Camilla Cabello Hits The Studio With Rihanna Producer

Published: Monday 30th May 2016 by David

Fifth Harmony‘s ‘7/27’ isn’t the only project Camilla Cabello seems to be hard at work on.

Following an intense week in which she took the LP and its singles across North America and to the United Kingdom, the promising Pop princess made her way to a recording studio to sew songs with the producer Benny Blanco.

Footage from their session below…

Blanco is the one of the maestros behind Katy Perry‘s ‘Teenage Dream’ and is also thank for Rihanna‘s ‘Unapologetic’ hit single ‘Diamonds.’

Is Camilla on the hunt for a solo smash of her own?

Weigh in below…

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  1. Talent > May 30, 2016

    This is why people don’t invest in girl groups anymore…

    • Nahhh May 30, 2016

      She has the worse voice of them all why does she sing lead

      • Girl Group Stan May 30, 2016

        I’ve barely kept up with them since X Factor, because I assumed they would never make it. Whoops! LOL. But, I do remember Normani and the eldest Latina (short one) being the ones with the weakest voices…What’s changed?

      • Jame June 6, 2016

        Or maybe she’s not as bad as you make her out to be.

      • Jack harper June 6, 2016

        Because she has the most fans and people like her the most? Just because you and your group of retards here think you’re the majority that doesn’t make it so dumb ass. She’s the one with a hit outside of 5h and she’s the one working with big names. Face facts. She’s the favorite. The other singers in the group arentD

      • Jesse Jake June 6, 2016

        Actually according to the general public she has the most favorable voice out there. The 29 idiots who upvoted your comment doesn’t count for the general public. You seem to be ignorant to how things work friend.

    • wrosy3 May 30, 2016

      Why people think working with rih writers and producers going to give them the same hits and success

      • Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

        They don’t. But they know a star of the show when they see one and Camila cabello is the star of this group. Not the four rejects you see behind her.

    • Jack harper June 6, 2016

      Yeah because there is always one member who will steal their thunder. This being Camila. Bow down fool. She’s about to snatch your wig

  2. grapejuicefan May 30, 2016

    she obviously wants to be alone

  3. Lea May 30, 2016

    Gul bye!

    • Fancy BISH May 30, 2016


    • Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

      Adios loser. Camila will send you a postcard after she becomes successful while you live paycheck to paycheck 😉

    • Jack harper June 6, 2016

      Later loser. She’ll drop you a postcard while you’re in the unemployment line 😉

  4. IStan4Rihanna. May 30, 2016

    She clearly doesn’t care for the group anymore. They will have disbanded by mid-2017. Speaking of…


    Normani >>>>>>>

    • Girl Group Stan May 30, 2016

      But doesn’t Normani have the weakest vocals? I haven’t kept up with them a lot since X Factor, but the few times I have seen their tv performances she comes off as the most vocally challenged.

      • Danzou May 30, 2016

        No she doesn’t have the weakest vocals she’s one of the two girls in the group with a whistle tone.

      • Jame June 6, 2016

        Normani has the worst vocals. True

      • Jack harper June 6, 2016

        She still has the weakest vocals. Look who Carries most of the performance. It’s Camila. Not that fat cow pigmani

    • Jack harper June 6, 2016

      Are you talking about which one will gain the most weight? If so I agree. Normani looks like she’ll be the biggest loser and gain the most weight.

  5. cocobutta May 30, 2016

    Her tone annoys my soul. Squeak Squeak mouse bish ??

    • Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

      Yet she has the most fans. More than the other four fat b****** in the group lol. What can the other whales so other than win a pie eating contest?

    • Jack harper June 6, 2016

      Don’t like it? You can always jump off a cliff

  6. Talent > May 30, 2016

    TBH none of them really have the makings of a solo star. Especially with how crowded the music industry is.

  7. Anti&Lemonade May 30, 2016

    It’s too soon for one of them to launch a solo career .
    A group have to reach a certain success before the members can think about a solo career .

    • Normani Can Get it? May 30, 2016

      That’s why I respect Normani. She said in her interview that yes ONE DAY she would like a solo career but the group has a lot they need to accomplish. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if Camila left. She annoys the heck out of me with her voice attitude.

      • Jame June 6, 2016

        She also said that the group was gonna disband soon. So your fave pigmani is just as problematic as anyone else. Camila is the one with star power: not these other b******.

      • Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

        Are you retarded or something? Normani is one of the weakest member in the group. She sounded winded all the time, her cover barely has half the views Camila has, she doesn’t even have a hit outside of 5h where as Camila got her first platinum hit without the group. Not to mention bormani does more solo stuff that anyone else combined. How many photoshoots has that fat b**** done without her girls? How many dance videos has that whale done without 5h? The only thing Normani does well is be a hypocrite l. Tell that cow to p*** off. She’s not needed in 5h.

  8. No favs, just here for the music May 30, 2016

    She’s no doubt a go-getter and some people find that annoying I guess but I respect her drive and hunger. Go and get it Camilla.

    • Jame June 6, 2016


  9. Hur May 30, 2016

    Her voice is the most annoying next to the short one, none are ready for a solo career yet. They will fail, just like their albums so far.

    • Jamie May 30, 2016

      Exactly! How can you expect to sell as a solo artist, and you can’t come through as a group?

    • Normani Can Get it? May 30, 2016

      The short one (alley) can not sing at all! Especially live she sounds winded. I’m not actually sure why she’s in the group. She do sent scream star to me at all but God bless her for chasing her dreams and I hope it works out…. But Camila is…

      • Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

        Camila is better than Normani. Better dancer a better person a better performer she can captivate a crowd where as fatmani can’t even captivate a dead hooker.

  10. Coolness May 30, 2016

    I was so shocked at the opening numbers for 5H’s new album. I legit expected 70k and upward. Guess their image overhaul didn’t deserve them any good aside from gaining a top 10 hit.

  11. Annalise May 30, 2016

    Really couldn’t care less if she leaves. Never bothered to learn her name until last Friday, plus she has the most annoying alvin chipmunk voice ?. I’d be glad if she left, but the only problem is that they are called Fifth Harmony and couldn’t go on without 5 members.

    • Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

      You cared enough to respond to an article about her and clearly you k ow who she is. Nice try h** 😉

    • Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

      Also if she left you can bet that 5h would flop faster than they are right now. You honestly think this group will do well without one of their main members in the group? You’re retarded

  12. Stephon Jackson May 30, 2016


  13. King Mark111 /.\ May 30, 2016

    How coe when Beyonce drags behind and work with people that Rihanna worked with first, we don’t see “Beyonce hits the studio with Rihanna producer”? And how come the web link says camilla-cabello-hits-studio-gwen-stefani-producer/ ? Look at the web box.

  14. King Mark111 /.\ May 30, 2016

    But anyway, you can’t fool the public. She was pushed to stand out and to be solo. But she will not be a Beyonce/JT, she will be a Nicole Shshshsbuwisnsjdjdw j dcwcf, or whatever her last name is. Why? Becauseyou HAVE establish your group first. And I don’t see her being a part of the Doughnut Licker, Hammer Licker or JB D licker.

    • HailBeysus May 30, 2016

      But sis, why you coming for Justina like that? We all know you sucking the D at them truck stops like Molly.

      • King Mark111 /.\ May 30, 2016

        Ha! Never. But we know you’re doing the most for Formation tickets.

      • HailBeysus May 30, 2016

        Sis why you lying? I get money just by waking up kiii!!! You stay slaving away at BK for that $5.50 an hour. Don’t act like we forgot how you said RedLobster was so expensive you could only eat there seasonal ?????!!!
        Stop spending all your hard earned burger flipping coins on Lukhas babe! Just go down to the nearest Bathhouse if you that desperate!

      • King Mark111 /.\ May 30, 2016

        Not that I have to explain myself to the likes of you. But Red Lobster are not in every town. The nearest is an hour away. But anyway, what do you know with a credit sore of 450.

      • HailBeysus May 30, 2016

        DEADTTTT!!! WHY THE FUXK YOU LYING HOEEE???? You indeed said that! Take the L and eat your own words bussie ass kummm filled trapped in the closest wrecked in the butthole platypus walking self contradicting lying bitxh! The Navy always backpedaling and lying lmao!

    • King B May 30, 2016

      LOL. As if you can predict the futures. You predict Lemonade will flop and she’s coming for that 1 million sales. PURE SALES. ” I don’t wanna hear artist can’t sell albums anymore”, remember who said this in Adele’s post? Few months later, ” Sales are dead, streaming is bla bla”.

      • King Mark111 /.\ May 30, 2016

        Never said sales were dead, so it wouldn’t be smart to use quotations for a quote that never came out of my mouth. So it taking over a month for Beyonce to sell what Rihanna and Samsung gave out within two hours? Some queen, what hapopen to her selling that in the first week? Drake just killed the “queens” era withing 5 days. lol

      • HailBeysus May 30, 2016

        Sis lying some more! You said album’s don’t sell like they use to in the Cheatanna post yesterday. You contradict yourself because i seem to recall you leaving a comment saying “I don’t want to hear albums don’t sell like they used to” in a Adele post. But when Cheatanna can’t sell you seen to back pedal and make an exception lmfao! Im still laughing at how i clocked your tea trying to discredit Jay-Z for giving away 1m and doing close to 600k first week. So why is it a rapper with 1 #1 cand do huge numbers but fRihanna a “singer” with 14 #1 can’t even crack 300k ????!!! Save the BS excuses of she gave away 1m!!

      • HailBeysus May 30, 2016

        Kiii did Marsha flee the post after being clocked for the 91625171817 time ??????

    • Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

      She already has a platinum hit you idiot. She’s already accomplished more than Nicole lol: are you retarded or something?

  15. HailBeysus May 30, 2016

    God her voice is soooo annoying and her head is shaped like a peanut! Bitxh I don’t see it!

    • Fancy BISH May 30, 2016


    • Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

      Well you’re retarded so I don’t expect you to see much 😉

  16. Sherrele May 30, 2016

    She don’t sing good at all. Why she putting out a solo album, when it probably want do good. Damn she need to put the effort in the group so they can have a successful album. Lol. Y be in a group. She could have waited to until 5harmony put out 3 more albums then take a break and do solo projects.

    • Jame June 6, 2016

      Because she feels like it and knows that 5h isn’t going anywhere ? In case you haven’t noticed 5h isn’t exactly a huge success these days: are you slow or something? Also this was a track for charity you idiot.

    • Jack harper June 6, 2016

      She’s not putting out a solo album you r*****. This was a track for charity. Please refrain from breeding. You Stupidity is a dangerous weapon. A

  17. #formulation ?☕ May 30, 2016

    Her voice is too whiny for my liking #girlbye

  18. LB May 30, 2016

    Good decision, she is the most popular among her group mates, is the most marketable and is the only one who has spent her time networking.
    I don’t know how far 5H will go but good to know she’s keeping her options open

    • Jame June 6, 2016

      Agreed 🙂

  19. Sam May 30, 2016

    Is this the Alvin and the chipmunks sounding chick?
    Her’s is a voice you couldn’t take through a whole track as it would be grating regardless how good the time is.

    • Jame June 6, 2016

      So then how come she’s the only one with a solo hit outside of the group you idiot?

    • Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

      So then how come she’s the one with the most followers and fans?

  20. Danzou May 30, 2016

    Working on a solo project means nothing why do you all have to come up with the most cynical and negative responses to everything? Damn. Adam levine left eye Kelly Rowland hayley Williams ALL had solo projects and they’re groups never broke up because of it.

  21. Anonymous May 30, 2016

    I had honestly think Camilla will leave the group to go solo.Ally will be devastated by the change and not want to continue and normani Dinah and Lauren will continue as a group. I smell a dk3/Dc3 situation happening …. 3rd harmony 3H maybe ??

  22. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 30, 2016

    Good for her if this true

  23. Gwynn June 1, 2016

    She was doing a song for charity stupid. Instead of trying to drag her voice and intentions, get your facts straight. She was making music for, and with kids. Not for herself.

  24. Johnny blaze June 6, 2016

    Lol at all the butthurt ot4 rejects getting upset lol. Feeling upset because Camila is stealing their thunder? Get over it fool. The ot4 morons are gonna have to get used to the fact that Camila is star of the show.

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