Shady Chanteuse: Mariah Carey On J.Lo – “I Still Don’t Know Her”

Published: Tuesday 8th Mar 2016 by Sam

Mariah Carey doesn’t hold notes as well these days, but she sure can grip to a grudge.

The songbird is still no fan of Jennifer Lopez – some 14 years after her infamous “I don’t know her” interview.

Last week saw the topic brought up again when J.Lo stopped by The Wendy Williams Show. For, when quizzed about Mimi’s remarks, stage blazer Lopez branded her new label-mate “forgetful.”

Naturally, the verbal ping-pong is being cheered on and when Carey was spotted leaving an event honoring friend and filmmaker Brett Ratner, she was asked about the situation.

Her hilarious response can be seen below…

We love both ladies, but there’s no denying that a little shade is always…festive. However, Mariah is coming off a touched pressed. Not just here, but with the subsequent comments she’s made about the initial interview in the years since.

See, the thing is, Mimi being a Shady Chanteuse only worked so well before because she could back in up in countless other ways – namely on the stage. Now…[crickets]

The actual shade is that the upper echelon of the Billboard charts hasn’t known “her” for almost a decade.

Just saying.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Annalise March 8, 2016

    LMAOOOO Messriah Carey is throwing IT hunny! BTW Mimi is looking extra snatched and glamorous lately! Who knows, I think she may be in love ?

    • Porsha Williams Stan March 8, 2016

      In love with her waist trainer

      • Annalise March 8, 2016

        Porsha Williams knows all about waist trainers tho *__* She needed one after Cynthia Bailey karate kicked her in the stomach like Jackie Chan. #PoorDat

    • YOUR MADGEsty March 8, 2016

      LMAO! I still think she looks better on the arm of a Black Man though…… KIII.

      • Annalise March 8, 2016

        LMAO You know I used to think Nick looked so corny back in his Nickelodeon days 😆 but he filled out quite nicely. Did you hear about Steebie J lying on Mariah, and saying they dated on Wild’N’Out SMH. Nick should have came for dat ASS!

      • YOUR MADGEsty March 8, 2016

        LMFAOOO. YAAAS! That episode was life!


        I ain’t gon’ lie, I slyly believed it Sis. I mean this was during Mariah’s “liberated” era’s – Buterrly & Rainbow – and she was doing the absolute most to look like some THOT from South Central. LMAO!!! I know she had at least 1 or 2 one-night stands with at least 1 Rapper or producer. I read that it was MASE. 😉


        Still, she wore the HELL out of them dresses and batty riders during that time though and the new titties she got back in 99 just brought it all together. #SNATCHED. 😉

      • Annalise March 8, 2016

        KIII I haven’t heard about the rumours, but if it’s true I don’t blame her for putting herself out there and exploring the chocolate dating scene! Tommy was a control freak with a receding hairline and a beer belly smh, I don’t know how she managed to stay with him so long. Glad to know that Mimi stays coinT up and booed up!
        It’s funny cuz Nick went on the breakfast club years ago and said that Mariah told him if he ever messes with her that she would leave him 4 a billionaire. And now look at GAHT #WontHeDoIt #Halleloo

      • FAF March 8, 2016

        Not thot from south central

    • Porsha Williams Stan March 8, 2016

      Who ran back crying and apologizing though?

      • Annalise March 8, 2016

        KIII but why didn’t Porsha whoop dat ass tho? How comes they took away her peach when she fought Kooonya, but the producers let Cynthia off even though Porsha went to the damn hospital? Something ain’t right in the kool-aid chile!

    • Shay March 8, 2016

      MARIAH CAREY is in an elite group, MARIAH, Whitney, Aretha, Celine, truly iconic vocalist. Comparing her with Bronx trash like Jennifer Lopez who runs around sleeping with men to get to the top ……exactly; JENNIFER is not a singer. SHE NEVER WILL BE.

    • monarc087 March 9, 2016




  2. JungKook March 8, 2016

    She’s not relevant. She’s DLIST worthy. She’s making movies on hallmark for christsake and promoting game of thrones. JLO is on top of this business still. You know who the real queen is. Mariah may have had that voice, but she’s lost it. She done.

    JLO = american idol + las vegas recidency + shade of blue

    where is cowriah now??

    • Cough Cough March 8, 2016

      Who most recent album sold more? Let me give you a hint, it was t the one who did every single promo outlet possible to man

    • pon_de March 8, 2016

      Since you’re looking for Mariah, she can be found in JLo’s mouth seeing how she stay bringing Mariah up in 2016. It ain’t the other way around dunny

  3. Ugggh March 8, 2016

    All this shade is clogging up her vocal cords. Her shade is better than her singing these days. I don’t think Jennifer Lopez cares if she “knows her” or not. Jennifer is winning right now and she doesn’t need a man to put a ring on her finger to stay relevant!

    • Kev Kev March 8, 2016

      You’re joking right? That’s why she went running back to her child boyfriend.

      • Ugggh March 8, 2016

        I know you can read being that you responded. Did you process the part where I said to “stay relevant”? Her going back to Casper is not keeping her in the news. It’s her hit show Shades of Blue which she stars and executive produces. Along with her show The Fosters, as well as, her judging on Idol and her Vegas residency. My point was this girl stays booked so she is not worried if Mariah “can’t remember” her or not! Damn.


    They should Ms Carey who is Ciara. She’ll be like “who?” kii!

    • PieceByPiece March 8, 2016


    • Cinnamon Girl March 8, 2016

      Mariah and Ciara have taken photos together. Nice try, tho

      • MDNA March 8, 2016

        But she still didnt know who she was? Kiii

      • FAF March 8, 2016

        Mdna needs to hit ctrl alt delete

        Cuz didn’t she just lose her son? Nice try ???

  5. CICI Jackie March 8, 2016

    Pathetic. JLo is still relevant these days unlike her.

    • MDNA March 8, 2016


      • CICI Jackie March 8, 2016

        nobody was talking about cici, just stay in topic 😉

    • Porsha Williams Stan March 8, 2016

      C squad still pressed because #beautiful slayed bathroom party?

      • Cinnamon Girl March 8, 2016

        Have you bought Porsha Williams some Hooked on Phonics tapes yet

      • Porsha Williams Stan March 8, 2016

        Tone deaf flop that can’t book a stage or get a check. We all heard her stomach growl during that interview.

  6. navy life March 8, 2016

    Mariah is a joke.

    • Weezy Tha Goat March 8, 2016

      The irony coming from a navy member.

      • Jamie March 8, 2016

        Thank you! Deluded assss fanbsse.

  7. Cough Cough March 8, 2016

    She clearly was joking around in a non serious banter. And Mariah Carey will always be relevant/”: whether comparing her to the up and comings, talking about the days of the Mariah/Whitney/Celine’s or just classic songs. I like J.lo too but you can’t compare them, Mariah wins 5 times over

  8. Mariah March 8, 2016

    says the grown man that speaks Ill of females

    • YOUR MADGEsty March 8, 2016


      *A Million +1’s*

  9. Mariah March 8, 2016

    Beautiful made top 20 and last year AIWFC reached an all new high on billboard… So, try again Sam.
    The hypocrisy of this post is beyond pointless.
    It’s like y’all accept shade from JLo but the mi ute Mariah throws it back its “Mariahs wrong” foh

    • Christobal26 March 8, 2016

      Because Mariah always does it and she is in no position to. Her performances lately are comical enough!

  10. Porsha Williams Stan March 8, 2016

    Both are flops in 2016. But Mariah has legendary bops, so she wins

    • what? March 9, 2016

      Case closed.

  11. Weezy Tha Goat March 8, 2016

    She didn’t say she didn’t know who she was, she just said she doesn’t know her. JLow wished she had half the career that Mariah has had.

  12. LmfaoHoe March 8, 2016

    Years and till this very day I believe people misunderstand with what Mariah meant. In the interview she did years ago she complimented Beyonce’s personality (not just her well being) for J Lo she couldn’t comment as “She don’t know her” as in personality or as a person. But whatever I suppose. I always thought it meant that IMO. However, we do know the drama surrounding that time with Tommy being despiteful to not only Mariah (giving her songs to J Lo) but MJ too during their albums trying to sabotage their careers.

  13. YOUR MADGEsty March 8, 2016

    LMFAO. I SCREAMED AND NEARLY THREW MY PHONE… but obviously ‘Carey was just joking around. It really is NOT that serious!


    Anyway, Samantha… You’re the QUEEN OF “PRESSED” so you really have no room to talk about anybody. Girl, sit down! KI.

    • Mariah March 8, 2016

      Okay Sam be quick to call Rihanna a goat, a model with a mic, etc when NO ONE ASKED HIM
      But Mariah is pressed for answering a question

  14. What Now March 8, 2016

    I. AM. SCREAMING. I spit out my damn wine. She is so shady.

    • Slaydele’s 25 March 8, 2016

      Mariah = Queen of Shade. Rihanna = Princess of Shade. J.Lo = Mariah wannabe. Ciara = Rihanna wannabe. The thirst is real.

  15. True Lambily March 8, 2016

    Mariah is still queen!!

    • Slaydele’s 25 March 8, 2016

      When will J.No????

  16. Meteorite March 8, 2016

    Now see I love Mariah I do, but her personality is so childish. She will be 46 come March 27th and she still talking about how she is “eternally 12” Mariah gurl that’s not cute it’s creepy. Also you need to stop blaming Jennifer for what Tommy did. No one told you to marry the boss. You were a damn fool to think that after your divorce from him he was still going to give you all the top priorities. So if you want to throw shade you need to throw it at Tommy. Tommy used Jennifer to get back at Mariah and Mariah is still falling victim to him. Now if she was grown she would have reached out to Jennifer and proved Tommy wrong. This is what I don’t like about Mariah she gets besides herself.

    • Ariana Biggest Stan March 8, 2016

      So JLO shading Mariah isn’t childish, but Mariah shading JLO is? The hypocrisy is disturbing my soul sis

      • Meteorite March 8, 2016

        I never said that Jennifer wasn’t childish. It was left open for interpretation namely because what JLO said wasn’t shade. But from my understanding Mariah started, and from understanding JLO defended herself. Are both wrong? Absolutely. But Mariah has a history of putting her foot in her mouth. Don’t get me wrong I am huge fan of Mariah but wrong is wrong regardless of who.

  17. Kitteneyez March 8, 2016

    Mariah Carey is a washed up dried up has been JLo is everything Mariah wishes she was Mariah is immature and lame Mariah & JLo are the same age both with twins who looks like 21? JLo if course Mariah just pressed she not as hot as JLo and creating this feud to be relevant f*** Mariah Carey

  18. Stephon Jackson March 8, 2016

    Legendary Carey! It’s so SHADY in here!

    Y’all n****’s reading way too much in this. Mariah is CRAZY. When are y’all gonna get that?. J Ho is politically correct aka FAKE. That b**** J Ho ain’t no angel either. There’s a reason why a beautiful woman like that can’t keep a man for NOTHING!! She just puts on for the camera’s. Mariah stopped doing that the day Tommy divorced ha.
    I’ve learned to accept Mariah for who she is… A crazy bi-polar alcoholic LEGENDARY 500+ million dollar DIVA. With a timeless catalog she wrote/produced. J Ho is just a beauty queen whom puts on for the camera’s. J Ho’s brand could NEVER survive if she walked around acting shady like MC. Not many people can do what Mariah does… And, still be on Forbes highest earning celebrity list EVERY YEAR. BYE

    • Porsha Williams Stan March 8, 2016

      She needs to grow up & find some class.

      • Slaydele’s 25 March 8, 2016

        Much like Porsha’s v*****, mouth and concrete filled booty…

      • Porsha Williams Stan March 8, 2016

        Adele wishes she had a body like Porsha.

      • Slaydele’s 25 March 8, 2016

        Adele can buy Porsha’s silicone and cement filled body parts times 10 million with her coins. Is Porsha still prostituting to keep up with her tuneup?

      • Slaydele’s 25 March 8, 2016

        Adele stays on top of the music charts selling out her music and tours. Porsha stays on top of gay men’s dïcks selling out her fishy cooooooochie. Don’t do it, sis.

  19. Slaydele’s 25 March 8, 2016

    I’m sick of messy gay men like Sam. Mariah was being playful in her comment. Her wit is always quick and playful. I wish Sam to be himself instead of Sandra Rose. The thirst is real.

  20. TrinaAllDay March 8, 2016

    Mariah is still that chick, and her vocals are perfectly fine, yall just a bunch of obsessed people like in Mariah’s song.

  21. Theman March 8, 2016

    JLo said something first. Mariah had a hit a few yrs. ago along with her annual Xmas song that had it’s highest peak ever. Her last album outsold JLO’S. Her Vegas residency is doing great & she has been sounding good recently. Sam is bothered that Mariah marches to her own drum. Weren’t you just praising her a few weeks ago. No female that you talk about can touch Mariah on this dry A** site. JLO’S only success has come from Pitbull!!!! You act as though she’s putting out platinum records. Everytime Sam talks about Mariah he sounds like a scorned woman. Stop being a chick. You’re more bothered than JLo lol.. They always want Mariah to be perfect, people can dish out what they want, but she has shut. Sam your a B#%ch!

  22. Anonymous March 8, 2016

    Lmao Sam this is why you will never get a chance to interview huge celebs. Have fun with your Z list celebs because the ones that matter will be saying “I don’t know him” when you ask for an interview

  23. Ariana Biggest Stan March 8, 2016

    Ppl can’t be mad at Mariah. She hasn’t talked about JLO in 12 years and the last time she did, she wished her well and much success. JLO is the one that has been shading Mariah and then cleaning it up by claiming it’s no feud between the two. JLO is fake ASF and I can not stand that b****! #TeamMariah

  24. Theman March 8, 2016

    People can dish out things but Mariah has to be perfect. Get TF outta here! Sam your article is bullshyt! “Formstion” is flopping. Rita Ora has no career in the US. Speaking of the charts! You’re just mad because Mariah gives zero phucks! Lol stay salty!!!!

  25. Truth March 8, 2016

    JLo is more relevant than Mariah today. Sure her music flops…but then, so does Mariah’s. But in the meantime, Jen has several other things to fall back on (TV, movies, fashion line, residencies) that keep her a star. Mariah is just a hasbeen that has nothing but a half empty bottle of Vodka and 20 year old receipts back from when she was Tommy’s trophy w****. It’s not about Mariah not knowing Jennifer, it’s about Jennifer not knowing HER!

    • Slaydele’s 25 March 8, 2016

      Aren’t you that höe that the BeyHIVe has dragged several times? Sit down.

      • Truth March 9, 2016

        I repeat:

        Life gets harder for opportunistic aging pop stars who are now too old to sit on record label CEO laps and offer sexual favors too in exchange for career perks.

  26. Meteorite March 8, 2016

    For those of you who don’t know, this is the cliff note version of the Mariah and JLO feud:

    Mariah was once married to Tommy Mottola (the then chairman of Sony/Columbia Records) and because Mariah was his girl and then later wife he made sure she had top priority on everything from interviews, press releases, producers, and anything and everything else she wanted and needed. That’s why Mariah was everywhere in the 90’s, he sought to it. But Mariah later decides she wants a divorce saying he’s to controlling and abusive, so of course Tommy retaliates. Here enters JLO. Jennifer after the success of Selena was met by Tommy and he gave all of Mariah’s priorities to Jennifer. That’s why Mariah’s career hasn’t been the same since Butterfly/Rainbow and is a contribution to why Glitter bombed the way it did (Mainly because the song Mariah was going to sample, Tommy gave its rights to Jennifer for the song I’m Real) and also this lead to Mariah’s infamous breakdown. She over worked herself because her free ride with Tommy was over and he was blocking her every move.
    So in short never marry the boss. Again this is just a summary.

  27. Theman March 8, 2016

    Jlo won’t ever be more relevant than Mariah. Ever. Mariah’s lowest selling stuff sales better than JLo’s highly promoted crap. JLo doesn’t have any recent blockbuster movies. She’s just a red carpet muse. Her beauty is the main reason that the media cares about her. Who constantly shows up to award shows just to be a seat filler? Mariah’s classic hit song “AIWCIY” almost went top ten & that’s hef song not a feature. Then it is two dec. ole. Where’s JLO’S recent hit. Mariah was one of the top ten female earners in music without an album/tour. If it wasn’t for idol she would have made more than JLo. Mariah is out of her league. TF are you talking about? Mariah is a LEGEND/ICON something that JLo isn’t!

    • Anonymous March 8, 2016

      Not almost went It went top ten lol after so many years.

  28. IG: @mixedboy March 8, 2016

    I think “someone” is jealous because Mariah gave an interview to B.SCOTT instead of this site back in the day. I’m sure Sam has begged over and over for something from Mariah. Now hates her and bashes every second she gets. So sad. Never seen a grown woman so disgruntled. Smh

  29. Theman March 8, 2016

    That’s her* song..

  30. JOHNVIDAL March 8, 2016

    Sam is just retarded. How is Mariah not topping the charts lately an argument when JLo hasn´t been topping them for way longer and even when she did it for some time, never, absolutely never, was in the way Mariah Carey did?
    Stage??? What about JLo cannot and could never sing while Mariah is now in 2016 giving amazing vocals in Vegas? Vocals you didn´t report btw? You know, I thought you were interested, since you always post about her bad vocal moments. Seriously, stop it.
    Both shade a little bit. It´s fun. However, your rant against Mariah and not JLo at the end of the post makes no sense and shows once again you are pressed at Mariah for some damn unknown reason. Really, you love her, we know it. So why always like this? Can you guys imagine if Mariah had done what Janet, his favorite, just did with her tour??? Sam made a post about Mariah cancelling ONE Vegas show last year due to illness and saying it was worrying and what not, shading her as always. Just imagine. He´s so biased… damn! lol

  31. Mariah March 8, 2016

    Sam even though I find your blog a guilty pleasure because I love music and like to see what girls have something coming out, I can not help but think you’re a pathetic excuse for a man. You’re on the same level as the s*** that comes out my ass. Just nasty

  32. Dev March 8, 2016

    It makes no difference if Mariah can no longer command the stage as before, she’s bonified! Whitney at the time couldn’t sing but we all knew Whitney could sing.
    People need to realise that expensive things wear as well as cheap things, but the difference is when they’re cheap it’s no big deal because that’s what you expect, but when they’re expensive you notice.
    I love some jlo tunes, but the fact of the matter is if her singing skills are less than before whose going to notice because she could never really sing anyway.

  33. B2B March 8, 2016

    f**** the upper echelon, Mariah is UNTOUCHABLE! Mariah, Whitney, and MJ…. dont need no chart bih

  34. MariahCareyisQueen March 8, 2016

    Mariah irrelevant?!? Okay let’s recap : Mariah arrives 1990 and totally earns the decade and ends the 90’s as the biggest selling artist VS Jlo arrives on the scene during the start of the new millenium and gets a few hits here and there. Mariah then suffers from a breakdown and music wise comes back stronger than ever in 2005 the same year Jlo comes with Rebirth. Jlo flops and its seems like the end of Jenny’s short lived career (5years?). Meanwhile Mariah ends 2005 having the best selling album of the year (something JLO can only dream of). In 2008 Mariah collects her 18th #1 hit (not even On The Floor was #1, in fact I don’t know when last Jlo visited #1 spot). Jlo does Idols, Mariah follows (and becomes tv’s highest paid judge lol), Mariah does Vegas, Jlo follows. Mariah goes to Epic, Jlo follows. There seem to be a pattern here. AKA flopped harder than MIAM yet Mariah is irrelevant. Every xmas Mariah dominates all around the world with her timeless music. #1 Spotify worldwide!!! Jlo just can’t compare. 220M records later and all we can say about Jlo is ‘I STILL DON’T KNOW HER’ hahahahahahah

    • Anonymous March 8, 2016

      Kii let’s not forget the millions that Mariah gets in royalties from her discography

  35. Cinnamon Girl March 8, 2016

    @Porsha Williams Stans, Ciara is in Paris modeling with her well educated successful boyfriend while Porsha Horse Face Williams is a low budget Instagram model getting with any negroe that pays her attention

  36. SCALPING THOTS March 8, 2016


    • emanuel mazo March 9, 2016

      Jlo said they never met, then she said they met. It can’t be both. So who is forgetful?. And jlo is the one that talked about Mariah more than once recently. Mariah can still sing, and her current vocals put jlo’s singing to shame.

  37. SCALPING THOTS March 8, 2016


  38. james March 8, 2016

    #sheisforgetfull .lol cowriah is mad and have alzheimer

    • Mariah March 8, 2016

      But JLo is on record saying they never met and then saying they met many times…. So your point

  39. LDN Chick March 8, 2016

    Lmfao I can’t with her, but to be fair it’s 2016 and J lo is still way more famous than Mariah. It depends what standpoint you want to look at it. Musically, obviously there’s no worthy comparison Mariah wins against most in American pop music history but in terms of celebrity culture icon J LO wins all day any day. Most people will familiarize themselves with J Lo over Mariah in today’s world. I cant hate on J lo for that even though musically she isn’t s***.

  40. THICK SHADY B**** March 8, 2016

    Bitchhhhhhhhhh! lol This is hilarious

  41. I still don’t know her March 8, 2016

    J No aka J LOW aka J H0

  42. Theman March 8, 2016

    Nah, JLo is just a brand & she goes everywhere to remain relevant. Mariah doesn’t have to do that. Her name alone does it for her! Mariah is just on another planet! JLo is talented in other ways. But they’re not the same.

  43. King Mark111 /.\ March 8, 2016

    Ouch! I guess you can’t out shade Mariah.

  44. Gee March 8, 2016

    Funny the media stirred this pot again and when one comments it’s considered shade yet when the other comments the media pays it dust. To my knowledge Jlo said they never met and than turns around and claims they met many times and Mariah is forgetful it’s either one or the other. At this point what does it matter? Mariah will always be a music icon who has seen incredible highs and lows and still survived. While Jlo will always be known for her fashion and men before her career achievements. Who would think MC would be worth half a billion dollars and to think most of that comes from royalties from music and in order for Jlo to be worth 350 millions comes from endorsing everything, everyone and their mama so if u ask me they both win but Mariah is the legend and is known as few greats to do it. While Jlo is considered by many as mediocre.

    • Christobal26 March 8, 2016

      JLo hasn’t been in the game as long as Mariah… JLo started her music career at 29… Comparing music careers isn’t fair. JLo is still winning in 2016 and achieving new things. Mariah is done.

  45. LB March 8, 2016

    *looks at hot 100*
    But sis the upper echelons of the billboard charts also haven’t known Yonce in 8 years

    • B2B March 8, 2016

      Yoncè don’t need no chart bih… BEYONCÈ did just fine without a # 1… So did 4 judging from what everybody else selling ?☕️

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 8, 2016

      Yonce all on his mouth like liquor!
      Like, like liquor!
      Like, like,like liquor!

      • King Mark111 /.\ March 8, 2016

        I’m glad she’s on some, because it’s not the Hot 100.( Bubbling Under #4 after a month of a video and performed in front of 100 million and news coverage.) We call that a flop.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        You know what I’d call a flop!?
        An album that only sold 460 copies in its first week….

      • King Mark111 /.\ March 9, 2016

        The last two hours of that music week and after 1.4 million that fans grabbed from Samsung. Call me when Beyonce goes platinum in a day or when Flopmation charts.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Rihanna can’t even go platinum in a day sis lol
        She can’t even sell 500,000 albums in a MONTH.
        Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids haha

      • King Mark111 /.\ March 9, 2016

        Yet Anti did. Your stress level is up again.

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 9, 2016

        Anti is currently stalled at 400,000+ world wide lol #FACT.COM

  46. LB March 8, 2016

    The Queen of all tea all shade, miss Mimi.
    Drag J.No No to her 2847927483 failed marriage

    • Christobal26 March 8, 2016

      Ummmm Mariah is on her third marriage…

  47. TT March 8, 2016

    It’s true though,she STILL DOESN’T KNOW HER

  48. Lake Erie March 8, 2016

    LmaOoooo! !! I swear man LmaOoooo! ! I love me some MiMi! But I can not with this comment. I’m literally dead. Lol smh lol…
    Sidenote: time must be going backwards cuz she is looking younger! Glad the weight is coming off too! I think a comeback is in the works. Go MiMi!

  49. Dance March 8, 2016

    Lmao! These lambs are so delusional! Mariah is washed up and hasn’t been able to deliver the vocals she brags about in years. She needs to stop with the shade… Her performances provide enough laughs. All those number ones and JLo’s residency is still outselling hers? Lmao!

    • This Here March 8, 2016

      People try to say she’s over and can’t sing anymore. Proof she can.

      • JR12 March 9, 2016

        She killed the vocals on that performance. Lets see JLo do that.

  50. Anti love back to sleep karrueche March 9, 2016

    Mariah Carey don’t know no one accpet for her fiancée and Jermaine durpi & her two kids and her husband Nick cannon since she’s not divorce yet

  51. MariahCareyisQueen March 9, 2016

    Mariah Carey : ARTIST of the decade in the 90’s. JLO : still struggling to make the top 100. Mariah even out performed her in the 00’s coming in at #11 on the decade list hahahahaha. Maybe she will make #99 this decade let’s see. I’m still rooting for Jenny from the flop

  52. Theman March 9, 2016

    JLo promoted her show everywhere. The thing is to see if people will continue to come to her shows after the first leg. Most of Mariah’s shows were sold out too. Mariah will sing that chick under a bus. And speaking of laughing you can’t laugh at anything when you voice is less than one octave. Furthermore, Sam you act like Wendy Williams. Why are you as a grown a** man this angry? You write about Mariah like some immature a** lil girl..

  53. Theman March 9, 2016

    When you’re*.

  54. The One March 9, 2016

    J Lo after her attempted shade towards Mariah said they don’t know each other that well, so MC was being genuinely honest when she said the now infamous ” I don’t know her” way back in 2002!
    Everyone at this point knows how biased this site is and how they Stan for flops and mock the hitmakers, so theirs nothing new here. Mariah probably wasn’t even aware of JLo’s recent attempted shade either. She’s doing MC like always.
    It boggles my mind how some of the “queens” are so quick to callsome one worth more money than they’ will ever see in their life washed up. MC makes more money doing nothing than most people will working the next 60 yrs of their liives. Where’s the logic?

  55. Michael28x March 9, 2016

    These comments are giving me life right now! LOL thank you everybody! “teamMariah however, i like Jlo as well 🙂

  56. Anti lesson back to sleep rihkaurrechb March 9, 2016

    Who is mariah cause never heard of her so I don’t know her period.

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