Bye! M.I.A Departs Afropunk Festival After Slamming #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Published: Tuesday 21st Jun 2016 by Sam

M.I.A will be missing in action at this year’s Afropunk Festival.

The eclectic rapper had been tapped to serve as a headliner at the London edition of the Urban music celebration.

However, after feeling the furore of members of the Black communication following her controversial comments about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the Brit-bred talent has decided to vacate her spot on the bill.

Details below…

As reported, the 38-year-old was none-too-endorsing of the campaign, which aims simply to highlight the injustices faced by the Black community.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, she lambasted figures such as Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar for supporting the drive. She said at the time:

“It’s not a new thing to me – it’s what Lauryn Hill was saying in the 1990s, or Public Enemy in the 1980s. Is Beyoncé or Kendrick Lamar going to say Muslim Lives Matter? Or Syrian Lives Matter? Or this kid in Pakistan matters? That’s a more interesting question.

And you cannot ask it on a song that’s on Apple, you cannot ask it on an American TV programme, you cannot create a tag on Twitter, Michelle Obama isn’t going to hump you back.”

Ever since, fans of both artists as well independent supporters of BLM have not let go of her wig.

So much so that their threats of boycotting the festival have seen her bow out of performing. She took to Twitter to make the announcement and sarcastically added:


Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but it would profit acts to understand that there are consequences attached to broadcasting them. Especially when illogical like the views expressed by M.I.A.

We stand by our stance that she was all sorts of wrong for trying to weigh-up injustice and play down the plight of Black people. The reality is that she is not Black, hence will never be able to articulate or assess the Black experience firsthand because she doesn’t walk in those shoes. That doesn’t mean that Black hardship is more important than struggles she identifies with. But it also doesn’t mean it’s any less relevant either.

Her arguing otherwise is justification enough for her to be deleted from the line-up.

Good riddance.

Your thoughts?

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  1. FAF June 21, 2016

    B**** shut the f*** up if u want ur ppl represented u represent them, don’t tell black people to represent them for u!!!
    Do u see black actors telling white ppl to wear black face and go be our voice? No we cast ourselves in our own s***

    • Um. June 21, 2016

      That’s what it sounds like. Me: My house is on fire. Let me extinguish the fire. MIA: “Why are you so concerned about saving your own house? What about other people’s houses? Why aren’t you trying to save theirs?” On an airplane, you put the mask on yourself before you can help your neighbor. She needs to have several rows of several seats.

      • XX June 21, 2016

        Let me translate this for you.She saying that Beyonce and Kendrick should have made songs about the injustice that goes on and all communities not just the black. She also saying they need to do more then make songs. They need to stand in front of the white house,or set up a march. FYI we should help each other fight injustice. We do not like it to happen to us,so why should we let it happen to other people?

      • HALF AMAZIN June 22, 2016

        Isn’t this the same chick who flipped her middle finger during her Super Bowl performance?

        Girl, bye!

  2. The Thot You’ll Never Be June 21, 2016

    After she slams Beyoncé and black lives matter……..

  3. Chile Please!!! June 21, 2016

    Her name fits her so well for this situation…..!!! You do the math!!

  4. @CAMITYRE June 21, 2016

    Is she wrong though? We live in a world where politicians allow and encourage hate, discrimination and fear, especially towards the Muslim community. She shouldn’t have discredited the Black Lives Movement though; black lives continue to be attacked everyday due to their skin colour
    The world is not perfect and it needs fixing.

  5. The Thot You’ll Never Be June 21, 2016

    She can sit with Skeri and Mrs Cole and other under-irrelevants who came for QB
    come for Bey At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door ~

    • ??? June 21, 2016

      Hey sis wyd? One minute you’re dragging Bey the next you’re stanning for her? SMH you’re so fake you and Molly are probably related

      • The Thot You’ll Never Be June 21, 2016

        LMFAO BIITCH when & where did I drag Bey¿
        ULTIMATE ewww at you comparing me to the homophobic gay black racist self hating man Molly
        my fam would never birth or let such trash like Moldy live
        They prolly blindfold ha then throw him from highest rooftop
        next time at me with real account so I can scalp you accordingly :):

      • ??? June 21, 2016

        Really Taylor Tori Azalea/Career Ender or who ever you are today,you really want me to embarrass your ass by pasting the endless reciepts that prove my previous statement?
        And yeah Molly may be Racist and Homiphbic but she did not wish r*** upon another woman like you did so stay in your lane little kûnt?

      • The Thot You’ll Never Be June 21, 2016

        It will be less boring paying you DUST

  6. Sherrele June 21, 2016

    Bye!!!! MIA you don’t know!

  7. Um. June 21, 2016

    She has an issue with blacks people focusing on issues that affect black people?

    • Um. June 21, 2016

      I read my comment before I posted it.. Twice. And I didn’t see that s there… Mm, I’m just gonna pretend like it’s not there.

  8. DEL BEY June 21, 2016

    Yasssss Sam, no lies detected not once!

  9. #JACKIE June 21, 2016


    • The Thot You’ll Never Be June 21, 2016

      ……Is that on your avi?
      I’m sorry but you make this easy…….

  10. B_Roni June 21, 2016

    This is only because she not as relevant . Let Taylor swift Had said that lol I bet ahe would still be performing. The industry is shady in general. I agree opinions should be kept to themselves sometimes but I don’t take anything serious most celebs say now days.

    • B_Roni June 21, 2016

      I don’t understand why celebs always feel the need to comment on everything though. Beyonce and Rihanna rarely comment on stuff and if they do then it’s in a magazine interview.

  11. eric June 21, 2016

    I’m waiting for someone with public influence to speak out about BLM focusing only on white on black crime and not the much more prevalent black on black crime that results in men, women and children being killed every day in this country. Black lives should matter ALL the time, not just when you can get people riled up all because you can point the finger at a white man in a police uniform…the same white policeman you call for help when black on black crime happens on your street. BLM is the most hypocritical organization I’ve ever seen.

    • Johny June 21, 2016

      thank you. this whole s*** is going to backfire sooner or later. the truth is we need to focus on educating our people more so that they don’t get so easily riled up over everything and realize when they are being played. BLM is playing us. They mean well but most people are just using the movement to be rude, dismissive, and isolate the black community further.

    • No Stan Zone June 21, 2016

      When blacks kill each other, the accused is convicted for his crime. They don’t take them to King Burger or non of that. They get a PRISON SENTENCE. Unlike the cops whovkill INNOCENT people, but go home and kiss their families good night. No prison sentence for them. That’s the reason for the movement.

      • Johny June 21, 2016

        I know the reason, but like with everything else people have lost sight. Like with this post. M.I.A wasn’t discrediting the movement. She was simply stating that she doesnt have the same luxury of supporting her own people because no one supports her. She’s saying this movement is nothing new (because it isnt), and that people need to truly ban together.

  12. Bitchpleaseeeeeee June 21, 2016

    Cw hats with theses celebriies and thei lil hissy fits??? Urghh?

  13. Bitchpleaseeeeeee June 21, 2016

    What’s with these celebrities and their lil hissy fits??? Urghh?

  14. Johny June 21, 2016

    F****** idiots…all of you. Blacklivesmatter movement is hurting black people more than helping. its exposing how uneducated and uncivil we are by taking something meant to highlight injustice and using it to isolate ourselves and exclude everyone else. Her point was justified. We have the power right now to shine a real light on the injustice of racism worldwide. Its not just about African Americans, EVERY race discriminates against their darker skinned members, ESPECIALLY PEOPLE FROM INDIA. We can do more together than alone. Dismissing everyone who isn’t “black” isnt helping us. teaching this next generation that they are allow to dismiss peoples struggles isnt helping. going around trying to “educate” someone of a different race everytime they do something “black” or try to sympathize with the us isnt helping. She made a point that while beyonce and kendrick can openly support and rally for their people, she cannot. and like it or not, they have real issues in the middle east that need attention. good job.

    • HALF AMAZIN June 22, 2016

      Nobody is stopping her? Not Kendrick nor Yonce

    • Scott June 22, 2016


  15. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? June 21, 2016

    Meanwhile, “Kala” is STILL her only certified album YEARS later. But I bet you she’s not running on top of no mountains to tell that, though. Kii! I swear the jokes like to write themselves.

  16. Mo June 21, 2016

    Shes right

  17. Coolness June 21, 2016


  18. What Now June 21, 2016

    I wonder if every A&R team is telling their artists, if you say something ignorant, offensive, and disgusting, then we’ll give you a budget because you’ll have the GP attention. She is so thirsty.

  19. FC/JC June 21, 2016

    Cancellation well deserved….. Bye trick

  20. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi June 21, 2016

    She sound dumb and she need to shut the heck up & work on her album instead of talking stupid sh*t

  21. Scott June 22, 2016

    ALL lives matter. Color, race, religion should not even be a thought. When everyone gets THAT the world will be better for all. Some of the responses here are vile spews of hate and racism. We can’t undo wrongs we can only learn from them and try to better ourselves. BLM is another vein of raicism ….ALM! (All Lives Matter)#alllivesmatter

  22. Missy June 22, 2016

    Ain’t nobody checking for this curry smelling thot.

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