a life rihanna has money rich b**** so your opinion of hatred on rih does not matter laughing on here about iTunes what that get you tell me you haters are something else I hate to know what your ages are because if this generation is teen coming like this and cheering for failure something is very wrong with society rih make you wound up so much it’s f****** music why you happy she drop on iTunes no one stays long on iTunes that long you stupid b**** broke low maggot gtfoh rih post

  23. Taylor Tori Azalea January 29, 2016

    It’s #4 now kii just like sam I stay refreshing the page
    Bey Ciara and many are hollering hunty
    Another kii goes t Tyra exposing itself in the last rih post
    Rih thought Adele was the only person who would block her from that
    #1 on both charts
    her only chance right now is to release Work Music video
    I see the Navy pulling a little monsters this year
    The Kiiiiiii I seriously can’t @ them
    # Artpop part 2 : The Extinction
    # Anti #1

  24. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    these flops I own are a part who I am *Brandy’s voice*
    Hot 100 , bungee jumping
    BB200 , sky diving
    what a floppage

  25. Beyonce wins January 29, 2016

    Thank The Lord rihanna is losing!!!!! Beyonce sia gaga adele come thru

  26. Career Ender January 29, 2016


  27. Taylor Tori Azalea January 29, 2016

    waits for Molly to officially stan Rih I swear the way she kisses them aszes

    • Music all the way January 29, 2016

      Hahahahahahahaha…..We all know how she rolls….

  28. Penny Sparrow January 29, 2016

    Sia is not much of an album seller I mean didn’t her last album do 50K first week and Zayn will probably crack the top ten but fall down like dominoes the next week just like most of 1 D’s singles but I’m here for the meltdowns and excuses if ANTI doesn’t clock in at #1????

  29. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    Lady Gaga and her 99 cents gimmicks, sold her album
    Jay-Z and his Samsung 1 mill copies sold his album
    Beyoncé and her gimmick release- frontloaded sales still sold her album
    Rihanna and her ANTI = ANTiSuccess
    I cannot!!!!
    what a boss

    • RASHAD January 29, 2016

      Let Stretch Marks111 tell it you would be 100%. That child said this was the best promo he has ever seen and that given away her album “free” was a smart idea. Her album was leaked he moment it went on Tidal so either way this album would have suffered massive leakage. These girls are so delusional but I’m looking forward to 2nd week sales more than the 1st. This album is going to fade so fast off the charts lol

  30. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    here ego must be deflating faster than LB can say “Canada”

  31. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    ” @ rihanna
    I only know how to be number 1!! I could use
    a challenge… “How dat feel down there on ya
    4:46 PM – 29 Mar 2013”

  32. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    the end of the w**** of babylon , ladies and gentlemen , behold!

    • RICHIE_RICH January 29, 2016

      You a mess, that’s what I use to called her to get the navy man!!!!

      • Career Ender January 29, 2016


      • RICHIE_RICH January 29, 2016


  33. blue January 29, 2016

    anti just jumped over sia and now just has isiah to go. But not being released physically still gonna hurt like a muther

  34. RICHIE_RICH January 29, 2016

    I don’t care if it’s #1 or #100 it’s a good album . She did here thing no hate from this hive member. Work RiRi .

    Now I’m just waiting for mother Beyoncé to come thru cause daughter did her thing!!!!!


    • Career Ender January 29, 2016

      Don’t do it Richie
      BEYONCÉ was critically acclaimed but that didn’t stop the demons to try our stan base and Queen
      let the nazi demons know what karma is!!!!!

      • RICHIE_RICH January 29, 2016

        Sometimes in life you have to be the bigger person…….

        No shade nor T we know where motha is sitting in the game.

        I pay some members of the Navy no damn mind. I give credit where credit is due!!!!!!

        Yeah I , said it lol

    • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

      Exactly sis idk why the hive feels like they must hate stfu and enjoy music.

  35. blue January 29, 2016

    are you that bitter? We get it you dont like her but seems a little too personal with the countless posts. Thought her “flopping” would make you happy but you just coming off more pressed than ever. Do you need that much self convincing to believe in her flopping?

    • Career Ender January 29, 2016

      bluemas irrelevant
      from a scale of Work to American Oxygen
      how hurt are you by this era performance?

      • blue January 29, 2016

        if you see my posts during ffs you would know that i never believed that was the beginning of the anti era. Im good. I got higher, desperado and love on the brain. Seriously cant stop playing lotb

  36. Lolz January 29, 2016

    I hope all the old fossils come out of hiding for the epic Rihanna dragging that’s coming. I hope pop royalty makes an appearance

  37. Slay_Hive January 29, 2016

    Chile NOT Kevin Gates topping Anti-Hits! I can’t…lmaoo Still getting my life from Work tho. Werk werk werk werk werk *whines ass and hips insanely*

    • RICHIE_RICH January 29, 2016

      I didn’t like it at 1st but its cute . Had a real cute workout to it this morning . And fcuk the shiit out of hubby to kiss it better last night . Yes mama hunty ??????????

      • Slay_Hive January 29, 2016

        Biitch I am hollering…. lmaoooo I done made up a whole routine for Work…She did that!!!

      • RICHIE_RICH January 29, 2016

        I’m killing it now as I type . Twerk twerk twerk . Baby . I can’t wait to eat it this weekend in the club.

    • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

      Yes baby work slays hope the video is epic

      • Slay_Hive January 29, 2016

        Yas, I hope she taps into her inner Super Island Girl and slays us real quick.. HOPEFULLY. We all know how she is with choreography tho. UGH!! lmaooo

  38. Smile January 29, 2016

    Is this what you guys do all day? Just wait for people to “fail”? Whatever happened to enjoying music and congratulating one another for the success an album or single does have? It’s embarrassing that people take joy in watching others “fail”.


  39. ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016

    Stanning for Richie right now. Show these h*** what maturity and grace looks like.

    • RICHIE_RICH January 29, 2016

      Aww thanks boo.

      • ?Queen Molly? January 29, 2016


  40. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    4 could never eithet!

  41. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    all artists can win but rihanna
    her ego
    her bad attitude
    her bully stan base
    Lax, Sybil, LB, Mark, Centurion, Bkue Ivy Rodriguez, Ozzy, RihIcon, Slayriah, Kelly Kelly, H2O, WHUT, etc
    I cant amd I won’t
    wait till her 1st week salea post, I’ll be serving Mariah’s MIAMTEC first week sales drag fest and more

  42. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    aint this the same demon that ridiculed Ciara’s Career and now look at her Anti
    😉 😀 😀 😀 🙂

  43. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    Zayn of all artists?
    where is her best selling female / artist of millennium power at?

  44. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    after all she’s on same book page with legends like MJ, Whitney, Madonna and Mariah and yet here she is struggling with Anti

  45. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 29, 2016

    I’m here for the 98777541478 excuses @Mark and @LooseBottom will give. Well of cause ANTi will flop because the titanics don’t support their fave (eg @LooseBottom). I can bet my life that they ALL downloaded the album on torrents and sharing sites. That said, the album is absolute trash! All that hype for this trash? Lol the titanics will be dragged next week when she fails to get those 100k sales

  46. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    the regular Navi won’t grace this post cos they are cowards like their flopping leader

  47. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    I saw some bugs saying Anti is better that 25 , where??????
    after shopping hits on Sia’s bucket, and other countless producers and song writers
    then booom, the underwhelming WORK grace our poor earth
    I can’t

  48. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    I haven’t listened to this album, I won’t buy/stream nor deplete my data by illegally downloading
    I will simply get it from a friend by a usb stick

  49. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    all the drag queens getting life from this basic album
    anti is a non event
    qhen we talk of albums we speak of:
    25, X, that Sam Smith album, BEYONCÉ
    not this gyrating + püssy-popping mess

  50. JanStan January 29, 2016

    Move your body off Sias new album would have been everything she needed to get this album off the ground. I wonder if it was one of the songs Rihanna passed on. Rhi would have slayed it to the trenches. If so it was another huge misstep in this beyond messy era.

  51. Smile January 29, 2016

    Oh look, anti #1 on US ITunes. 😉

  52. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    Zayn over took her S in the UK too

  53. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    a basic bxtch can’t even spend a mere 1 week atop the iTunes charts like her contemporaries

  54. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    judging by comments Pillow Talk is better than Work
    because y’all basic and drags and can’t leave popstars c****§ you here stanning for a mesa that is Work
    I can’t with y’all

  55. #JACKIE January 29, 2016

    LMAO @ Kevin Gates beating her too!!! FLOP!!!

  56. Knowles Carter January 29, 2016

    Rihanna’s star has diminished. The navy can say whatever they like but the proof is in the pudding.

  57. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    I therefore bunnish the Navi to silent-ville aka silent blogging
    its okay yo seethe from the other side
    bye lemmings!

  58. Cierror could never January 29, 2016

    ANTI IS NOW #1

  59. Career Ender January 29, 2016

    we gonn have less xit throwings from LB, Mark and Centurion
    what a time to be alive!

  60. Kelvin January 29, 2016

    Wow this career ended person is really childish. Are u 12?

    By the way everyone knew zayn will be #1. All 1D fans wild buy it. Atleast rihanna can take a song to #1 on iTunes

    And anti is now #1 on US iTunes and that’s after 1 million ppl downloaded it for free in 15 hours after rihanna asked them to.

  61. SWISH January 29, 2016

    LOL at all the pressed soul that wrote this article and the pressed undercover stans flooding the comments … ANTI is #1 on iTunes

  62. caribbean native January 29, 2016

    Haha the dhameee on thay bottom formerly known as sam…..anti is now #1 on itunes and work is also #1………he will never post the positives because he is salty and butter at the same time…………………i love u rih….keep proving them wrong

  63. Barb B**** January 29, 2016

    I’m screaming. The Navy is too quiet in these streets. I actually think the Hive are being tame about this. Now all of a sudden everyone’the hater when the Navy stayed dragging Nick through PP, Gaga through art pop and Beyonce through 4. They are the biggest stan base that stan for sales now all of a sudden its about quality? I can’t. Karma.

  64. .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

    Here’s something to cry about: ANTi is platinum!

  65. .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

    iTunes chart are updated every 1-3 hours. ANTI is back to #1 on iTunes and is officially Platinum after 2 days.

  66. .:: Centurion ::. January 29, 2016

    Congratulations to @Rihanna! #ANTI is officially #RIAAPlatinum. @RocNation @TIDALHiFi

  67. Keri Qween January 29, 2016

    ANTI is back to #1 on us iTunes

    Yall wasted a post for nothing , the album is still selling and y’all still look like fools ?

    • Nye January 29, 2016

      I was just about to post this…the album is #1on itunes – so they can remove this post…album is on spotify and all too…

  68. #JACKIE January 29, 2016

    How the hell is Anti platinum? The scheming is real!!!

  69. Oscar January 29, 2016

    career ended, boo, I searched your name and it seems you already have 27 posts. give the library keyboard a break Hun; you’re commenting more than the navy!

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