Trailer: Kelly Rowland’s BET Show ‘Chasing Destiny’

Published: Saturday 27th Feb 2016 by Sam

Mark those calendars!

Kelly Rowland‘s hotly anticipated talent search ‘Chasing Destiny’ struts onto BET April 5th.

The docu-series sees the Destiny’s Child star and solo Grammy winner team up with renown creative director Frank Gatson to piece together music’s next big girl group.

More ‘Making The Band’ than ‘The X Factor,’ the show promises a no holds barred look into what it takes to be a top tier entity.

To whet appetites, the first trailer has been unleashed. What are you waiting for? Watch below…

Looks like a must-see! A real throwback to Diddy’s piecing together of Danity Kane.

We’ll be tuning in…will you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Cough Cough February 27, 2016

    Love seeing Kelly do her thing

    • You tried February 27, 2016

      I’m here for it!!!! @Mark111 “Beyonces Shadow” EXACTLY! She was there every step of the way of Beyonces rising to success! Everything Bey was taught so was she but BEY was destined to be Great but Kelly is also wise ! She’s a founder and solidified member of DC!

  2. King Mark111 /.\ February 27, 2016

    Why would I take advice from Beyonce’s shadow? What is Kelly going to teach these girls? How to stay quiet when your manager/lead singer’s daddy is taking money from you, stay hush while the two other girls speak up? Stand behind the lead singer til she go solo? Give me Chilli or T Box, girls that knows how to be APART of a group and not a stepping stone.

    • Taylor Tori Azalea February 27, 2016

      And what did h03liya teach the girls?
      how to serve baby pusxy at a young age to older men?
      Or how to kill yourself in order to be recognised and sell?
      well it didn’t work as Tinashe and that Natalie la blah blah girl and a few are still alive….

      • King Mark111 /.\ February 27, 2016

        Don’t talk about body count when Taylor had more men than Rihanna have #1’s. Uggly has a s** tape somewhere and when ran thru from every hip hop group. You think being 16, no money, no family paid her rant? I don’t even know who TorUp is.

    • Cough Cough February 27, 2016

      But Kelly, post the group is more booked, more coined in and all around more relevant than Chili &T.Boz. What will they teach them, how to succeed to be broke? You make no sense. Kelly is highly experienced, like able and most of talented (vocally) to the point she can tribute legends on their own legendary songs, slay the mess out of it and be given a standing ovation by that legend. Can any of those you named or your other favs claim the same? Never. Her credentials are perfect for this.

      • Cough Cough February 27, 2016



    • IOWNTHEWORLD February 27, 2016

      Chilli or T Boz? That show would be called Chasing Stolen Assets right? ?

    • Chester February 27, 2016

      You sound dumb. Why are there still people like you speaking. … Kelly Rowland is the main idea behind little mix. She made them a group, and today they are huge in their country. Read before talking

    • Annalise February 27, 2016

      T-Boz already did a girl group search called ‘ATLA’ last year but it was not picked up by any network. Mind you, Chilli + T-Boz did ‘R U the girl’ and they lied about wanting to fill left-Eye’s spot. They marketed the entire show on finding a permanent third member, but once they got backlash from fans they back-pedalled and said they were only looking to give a fan the opportunity to perform with them.

  3. cocobutta February 27, 2016

    Kelly showed her scouting talent when she randomly pieced together Little Mix.

    With her experience being a the top and knowing what it takes to be focused and conditioned to sustain plus the Gatson expertise this could be the making of a fire vocal group who can also dance.

  4. Leon vs. LEBO February 27, 2016

    Yesssss! Ms Kelly doing her Thang.. I am not looking for a reality star, I’m looking for a star. ?

  5. Nakiah February 27, 2016

    I dont like how kelly stole mathews idea. This was mathews idea and he deserve to have this show

    • Umbrella Girl February 27, 2016

      The same way you stole your bundles from that poor peasant girl in Malaysia, b****! She didn’t get 1 cent of the $20.00 you spent on her hair

      • Tiana Frog February 29, 2016

        Yassss!!! Gather her!

    • Last Name Ever, First Name Greatest February 27, 2016

      Matthew stole some of Kellys receipts as a manager. So tit for tat

  6. King z February 27, 2016

    The real gag will come when the group who wins this gets a #1 single or album…you know, something kelly never had.

    Or…of course they could be major flops like their mentor and regret even giving Rowland an ounce of their time lol

    Sounds like somebody will lose either way

    • Cough Cough February 27, 2016

      With 30 million dollars, multiple Grammys and her group in the history books, I doubt Kelly is really bothered by any of that.

      • Kelendria Legion February 27, 2016

        Thank you because someone must have forgotten who the f*** She is…. Kelly’s paid and unbothered her Legacy is just fine.

  7. #JACKIE February 27, 2016

    Talent search shows are tired but slay Kelly! She’s so gorgeous.

    • Cough Cough February 27, 2016

      There needs to be more talent search shows until something sticks. We need a greater variety in the boring ass industry, like how it used to be.

      • #JACKIE February 27, 2016

        The winners are rarely successful. Millions vote for them week after week but no one buys their music! Just because you sing well doesn’t mean you’ll be a star and that’s no shade. I’m glad American idol is ending!

  8. BeyKnowlesBest February 27, 2016

    If Mathew would have promoted Kelly right her Beyonce would have been the top two b^*ches in the game there would have been no Rihanna !

    • #justsayn February 27, 2016

      Thats a fact!

    • shakira stan February 27, 2016

      There would have always been a rihanna …she is self made unlike beyonce that had to commit incest multipl . Times with her father to be a star.

      • Jamie February 27, 2016

        You a nasty b****. Don’t apply your sick, twisted fantasy to nobody else’s life but your own.

      • Arx February 27, 2016

        Self made? The only thing Rihanna has done herself is paddle a boat straight from barbados to Jay-z’s c@ck. Speaking of incest… Rihanna has a forehead the size of an a$$ cheek… that only happens when your mom f^cks the local billy goat.

      • killian February 28, 2016

        You’re a bi-polar lying w****.why do you hate so much ,are you paid to spill such filth on this site to someone who has showed your fave nothing but love and chart topping hits?

      • shakira stan February 28, 2016

        B**** be gone.
        Everyone knows beyonce slept w with her father .

  9. Lake Erie February 27, 2016

    Smh i dont mind the shade thrown but some of the things said on here smh lol. Anyways, I’ll be watching! Kelly looks good too!

  10. Liam February 27, 2016

    She did a great job putting Little Mix together and they’re doing great….so I’m excited to see what she does on this series

  11. shakira stan February 27, 2016

    I stopped reading at top tier !!
    When has Kelly been top tier at anything ?
    I get it she is very pretty with a rocking body but that’s basically it.. She has no talent whatsoever ..a stiff dancer without much ambition and another pop girl jezebelyonce destroyed her career.

    • Dunia February 27, 2016

      OMFG, theses words are actually from a Shakira stan!!! A non singing belly ass dancer u could find in any arabic bar.

      What has this world come to?

      • shakira stan February 27, 2016

        You just dragged Kelly the more …when a non singing arab belly dancer has outsold her solange Michelle and beyonce’s album combined .
        Oops !!!

      • Dunia February 27, 2016

        First you mentioned talents that’s why i replied to you. But then after when ur a** got reminded of a muppet dancing that is your fave, now you bring out sales: TYPICAL!

      • shakira stan February 27, 2016

        Lol shakira the one who writes all her songs and has an IQ of over 140 ….you dare compare her talent to that b****** child of Mathew Kelly flop land?
        Girl don’t try it .

    • KellyRowlandArmy March 5, 2016


  12. Barb-wire February 27, 2016

    Queen Kelly!!! Slay right on Sis.

  13. credits February 27, 2016

    I just don’t think the industry is in a girl group phase right now….I love kelly though, stay working!

    • Ugggh February 27, 2016

      Because you own a seat in the industry…

      • credits February 27, 2016

        what if I do? You really wouldn’t know….

      • Ugggh February 27, 2016

        Because if you did, you wouldn’t need to respond lmao

  14. dydy972 February 27, 2016

    Yes kelly, yeeeeeeees !
    I love this, it’s all about her giving back and helping other talented women chase their destiny, just like her family helped her chase hers.

    Plus, i rather see this type of show to be a kelly rowland project, because she received the proper discipline to make it in the music industry. So, teaching these girls that discipline will produce artists and not 5 seconds singers.

  15. Sam February 27, 2016

    The moment the show ends these girls need to be good to go and on point to capitalise on the show. The first single needs to be the most along with the video and promo because this looks like its aimed for the black market and we are harsh and critical.
    Good luck to all the contestants as long as they are good

  16. Merril February 28, 2016

    If you have kids follow @PopAndFlock on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

  17. GAJE February 28, 2016

    Well done Kelly. Looks interesting. Will be watching!

  18. yesterday was a difficult lie because it’s you And you boy unpillow February 28, 2016

    Go kelenderia Kelly Rowland whitesnooper can’t wait to see the rest of it hope those girls do take note from the Ms.bossy lady

  19. KellyRowlandArmy March 5, 2016

    Kelly will slay
    And you hater will #DealWithIt

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