Fifth Harmony Wake Up The Today Show With ‘Work From Home,’ ‘All In Hy Head’ & More

Published: Monday 30th May 2016 by Sam

Fifth Harmony served up a hot plate of sass this morning on the Today Show Summer Concert Series.

The fierce quintet took to the stage to perform a selection of cuts from their sophomore album ‘727,’ which landed in stores last Friday.

Featured in their hit-filled set were ‘Work From Home,’ new number ‘All In My Head (Flex),’ and 2015 breakout smash ‘Worth It.’

Watch Normani, Dinah, Ally, Lauren, and Camila slay after the jump…

A solid set of performances!

‘All In My Head’ sounds like a summer smash in waiting. And having listened to ‘727’ in its entirety, it definitely serves as one of the project’s strongest efforts.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HUR May 30, 2016

    This will be their last album, watch!

    • Normani’s man May 30, 2016

      Let’s just be real… Them vocals we’re everywhere but they needed to be. Compared to Destinys child they suck! But there kinda like the spice girls with nice Thot music. I’m really trying to like them. I even got their cd which I don’t buy CDs but I want to see a girl group to make it. Especially when chasing thier dreams but come on be fierce! I do agree this will be their last album and camila want to be Ariana Granda mixed with Taylor swift… Hunty try again!

  2. john Bieber May 30, 2016

    So i understand why this doesn’t sell, NO responsible/knowledge parent is buying FH for their little kids. My 6 year neice was singing this stuff and I cudn’t believe it. Anyways its interesting, TGJ insults artists like Trey songz but he will probz do 100k in his first week! Simply because he understands his fans and makes music for them. FH are just a generic pop group imho who probz won’t see another album

    • Danzou May 30, 2016

      If parents aren’t buying albums then why is Taylor or Justin selling? Shut up.

      • Danny Bey May 30, 2016

        He’s saying no parent is buying FIFTH HARMONY’S album dummy. Reading is fundamental.

      • Danzou May 30, 2016

        I knew that b**** but the ONLY reason he’s saying it is because of lyrical content so therefore like I said you f** if that’s the case then why are Bieber and Taylor selling? Shut the f*** up.

  3. Arianator May 30, 2016

    They are sooooo GENERIC!

  4. HailBeysus May 30, 2016

    I don’t get why y’all keep talking about children singing their music. You know damn well when we was all like 10 or 12 we was singing along to songs we had NO IDEA were sexual innuendos. They just flopped and need to come harder! Hopefully the next album is better that’s if they’re going to have another album. Camilla out here tryna go solo and shít.

    • Danzou May 30, 2016

      I agree with the parents thing that s*** is so stupid to say only two songs had curse words lol but yall gotta stop being so quick to call something a flop. Their last album opened with lower numbers and still went gold with a sold out tour.

      • HailBeysus May 30, 2016

        You know what you’re right. Their basically the IT girl group of the US and are unchallenged by another female group or male. They are the current standard. Still a shame to see their numbers after all that promo and their big Hit Work From Home.
        BTW why are you always trying it with me I ain’t ever fuxked with you lol! I actually liked your comments until you started trying me haha.

      • Danzou May 30, 2016

        Noooooooo I’m not trying you lol I tend to agree with your comments. I just love the industry and enjoy talking about it maybe I come off to argumentative sometimes I’m sorry.

      • HailBeysus May 30, 2016

        Lol I seen comments like this being left at me.
        May 28, 2016 at 8:01 pm
        Danzou says:


        HailTranny is tired from all the curb walking it’s been doing for a little cash.
        But immediately saw the Avi difference when i went to find the receipts lol! I see someone is trolling as you. Must be one of the Ku Klux Klan member’s. Sorry for the rude reply in the second half of my comment haha!

      • RihNavy May 30, 2016


      • Danzou May 30, 2016

        You have to understand that there’s other accounts using my name. I’m sorry for the disrespect but that wasn’t me. And rih navy can you please get yo stupid ass on somewhere. Damn I really hope you die. Anyway @hail that comment wasn’t left by me. If you see a danzou comment with an avi that had the tongue sticking out then that’s me. The other ones are ass holes.

      • Danzou May 30, 2016

        There’s like four other accounts using my name and I don’t get it.

      • HailBeysus May 30, 2016

        @Danzou Yea I realised that when i went back to pull this receipt. I saw they had two different Avi’s. I also seen you address the person as well. No need to apologize, just a misunderstanding. Anyway we cool.
        @RihNavy kii!! Sis i was ready to clock a bitxh. But saw it wasn’t actually the Danzou we are currently talking to.

  5. #justsayn May 30, 2016

    They gotta expand their audience and music. U have a blk girl in your group! Use her to bring in a young blk audience! Perform at the BET Awards…

    • King Mark111 /.\ May 30, 2016

      She’s the reason they have 2 of the only 3 hits that they have. Work and Worth It are urban songs. And her parts are the most known other than the hooks.

    • Danzou May 30, 2016

      I can’t lie I agree with the BET thing. I hate that their team is only marketing them to white people who are the most disloyal music fans on this earth. If they market them to BET or MTV2 then they’d always have a stage to book.

      • Danny Bey May 30, 2016

        Black people are disloyal too. Hence why a lot of R&B artists don’t sell like hey used to anymore.

      • Danzou May 30, 2016

        R&B doesn’t sell like it used to because top 40 only plays WHITE ARTISTS IN ROTATION. Don’t start with me today you b****. R&B music DOES sell but only if WHITE people are singing it. That’s why adele is selling millions along with Justin Timberlake meanwhile jasmine Sullivan and maxwell are not.

      • Danny Bey May 31, 2016

        Lol you must have a few ruffles feathered today huh? Just upset.

  6. Citi May 30, 2016

    This will be their last album before they go solo. It’s a solid record, they just matured too quickly with their music.

  7. Carlitos May 30, 2016

    Wtf are y’all talking about? Didn’t you just great that they’re NUMBER ONE in over 50 countries? Those were only the first day predictions. They have by no means “flopped.” Stop loosely spreading that word around like your legs. It’s desperate and pathetic.

    • Carlitos May 30, 2016


    • Who gonna check me boo?? May 30, 2016

      Girl by they flopped the sooner you accept it the better it will be they had the biggest hit of their career yet can’t outdo their first album numbers(which were fare from impressive) streaming and all.

      • Carlitos May 30, 2016

        Trust me, they haven’t flopped. Lmao. And btw, that means what? Many artists have better selling previous albums than the next. Look at Rihanna for example. Look at Beyonce for example. They could even sell more albums the second week than the first. It happens all. the. time. Besides, I’m not here for their numbers. And I’m not one of those “bandwagon” groupies, who are only with artists when they have a number one hit, and when it’s over, move on to the next. I’m an actual ARTIST groupie. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that these artists put into their music.

  8. King Mark111 /.\ May 30, 2016

    What song is #1 on billboard? I hate when reporters and singers say that as if it’s the BB Hot 100 when it’s prob the Night Club on the East side of Chicago Text Vote Chart.

    • Carlitos May 30, 2016

      Wow. Are you that bothered and threatened? Are you mad because you’re still flipping burgers? I’m sorry to break it to you, honey, but they’re the real deal. Fifth Harmony is the s***, so take a BIG whiff. Not only is this their first number one on Billboard, but it’s the first in over TEN years — since the PCD. And they’re they first girl group to get a #1 album on worldwide iTunes. This is without mentioning that they’re the only girl group to sell the most singles from any song.

  9. Danzou May 30, 2016

    I just don’t understand the logic behind some of the s*** yall say. What does the cursing or any of that have to do with sales? How is their music “matured too quickly?” Lol these are grown ass women. They don’t wanna sing childish s***.

  10. Danzou May 30, 2016

    I think the reason PCD and Danity Kane were so successful was because the world honestly doesn’t like girl pop groups. The world likes sassy rnb groups. PCD had “stickwitu” and a remix with avant. Danity Kane had “ecstasy” with rick ross and a couple other nice ballads. They were also all over BET and MTV being marketed to younger urban crowds.

  11. Rosie May 30, 2016

    Wow their album bombed hard, I remember my faves got dragged for selling 116K and 97K each with no hits whatsoever but for them to sell 47K when Work From Home is a MASSIVE smash….lmao. I expected at least 75K.
    This will probably be their last album. There’s so much drama and Camilla obviously wants to go solo already, even though she’s by far the most annoying member.

  12. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 31, 2016

    Their album isn’t bad it pretty good songs on theirs album however those girls are 16-19 year old

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