Janet Jackson’s ‘Unbreakable World Tour’ Sweeps Up $15 Million

Published: Monday 11th Apr 2016 by David

Success continues to run through the bloodstream of Janet Jackson‘s career.

How and why?

Good news below…

The ‘Anytime,Anyplace’ performer surprised fans last week when she revealed that she was to postpone the latest leg of her ‘Unbreakable World Tour’ to start a family with her husband.

Fortunately for her, the arrival of a baby isn’t the only thing the couple have to look forward to. For, they are also expecting to enjoy a sizeable piece of the $15 million pie baked by the tour’s first leg.

Yes, $15 million generated before it was set to impact Europe.

The figure was picked up from 33 shows delivered between August 31st and November 22nd 2015 and saw her recoup every single dime she spent to create the live show.

She also made major moves when she sold 2,400 tickets in half an hour in Pennsylvania and becoming StubHub‘s tenth most popular concert tour of 2015.

Will the European leg of the tour perform just as well when it kicks off in 2017?

Weigh in below…

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  1. Cinnamon Girl April 11, 2016

    Welp, she got that money and bounced

    • king April 12, 2016


  2. RihNavy April 11, 2016

    The Crypt Keeper did her best.

  3. IStan4Rihanna. April 11, 2016

    She just may scored herself a “100 + million” grossing tour had she committed herself to all of the dates…



    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) April 12, 2016

      U a ho

    • _ April 12, 2016

      Madonna grossed $170 million and she started her world tour after Janet and with only 82 shows lol.

      Janet probably felt embarrassed she couldn’t keep up with Madonna since they are both under Live Nation lol

      • Vincent April 12, 2016

        But Madonna lost her son because of the tour! I don’t think that makes her the leader of priorities!!! Selfish person, always has been!

  4. ♊Mølly♊ April 11, 2016

    Must suck being old. You tried sis

    • King Mark111 /.\ April 11, 2016

      Molly! Don’t! Because I can bring up you know who little tour, so hit the road JACK.

      • Career Ender April 12, 2016

        * grabs popcorn *
        So the master is checking the slave like this?
        Ruthless. Entertaining. Epic
        * waits for the human sewege to reply, but she won’t cos she’s a worn out hyena püssy bïtch*

    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) April 12, 2016

      Whats 19k excuse? U biitch

  5. Adeles flip phone. April 11, 2016

    See this is the f****** basis I’m talking about. TGJ praises Janet for making 15 million on a tour where half the fucming dates were canceled. While in the Madonna tour post they threw shade smh.

    • DAMITA JO DON’T CARE April 12, 2016

      Stop worrying about Janet’s wallet and start makingsome coinz of your own. Maybe u can purchase a smartphone in a few months

    • Vincent April 12, 2016

      Because she rather tour than take care of the important things, LIKE HER SON! done role model!!!!!!!

      • Vincent April 12, 2016

        I was referring to Madonna.

      • Hush April 12, 2016

        Madonna’s kids all have nannies, secured slots at any university of their choosing and multi-million dollar trust funds. I’d say that her son is well taken care of. Janet is the one who can’t seem to get her personal and professional affairs in order. She’s on her 3rd husband (each one seems creepier than the last)…oddly trying to have a kid at 50 to use as an excuse to get out of taking responsibility for her latest failed era. Madonna’s son is happier than Janet is, I’m sure.

      • Vincent April 12, 2016

        Hush thinks nannies make up for real parenting, whose f***** more? Madonna or Hush?

  6. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? April 11, 2016

    The tour isn’t over though, some blogs are saying that the tour will resume in 2017, so these numbers means nothing.

  7. Adeles flip phone. April 11, 2016

    “Success runs through her viens” what is successful about a tour that only generated 15 million and almost 80 dates are canceled

  8. Stephon Jackson April 11, 2016

    Po’Jan. People draggin’ the hell outta ha. She’s unborthered tho. Truth be told, this era was so sloppy & bizarre. She didn’t do any interviews, no promotional performances, no high impact dance videos… Just nothing.

    This could’ve been a really good comeback & a huge financial success on her part, if she would’ve came back right. To be fair, her dancing skills & whispers aren’t the problem at all. She can still dance her ass off & whisper down. But, her business/promotional/professional skills sucked this time around! Also, I hate how covered up she was this tour. I mean, you’re a VISUALS ARTIST, Jan. I don’t wanna see you up there in ONE costume, all covered up like some nun.

    I do wish her well in trying to start a family tho. 50 is kinda old to be producing children. But, better late than never I guess…… The multi-million $ question is whether or not her fans will be interested in wanting to spend another dime on her ever again tho???? Cancelling shows is a huge no-no! Playing with peoples money & time can get a b**** killed-T!

    All in all, she’s had a great career. It wouldn’t hurt if she retired. She ain’t got nothing left to prove. Control, Rhythm Nation, Janet, Velvet Rope & All For You will always be played in my lil household. I hate to admit it but Wendy Williams is right … Don’t nobody wanna hear new music from these old(er) diva’s (or Divo’s for that matter) anymore. They just wanna hear the old stuff. So, if she doesn’t retire all together… Hopefully, she just tours (if people are still willing to pay too see her) and quit recording new music. Especially, if all you’re going to do is release the album & pay it dust. Good luck, Miss Jackson! Love you 🙂

    @Sttephy Speaks, bye.

    • Mitzi April 11, 2016

      I totally agree Stephen….

    • Vincent April 12, 2016

      Stephon, please take two subjects that you are more familiar with, like basic math. The decision to not have any promotion for her new album and tour was based on the fact that she has nothing left to prove. She is a legend and created the album strictly for her fans. What you should be celebrating is the fact with no promos, interviews, or talk shows, she still managed to hit #1! She is still in control of her life!!!

    • Vincent April 12, 2016

      Sad sad people.it’s a sad day when people put down artist who are people too because they want to have a baby.nobody knows how long she had been planning this. do you really think someone like Janet Jackson would deliberately cancel her tour and decide to have a baby right at that moment, like a last minute thought. She has never disappointed me and if she wants to cancel her tour so that she can pursue what she dreamed her whole life then so be it.

      • ka April 12, 2016

        probably was an unexpected oops baby, guess it was her time thankfully it wasn’t with JD.

    • ka April 12, 2016

      I believe Janet will return in a years time, re-introduce the album with added songs/videos and 1 interview about family (2 birds 1 stone). This album is too good and grown to let it fade out like this.

      • Sandra April 13, 2016

        In a year it’ll be too late to promote her album, i mean the album is already forgotten now and its been only 6 months since it was released. Janet wasted her chance to promote it.

  9. Pat April 11, 2016

    She’s so unbothered. All this press tho and not even one interview. Her every move will continue to be front page news. She’s still winning regardless

    • Career Ender April 12, 2016

      paTRASHya you still alive?

  10. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 April 11, 2016

    Janet go have back to Dubi and bury yourself underneath the Sand dunes in the desert! You made a commitment to go on a world tour and see you fans who have waited 7-8yrs to see you. Then you decide 5 months into the show to (say f*** you fans) I’m having a baby! Like seriously girl you couldn’t just do those 80 shows, make your money then have a baby? I feel bad for her fans!

  11. Keisha April 11, 2016

    Seriously I understand she wants to have a baby and all that but shouldn’t she have did all this before she decided to make a come back.
    Like wth.
    And i feel like when she have a baby she won’t come back till end of 2017 early 2018.
    i do hope marketing is better next time or with atleast some videos.
    Burn it up damn baby all needed videos

  12. Terry B April 11, 2016

    Yall would drag certain other female black artist for those numbers.

    • Royalkev April 11, 2016

      Not many artists would have a completed tour of only 33 dates. It’s not 15 million earned after 100 dates, it’s 33!

  13. Royalkev April 11, 2016

    Janet’s numbers are respectable for the first leg! Several of those dates (with audience capacities ranging from 10K – 20k) were sold out! Janet’s touring success isn’t dependent upon her being in the public eye! She have a very solid reputation for being a capable performer and she’s proven (no matter how long the wait) to have a faithful following that will support what she does next! She’s never had an album debut lower than #2 (and this was the case even after the Superbowl). Janet went away for 7+ years and still earned a historical #1 album. Since folks are always comparing, it should be noted that Janet’s Unbreakable actually sold ONLY 7k less than Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ (which I find interesting because Madonna’s the ONLY legend to have enough radio support this decade to place a single in BB’s top 10, which really shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise because she’s the most celebrated female artist). That said, I don’t need a bunch of generic hits from Janet now, I just need great albums and tours from this point on!

    Janet’s not bothered! … nor should her fans be! You can’t erase her iconic past and what it means to those that felt her impact! I truly hope Janet makes this return in 2017 because there’s no doubt in my mind that Janet will snatch herself a 100 million grossing tour!

    • Royalkev April 11, 2016

      *ONLY legend (from the 90s, 80s or earlier) …

    • Daimler April 12, 2016

      The article is about her tour, and you’re talking about how her albums debuted. WTF? People talking about Janet’s catastrophe of a tour (proven by its poor numbers thus far) has you so rattled that you’re up in here trying to do damage control by bringing up a bunch of off topic commentary and making excuses. At this rate, Janet would need to stretch this tour out another 5 years (and knowing her, she probably would…using all the “the dog at my homework” excuses for delays, postponements and cancellations) for it to even flirt with 100 million. Delusional, thin-skinned stans whose pride can’t admit when their faves have failed.

      • Royalkev April 12, 2016

        I’m doing damage control? Yet, you’re in here hot and bothered, giving us your best write up for this tired smear campaign! I’ve addressed the tour in my opening and closing sentence, everything in between simply focused on Janet’s ability to obtain success despite obstacles (like SB and lengthy periods of not releasing material). You may think that I veered off the topic, but I simply listed different factors that indicated how I come up with the conclusion I did.

        Your accusing me of making excuses for a tour that hasn’t played out! Yet, it’s fine for you to the gun and claim that Janet wouldn’t have seen 100 million at the end of the tour … but, I’m the one rattled though?

        Janet achieved many sold out dates on the first leg and acquired $15 million with 33 dates. Is that outstanding, no – but it’s not pathetic either! So how does your opinion claiming that everything will go left (even if she resumed the tour) more valid than me saying the opposite? This is why I noted how Janet’s proven track record could possibly help us predict an outcome. Your theory is built on a case stemming from you being all in your feelings, feeling threatened and wanting to entertain stan wars! You’re so riled up, that you had to come in as some made up character (Daimler) instead of replying under your real name that would tell us who your struggle fav is!

    • _ April 12, 2016

      Madonna’s rebel heart album are at 1 million world wide

      Janet’s album may have debuted at #1 yet her album hasn’t sold even half of Madonna’s

  14. JanStan April 11, 2016

    I’m the biggest janfan ever but truth be told, her heart just isn’t in it anymore. I KNEW this was the case when she didn’t perform at the BET awards right before her album release where she was being honored. I MEAN THAT WAS A NO BRAINER PERIOD. She just got her award and bounced. Her thirst is now in being married to her billionaire husband and her diamond business. I wish her the absolute best and hope she finds happiness. She will be missed.

    • Jtribe April 14, 2016

      Janet’ not performing at the BET Awards had nothing to do with her heart not being in this. This is in her blood. She showcased just how royal she is at the BET Awards by literally taking her crown and giving us an iconic look. She let the kids pay homage to her which I think was smart. It showed stature. She’s really not trying to sell herself like that as this is all in her blood. If you wanted desperation and someone that doesn’t understand their own stature than maybe you should see Madonna. Janet’s always understood class.

  15. Shady81 April 11, 2016

    15 million is nothing to brag about it alright but not great since she has to pay her crew and so forth she’ll be only taking with her a small margin and that’s barely much. As for this whole era being greatly underhanded without an ounce of a push to promote and those consistent postpone shows Etc. I feel her heart was in it Janet’s one of the hardest working women in the business, but it’s always that dead weight that keeps you from prospering and continuing your goals and that’s that praying mantis looking ass husband of hers who doesn’t want her working he just wants her to cater to him and only him and sit on the couch and rot away instead of her doing what she loves she’s never been like this before even when she was with her other ex’s she was able to do what she loves even in her worse era’s Damita Jo from Discipline she promote etc. But since the devil in disguise entered her life he wants her to stop oh hell so I guess she suppose to sit with her other 4 sister wives then, I be so glad when she divorce his ass because she looks completely unhappy and depressed, well Madonna still holds the Queen of Touring title all hail to her as for Janet SMDH I’ll always love and remember the Control to All for You Janet because I don’t know who the hell this Janet is get it together chile and stop letting that damn man control you and get rid of his scheming ass.

  16. Keri Qween April 11, 2016

    Slay queen

    And the hating b****** on here claimed she wasn’t booked.

    • Career Ender April 12, 2016

      Where is the slayage?
      You been stanning for mediocrity and struggle for far too long your ghetto brains can’t even spot SLAYAGE from a distance
      *throws Beyoncé CDs at your nappy a$$ head*

  17. Amanda April 11, 2016

    Thank you, Sam for showing all the haters #FACTS! And, that figure is just from 3 mos. of touring – ALONE!!! If & when the tour resumes, she’ll make a killing since she’s supposed to touring for a full YEAR, year & a half!

    • Amanda April 11, 2016

      Typo: “…she’s supposed to be touring for a full yr/yr.& a half.”

    • Sandra April 13, 2016

      Her tour is cancelled.
      15 million from 37 shows is awful. She would need to do over 100 shows to even gross 50 million. Janet has destroyed her reputation after this tragic era

      • Sandra April 13, 2016

        Queen of pop Madonna just grossed 170 million from 80 shows. Thats the difference between a legend (Madonna) and a 90s fad (Janet and Paula abdul)

  18. Adeles flip phone. April 11, 2016

    Not y’all acting like she grossed 150 million! It’s sad that certain artist are praised for medicority. If rih or bey were doing these numbers the dragging in here would be fierece.

  19. Career Ender April 12, 2016

    In 2015 I promised Shady81, JanStan,Janatic Lame Eri, JJFAN1814 etc. That when Mama Jiggy’s Pollstar numbers come thru they all getting lashings

    The floppage already done ALL tge lashings for me

    • Shady81 April 12, 2016

      First of all you don’t have to lash at me I really feel these numbers are unacceptable for a woman of her caliber. And yes I may be a fan/Stan of hers I’m also realistic with my valid points about how she handles things so save your insults for someone else.

  20. Linear April 12, 2016

    These figures are pitiful! It’s hilarious that some people are even trying to spin this as some kind of an accomplishment. Her sponsors are probably abandoning ship and hitting her with breach of contract lawsuits. It’s probably the only reason she’s halfheartedly pretending that this nonsense is going to resume in a year. Janet needs to retire.

  21. SuperiorMother April 12, 2016

    Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour.
    In October 2015, Billboard revealed the first boxscores for the tour, reporting the first 10 dates. Total gross was at $20 million with 132,769 tickets sold. The opening shows in Montreal were considered a highlight with total gross of $3.4 million. Highest gross came from the New York shows raking in $5.2 million.

    Janet’s tour: 33 dates – $15 million

    • Lady Gaga April 12, 2016

      Totally agree, and they were saying it was a flop tour. Whispernet Flopson is the true flop of tours. So what type of queen is thus? Queen Janet of flops?
      Mariah: Queen of R&B / Hiphop & Christmas
      Madonna: Queen of Touring & Spectacle
      Celine: Queen of Vegas
      Taylor & Adele: New Queens of Pop & Albums
      Beyonce: Queen of Performance & Surprise releases
      Rihanna: Queen of Singles & Streaming
      What is Flopnet’s place in today’s music industry? She has no place at all

      • King B April 12, 2016

        Btw, help me to figure out where to put Aaliyah in. They say she’s the queen of urban pop, but I can’t find any huge achievements. PS. Beyonce- Queen of Grammy

      • Royalkev April 12, 2016

        Wow! A Lady Gaga stan questioning Janet’s place in music history? I’ve seen it all …

    • _ April 12, 2016

      Madonna has been dragging Janet for almost 18 years now.

      Bigger singles
      Album sales
      And superior touring gross (no cancellations)

  22. Avi April 12, 2016

    How embarrassing for her.

  23. _ April 12, 2016

    This was Janet’s first tour under Live Nation and she only grossed $15 million???

    Compare Madonna’s first tour with Live Nation the “Sticky & Sweet” tour grossed $405 million
    Her second tour with them in 2012 grossed $305 million
    And her recent one that just ended grossed $170 million.

    That’s almost a billion in ticket sales in less than 10 years.

    I bet Live Nation regrets going into business with Janet

  24. Tran uk anti bloper honey love but it okay girl April 12, 2016

    Even tho jante Jackson-Mana will be back on tour next year in 2017 after she & her husband have their first child together

  25. Sandrade April 13, 2016

    What a major flop. Only 15 million in tour gross from 37 shows. That’s an average gross of 400k per show. I remember her fans saying this tour would establish her as a touring act like Madonna and Rolling Stones, hahaha!
    Go raise your child Janet, before you embarrass yourself even further.
    Michael won, again!

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