Lauryn Hill Issues Apology To Atlanta Fans Over Her Tardiness

Published: Sunday 8th May 2016 by Rashad

“Better late than never”…words we are certain Ms. Lauryn Hill abides by.

For, after infuriating Atlantan fans for showing up 2 hours late to her own concert (only to have it shut down very early), the diva took to Facebook to offer an apology to the concert attendees.

After enduring a weekend-long slamming by detractors expressing their disappointment on social media, Hill had apparently had enough and lent the lengthy statement seen below:


Via Lauryn Hill’s Facebook:

I don’t show up late to shows because I don’t care. And I have nothing but Love and respect for my fans. The challenge is aligning my energy with the time, taking something that isn’t easily classified or contained, and trying to make it available for others. I don’t have an on/off switch. I am at my best when I am open, rested, sensitive and liberated to express myself as truthfully as possible. For every performance that I’ve arrived to late, there have been countless others where I’ve performed in excess of two hours, beyond what I am contracted to do, pouring everything out on the stage.

Because I care so deeply about the artistic process, I scrutinize, have perfectionist tendencies, and want space made for spontaneity, which is not an easy process, with the many moving parts on the road. Some days we are more successful than others re time. However, the vitality that is infused into the performances is always appreciated by the audiences, who may not know exactly what it took to accomplish. What hasn’t been touched upon by the media, I’m sure, are the hundreds of people who rushed the stage and stayed in excess of an hour after the show ended last night, just to connect.


Our challenge is to figure out the best way to accommodate the vitality, spontaneity, and spirit that make the performances worthwhile and special to begin with, while also making that experience available and accessible to others. If I didn’t Love and respect the art, I wouldn’t be doing this. The audience and I should have that in common.

My true audience knows emphatically that I care. It isn’t possible to affect people in any deep and meaningful way without putting sacrificial time in.

I have nothing but Love and appreciation for the fans in Atlanta, and regret not being able to give you a full show. We are figuring out a plan to make it up to you, and will announce details as soon as we have them.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly May 8, 2016

    She can keep this

    • King Mark111 /.\ May 8, 2016

      Why? She clealry didn’t write it. No on speaks like this but a PR team.

    • #formulation ?☕ May 8, 2016

      Show up on time and do your thing that ppl love you for. Don’t rip ppl off and steal their money. She will lose fans as a result.

  2. CHAKA May 8, 2016

    Excuses, excuses. I saw her in DC last year, and she was hours late just as she was in ATL. Luckily Luke James opened up for her, and he was phenomenal, so he more than made up for her lackluster performance and absent professionalism.

  3. HALF AMAZIN May 8, 2016

    Lauryn is ALWAYS late and her show is inconsistent. I will never pay to see her again.

  4. ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? May 8, 2016

    Oh my goodness! Those fans DID NOT PLAY ANY GAMES WITH HER! She was dragged from earth all the way to the pits of hell and back. I actually felt second hand embarrassment for her. I swear some people just have the gift of getting someone all the way together. Anyway, I’m glad she apologized.

  5. No favs, just here for the music May 8, 2016

    you can sincerely apologize by giving everyone refunds

  6. Lolz May 8, 2016

    What a load of b*******.

  7. Annalise May 8, 2016

    She’s only touring to pay off the huge amount of debt that she’s in, which is why she turns up late because she doesn’t give a f***. How many artists are able to tour off of one album for 20 years though? That just proves how much of an impact she’s made on the music industry. Her music is legendary, but unfortunately we won’t experience that magic again because her heart is not in it.

  8. Annalise May 8, 2016

    She’ll never issue refunds to her fans, because her financial struggle is the only reason why she’s bothering to tour in the first place. Which means her apology is half-assed!

  9. llawrence May 8, 2016

    That’s BS she is high and using drugs that’s why she is late all the time. People should stop buying her tickets and then I bet you her ass will be on time.

  10. Misdamenor May 8, 2016

    Girl Bye! You can keep your apology and those lame azzzzz excuses because we know you were force to issue one.

  11. King Mark111 /.\ May 8, 2016

    I’m sick of people kissing her @ss when her discography is one album after almost 20 years. But anyway, another Sony s**** forced to tour. #AntiLabels

    • LmfaoHoe May 8, 2016

      Not true at all, her work also conist with four i bekieve other albums of material done with her former group the Fugees.

  12. MUSICHEAD May 8, 2016

    Lauryn Hill can kiss my ass with this “apology”. She has been pulling this late mess for years. And she only has one damn album. She is lucky ppl still show up for her.

  13. *NAME REMOVED* May 8, 2016

    Who? I don’t know her.

  14. k May 8, 2016

    nuff respect miss Hills.

  15. Danny Bey May 8, 2016

    So basically, she wasn’t ready and didn’t FEEL like going out until 2 hours later. BISH BYE. Save that “artistic needs” s*** for the birds. You’re a professional first! You’re on the bill to be paid for a service and to uphold that as seen fit. If you want to throw the, “‘my head wasn’t in the right place yet” b*******, then make it a free concert. Hell, if Beyoncé can resume a show almost 30 minutes after it’s been canceled due to tremendous weather conditions, rain and lightening and all, then your broke ass can show up on time. But don’t take these people’s money and then cheat them out of a whole show. Legend my ass. Michael would never. Whitney would never. PRINCE would never.

  16. brazio May 8, 2016

    Ok, I love Lauryn but what was she saying, I was was like reading a poem…?

  17. B&B May 8, 2016

    Wayment…. the energy? Bih u just be tired and lazy. Don’t tour if you not down to stick to it. Tf??????? How u allow your fans to purchase tickets knowing you gone be like “fvck it, my spirit not feeling right enough for it, but my spirit want that paper tho” b**** PAY THEM PEOPLE BACK, HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. eric May 8, 2016

    If it takes 2 hours to achieve your desired level of spiritual energy, start that process 2 hours PRIOR to show time–it’s that simple. Every artist takes time to warm up and do whatever they need to and then they get on stage and give their best even if they’re not feeling 100%. If you feel like everything including the moon and stars have to be perfectly aligned in order to perform, don’t agree to a show that requires you be in a certain place at a certain time. Your time is important and so is everyone else’s. If you want fans to respect the time and the details that go into creating your live shows, respect the time it took for fans to earn the money that they spent to see you as advertised.

    • dee May 8, 2016

      That was the best comment ever!

  19. travesty May 8, 2016

    wowwww lauryn hill reallyyyy???? u make people pay to see u then u hella late and show cut short and thats your excuse? u had to align yourself??? lmfao jesus wyclef was right u are mentally unstable. give the fans their money back cos u didnt fulfill your obligation and then to come with that pathetic excuse! and b**** dont ever go off on someone who yells out “y u late” cos they have every fucken reason to ask! u aint god u aint slick youre just broke and stealing money off people SMH

  20. stan May 8, 2016

    if it were once or twice, it’s fine. but with lauryn, it’s been a pattern for years. get it together, girl.

  21. Omega May 8, 2016

    She was over an hour late to her Dallas concert too…

  22. Coolness May 9, 2016

    Performing night after night is not easy but just as she said she needs to “align herself” (so I’m guessing this can take up to two hours ??) before her shows, she needs to understand that her fans have also put a lot of thought into buying tickets. That money could’ve been spent on things more important and what got me upset was the flippant excuses some of her fans were making for her on the Internet. I saw all kinds of things like letting her slide because she made a legendary album or that we need to protect her because “they” are out to her her because of the way she’s spoken out against the industry. Pls, the woman is simply a tardy mess.

  23. zeroing ivy bloper tran anti girl lemond time May 9, 2016

    She’s a liar full of crap

  24. Get a Clue May 15, 2016

    Idk what it is, but I find it quite perplexing that none of you are aware that it is standard obligation for main artists to present themselves on stage between one and two hours after the time on your ticket. This is for pretty much all concerts. Djs and opening acts are not there for nothing. No opening act or DJ = a much sooner appearance by the main act.

    Y’all must not get out much or go to concerts much. She was not two hours+ late. Next time, just analyze how things are setup at a concert.

  25. Get a Clue May 15, 2016

    Furthermore, when you purchase your ticket, your contract is with the company you purchased it from. Stop asking artists to give you money back, contact the company or your bank.

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