Are You Buying?: Ariana Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman’

Published: Friday 20th May 2016 by Rashad

Arianators, rejoice!

‘Dangerous Woman,’ the highly anticipated third LP of Ariana Grande, has finally made its way onto shelves.

After weeks of endless teasers, some of which included the pint-size powerhouse dropping full versions of the tunes that line the album in the days before its release, the once embattled project has become available for streaming and purchase via wide release on its first day.

The step is a departure from most of the year’s bigger-named projects which have limited their availability to certain platforms.  Will the move pay off?

Fans undoubtedly remember ‘Dangerous’ was off to quite the dangerous start.  The era, originally titled ‘Moonlight,’ was literally kicked off weeks after the songstress was engaged in the worst publicity of her short, yet storied career.  Not exactly touching a sweet-spot in America’s heart after a donut-licking stunt also saw her spew anti-American sentiments, Grande forged ahead with the release of the not-so-well received ‘Focus.’

Despite fair streaming power and a history-making top 10 debut, the song’s brief impact encouraged Ari and team to quickly shift their focus to changing the direction (and release date) of the new project.  Evolved to ‘Dangerous Woman,’ the songs and concept of the album shows the singer making a much desired (and probably much needed) step toward artistic and personal growth.  Leaving behind the pure pop-friendly bops that lined her first project, Grande is making a grand entrance into more unadulterated R&B/soul sounds.

Tapping ‘Bang Bang’ co-star Nicki Minaj (click here to listen), Future (click here to listen), Lil Wayne (click here to listen), and surprise guest Macy Gray (click here to listen) along for the 15-track ride, ‘Woman’ sees Ari try to embrace – more than ever – being just that…a grown woman.  More importantly, she’s hoping the buying public gets the memo.

With that in mind, tell us:

Your thoughts?


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  1. Aml May 20, 2016

    Am smelling a Megan Trainor follow up sales.

  2. grapejuicefan May 20, 2016

    The only song that I really like on this album is “Into You”.”My Everything” was a better album as a whole.

  3. AJ May 20, 2016

    Nothing about this person says woman to me; just a child in a ridiculous costume. The album should be called privileged jerk. I won’t be buying it.

  4. Qaz May 20, 2016

    Nope. I don’t buy music from donut licking midgets.

    • BeyTheGr8 May 20, 2016


    • LmfaoHoe May 20, 2016


  5. 1mcluver May 20, 2016

    its an overall good album, i like moonlight, be alright, thinking about you, and my fav is i don’t care. its a solid album although at moments she does sound like a chipmunk version of mariah

  6. Lmfao_Hoe May 20, 2016

    So far I enjoyed Moonlight, Let Me Love You, Be Alright, Greedy, Leave Me Lonely, Sometimes, and Thinking about You. Its a solid piece.

  7. Remey May 20, 2016

    What can I say? The album shows a lot of sonic growth. Somehow I still can’t get into it. There’s always something about her that leaves me underwhelmed. The album is cohesive. It’s pleasing to the average listener. I just wanted something more from her. She could be the total package. But her visuals, promo, releases….they are the things that lack cohesiveness. I still feel like I’m watching a Disney character perform bops. When Britney did this, her growth felt so natural. I feel like Ariana is still 12 years old, and it’s because of her team.

    Effort: B+
    Execution: C

    • Hmm… $17.99>>>>$0.00 May 20, 2016

      I actually don’t even think the music is cohesive. The album is pretty monotonous. Of course when you sing about the same thing in the same dance heavy pop tart genre, it’s gonna sound cohesive. There are 1 or 2 tracks that stand out, but as a whole, the album lacks variety. I’m just using Lemonade as an example. Making songs like Don’t hurt yourself, Daddy Lessons, and Hold up, and Sorry on one album, without it being all over the place, and it working, that’s cohesiveness. That’s an album. Ariana doesn’t have to dabble in several genres to achieve this, but the point is, I just don’t think you should get points for cohesiveness if you’re just making several different versions of the same song. I mean, Everyday, Let me love you, Into you, Touch it, Bad Decisions, Thinking of you, eh, they really aren’t that different.

  8. PeaceMaker May 20, 2016

    Hell to the No!

  9. JJFan1814 May 20, 2016

    She’s 3 albums in and hasn’t released a classic yet…Nothing memorable. Streamed it today, cute songs but nothing to press replay, other than “Into You”.

  10. Christina Aguilera May 20, 2016

    Oh oh oh poor Ariana can’t she do some serious music than this wrongly copied back to basiscs

    • Grande The Way May 20, 2016

      This literally sounds nothing like Back to Basics. The ultimate reach

  11. Hmm… $17.99>>>>$0.00 May 20, 2016

    No. The entire album with the bonus songs leaked days ago, but I don’t like the album as a whole anyway. I like I don’t care, leave me lonely is okay, and I find myself listening to touch it and moonlight pretty often. Gave it away is also a good vocal performance. But the album is still too generic for me, though it’s better than My Everything. There is absolutely no narrative to this album. It’s a bunch of songs that sounded cute and she threw them on the album. No story. No actual rhyme or reason. You’d think with the title “Dangerous Woman” the music would be more bold, assertive, dark, daring. I’m not getting it. It was named moonlight and she said she liked Dangerous Woman (the song) so much, she made it the lead single and retitled the album. That makes no sense. I can get with Ariana, the singer. But I’m not too fond of Ariana, the artist.

  12. truthonly May 20, 2016


  13. The A Team May 20, 2016

    Im only going to buy the Be Alright track, half the album had already been released, but no other songs really interested me

  14. Dev May 20, 2016

    I won’t be buying. Unfortunately i find her voice annoying and more so on this album. I like some songs but imagine them sung better by other artists.
    I wish her luck though.

  15. kii May 20, 2016

    Lol this bìtch even has a pop up ad for this album on Grìñďèr

  16. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? May 20, 2016

    Already a metacritic score of 77 just from 6 reviews. She’ll be just fine. The tour will gross more than the last one too.

  17. Queenly May 20, 2016


  18. Rihboy May 20, 2016

    I wasted my money ?

    • Annalise May 20, 2016

      KIIIIII LMAO this made me actually LOL!!!! serves you right!!

  19. Grande The Way May 20, 2016

    Her best overall album to date in my opinion. What I love the most is the growth she has shown. She’s participating more in the creative process, her sound is more cohesive and mature, and the vocals are on point as per usual. I’m expecting another critically acclaimed album and hopefully her first Grammy. I’m sure sales will be solid too with the tour knocking it out of the park. Ariana continues to impress me musically. I’m glad she didn’t go all out on the pop side either.

  20. Annalise May 20, 2016

    She and Sean were such a good looking couple, why did she let him go?

    • Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? May 20, 2016

      His d*** was to big for her tiny hole. OH GOD!!

      • Annalise May 21, 2016

        Ponytail can send him my way then! KIIIII!

  21. La Perra May 20, 2016

    This undeveloped lil b*tch can keep it…

  22. Danzou May 20, 2016

    Good album but I’m tired of girls who aren’t black trying to use’s unsettling. Meghan Trainor just did the same thing on on “thank you” talmbout she on a”low hater diet” like I’m really sick of this. And then meghan says s*** like “be like” or whatever and it’s offensive considering that’s literally not how you speak on a regular basis until you get in the booth. Anyway Ariana did the same think talking about she got that hood love when we know good and well that she’s not hood at all. Lol that’s what makes you a dangerous woman? The hood? F.uck outta here. Then she said that she was a bad b**** like WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE ARIANA? lol its comical but it was a nice album.

  23. Danzou May 20, 2016

    Point blank period I’m tired of black culture being used as a stepping stone for artists to have a “bad” phase in their career. I’m so sick of this.

  24. Delete Tango Account May 21, 2016

    Arando Grando is a sad little chica. Remember take hair advice from Erykah Badu next time when you put a towel over it! Erykah knows how to do it justice! SHE WOULD BE OFFENDED BY THAT “WHITE TOWEL”. Only Gwyneth Paltrow would do such a thing! The Irony is this article was written by Chris Martins. I rest my case!

  25. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 21, 2016


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