Chris Brown & Kevin McCall Clash On Social Media / Threats & Sexuality Jabs Thrown

Published: Wednesday 9th Mar 2016 by Sam

When friends turn to foes.

It’s a narrative Chris Brown and former protege Kevin McCall are well versed with.

At one point McCall was signed to RCA by way of Chris Brown Entertainment (CBE) and collaborated in earnest with Breezy – most notably on ‘Deuces.’

However, the time since has seen the pair part ways and McCall not hold back when venting about the fall-out.

After dishing on the issue again on social media, McCall found himself on the receiving end of Breezy’s wrath.

See what was said below…

A photo posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on


McCall followed shortly after with…

#fanofafan @chrisbrownofficial your the real #NumberOne ✌?️

A video posted by Kevin McCall x Kingdom Music (@kevinmccallofficial) on

To deny Chris’ talent would be to deny that the sky is blue. Yet, how many times can one get it so incredibly wrong?!

At this junction, it’s inconsequential who started it. For Chris to throw both covert and overt threats online for the world to see after the multitude of messes he’s been in legally over the years. It’s like…really?!


Your thoughts?

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  1. FC/JC March 9, 2016

    Nothing but a relationship trial…. These DL men gon learn.

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      Just like Bow Wow and Future all learned about Ciara in her transition period? Let’s not.

      • FC/JC March 9, 2016

        What kinda try hard clap back.
        Besides, whats a Bow wow? whats a Future?
        Isnt one of those the ones that just got their car vandalized by Keyshia Cole? LMFAOOO

      • rosy March 9, 2016

        I don’t care for ciara but what the f*** she has to do with this you go around and randomly bully someone for no reason geez

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      A Future is what you’re fave has been struggling to have for the past 10 years. Her career is the punchline and her getting dropped from her label is the joke. Now, catch it like a red light.

      • FAF(fuckafagsfeelingzzz) March 9, 2016

        Sis is that why she had the top nbc summer series ?

        Headlining essence????

        Platinum R&B single????

        U try too hard with this fake username

        Go beg Samsung to purchase some REAL copies

      • credits March 9, 2016

        At least she had a deal(s), platinum albums, and top 10 hits….what do you have? *crickets*

  2. CHAKA March 9, 2016

    My God, Kevin McCall is fine!

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      Your fav could take some lessons, cause that Yaki she’s still shoveling, isn’t the T.

      • CHAKA March 9, 2016

        Beyoncé, is that you? Don’t make me call Michael and have you removed from the icons panel! Chaka has looked and always will look amazing.

      • Fancy BISH March 9, 2016

        Chaka Khan is a LEGEND…who is you?! I feel for you chile lol 🙂

  3. ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

    Kevin is daddy…. Chris is abusive trash a true tyler tea.

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      And you’re a psychopathic-schizophrenic. Sit.

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

      Consider suicide.

      • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

        OOP! READ A BIT

    • Annalise March 9, 2016

      Seek PROFESSIONAL help @PorshaWilliamsStan/Moldy-Asshole 😆 and while you’re at it, go get some real life friends you pathetic hœ, and stop making up alternate accounts to argue with. My foot is still on ya neck b*tch, and I’m LIVING 4 IT!

  4. Ugggh March 9, 2016

    Chris Brown and Kanye are booty queens. They stay pressed. All ways in their feelings and do way too much. Chill

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      *Always. You’re welcome.

      • Ugggh March 9, 2016

        Thanks. I honestly missed that spelling error and seen it after I posted ahaha

  5. Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

    500 blk Pirus!?
    Tf? Chris Brown isn’t from the West Coast .
    When did he start claiming????

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      About the same time Molly’s cousin stopped claiming her. About the same time that she started clinging to everyone on this blog. About the same time that she made up this absurd ideal in her head that people were obsessed with her and about the same time that Annalise stopped using her.

  6. Skyfall March 9, 2016

    The irony of a CB minion to say all the other guy do is 30 and talk s*** online when Chrid is pushing 30 and foes the exact same thing. Chris needs to go away we are sick of his shocked vocals, redundant and repetitive songs, his tired rants, and he’ll even his dancing is a bore now.

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      Who are you? Oh, right. We don’t use or know you, be gone peasant.

      • Skyfall March 9, 2016

        B****, can you not read? My name says Skyfall! Based of the Academy & Grammy winning song by Miss Adele Adkins. The real question is.. Who are you!

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

      PAUSE You Stan for Rhianna though lol.
      She’s older than Chris Brown and is still having beef with people on Twitter. The hypocrisy! Smdh

      • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

        yassss Tyler, you better read like a church muhvuh on easter sunday

      • Skyfall March 9, 2016

        Who has Rihanna recently beefed with though? She only uses social media now for promo, so doesn’t even “model” on IG anymore. Chris still argues, goes on rants all the time on Twitter. Rihanna doesn’t anymore from what I can remember. Plus regardless if she did I was talking about Chris fans talking about another man when Chris does the same.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Recently? Girl bye! Rihanna has had twitter beef with Ciara, Teyana Taylor, and Kaleidoscope Dream . She and Chris Brown deserve each other

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      Worry more about the fact that your faves career has floated, her forehead bloated, and her “platinum” album anti was bought and front-loaded.

    • Metzo March 9, 2016

      Thank u!

      • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

        *You. Stop being lazy, pull that finger out of your orifice and spell COMPLETE words, instead of substituting letters.

    • LmfaoHoe March 9, 2016

      Chris is acting a damn fool, little does he realize this type of s*** can come back to bit him in the ass. Say his baby moms or anyone for that matter get his ass in court for violence or threats. They gonna find this n**** gulity as sin especially when they dig this s*** up. He’ll lose a cunk of fans, opportunities, and most importantly his daughter due to his crazy ass behavior. And why the f*** would you rep a gang and say publicly your intentions for them to do. I wont be able to support his ass after this no more

  7. Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

    It’s funny how someone who claims that “they used the HIVE” and calls themselves “iconic” on twitter, etc. and complains about “nobody using it” is the EXACT same person who is STILL on this blog, DAY & NIGHT searching for the same feelings of satisfaction as having her father in her life. Babydoll, you won’t find that sense of fulfillment here, so go elsewhere

    • Annalise March 9, 2016

      LMAOOOOOOOO! I CAN’T HANDLE THIS!!!!! Not this drag giving me everlasting life!!!

      • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016


      • Annalise March 9, 2016

        lmao you having fun @WeMissYouRihnavy/LegendsPanelDirector?

      • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

        Chile, what’s a RihNavy? Is that the disease Molly can’t get rid of? I heard there’s an experimental cure on the black market, but I know she can’t go back there since her cousin ruined her reputation in the streets after she molly-whopped her a$$

      • Annalise March 9, 2016

        I have the receipts, but I’ll let you have your fun incinerating Molly tonight 🙂

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        You know who it is and you’re clinging to its drags haha #IWin #TrashAssNigga

      • Annalise March 9, 2016

        NOT you following my every move.. AGAIN! @Moldy-ASS you’re so used to following me around like a lost dog, that you’ve began stalking my comments too. Shut up heaux before I WHIP dat ass again! You had the nerve to lie on me and claim I ‘set you up’, well why don’t u prove me wrong. Go and change yo selena hoemez avi, and I guarantee the avi on the PorshaWilliamsStan comment will change too. You’ll never win, and you know why?! Because no-one on this site or in real life likes you.*spits on your face*

  8. Stephon Jackson March 9, 2016

    Chris Brown is crazy. And, not in a good way. He gives me murderer/psychopathic tease…

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      And your phone calls with Mark, and dragging of Whitney stans on Twitter is as equally disgusting, don’t try it.

      • Stephon Jackson March 9, 2016

        B****, keep stalking me h**. And, when the f*** did I drag a Nippy stan? Haven’t been lately. I’ve actually been defending her. Don’t try what? He is crazy. Did you not read that damn message! F*** outta here STALKER!

      • Legends Panel Ejector March 10, 2016

        *is equally, not “is as equally.”
        The ‘as’ is as redundant as your slavish attempt at “Got 2B Real.”

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      You sound MadT and let’s not act like you weren’t dragging Whitney stan’s on Mariah’s YouTube videos. Let’s not act like you haven’t been paying more attention to the eyebrows in your twitter avi, than you have been to your bills. Worry about finding some business that makes you money instead of being in someone elses honey.

      • Stephon Jackson March 9, 2016

        DAMN! You stalking me on Youtube too? And, honey my bills are ALWAYS paid. The fuq? Hahahaha Stop playing boo. You’re a fan! Uh uh, don’t do that. Trying to start something when it’s nothing but peace & love over here with Stephy. Expose yo lil self to me & we can chop it up too. Shoot, all this draggin s*** is corny & old now. Get yo ass on Twitter & stop stalking me. S***, I don’t bite. lmfaooo!

    • Metzo March 9, 2016

      Get out of my head steph!
      That dude is worse than a psycho. He needs to disappear for good

      • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

        Who are you?

      • Stephon Jackson March 9, 2016

        Exactly! I mean, Chris is so talented & fine as hell. But, that temper is scary. No telling what he’s capable of doing.

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      Kiii, I been following you on Twitter for years, I’m so much closer than you know, and as far as you’d expect. Just know that I’ve been watching, tweeting, DM’ing, replying and listening. KNOW THAT MAURICE.

      • Stephon Jackson March 9, 2016

        DAMN! Well, you should know that I’m a nice loving person, WHAT NOW/Elusive Lamb/SCALPING THOTS etc… How many damn personalities your psychotic ass gon’ create dear? And, I knew that was you trolling my DM’s with that “Destiny” b**** account. You ain’t gotta do all that. Just come on out from hiding & show me yourself. We’ve already chatted on the phone, I remember that big ass LIE you made up about how you loved Mariah Carey. I knew you were lying then. Like I said, I wish you would stop lying to me & be real. Witcho t***** voice having ass.:)

    • james227 March 9, 2016

      You hate Chris Brown crazy or not. But you walk up to him saying that same s*** you talk behind that computer

      • Stephon Jackson March 9, 2016

        I do NOT hate Brown.

  9. Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

    “Dragging Molly is the equivalent to taking a $h1t, you’re obligated to do it, it makes you feel good, cleanses the soul, and makes you a better person.”-Scalpalonians 1:29

  10. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? March 9, 2016

    Where’s the sexuality drags? Oh, and now I see why every woman, regardless of race/ethnicity, is getting their panties in a bunch to find a black man to call their own. Look at Mr. McCall’s fine ass and you’ll understand why.

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      It’s *”Where ARE the sexuality drags”. I see you failed basic college composition I. Mess.

      • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? March 9, 2016

        Girl, go suck Molly’s ass with your basic, trolling ass! Bye, Nessa!

  11. Amiyah doppelgänger March 9, 2016

    Chris brown is an angry t***** chaser …. He just pays well and knows who to keep it cute with but there are receipts..probably over a candy stick . Not to say he won’t do the damage to McCall.. Which side bar is a complete daddy … I

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      But Amiyah Scott, IS a t*****…sooooo wyd?

  12. B2B March 9, 2016

    Over Breezy and no longer a fan as of today. He has been doing this same crap for 7 years. And why he talking about “WE” aint no “WE” in “CHRIS.” Why he ain’t do all this when Jayceon was ready to hop on that head. He know the game bout it!

  13. Metzo March 9, 2016

    GODDAMN CB ILLETERATE AS HELL. Reading his response straight up f***** up with my cognitive development. Shishhh. HE’s so crazy and immature. I wonder if hes on drugs cause… that anger …

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      Clearly it f*cked up your cognition seeing as how atrocious your grammar and spelling are. Instead of choking on all those d1cks and holding your breath for the sake of erotic asphyxiation, and killing your brain cells, milliseconds at a time, maybe pick up a book and put down the electronic devices you use to live vicariously through Beyonce.

      • Metzo March 9, 2016

        Was that all? Anything else to add, anonymous?

      • Legends Panel Ejector March 10, 2016

        “seeing *as* how?” Really? You’re going to pull out all the prig-stops when you write like *that*?

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      No, that’s not all, but considering that you can’t read on post-baccalaureate level like myself, I can understand the trepidation that must be pulsing through your veins.

      • Metzo March 9, 2016

        Damn. Reading your comments, you’d think i had stolen your school lunch n viciously tore apart your self-esteem in another life. Wheres that anger coming from, clown? Life’s a bit rough, eh? N the funny thing is, i never addressed you, so i’d expect you do the same. Oh well. Quit stalking me though. Id appreciate that. Good day!

    • KandiBurrussStan March 9, 2016

      Stolen a school lunch? Ripped my self-esteem apart? You’ve gotten rusty, it’s a shame I can’t even use you anymore. Tisk tisk.

  14. Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

    Yassss @Schizo, you better thumbs up yourself, to make yourself feel better. If you can’t love yourself, well…then you might as well just drink anti-freeze 🙂

  15. AJ March 9, 2016

    Can someone translate please?

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      Sis…google translate is RIGHT there underneath your nose, no one is going to do your homework for you.

      • AJ March 9, 2016

        Imbecile to English isn’t an option felicia.

  16. King Mark111 /.\ March 9, 2016

    Y’all did this. I knew this clown wasn’t ish when he beat the biggest pop star in the world and didn’t own up to a thing. He loves calling another black man broke, but when Amerikkka put that foot on his neck, then he’s all “Oh my black people, feel sorry for me”. lol

    • Legends Panel Director March 9, 2016

      “I’m sending you a 4 page lettttterrrr and I enclosed it with a Plane Crashhhhh, and when I run out of fuel, I better crashhh to the grounndnddddd”-Aaliyah

    • Love anti back to sleep rihkarruechn March 10, 2016

      Mama always say be
      careful who you watch
      and daddy say he will
      Konck your teeth out of your king mouth no matter who beat your a$$ down that’s why brother will laugh at you (you you youuuuu)
      Nobody don’t miss you king mark111

  17. ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

    @Metzo its stalking everyone pay it dust.

    • KandiBurrussStan March 9, 2016

      Says the @PorshaWilliamsStan

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 9, 2016

        Look Analoose ima need you to chill on these troll accounts its already pathetic that your clinging to Rihnavys new troll account ????

  18. RihNavy March 9, 2016

    It’s so funny how I can disappear randomly
    For months at a time, create troll accounts under different emails, STILL make y’all mad, turn against each other and continue to make you use my name as a point of reference when I’m not even here. THAT is impact and Molly if you were smart, you’d have played the game like me, but I know that’s a stretch for you to do anything creative or clever. Btw Annalise didn’t make KandiBurrussStan you dumb bitchhh, I did. Pay attention. I’ll be monitoring your progression/digression the next few months before I decide to reappear again. Do your homework and get better.

  19. credits March 9, 2016

    Kevin and Brandy have been looking happy together lately….hope she knows what she is getting herself into lol.

  20. .:: Centurion (14 #1s) ::. March 9, 2016

    What is ILLETERATE?

  21. james227 March 9, 2016

    Chris did try to help Kevin but Kevin acted liked he was just to good for anything the label had to offer. Now he’s broke and want to talk s***. Damn

  22. Annalise March 9, 2016

    KIII who on earth is this @AnüsLiyah hœ ?!? Surely this can’t be the same hœ I slaughtered last year. I wanted to CUT her and she even told me she would get me a plane ticket to see about her in Detroit! Leave your name, number and email address after the #BLOOP if you’re really THAT B*tch! Do you want me to post the receipt of me asking u before and you running away like a pvssy?!

  23. Love anti back to sleep rihkarruechn March 10, 2016

    Chris breezy brown boy acting like he is from the west coast and this is a hot mess

  24. Coolness March 10, 2016

    Wtf did I just wake up to?!?! For starters, as irresistible as I find Kevin (his body >>>) he seems a bit unstable. He has been slinging shots at Chris and his fans on the internet for the past few months. However, his semi-respectful tweet did not warrant that overdrawn response Chris gave filled with threats of gang violence. Cutting off fingers and breaking legs, REALLY Chris?! I recall him denying gang affiliation two years ago but here he is repping Piru like he’s from the streets of L.A.and not Tappahannock, Virginia. He’s such a disappointment and has way more to lose because it’s his rant that media will focus on and not Kevin, who is barely relevant outside Urban blogs. I’ve never seen such a waste of talent and potential in modern popular music.

  25. Lake Erie March 10, 2016

    I messes with you tough Breez but dude…. … lol … … you’re not street lol. And piru? Boy when? Lol. Smh. I have mixed emotions about the overall beef but if Chris wants to be seen in another light, he needed to come professional. As for Kevin, I don’t believe the DL stuff but I will say he has skeletons in his closet that only a particular person can reveal. One word: Eva. Now those rumors I believe and based on a couple of his past interviews. Bruh doesn’t quite have em all up there.

  26. erolsabadosh March 10, 2016

    Chris Brown sounds mental. What’s his problem?

  27. SoldierOfLove March 11, 2016

    He’ll be “apologizing” publicly soon. And everyone will “love” him again.

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