Watch: Beyonce Releases Topshop Ivy Park Commercial

Published: Thursday 31st Mar 2016 by Sam

Beyonce just sprung a surprise on fans with the debut of the first (of what we’re told will be a few) commercials for her Topshop clothing line Ivy Park.

More than a typical celebrity endorsement, the project sees Bey go into business with the fashion giant to form a spin-off company focussed on athletic-lesiure-wear.

Watch below…


Will you be picking up Ivy Park when it lands in Topshop, Nordstorm, and Net-A-Porter stores on April 14th?

Visit for more!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mariah The Legend March 31, 2016


    • Ughhhh March 31, 2016

      Calm down Beyonce it’s exercise attire not a damn icon award. Love her, but she makes everything so dramatic. Chill. Be relatable for once. Just say I love to exercise it makes me feel good! Damn

      • x_x March 31, 2016

        I. Remem-ber. Wanting. To Stop. But. Had. To. Keep. Going.

      • Ughhhh March 31, 2016

        @x_x Ahahahaha lmao she does the most!

      • Melanie Fenty March 31, 2016

        OMG!!!!!!!! This was so funny @x_x ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • Lake Erie March 31, 2016

        @x_x LmaOoooo! !!!! I am dead!!!! This ^^^^ is comment of the week!!! ?????? LMAOOOOO! !!!!

      • Shady81 March 31, 2016

        @Ughhhh chile your a mess ??? I’m with @Lake Erie best comment of the week LMFAO.

    • rosy3 March 31, 2016

      Is this a movie or selling active wear why she always make it about her all the time

    • rosy3 March 31, 2016

      She saying if you buy this then you become her well hives go buy this let’s see if anyone see Beyonce walking to the gym in topshop workout gear now that would be relatable to common folks to want to support this as a consumer it’s not appealing because a lot of people cannot relate to bey we know she will not be caught dead in this but rih wears her stuff in the streets

      • FAF March 31, 2016

        Yes lol no mistaking that voice

    • rosy3 April 1, 2016

      I’m sorry but no one wants to wear athletic wear with her daughter name on it she is not known for fitness and fashion I feel the ebt fans will be happy hood people welfare fat girls Kate hudson is known for fitness and I like her stuff reasonable prices Kate lives up to what she preach not Johnny come lately to line her pocket like Beyonce it’s as if she does things what is hot now make money where is her food line if people want to fall for this good luck ivy park really no bey just no I give you credit stick to the stage

  2. RihYonce March 31, 2016

    Yes queen !!! Omg she looks so beautiful ?, BEYPRIL !!!! It’s time #B6


    Ugly Tacky MESS!

    Who gon wear this?

    She should hang it up and just be a mom

    • MsYonce March 31, 2016

      People who actually go to the gym you dusty b****

  4. DTG March 31, 2016

    Your mothers diseased lips are a flop.

  5. .:: Centurion ::. March 31, 2016

    LMFAO! Tacky doesn’t even begin to describe this abomination of a commercial. She’s definitely lost her edge.

    • rosy3 March 31, 2016

      I guess topshop told her you need to be like rih and Kylie go out make a video and promote our s*** don’t just sit slap your,name on my company stuff Jay z lazy ass got sued for not promoting his cologne George cloony selling coffee maker in commercial bey was just greedy and lazy collect money and don’t promote people stuff she design a eating plan I have not heard anything else about it I want to support these people but when you act greedy as f*** like you suppose to get my money I want to see you wearing the things in the streets

      • Anti-Singing garbage voices. March 31, 2016

        B.t.h, Beyonce started with this in 2014 and announce the deal in 2015 and release it in 2016. So what F are u talking about?

  6. MsYonce March 31, 2016

    Yasss Queen I need thisss I’m gonna be look good AF at the gym

  7. Cough Cough March 31, 2016

    Sorry Bey, I love you but top shop is overpriced H&m/Zara so I’m not spending a bunch of coins to wear Blue Ivy tag lines tops. No ma’mm

    • MsYonce March 31, 2016

      Lol girl this will be affordable stuff cost $14 and s***

    • rosy3 March 31, 2016

      Kate Hudson have nice active wear for 25 bucks an outfit very affordable

    • FAF March 31, 2016

      No ma’am Zara is knockoff designer
      Topshop actually has their own concepts


    Janet would never lower herself like this for a few bucks

  9. HailBeysus March 31, 2016

    Yas!!! Its all perfectly timed!! The Queen is coming to slay!! Lmfao at the pressed Rihtârds slithering their way here.

  10. Danny Bey March 31, 2016

    Sooo, I definitely need some Ivy Park sandals. This was cute. But tbh honest, I’m at the point where I don’t care for any Beyoncé update unless it’s about B6. I’m so beyhyrdated it’s ridiculous. ?

  11. RihYonce March 31, 2016

    Something is coming ! I feel it ! APRIL will be a Beyoncé overload ??

  12. YoursTruly March 31, 2016

    Yassssss Queen ! Got PINK shooooooook.

  13. Mariah The Legend March 31, 2016

    this b**** signed with topshop A YEAR AGO and she gon release some tacky s*** like this? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO

  14. Mariah The Legend March 31, 2016

    it took 1 year to make this level of tackiness LMFAOOOOOOOO I’M CRYING

  15. Celine Divine March 31, 2016

    Eh…… yeah…… only one word comes to mind….. and it is TACKY!

  16. cocobutta March 31, 2016

    I won’t be coping that BUT the album of course!

    The build up is real out chere.


  17. Fashion Expert March 31, 2016

    I don’t like this. Unfortunately this is another fashion fail from Beyonce.

  18. RihRih March 31, 2016

    Go ahead Bey, looking good.

  19. Cinnamon Girl March 31, 2016

    Ciara also models for Topshop. Glad to see that they’re putting black folks on

    • FAF March 31, 2016

      Yea she has the KEDS sneaker

  20. Stephon Jackson March 31, 2016

    She’s beautiful. Very beautiful. Her head structure is perfect. Body frame is excellence. Just beautiful from head too toe. I think the whole “park” theme was kinda corny tho. But, hey if it’s her truth then so be it. I’m sure this clothing line will do well. But, what really captured my attention is her beauty with little to no makeup. I just love how womanly her body frame, facial features & head structure is. It’s round, wide & perfectly even. She has one of those rare female body’s where you’re thick/fat but still petite/small at the same time. And once again, that round evenly proportioned feminine head structure is so beautiful. She’s just so beautiful, period.

  21. RihYonce March 31, 2016

    Omg !! Go to to hear little snippets from the album !!! Omg !! “YEAH H**” I knew bey would have another trap record! I live !!

    • Metzo March 31, 2016

      Yess!! The beat goes so hard!!!! We are NOT ready

  22. Mariah The Legend March 31, 2016


    • RihYonce March 31, 2016

      34! H** & she will take all of her shine & probably won’t release anything today ! Rihanna ain’t no spring chicken she’s almost 30 as well so have s seat , bey still looks younger than her

      • Mariah The Legend March 31, 2016

        beyonce is 36 boo boo. her own rat looking unbleached father exposed ha kiiiiiii

    • RICHIE_RICH March 31, 2016

      No shade Beyoncé will get all the shine anyways!!!!!!!??????????

      • Mariah The Legend March 31, 2016

        LMFAOOOOO gorl. By “will get all the shine” do you mean like how Formation is SLAYYYYING the Bubbling Under Hot 100? ??????????????????????????????????????????

      • RICHIE_RICH March 31, 2016

        Y’all are really running with this chart crap when the song in only on tidal….. No girl like how Mariah sister is still all here shine…….

        By the way Beyoncé is 34 going on 35 this coming September .

      • RICHIE_RICH March 31, 2016


      • Melanie Fenty March 31, 2016

        Sorry to disappoint you but Beyonce’s father last year (when she was 33) said that they lied about Beyonce’s age and that she’s 2 years older. She’s 36 now going on to 37 year old.

      • RICHIE_RICH March 31, 2016

        You believe a Coke W-h-o-r-e!!!!!! Where is the proof!!!!!!

  23. RICHIE_RICH March 31, 2016


  24. #justsayn March 31, 2016

    This is a business venture i always felt Kelly Rowland should have done and would have been perfect bcuz she is known for her body and has had 2 successful workout dvds with her trainer Jeanette! She is known for her fitness… Im gonna say a no for this line I’ll stick to nike and of course pink. This business venture to me doesnt neccesarily fit Beys branding.

  25. .:: Centurion ::. March 31, 2016

    • Formation which was performed to an audience of 119 million people is at the bottom of the Bubbling Under charts.
    • Tacky clothing adverts.
    • No #1 hit since 2008.
    • No album release date.
    • No snippets.
    • No social media interaction with fans.

    Why is Beybøla paying the no-life-having-āss-høe-hive so much dust? It’s so sad.

  26. ♊Mølly♊ March 31, 2016

    Ciara and Rihanna are so much prettier than this overrated chick.

  27. Navy Gravy March 31, 2016

    That was CUTE even though it didn’t have to be so damn deep. Ppl are gonna buy it up anyway and some of the stuff is cute I’m imagining there’s much more. The name is catchy and that bathing suit is gonna sell out soooooo effing fast. go bey!

  28. #JACKIE March 31, 2016

    No thanks. I’ll stick with adidas and under armor….clothing with QUALITY.

    • Annalise March 31, 2016

      You do realise that Heara is a brand ambassador for Topshop right LMAO! Heara will probably be modelling Beyonce’s clothing line and yo ass will have to deal!

  29. .:: Centurion ::. March 31, 2016

    Why is she trying to be soooooo s*** for a damn sportwear commercial? It’s tacky, it’s corny, it’s just horrible.

    • .:: Centurion ::. March 31, 2016

      S E X Y

  30. Carry On March 31, 2016

    Po Chile……

  31. Emporess March 31, 2016

    People out here making fun of a woman who has more money than they’ll ever make since they stay waiting for her posts just to bash her. Get a life losers!!

  32. Melanie Fenty March 31, 2016

    I didn’t like it and it’s too sexual for an athletic wear. At least she’s pretty.

  33. Cinnamon Girl March 31, 2016

    Beyonce needs all the coins she can get. Especially since her dumb husband Joe Camel is losing millions with that Tidal mess

  34. Meteorite March 31, 2016

    So I’m guess her album is coming out either April 1st or April 4????? Come on Bey! The tour is around the corner! ???

  35. RICHIE_RICH March 31, 2016

    Y’all do the most when it comes to Beyoncé .

    We all know she is beautiful, so cut the BS. Beyoncé is a natural beauty no fillers nor make up needed unlike others.

  36. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 31, 2016

    What piece of shîţ clothing line is this? LMFAO. After she got DRAGGED all over social media and by the fashion press for the abomination she wore to the white house, she has the audacity to release this mess!!!


    No thanks… I’ll stick with “PUMA”, Adidas and Nike. Hell, at this point I’d where clothes by Lady Gaga… I expect creativity from these brands and aforementioned fashion icons.


    How’s the ‘House of SCAREon’ doing mosquitos? Is it still in existence? 🙂

    • RICHIE_RICH March 31, 2016

      No one wears puma …..,,

  37. RICHIE_RICH March 31, 2016

    Sam post the one with her in the RINGS!!!!!!!!

  38. RICHIE_RICH March 31, 2016

    Can we also get Beyoncé Elle post . She’s so youthful . That MUG IS EVERYTHING BABY!!!!!!

  39. King B March 31, 2016

    Nearly 20 years in the game, and she still make them seethe.

  40. fatusankoh March 31, 2016

    Omg you go queen bey beautiful and flawless I love it all I can’t wait to buy it haters have nothing you good luck with all your project more success in all you do

  41. Lolglen March 31, 2016

    I’m confused to how people think this is ugly and tacky. It’s work out wear not f****** outfits. And I found them very appealing and cute. Y’all love trying to drag her. I don’t see nothing wrong with it. Let’s not get on how we don’t know rather to work out in r ihannas pumas or wear an out. Y’all all sound so stupid calling athletic wear tacky. Didn’t know we were supposed to look fly while sweating

  42. HailBeysus March 31, 2016


  43. Annalise March 31, 2016

    This is what I’ve been waiting on! An urban clothing line with a clear target audience and demographic. I think this will do well because women ACTUALLY WEAR TOPSHOP. This isn’t like other dying brands that are begging famous prostitütes to endorse them.

  44. Annalise March 31, 2016

    She could’ve kept the voiceover. This was basically the same as the opening of ‘Life is But A Dream’, but other than that I love the concept.

    • Barb B**** March 31, 2016

      The voice over was corny as hell but hell I love Bey

      • Annalise April 1, 2016

        I Luv ha! That’s why I can keep it 100 with you and tell you that I think the voice-over was unnecessary. Any fan of Beyonces, would’ve already heard this story plenty of times before…. she always talks about how Mathew made destiny’s child run laps around the park whilst singing, to build up their vocal endurance and stamina.

  45. Royalkev March 31, 2016

    Bey’s body is one of the best I’ve ever seen in the music world! I love this video! She looks so beautiful and natural! B’s really been blessed to have so much going for her!

  46. King Mark111 /.\ March 31, 2016

    Oops, you can see the stitch marks from the nose job in this one. “Through these pores and all, that’s why I loooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

  47. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl April 1, 2016

    Ain’t beyonce record label ivy park name? Does anyone know

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