Bruno Mars Praises Beyonce / Teases Super Bowl Return

Published: Wednesday 10th Feb 2016 by Sam

Bruno Mars has emerged as one of modern music’s premier performers. A fact which he cemented at Sunday night’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Following a fiery showing of ‘Formation,’ Beyonce (even above headliner’s Coldplay) has been the centre of the discourse. But Mars – who uplifted with a fun-filled rendition of ‘Uptown Funk’ – enters the mix after issuing a statement on the performance.

See what he had to say below…

Via Bruno Mars:

I had front row seats and witnessed these two incredible artist do their thing. Thank you @coldplay for inviting the squad and I to perform our tune. We were all very honored to be apart of such a positive uplifting show.

Thank You @beyonce for continuing to bless the world with that fire / hot sauce.

Thank you to the good people at @nfl for all that you do behind the scenes.

Thank you @versace_official for makin ya boys look extra clean and all the way swagged out. I’ll never forget last Sunday. Thank you all!

He went on to add…

See y’all at Super Bowl 52 Ayyyyyyyy!! I’m jus joking.. Or am I ??? You never know bro. You jus never knowwww.

Would you like to see Bruno back at the Bowl? We wouldn’t mind under the right circumstances. Perhaps as part of a showing from one of these?

Before that, though, we’re ready for album #3.

The momentum accumulated from his sophomore era, first Super Bowl showing, ‘Uptown Funk, and last Sunday, has us all sorts of buzzed.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Duffster Lovato February 10, 2016


    • maurice February 10, 2016

      Bruno is very dull to me; he didn’t do anything for me during the Super Bowl.
      Beyonce saved that halftime show — and that’s a fact!
      They should have had Gaga perform though; just because it seems unfair for artists to grace the stage twice, and reports say Gaga is gearing up some new music.
      Woulda been nice, but maybe next year, right\? 🙂

      • UMBRELLA GIRL February 10, 2016

        Bruno is an amazing performer and a hell of a vocalist. There is no male performer out today who can perform and SANG live simultaneously like he

  2. TYPE II DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 10, 2016

    Bruno danced his ass off sunday i had no idea he culd dance. Def my fav Superbowl halftime ever, coldplay was boring they saved him big time.

  3. King B February 10, 2016

    They are all great.

  4. Dossome February 10, 2016

    As incredible as I think he is as a performer (I don’t like his songs though),I’m not really keen on him showing up at the halftime again

  5. Barb-wire February 10, 2016

    J Cole needs to headline… that’s all.

    • King B February 10, 2016

      I hope Christina Aguilera.

  6. shakira stan February 10, 2016

    Bruno saved the Superbowl from what would have been a disaster …how many times will beyonce recycle that “end of time choreography?
    How many times will we watch her move her wave that trashy hair and trip on her cellulite injected plastic ass?

    • Nonya February 10, 2016

      But you watched it tho! I’m sure you’ll be at the formation tour with your low key Beyoncé loving a$$. Have a seat and think about how stupid you sound and look! You know Bey is that b*tch when she cause all this conversation; always stay gracious best revenge is her paper!

    • #BeyHiveLOVER February 10, 2016

      Bey & Bruno mashed up good though! They should def perform together again #HotSauce . @Shakira stan…You must have been dining on some delusion thinking that routine was in anyway similar to end of time.Bet you danced your ass off though. Rather get into #Formation and stop the hating!

  7. Tonya February 10, 2016

    I thought bruno did very good i like him alot more now.
    He keeps his name clean and actually sings good. I like him.
    Beyonce is that b****, the queen, there going to hate her for her performance but oh well.

  8. Antisatanicthealbum February 10, 2016

    I think Rihanna should do half time show

    • #JACKIE February 10, 2016

      Ewww why?

    • Sean February 10, 2016

      That b**** wont even show up

  9. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 10, 2016

    Was I the only one who was completely surprised at how small he was LOL! Chawl I had no idea Bruno was so tiny! He’s only like 5’4 and looked tiny next to B (who is kinda short too).

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 10, 2016

      Beyonce’s like what? 5’6?
      So Bruno has to be around 5’3 lmao.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 10, 2016

        KIII lmao he looked like an oompa loompa next to Bey.

      • whomad? February 10, 2016

        He’s 5’5″ and Bey is 5’7″.

  10. Sam February 10, 2016

    Although Bruno did his thing and was the highlight of the Super Bowl, i cannot stand Uptown Funk and i don’t need to see him a third time when there are other artists that would still give the Super Bowl life.

  11. Joë Moon February 10, 2016

    But both of them have now performed at the super bowl twice now. Is there no one else in the game? The music industry talent is lacking

  12. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 10, 2016

    Bruno m And Beyonce Carter did an amazing job at super bowl show

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