Keri Hilson Launching Legal Action After False Press Release Touts New Music

Published: Friday 18th Mar 2016 by Sam

Keri Hilson is not happy.

A mysterious press release – issued by an entity allegedly posing as the singer’s label – touted the release of new music this week. Namely single ‘Again’ and the star’s long-awaited third album ‘L.I.A.R.’

And while the latter is an acronym for ‘Love Is A Religion,’ Hilson claims whoever sent it out is a flat-out liar, as neither the single nor its housing LP is ready for roll-out.

The ramifications of said actions won’t be light, according to the songbird.

Her words below…


We understand her frustration. Finger’s crossed whatever is holding back the roll out is remedied ASAP. The announcement proved there is still a waiting audience of fans (and haters) ready to hear what she’s been baking, which – in today’s streaming heavy industry – isn’t just a good thing. It’s great.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #Beautiful March 18, 2016

    Meanwhile catch Rihanna on The ANTI World Tour and get ready because Beyonce is gonna shut it down next month of The Formation World Tour

    • yorgos March 18, 2016


    • You tried March 18, 2016

      ?????rolls eyes and gives the penSlayer that is keri Hilson a side eye ! When those investigators locate the leak that came from her hard drive she will be looking dumb as hell ??? I’m alllllll herefor MsKeriBaby but not with the hype and stupid back story! Drop the music

      • Yorgo March 18, 2016

        “pen slayer” ahahahha YAAAAAASSSSS!!!!! SCREAMING at the leak coming from her hard drive, OMG that would be a good twist to the story!!!!!! All my suspicion is on polow & Zone 4 tbh. Something feels dodgy!!!! Believe me, Keri has the music, But her label is preventing her from releasing it… 🙁 I remember her directly implying that on twitter last year. Multiple people (Monica & some randoms on twitter lol) are saying the music is really hot & a unique sound

  2. HailBeysus March 18, 2016

    Damn! When I shade her It’s all for fun. But this right here is sad and bad. I hope she turns out on top in this lawsuit because playing with her career like that is a no! Until then serve them fish plates gurrrl! ??? (had to keep it shady lmfao)

    • yorgos March 18, 2016

      lmao I love you even though I stan ha!! <3

  3. Beyonce4mationfan March 18, 2016

    Girl… Just give us the music of you gonna give the music. We don’t got time for the theatrics and the foolery.

    • Formation is Rhythm Nation ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 18, 2016

      Lmfaooo. What kind of accuracy????

    • yorgos March 18, 2016

      Mid last year she said the album was completed…. It seems like there is outside force stopping her from releasing. When fans on twitter asked for new music, she said “ASK POLOW& TIMBALAND” (her record labels). So they are holding her back I guess…. smh

  4. yorgos March 18, 2016

    SLAY QUEEN, GET THAT MEDIA PRESENCE & ALBUM PROMO!!! For real though the situation is a mess. Either her people on the inside aka her record label (ZONE /polow) is a mess, or someone hacked the record label’s e-mail account & sent out the press release

    • yorgos March 18, 2016

      *ZONE 4

  5. yorgos March 18, 2016

    Sad that Keri doesn’t have full control of her own music. I’m CERTAIN that her record label is holding her back. Just remembered those tweets from last year. She wants to release music but cant 🙁 She should make her own label! She has 25 million dollars at least….

  6. Annalise March 18, 2016

    ? Her team leaked this info (and contacted thatgrapejuice directly) to test the waters and she was fully aware of it. Once the blogs exposed her she cried wolf. 14 years in the industry and she’s released two flop albums?? it’s a wonder that she hasn’t been dropped yet.

    • yorgos March 18, 2016

      GIIIRRRLLLLL her label is SHADY like that. Look at Polow (no shade). They haven’t released an album since Keri’s LMAO Maybe someone within her label went behind her back,or someone hacked them? But I do agree that it seems really publicity stunt-ish

      • Annalise March 18, 2016

        BOOO to Keri, I’m more interested in hearing K.Michelle’s new music. She’s got that gospel anointing in her voice, but she can still ride a good old-fashion R&B/ Hip-Hop beat. I’m ready for it!

      • yorgos March 18, 2016


        lEMME FIND SOMEWHERE TO SIT. I pray that the album streams before release date haha which song are you most hyped for? I feel the album is gonna be CLASSIC

  7. Barb-wire March 18, 2016

    Lmao at the conspiracy theories! This h** lying, she leaked her own damn info. Is she going to sued her own damn self? Trying to pull at people’s heartstrings is so late like her damn flop album.

    • yorgos March 18, 2016

      UGGHHHH I feel like Sherlock Holmes. Imma need to get Keri our of this prison (aka her label). I’ll ask Michael Scofield from prison break for help ahaha

      NOT you saying she should sue herself ahahah something is really dodgy tbh

  8. yorgos March 18, 2016

    Someone posted this on twitter half an hour ago… “Polow Da Don just played a record by Keri Hilson that changed my life… Don’t sleep on her album!”

    • yorgos March 18, 2016

      I’m trying to get tea but there not serving lmao ugh

  9. yorgos March 18, 2016

    Keri’s impact>>>>>> The media storm that she created with this after a 5 year hiatus. Gwen Stefani who?

    • King B March 18, 2016

      Storm? What storm? Gwen is number one on iTunes.

  10. Cinnamon Girl March 18, 2016

    Oh, Keri bish, stop it! You are just messy like that! Beyonce and Cici would never!!

    • Yorgos March 18, 2016

      At least Keri can sing live… *looks at cici*

      • mmhm March 18, 2016

        she was singing the house DOWN in that empty auditorium!!! do you hear me!!!

      • Cinnamon Girl March 18, 2016

        At least Cici has had platinum albums and her last single went platinum. * looks at Keri*

      • Yorgo March 18, 2016

        @Cinnamon Girl Chile, lets not forget that Ci’s “platinum” albums came in 2006 & 2004. Keri’s 1st release was in 2009 & it went GOLD. Very different music climates. Meanwhile Ci’s album (released at a similar time in 2009), has only sold 195,000 LOL When they both released in December 2010, No boys allowed sold 102k first week & basic instict sold 35K LOL & Keri’s last main single (pretty girl rock) went platinum too!

        Anywho I’m not bothered by sales, i far prefer keri’s voice & music.& i believe she’s more talented as a singer & songwriter. & she also does vocal arrangements & production! Whilst Ci barely has the talent to hold an album together. Keri’s music is more soulful & honest & inspirational/empowering to me. Whilst Ci does have some great songs.. there’s a lot that are distastefulness imo & some songs are bland. My faves from her are body party, sorry, i bet, promise & Like a boy

  11. Cinnamon Girl March 18, 2016

    @mmhmm, yes Keri was singing her a## off in that empty stadium! She could hear her own echo!

    • mmmhmm March 18, 2016

      Echo was so loud she thought they was playing a backtrack.

      • Cinnamon Girl March 18, 2016

        LMAO! Drag these delusional Keri Flops on fans!

  12. Rosie March 18, 2016

    Death at all the replies to this on Twitter being “no one was checking for it anyway” and the like.
    It’s not that deep anyway? But snatch that 3K first week whenever it comes out

  13. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 19, 2016

    She ain’t gonna release music yet

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