TIDAL Exec Clarifies Rihanna ‘ANTI’ 400k Sales Claim

Published: Tuesday 2nd Feb 2016 by Sam

What a tangled web has been weaved with Rihanna‘s ‘ANTI.’

The sometimes singer dropped her eighth studio album last week and has been embroiled in controversy ever since.

For many, the issue – beyond the free project’s questionable quality – stems from its sales. More specifically the great effort that has arguably been gone to to conceal its true commercial performance.

Said furore erupted after the RIAA certified the LP Platinum in the US despite a Samsung sponsorship making the 1 million “sold” copies available to fans for free.

Stirring more confusion into the mix was Rih’s exclusive streaming partner TIDAL, who went on to claim that an additional 400,000 equivalent copies of the album has been shifted.

All of this and yet confirmed industry forecasts have ‘ANTI’ on-course to open with full first week numbers of 95k-130k Stateside.

So what’s actually going on?

The good folk over at TIDAL have provided additional info to help clear things up.

Speaking to SPIN, another TIDAL rep further clarified the situation saying:

“Of the 400K+ in global sales of ANTI via TIDAL, Billboard will only be counting US sales.”

So, the alleged 400k touted was actually worldwide and not the numbers in the US. A fact which makes sense, but ultimately has us – and, we’re sure, many more – wondering whether the lack of clarity was a deliberate PR ploy all along.

After all, had the masses not revolted and demanded answers, would a rep have ever been forced to weigh in with the true tea?!

Forget the rulebook; if there’s anything fRih is re-defining, it’s messiness.

Because, at this junction, ‘ANTI’ is hands-down one of the most flawed roll-outs in recent music memory.

Tidbit: For all the TIDAL hoopla, Ms. Fenty has been doing A LOT of Apple/iTunes promo on social media of late.

Get those sales, girl.

Your thoughts?

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  1. K.Dot February 2, 2016


    • Rozel February 2, 2016

      People on tgj are desperate losers who have nothing better to do than sit around talking about Rihanna all day long. No matter what you all say, her first single is still a hit, she’s 25 million Richer and her album will go on to sell millions like it usually does. Instead of focusing on the product, the music on the album. You all choose to focus on first week sales as if that has ever been a predictor of Rihannas success. Many people open big first week and still can’t touch Rihanna’S overall sales and hits catalog. You guys are really petty and childish. Rihanna will remain unbothered. After all she brokered one of the biggest deals of her career with a major corporation, and you all focusing on first week sales. Smh at the nonsense.

      • Rihboy February 2, 2016

        They open big the first week and stall ??

      • rosy February 2, 2016

        I agree with you these haters use false report to try make fun and mock this black woman the thirst and hate comes from her own blacks,but rih was never a big seller in the USA she is worldwide so her navy is not worried about billboard rih always go on to sell millions unlike the rest who starts at number one and still stuck and cannot go platinum Sam has amber fingers up his ass her fist

      • Jay February 3, 2016

        I totally agree. Calling her “sometimes singer” while praising the likes of Zedyana (or whatever her name is). They love hating on Rih. Idk why either, this was a smart business move . All bias aside.

    • WINTZ February 2, 2016

      While RIHANNA continues with her PERMANENT majestic residency in your craniums- as a TRUE queen should…

      Who will be reading the obituary for that new Coldplay ft BYE aka Beygone aka BeyLOWground?!

      On a scale of Death Beds – Funeral Parlours this B!+€H’s impact is literally “KILLING” it worldwide!!

      She has officially sink Coldplay’s music SIX (6) feet deep Into her DEATH POOL of IRRELEVANCY.

      Will Coldplay manage to rise from the ashes of this MESS to regain hits in the future?

      Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.

      • Jamon February 2, 2016

        TGJ is truly pathetic, they bash the only person that is giving their site hits. Every day there was a post about Rihanna not dropping Anti and now that she’s dropped it, you’re still trying to put her down because you’re too stupid to know what she’s doing (which is making money, $25 million up front, to be exact). Who cares about sales when you’re getting paid that much? Not many Artist can say that. How about you try to be a real journalist Sam, and do some research before you do another post about her sales, actually, stop talking about and let the numbers speak for themselves. She could go 5 times platinum and you will still try to bash her. She’s out performing your faves, is that why you stay mad?

  2. HailBeysus February 2, 2016

    Like i said 15k in the US and 13k in the UK the TWO BIGGEST music market’s. Hmmmmmm Tidal ????

    • Taylor Tori Azalea February 2, 2016

      Karma, this has KARMA written all over it
      Oh well the album is a good album

      • Huh February 2, 2016

        Karma for what though? What did she do to anybody?

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        @Huh because her arrogant self and her cocky ass Navi lets not forget
        ” @ rihanna
        I only know how to be number 1!! I could use
        a challenge… “How dat feel down there on ya
        knees,… instagram.com/p/Xc_hqBBM4V/
        4:46 PM – 29 Mar 2013”

      • Taylor Tori Azalea February 2, 2016

        0r that time Richard said
        “good luck booking that stage you speak of”
        Karma at its best/ finest

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        @Huh lets also not forget
        “Damn Ci what i’d do? Forget to tip you?”
        (Sips Tea ☕)

      • Huh February 2, 2016

        I mean if you all feel that those things are enough to hate a person enough to pray that everything they do fails then , hey I cant change your minds. But I’m sure we’ve all had our cocky moments.

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        Lmfao your reaching who said anything about praying dafuq???? Yesss its needed. Karma is a bitxh and her Arrogant ass is about to be knocked off her pedestal along with the Slavi. She let fame get in her head. Everyone gets cocky at some point but eventually were all knocked back down.

      • Huh February 2, 2016

        So what would make you guys feel better? If she went bankrupt and wasn’t able to support family?

    • rosy February 2, 2016

      Gaga sold her album for 99 cents I guess she gets no flak for that

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        Gurrrl stop playing victim. The K** Swallowers along with countless other fan bases including social media dragged her. Gaga got plenty of hate! The difference is CheatAnna 1 up’d her by having Samsung buy her album in bulk sales than giving it away. Further more, she had the audacity to thank the Navi for making her go platinum LMFAO!!!

    • WINTZ February 2, 2016

      B!+€H u still here????

      There is only SO much seething u can get into the SHORTEST month of the year! But please ATTEMPT to BREAK A RECORD because Lord knows your fave won’t do it chile…

      On that note, my fave has set another record!!! This is the way to start off 2016!!!

      BILLBOARD agrees.

      (“Work” lifts the diva into a tie with three legends.

      As previously reported, Rihanna’s “Work,” the lead single from her new album Anti, rockets onto the Billboard Hot 100 (dated Feb. 13) at No. 9, instantly becoming the superstar’s 27th top 10. With the song’s arrival, she ties Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Elton John for the fifth-most top 10s in the Hot 100’s history.

      The only artists with more top 10s than that quartet since the Hot 100 originated with the chart dated Aug. 4, 1958? Madonna (38), the Beatles (34), Michael Jackson (29) and Stevie Wonder (28). (Notably, Elvis Presley boasts 25 Hot 100 top 10s, but his career predated the chart by two years; had the chart existed earlier, his top 10 count would be higher.)

      Especially impressive, Rihanna has reached 27 Hot 100 top 10s faster than any other soloist. Dating from an artist’s first week on the Hot 100 to the frame in which it notched its 27th top 10, only one act has reached the sum more quickly: the Beatles tallied their 27th top 10 (1969’s “Get Back,” with Billy Preston) a mere five years, three months and three weeks after their 1964 Hot 100 debut with “I Want to Hold Your Hand” (their first Hot 100 charted title, top 10 and No. 1).

      Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ & ‘Work’ Blast Onto Billboard Charts

      Runner-up Rihanna needed just 10 years and eight months between her first Hot 100 hit, and first top 10, 2005’s No. 2-peaking “Pon De Replay,” and “Work” (which features Drake). Madonna now ranks third with a still-speedy 11-year, two-month and two-week span between “Holiday,” her first Hot 100 entry (which reached No. 16 in 1984), and her 27th, “Take a Bow,” which became her longest-leading No. 1 (seven weeks) in 1995. (And, of course, both Madonna and Rihanna have crowned the Hot 100 with songs titled “Take a Bow.”) (Another fun fact: fittingly, given her new total of top 10s, Rihanna’s age? 27!)

      In honor of Rihanna’s new top 10, check out our updated look (above) at the elite acts with the most top 10s in the Hot 100’s 57-year history.)- BILLBOARD

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        Yaaaaawwwwnnn set tied a record not set! She also needed a s*** ton music to do so. All those legends released less bodies of work to do it lmao! Bye Child! The Legendary Queen Bey is unbothered! Now get back to that corner and hope someone will actually clear out them cobwebs tonight! Beyonce has set records not tied! 6 grammys in one night, first female artist’s to have her first 5 albums debut at #1, first female artists to simultaneously top the US and UKs Albums/Singles chart…. and countless more!

      • Biting Truth February 2, 2016

        And her album is still a flop.
        ::: shrugs :::

  3. Penny Sparrow February 2, 2016

    Poor navy just when they thought there was light at the end of the loooong tunnel?

    • WINTZ February 2, 2016

      This JEZEBEL tho!!! If u can find a “light” to go off in that dim witted Blonde’s brain then maybe she can FINALLY “tunnel” her relevancy from the PAST to the FUTURE!!


  4. Miss Jones February 2, 2016

    I don’t get the recent obsession with counting numbers instead of listening to the damn music. When we were little, nobody cared about how high a song charted. It was just whether or not you liked it and heard it on the radio. Unless you’re a mega-star or Adele, you’re not going to sell.

    This is the first Rihanna album I’ve ever bought. It’s truly an incredible body of work…for her. I’m glad to see growth and hopefully this will humble some of the Navy. But that’s doubtless.

    “Close to You” needs to be her next single. It’s got “Stay Part 2” slayage written all over it.

    • Taylor Tori Azalea February 2, 2016

      Shut up and stop complaining
      Sam needs these posts
      The rent ain’t gonna pay itself

      • Miss Jones February 2, 2016

        No, actually, I think I’ll continue to offer my unbiased opinion. I appreciate you taking the time to read! #AndIThankYou

    • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

      The obsession comes from all the shiiit the Navi talked. From she will out due self titleds numbers first week and Ww to Anti will be her Ray of Light moment. Now i ain’t going to lie for Rihanna this album is a solid peace of work but its still now where near what the GP and yes the Navi thought it would be. But its still a good album. With all that said social media wi continue to drag Rihannas arrogant ass. Kets not forget
      ” @ rihanna
      I only know how to be number 1!! I could use
      a challenge… “How dat feel down there on ya
      knees,… instagram.com/p/Xc_hqBBM4V/
      4:46 PM – 29 Mar 2013”

      • Keri Qween February 2, 2016

        But she is going #1 next week according to predictions so what’s your point ?

      • Miss Jones February 2, 2016

        To clarify, I don’t stan for Rihanna. But I agree. She put herself in the corner that she’s in right now. Again, they can either eat the humble pie or pretend they don’t like pie. Oh well. It’s been SERVED.

    • AJ February 2, 2016

      If numbers werent important then why is her team being so damn shady about it? 1 million albums sold? lmfao

      • Miss Jones February 2, 2016

        I made a general statement. We fight day and night about sales like we’re each getting a cut of the profits. Like how do these people know how much these artists make down the last cent but have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts? I don’t compute.

      • Riri, the Clown Fka Pray for the Youth February 2, 2016

        Exaaccctttllyyyyyy, Why is the they saying it’s not about the numbers, when Rihanna and her team are the ones who made it about the numbers??? Thats like me announcing to the world, “hey I sold 500k copies this week!” And then when the truth comes out… “Well it wasn’t about the sales anyway…” Death. Nah dawg, it don’t work like that.

      • Miss Jones February 2, 2016

        Numbers don’t matter to ME. I don’t get paid to BUY somebody’s album or product. Therefore, why should we care as long as we like the music? I don’t care who started bragging first. The back and forth has been going way before ANTI.

    • BCinKS February 3, 2016

      This is the first Rihanna album I bought, too. She finally put out songs that won’t get old in a couple of weeks. Cause let’s be honest, who is still listening to say Rude Boy? Nobody.

      Some of the tracks take a minute to get into, but once you do, they are dope.

  5. Nicki+Ciara-Alicia = February 2, 2016

    Whatever, if this doesn’t debut #1 next week…………

  6. What now February 2, 2016


  7. DTG February 2, 2016

    Anti is the joke that keeps on giving.

  8. ?Queen Molly? February 2, 2016

    Shes been getting dragged for a week straight lmao

    • Rozel February 2, 2016

      How is she getting dragged for a week straight when her album hasn’t even been out a week yet? Premature much.

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        Might as well be a week. The album dropped last week on Wednesday. Its Tuesday now sooooo….

    • WINTZ February 2, 2016

      STFU Folly Molly!!! U are such a PAWN for whichever stan group to use and then discard like your black dad did your white mom.

      You’re flip flopping a$$ is so mentally unstable it’s actually shocking. They called u out when u were running up and down The ICON’s post rejoicing like navy YOU ARE NOT!

      Now u Working overtime to look good in the eyes of people on the internet that really are NOT THAT INTO U!! Why u wanna play yourself like that?

      Between your absentee father and your bitter, self conflicted Mother- we can see how not belonging is an age old issue for u. Go seek THERAPY!

  9. Taylor Tori Azalea February 2, 2016

    4/10 for this half trash album
    Not her best but better than every album she released after and before LOUD
    I don’t see a Grammy nomination in the main categories
    Don’t know how but Work debuted at #9 let’s thank Drake for that
    Now now I would like the following navy members to come forward with excuses

  10. Huh February 2, 2016

    All of the post about Rihanna are just so that the site gets traffic right? Because I can’t imagine that there are so many people out in the world that have so much hate in their heart for someone who’s never done anything to them. It’s one thing to not be interested in her, but do the people on this sight actually hate her like she is p******** or something?

  11. sleazy February 2, 2016

    lmaoo rihanna do 1mill? maybe with a single yes not with a album . this is a mess and her album sales is a mess bye the navy trying every excuse in the book

  12. MsThing485 February 2, 2016

    Sorry for Rihanna, but her silly delusional stans deserved this pie in the face. They spent years bragging, embellishing and acting very ugly, now the chickens have come home to roost. Rihanna’s album might actually be decent, haven’t heard it (not interested), but there is no room for spin here. This is a commercial disappointment that is embarrassing for all involved.

  13. #JACKIE February 2, 2016

    #RIPRIRI shoulda stuck with Def Jam hōe.

  14. Keri Qween February 2, 2016

    I figured that after the predictions came out. Tidal could’ve verified stateside vs ww

    However 400k worldwide in 48 wish hours is good and its still #1 worldwide on iTunes ??

    • WINTZ February 2, 2016

      Lol we have even bigger news yet to come… But I’m just basking in the seething meltdowns on these recent posts.

  15. L21480 February 2, 2016

    She’s probably already working on the super safe microwaveable popcorn followup to cover this catastrophe up. Totally manned by a bunch of corny euro dance and trap producers. They’ll rush release it for the next Black Friday.

  16. Datredd23 February 2, 2016

    400k first day worldwide sounds pretty good to me she’s never sold many albums first week in the U.S but she’s always manages to have longevity at least going platinum 6 times already and multi platinum worldwide with at least 3 million sold with loud being over 6 and Gggb over 9 mill

    Anti was an amazing album a lot of the songs don’t sound like what’s on Radio today though although work is her 27th top hit! Whether this album does huge first week of not it still slays and will be remembered for being anti and controversial. All of her songs off the album are Charted on iTunes so she’s definitely getting paid either way since she owns her masters and label! Congrats Rih they deff going to talk whether you doing bad or good!

    • Cinnamon Girl February 2, 2016

      Oh sweetie she only sold 460 copies in the US! Stop believing Tidal’s lies!

  17. LB February 2, 2016

    So still 1.495 million confirmed in the first week, with 1,095,000 in US first week sales, slay.

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 February 2, 2016

      Yeah but the one million was FRIH sis..lol

      • Blue Ivy Rod February 2, 2016

        the 1 million was BROUGHT by Samsung and then given to 1 million people for free. she not just gAve away albums they were already paid for so your shade is invalid and just proves LB and Marks point about the H** not being able to read or have no compression past grade 3.

      • Blue Ivy Rod February 2, 2016


    • Cinnamon Girl February 2, 2016

      Samsung bought the 1 million copies! My gawd the Navy is stupid

    • ?Queen Molly? February 2, 2016

      460navy better cling to Samsung sales ??

      • WINTZ February 2, 2016


        B!+ch u need to find you a PERMANENT identity to finally CLING to. Stop worrying about Rihanna.

        First of all Rih KNOWS who she is and…isn’t suffering from neglect and bitterness on a random blog site.

        SAMSUNG customer’s are rejoicing that they were gifted ICONNA’s album because let’s be real, her music is everything!!

        Home girl made BANK in the process. Fans are smiling!
        Corporations are in love with RIHANNA because she makes them richer!! Something CI-HAHA knows nothing of.

        Rihanna’s music is SITTING pretty at top 10 on the charts from literally NO promo.

        Her NEW Music is HOT!

        Her MULA stays stacked!

        Her FANS are happy!!!

        HER ALBUM will be number 1 next week

        Plzzzz continue to seethe over ANTI!!

      • OMG Logic!!! February 2, 2016

        Delusional much? As a Samsung customer, I wouldn’t touch a Goatanna album if you paid me. Her McAlbum being free didn’t entice me to download it.

  18. iLoveMusic February 2, 2016

    These artists & their management are so worried about sales, they forget to put quality into their music… “Anti” doesn’t sound good at all (except “Kiss It Better”). It’s not about sales, it’s about longevity, & you only get longevity by making timeless music. Rihanna has longevity, so she will always have a loyal fan base, & she’ll always make headlines. She doesn’t need to sell out, to sell records… so why is she? Why must she try & outsell Beyonce, Adele, Taylor etc…? She’s trying too hard, & as a result, we get lack-luster music. This whole era is just disasterous…

    • WINTZ February 2, 2016

      @OMGnoLOGiC is here!

      1. U are ASHAMED to admit that your fave is BEY!

      2. U sure talk bravely about Rihanna’s musical catalogue when the records she broke were based on the general’s public INTEREST in her music…

      Who do u Stan for? We already know who SAMSUNG stans for kiiiiii

  19. No favs, just here for the music February 2, 2016

    I was thinking about this earlier and it just kind of occurred to me…did giving this album away for free REALLY hurt/impact her sales?

    Because I’m starting to believe…even if we get music for free (which people do ALL the time whether there’s a free link available or not) the fans who want to support the artists will go out and purchase regardless?

    So I’m starting to second guess and think maybe I was wrong in thinking her numbers would be higher if not for the Samsung deal? Does it really boil down to people not caring to support her music?

  20. Cinnamon Girl February 2, 2016

    Adele sold 3 million in 1 week in the U.S. alone. Riri is such a flop

    • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

      Lol you’re doing too much. No one is selling like Adele. Although Frihanna tried it with those self purchased albums ?????

    • Datredd23 February 2, 2016

      Not a fair comparison what other artist ever has sold 3 million besides Adele? Hmmm

      • Cinnamon Girl February 2, 2016

        But I thought Riri was going to snatch Adele’s wig?

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        @Cinnamon Girl Oop forgot about that one

    • Datredd23 February 2, 2016

      no one ever said Rih would snatch her wig both are queens gtfoh

      • Cinnamon Girl February 2, 2016

        Lol! Oh please you Rhitards want yo have amnesia now? Lol

    • Cough Cough February 2, 2016

      No1 cares, Ri has the #’s but her music compared to the artists she’s tied with plus beyonces is far less quality. It’s just a bunch of shallow mcSingles that will never be remembered, tributed, acknowledged etc. her popularity is where her comparison starts and stops to all those you named. She cannot sing, create, perform, deliver anywhere any of those artists you named,. She’s merely just popular. Like McDonald’s.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 2, 2016

      I may not f uck with Thighyonce, but did you just suggest the Goat’s music is of a higher quality than hers?

  21. Datredd23 February 2, 2016

    The album isn’t even available to purchase in stores yet? It’s still number one in the iTunes world chart the final sales worldwide aren’t even in yet! why are people nowadays so anxious to see sales projections vs listening to the music and coming up with your own opinion, it never used to be this way when our artists don’t sell what the media or GP think is good (which is very subjective) then it’s an automatically labeled “a flop” and the GP will abandon it without even giving it a try

    These artists in the industry have it way harder then you think

  22. Barb-wire February 2, 2016

    “Forget the rulebook; if there’s anything fRih is
    re-defining, it’s messiness.”

    Chawl! Sam is a mess period!!! Cheaters never win EVER.

    • Datredd23 February 2, 2016

      Didn’t Onika lie about her album sales? What about her brother? Liars and rapists don’t win neither then sweetie

      • Laurie Blue February 2, 2016

        What does her brothers actions got to do with her? Stfu!

      • WINTZ February 2, 2016

        She defended the r*****! Just because their blood is similar. Nicki ain’t winning shxt

  23. Surprise..Dec 2013 February 2, 2016

    Lol..so she did not sell over 400k(PURCHASED)like self titled did. The struggle!!!!! It just keeps getting worse for the NAZI..

  24. Slay_Hive February 2, 2016

    LMAOOOO This era is far worse than I ever imagined. Poor thing has fell all the way off! I am TEARSSSSS!!!!!

    • Datredd23 February 2, 2016

      So you didn’t like the album ?

      • Slay_Hive February 2, 2016

        I mean, It’s alright girl but it’s no universally acclaimed masterpiece. It’s cute. Higher irritates me tho.

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 February 2, 2016

      I know right. The downfall is tragic and hilarious.

  25. blue February 2, 2016

    atleast they count for something. Will they be counted by the ww chart though?

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 February 2, 2016

      I don’t think so. You have to admit this era is really a mess and ita longevity is not looking to good.

      • blue February 2, 2016

        @surprise yes its been messy but it adds to the ANTI factor.lol. Also as annoying as it is, its exciting to see how it performs and what she does to help it.

  26. UPGRADEBOY February 2, 2016

    LMAO look at the Navy telling US to focus on the music instead of the numbers? Are you phuuucking serious?
    Everybody let’s enjoy another dragg session

  27. DIABETES UNBOthered February 2, 2016

    400k sounds like PR PAYOLA, SAMSUNG bought 1 million copies worth for a Petty RIAA CERT might as well pay tidal to lie, those sales on Tidal were slashed down to $3.99 anyway. Valuant effort but do better! Any lie will do for the Navy. Watch tidal forget to update that fake 400k ww figure and it still having sold 400k by this time next week.

    • Cinnamon Girl February 2, 2016

      Exactly! A lot of music industry insiders are raising their eyebrows at Tidal, Samsung and Rihanna. They are being really shady. They keep that up they’re going to be blackballed. Watch

  28. Datredd23 February 2, 2016

    Also no promotion besides iTunes links via her Instagram! No SNL performance or appearance first week, good morning america, talk shows, nothing! No video yet for Work hmmmmm

  29. blue February 2, 2016

    excuses for what? 400k was sold. Fact. It just wasnt for the usa alone. She work debuted at #9. And anti at #27 with one and a half day of sales. Next week it will rise to #1 the week after hopefully with the physical release she could keep the number 1 spot.
    Oh did i mention she broke another record?

    All wins

  30. Datredd23 February 2, 2016

    Work is # 3 and 15 on iTunes
    Song with the biggest radio update today aswell

    • blue February 2, 2016

      combined work is #1

      • blue February 2, 2016

        sorry #2

      • AJ February 2, 2016

        Payola! Her record company paid to have a whole slew of radio stations spin the lazy Work song every hour on the hour. Payola for the entire one million copies bought album! Oh did I mention the tour isn’t selling very well. Curse, talk about s**,and mumble makes a timeless album? FOH!

  31. UPGRADEBOY February 2, 2016

    I guess that so called reign finally let up

  32. Slay_Hive February 2, 2016

    The navy always talking about singles lmaoooo yaaaawwwwwnnnnnnn!

  33. Rory February 2, 2016

    So I’m convinced that Rihanna keeps the lights and WiFi on at TGJ

    • RICHIE_RICH February 2, 2016

      Don’t think so !!!!

  34. RICHIE_RICH February 2, 2016

    I feel sorry for her!!!! She will bounce back.

    The album in my opinion was different, not her norm hence the title Anti.

    I wish her the best of luck!!!!!

  35. Danzou February 2, 2016

    Lol “Frihanna” but anyway i choose not to focus on irrelevant mess. The album was good, the business deal was genius, and it was something only rihanna or bey could have pulled off. Let’s be real, rihanna was going platinum either f****** way.

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 2, 2016

      Rihanna didn’t pull anything off tho. Anti is a Beyonce wrong lol

      • Danzou February 2, 2016

        Beyonce version of anti is 4. All artists have them as far as commercial sales go for stepping out of musical comfort zones. Rihanna intended to have an album that was to be sat through.

  36. Blue Ivy Rod February 2, 2016

    there’s something else coming. keep an eye out.

  37. Danzou February 2, 2016

    I feel like this album just proves that people only care about “hits” and sales or the charts. It’s very aggravating how hive minded you all are. Listen to the album and gather your own damn opinion. If not then just shut up.

    • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

      “Can Rihanna’s Anti knock Adele’s 25 out of the No. 1 spot next week? More importantly, would this affect Adele’s dream to have Rihanna in her squad?”

      Kiiii Yahoo being petty! Not Adele’s dream being shattered ???????????????

  38. briano 1 February 2, 2016

    Petty and childish sums it up perfectly

  39. briano 1 February 2, 2016

    Hive mentality IS hurting people’s development and they are to o dumb to realize they are being robbed and devolved being a stan of such a mental.midget that focuses on nonsense

    • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

      UGH!! That whole run on sentence hurt my brain! Lets not talk out being dumb okay! You want to talk like you’re educated!? Than type like you’re educated please.

  40. LB February 2, 2016

    According to Billboard, Rihanna has broken another record

  41. briano 1 February 2, 2016

    Petty and childish

    ….befraudce her impact!

  42. briano 1 February 2, 2016

    And bullies………the hive….. but Rih still shines

  43. Umm February 2, 2016

    I’m one of those that is glad this has happened not because I’m a hater but because she has been so arrogant as if she does something no other chick can do. These sales will continue to be a topic because thats the only thing Rihanna has ever had any credibility in and now that she has taken a break plus try to do a Beyonce surprise realese we get to see how the public views her. The Navi and anybody else trying to defend this needs to stfu with these post about “quality music” and “listen to the music thats what matters” how when she tried to guarantee success by front loading sale thru a Samsung deal. How is that being about the music when you gloat about sales that you didn’t natural accrue, not when there’s artist who put out quality music and struggle for attention.

    Then the Navi wants to bring up this 25 million dollar figure as if this is going directly to her bank account untouched. Let’s think about this now, she has her tour that they are sponsoring, she also has been appart of their galaxy campaign (along with anti), they bought 1 million copies of her album, plus some of that is going to roc nation/tidal. She gotta a good deal but it aint 2t mill in her account or anything close. Remember how much was reportedly spent on Artpop? You gotta be a fool not to believe than aint lose money from 45sec,AO, and BBHMM videos and promo. Not to mention that all those songs along with her current single has had a “radio deal” to be played at the top of the hour, ( all except AO, never heard it) which is just as unfair as a corporation buying a million albums.

    Its not that fRihanna flopped it’s that she has used tricks to force people to listen to her music even when they havent been as hungry for it as her team wants you to believe.

    • Umm February 2, 2016

      *25mill *they ain’t

  44. briano 1 February 2, 2016

    Pathetic petty sad hateful….the hive

  45. DIABETES UNBOthered February 2, 2016

    With 400k sales on tidal in 1+ days (kiiii) & Itunes ww figures this album better sell a millie first week. I find it funny that we suppose to belive rih sold so much on tidal with only 1 million alleged subscribers yet theres no report on itunes ww figures with atleast 20 million users. There is no excuse for CANTi struggling so hard her team have to cheat stats when 4 sold 1.5 million in the us, was also without a potential hit single and was illegally downloaded & leaked on youtube way more than Anti yet still managed to steal 2 weeks at #1 from adele… with a r&b album. No excuse esp after a 3 year gap. Those 2nd 3rd and 4 th WEAK #s will bde a disgrace to Roc Nation. One more flop and rih will be dropped from the label

    • Anti(hives scared of R8) February 2, 2016

      4 had major promo before the release and Blu saved 4 sit!

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        Are fuxking kidding me with that comment!?!? Anti has had promo for a Year!!! FFS, BBHMM and AO say hello!!! Than she revealed the Title and artwork for the album months ago. Than even furthwr the promo with 8 trailers that revolved around Anti! Have several seats with these excuses!!!

  46. briano 1 February 2, 2016

    And another reason befraudce csnt even put herself in tje same sentence as mj

    He and his fans spread love

    She and hers spew hate

    Smh i could never be a fan of that thirst bucket hater

  47. Smile February 2, 2016

    Another post about Rihanna! Lord.

  48. TheBeysusImpact February 2, 2016


  49. Blue Ivy Rod February 2, 2016

    something is off, I watched the AntiDiary Promo again and I feel like there was so much going on but ANTI though great it feels like it hasn’t drawn out the full story. feels more like a preview or a trailer

  50. xedos February 2, 2016

    the reason why you all wetting your panties is because you’re all gullible. how can an album debut at 27 and sell only a thousand copies

    • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

      Chawl!!!! Im going to need you to educate yourself on the situation before commenting. It sold 406 albums and had over 4 million streams which brought the total to over 15 thousand albums equivalent sold!

  51. Penny Sparrow February 2, 2016

    Predictions for ANTI have been revised from 125K to 110K???????

  52. JanStan February 2, 2016

    Yeah I question 400k WW. I bet the exec is counting streaming sales in other countries. Plus GAGA is getting a 6-7 minute window to tribute David Bowie at the Grammy’s. Adele is performing. This album is going NOWHERE.

  53. xedos February 2, 2016

    i’m not loosing sleep over what rihanna sells. rihanna has her own music label she owns the masters to all her music. if she sells a thousand she will be getting around 80% of the money because she owns all her shyt. and because she has her own company by the time her accountant file her taxes she will make more than i will make in the next 10 yrs

  54. DIABETES UNBOthered February 2, 2016

    Tidal most likely still doesnt really have 1 million subcribers yet but sumhow RIHSCEDULED got 1 million free downloads cuertesy of samsung and another 400k paid 3.99 for their copy. Thats about 400kimagenery downloads. Why didnt they just lie and say 400k ppl ww bought it from itunes instead?. 2 words SMOKE & MIRRORS. But when the dust clears will see those REAL #s this weekend.

    • Blue Ivy Rod February 2, 2016


  55. CollectingPrivates February 2, 2016

    You people are crazy lol. Rihanna is still gonna be cocky even if she was dropped. This album is her best in my opinion. This woman is worried about her fans and most Of all her bank account . as long as she profits from it That’s what counts. Now if you sell low and then don’t profit then that’s a problem. However she just got a 25 million deal. Now watch next year when she be on Forbes , people gonna be like she bought Forbes positions lol. She not going anywhere or changing. Get over it. Now when Friday comes I will be in target to buy my second copy.

    • DIABETES UNBOthered February 2, 2016

      Lmao how gullible can u be. What 25 million? It was all spent on a RIAA certification. Her only chance at forbes is the Antisoldout tour. I doubt it even grosses 100 million.

  56. DIABETES UNBOthered February 2, 2016

    Rih looks ROUGH in that pic, lmao is that pic supposed to make the DEADvy buy up those UNPURCHASED tickets from livenation. I never thot she could look THIS HIDEOS about the facial region. DEPRESSION is REAL. LMAOOOO

  57. Rosie February 2, 2016

    Would be 100% believable if it wasn’t at only 13K in UK midweeks (3rd biggest market in the world and easily Frih’s biggest market, period). Especially if it was on track to sell, say, 60-80K there.
    We’ll see. But there’s still no excuse for ‘the black Madonna!!! Biggest black female GLOBAL superstar in history!11″ to be doing Florence & the Machine numbers in the US.

  58. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV16 February 2, 2016

    Hi Navy <3 The Baddest B*tch On This Site Will Be Taking Some Time Off Very Soon. I Have To Go To Do Something Very Important The Next Few Weeks. I Had Fun Exposing And Ripping The P&ssy Hive's V*****'s One By One And One By One. LB, Centurion, KeriKween, Mark111 Continue Making These No Walls B*tches Mad As We Always Do. They're Just Mad Their Fave Is A C** Guzzling, Obsessed Photoshopped, Thief That's Yoke Has Been Stale Since 2008. 10 More Years BeyHive Till Your Wh*re Reaches Menopause. When Will Rihanna? SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. King Mark111 /.\ February 2, 2016

    The Pest have hit rock bottom. They want this album to flop so bad that they made up their own little world for it to flop in. Reality is still a place you have to come back to. You have to accept the 1 million copies sold, and you have to take your meds because of your low T cells count this week.

    • LB February 2, 2016

      Anti’s predictions have been revised up, so 1.510 million in the first week WW, amazing stuff.

  60. WINTZ February 2, 2016


    All the best in your endeavours.

    Ch.. There are so many people that can’t be here everyday to represent…I’m so happy for those familiar navy names you listed.

  61. .:: Centurion ::. February 2, 2016

    I can’t wait for Rihanna to make HistoRIH on the Billboard 200 – the album’s chart – come next week. *Sips Tea*

  62. WINTZ February 2, 2016

    How will they escape the reality if the slayage Then? Kiii

    They’ll be setting records with their seething and I’m here for it!

  63. SWISH February 2, 2016

    you rihanna obsessed f** hive members need to go get an education

  64. WINTZ February 2, 2016

    Lol… When they covered an official report which made international headlines about Beyonce’s fans being the dumbest!

    I’m spinning
    Spinning with my hands up
    Left left side to side

    Dwl y’all have no mofo room to come for the quality of Rihanna’s music catalogue! The nerve…

  65. FC/JC February 2, 2016


  66. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 3, 2016

    WAIT…. Who are all these irrelevant 2016 smelly-pumpum Slavi members? Didn’t y’all crusty-seeemen-swallowing-hœs host any auditions or applications to get REAL draggers? It seems like y’all will let any rotten-p**** ass hœ join these dayz, but I guess DiarrRIHeah’s nazi needs all the help it can get! I’m just waiting for one these phaags to enter my reply box, because I could do with another slave to LASH!

  67. Mariah The Legend February 3, 2016

    so ANTI sold 1.5 mill so far. that’s why they mad. LOOOOL

  68. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 3, 2016


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