Performances: BET’s ‘Black Girls Rock’ 2016 *Updated*

Published: Tuesday 5th Apr 2016 by Rashad

Tonight marked the return of BET’s highly anticipated ode to women of color ‘Black Girls Rock.’

Much like its ‘BET Honors’ counterpart, the event enlists some of music’s best and brightest performers to serenade and shine light on women of color who have made impacts on and in their respective personal and professional communities.

Airing moments ago, the Tracee Ellis Ross hosted showing honored R&B legend Gladys Knight, Grammy-winning hitmaker Rihanna, and so many more.

Tuck in below to see the highlights from one of entertainment’s biggest nights:

Rihanna’s acceptance speech:



Lauryn Hill

Andra Day

Hillary Clinton

Behind the Scenes:

Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan slays #Masterpiece at #BlackGirlsRock!

Posted by Tyrone Labelz Pitts on Tuesday, 5 April 2016

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  1. Surprise..(DEC 2013) April 5, 2016


    • Arx April 5, 2016

      Suck my cockiness
      Lick my persuasion
      Eat my words and then
      Swallow your pride down, down

      So empowering!!

      • Datredd23 April 5, 2016

        And so is if he f*** me good I take his ass to red lobster lol amazing lyrics!

  2. Credits April 5, 2016

    Brandy!!!!! I see she is incorporating some of that Broadway in her performance! She was stumbling all over thag stage and slaying those vocals at the same time! Yaaaas when she dropped the mic and took her liquor back lol!

    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) April 6, 2016


  3. Navy Captain April 5, 2016

    everyone wants to come for Rih over everything. What has your fave done lately?

  4. Joë Moon April 5, 2016

    Jazmine, Brandy, Andra, Lauryn, even monica was great! Everyone did great tonight. One of the best shows out there currently.

  5. GAslickmouf April 5, 2016

    I’m loving the Brandy, definitely something different from her. I just saw a post said what is my favorite, doing. She just slayed the f*** out da stage!

  6. King Mark111 /.\ April 5, 2016

    Rihanna haters are 9 times out of 10 is a Beyonce Stan and/or a bitter black gay “man”. How come?
    And since Beyonce is so pro black and pro woman, why wasn’t she there at Black Girls Rock? Because Beyonce only has a cause when she trying to sell something. Just like this pro black lame flopping song, just like her being a feminist, just like her being a vegan.

    • CodeRed April 6, 2016

      Why is this the first time Rihanna has ever attended?

    • Lea April 6, 2016

      @Mark, i dont know why u got so many dislikes you only told the truth.

  7. RICHIE_RICH April 5, 2016

    Kelly new show is good so far . Me like Kelly is such a sweet heart.

    • King Mark111 /.\ April 5, 2016

      I’m loving it. Hopefully it will come on a few hours early than 10:00

      • RICHIE_RICH April 5, 2016

        I know , it’s so fresh

  8. Credits April 5, 2016

    Omg jazmine Sullivan’s runs are to die for!! Whooooooooo!!!!! Did you guys hear that one at the end? “Every part of MMEe-eeee—-eeeeeeehh”

  9. Credits April 5, 2016

    This night was better than the Grammys!

  10. MUSICHEAD April 5, 2016

    Brandy f****** MURDERED that stage! Best performance of the night!

    To have Brandy, Monica and Lauryn Hill on the same stage almost 20 yrs after dominating music in 1995-2000 was definitely a treat!

    However, Monica’s music arranger should be fired because despite her strong vocals, that performance was all over the place.

    • King Mark111 /.\ April 5, 2016

      Can you guys not be a critic for one night and just enjoy?!

    • Credits April 5, 2016

      20 yrs later, it says a lot!!!

  11. Datredd23 April 5, 2016

    Rih definitely was the highlight of the night. Glad to be in the Navy right now! Also love seeing the praise and respect she received from her peers and seniors! She had the girls in tears her speech was so genuine and pure there has and never will be another Rihanna!

    • RihRih April 5, 2016

      She had me in tears also, i’m so happy for her success.

  12. MusicBoy April 5, 2016

    Brandy is the Queen!!! idc idc!!!

  13. Ladies & Gentleman April 5, 2016

    Everyone did great, with the exception of Brandy, she was a ugly mess as usual. All in all, congrats to Rihanna.

    • Joë Moon April 5, 2016

      Lies detected

  14. King Mark111 /.\ April 5, 2016

    58 million albums sold. Yet she can’t sell albums according to some fanbase. Man lie, pest lie, numbers don’t.

    • BEY>RIH April 6, 2016

      ??Not when she’s only sold half of that…

  15. Making music April 5, 2016

    So happy for Rihanna, much deserved!

    Performance wise, Jaz and Monica had me on my feet, pure vocal slayage!

  16. Beautifulme111 April 5, 2016

    Wow Brandy stepped her performance skills up, I was entertained and her stage presence was on Fleek.. #Amazing

  17. Truth teller April 5, 2016

    Lol I like how that one Brandy fan keeps making multiple accounts to praise Brandy. Girl stop lol.

    • RihRih April 5, 2016

      Lol..I’ve never been a Brandy fan, something about her seems so fake. Anyway she looked like a retired 90’s has been to be honest, just all over the place.

      • Joë Moon April 5, 2016

        Why are rih stans so bothered by Brandy? Her presence alone seems to make yall fume. Rih likes her, why can’t you guys?

    • Joë Moon April 6, 2016

      Much like the navy members here who routinely down-vote any positive Brandy comment in succession…I wonder why…

      • CodeRed April 6, 2016

        Because Rihanna has no talent and is flopping.

      • Joë Moon April 6, 2016

        @codered lol it all makes sense

      • Truth teller April 6, 2016

        I wasn’t shading Brandy at all, but we get it Joe Moon, she did a good job. You didn’t have to create multiple accounts to state that lol. On top of that, stop trying to get Monica dragged with that transparent “Code Red” user name LOL You Brandy fans do the most for absolutely no reason. Just enjoy the show, and let the shade go lol. Good night boo 😉

      • CodeRed April 6, 2016

        Trolls love to call out other “trolls”. You must be a Rihanna stan…. Bless your heart lmfao.

      • Truth teller April 6, 2016

        No girl, that’s not my style, but it’s obvious yours. If I have something to say, i’m going to say it, it’s the Internet, it’s not that serious. Keep doing you though, enjoy your night.

    • Joë Moon April 6, 2016

      @truth practice what you preach. You are no better than the ones you attempt to chastise, you know, the ones who make a dedicated effort to downvote any positive Brandy comment so save it. Sleep tight hon.

      • Truth teller April 6, 2016

        You just outed yourself hun, back to back comments with your Troll account, again, it’s not that serious.

      • Joë Moon April 6, 2016

        @truth or should I call you lies? You don’t know me and I don’t care to know about you, so stop wasting everyone’s time with your bs. You can leave now.

  18. #JACKIE April 5, 2016

    Loved the performances and the show overall. So much class and even Rihanna seemed authentic with her tacky outfit.

  19. Metzo April 5, 2016

    Brandy slayed my whole existence. Nobody else mattered to meafter that. Whewww girl

  20. CodeRed April 6, 2016

    Y’all always fuss about award shows and us not getting the proper representation but hmm lets see how many comments this gets…Phoneys

  21. CodeRed April 6, 2016

    Lmao Rihanna was not the highlight. She can hang with true vocalists like Monica, Brandy, Jazmine and Andra!!!

    • CodeRed April 6, 2016


  22. Metzo April 6, 2016

    Jazmin and Adra also did that!

  23. Junior in Jamaica April 6, 2016

    ANDRA DAY tore that ish up! CHILLS!

  24. Sweetnothings@78 April 6, 2016

    Brandy OWNED it.
    Womans confidence is there again.


    • Chelle April 6, 2016

      Are you death? Brandy had the worse performance of the night.

      • Joë Moon April 6, 2016

        According to who? Who are you? Oh a non factor, right.

  25. Laquiesha April 6, 2016

    Brandy was horrible. Totally off key, flat and she seemed high. I was disgusted. Gladys Knight stole the show.

    • Joë Moon April 6, 2016

      Lie detector test determined…that was a LIE!

  26. Sasha April 6, 2016

    Monica slayed Brandy!!! She’s a class act with powerful vocals. Boredy could never.

    • Joë Moon April 6, 2016

      Lol you’re not a real fan. Stop trying to get mo deagged.

    • Kitty Puurrzz April 6, 2016

      No shade.. Brandy’s stage presence was EVERYTHING but vocally she failed TO ME. & that’s not like Bran.

      • Joë Moon April 6, 2016

        You a got d@mn hater, you always have something negative to say about her. Even non fans are giving her props! Stop hating on her I challenge you and others to say something good about her.

  27. Navy Nick April 6, 2016

    Brandy, Jazmine, and Andra!!!!!! YES GAWD!

  28. Kitty Puurrzz April 6, 2016

    Monica was everything to me. She brought vocals to the forefront & she looked gorgeous. Other highlights FOR ME were Jaz, Andra & Rih. Black girls sure do rock.

  29. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl April 6, 2016

    Everyone did a good job

  30. Gee April 6, 2016

    Black girls rock was another great production put on by BET. The honorees to the performances were great.

  31. cocobutta April 6, 2016

    The girl may lack top vocals BUT Im going to give mad props to Rihanna.
    She is a Black Girl that Rocks because she just is herself through the positives and negatives. This is a girl from the Caribbean that has murdered the singles charts and been a global name consistently.
    When you really strip it back and look at it, a girl born and raised in Barbados is not supposed to have this level of music popularity cus what are the odds? SHE DID THAT THOUGH & for that alone I respect her even if not a fav of mine.

    Well done to her and her team that made this work. #History

  32. Vonc2002 April 6, 2016

    DAMMIT! Brandy and Jaz were the performances of the night. Loved Gladys too tho. Congrats to rih, beautiful ass

  33. cocobutta April 6, 2016

    Back to the show Im liking what I’ve seen so far. Just wondering if it’s a requirement to sing songs in a lower key cus have noticed that with several of the performances over the years. Maybe suits the live band they have more.

  34. Bravo!! April 6, 2016

    I’m sorry to say, but Lauryn hill could have kept her ass @ home.. All the song she could have performed of her one album and she chose “Lost One” she has nothing but time on her hands.. She could have rewrote Zion for baby girl being born. I just wanted something more familiar from her one album.

  35. Lake Erie April 6, 2016

    Hell Yeah! My girl Brandy MURKED!TF outta that stage! She gave me #ShugAvery at the jukebox!lol. B-Rocka came through! I loved watched this 3 times already. Sang B!

  36. Royalkev April 6, 2016

    Brandy went awf on that stage! She slayed that s***! All in all, it was really a great show! Monica and Jaz and even Gladys (who told us that she’s been performing for 68 years) were all awesome! These talents never go stale! Tracee Ellis Ross slayed the opening with Every Woman/ The Boss/ Work/Formation!

  37. RushonJ April 6, 2016

    Brandy was the best of the night, Great job!

  38. nba 2k16 my everyday player trophies April 6, 2016

    You’ve remarkable information at this point.|

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