New Song: Normani Kordei (Fifth Harmony) – ‘Say It’ [Tory Lanez Cover]

Published: Wednesday 3rd Feb 2016 by Sam

Fifth Harmony may be baking their second studio album, but that hasn’t stopped its members from dabbling in solo ventures.

The latest comes courtesy of Normani Kordei, who surprised fans with a cover of Tory Lanez hit ‘Say It.’

Take a listen below…

Well come through Ms. Normani!

This was awesome and flaunted unheard layers of her vocal ability — which when paired with her performance skill-set makes her future potential (in the group and perhaps beyond) oh so exciting.

We must say, though, given the track’s markedly Urban lean, it seems as if someone is building a base on and of their own. Smart.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Hur February 3, 2016

    Love her Voice!!

  2. Fancy BISH February 3, 2016

    She’s the standout and star in Fifth Harmony…everytime I see a picture of them, my eyes go to her…she’s always ON….some of the other girls be OFF…sorry *Kanye shrug* lol 🙂

  3. Joseph February 3, 2016

    Sorry, but Camila Cabello is better

    • Fancy BISH February 3, 2016

      Which one is that?

    • #justsayn February 3, 2016

      She has no star quality or stage presence. She can sing but thats not enough to make as a solo star in the industry. The only person in tht group tht could go solo and kill the stages is Normani.

    • TheUrbanGent February 3, 2016

      Let’s be honest.. Camilla is a unique talent, and although she did more leads previously, due to the uniqueness in her voice, she is not the star of that group. There are definitely a few potential stars in that group, but Camilla isn’t high up on that list. A “star” has the total package, fella.

    • WordsWithSam February 3, 2016

      I saw them live on this most recent tour. Camila is definitely propped up as the central performer but myself and the group I was with couldn’t keep our eyes off Dinah the entire evening. And our friend that worked the theater told us she’d actually thrown her back out earlier in the day and was barely able to perform.

      She killed it the whole night and owned the whole stage. Normani was next in line for most impressive and Lauren was great, too. Camila has a decent voice and she was playing to the crowd, like she knew she was the best, but I wasn’t buying it. She’s just lacking something for me.

      • #justsayn February 4, 2016


        Dinah is a great vocalist I would go as far as say she is the best singer in the group. But she lacks what Camilla Alley & Lauren all lack and thats the entire package. Whats crazy is that Normani does not even sing most of the lead verses on these songs they perform which leaves her doing background vocals and dancing most of the time. She almost always outshines the lead and the others bcuz of her great stage presence and dancing abilities, bcuz of it shes the one that stands out the most while doing the least. Make sense??? Pure facts! #frankgatsonknowledge

  4. #justsayn February 3, 2016

    She killed this song! She definitely needs to work with a solo manager if not manager but anyone who can steer her with outside the group help to build a urban fan base and following. Not many African Americans know about the group Fifth Harmony and in tht group they got her playing the role of a backup singer/ rapper. That group want last long bcuz they all really wanna be solo stars. She has great stage presence that none of them have. Take a book from queen Bey girl!

  5. I’m Booked February 3, 2016

    I Never Actually Payed Attention Too This Group, But This Sistah Is A Beast I’d Totally Be Hear For Her Solo Music If She’s Planning On Serving This Style !

  6. A February 3, 2016

    Love it! She has a beautiful and versatile voice. Plus she’s been taking vocal lessons to improve. I hope on the new Fifth Harmony album their producers allow her to really sing. Not just that singy-talking they had her doing on the first album.

  7. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 3, 2016

    She needs to break away from that group and be a solo artist. Two racists up in that group. If the Cuban one can meet with the label behind their back and work on solo material, then she sure as hell can too.

  8. Shonyonce Minaj February 3, 2016

    No Normani was lowkey in the group collecting coins and honing her craft. They’re management are force feed Camilla down everyone’s throat and all the other girls know it they’ve alienated her it’s hilarious. They know she’s attempting to go solo and is gonna flop i.e. That Cinderella trash the fans drug her for. Dinah and Normani can slay solo effortlessly Dinah is a mini Mariah/JLo slayer the best of both and Normani is Beyoncé/Brandy love child it’s amazing.

  9. DKNoFilter February 3, 2016

    Yasssss Normani!!!!

  10. LB February 3, 2016



  11. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 4, 2016

    Nice remix

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