Mya Shares Details On The Price Of Nicki Minaj Collaborations

Published: Saturday 2nd Jul 2016 by David

Before the release of her debut set ‘Pink Friday‘, Nicki Minaj‘s contributions to several Urban Pop numbers served as the bread and butter of her brand.

In some cases, said contributions did more to support her career than those of the artists who enlisted her to deliver them.

One of these is the R&B royal Mya.

What went down when the ladies collaborated on ‘Ponytail’?

Watch Mya’s side of the story below….

Your thoughts?

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  1. Keri Qween July 2, 2016

    Now Nicki is washed up and no one cares about her past few collaborations.

    • Momolicious July 2, 2016

      You stan for Keri Hilson which lets me know that you would be well – versed in known who’s washed up.

      • Momolicious July 2, 2016


    • BOOBIE July 2, 2016

      Except Nicki’s most recent album is her most successful overall lol whats your definition of washed up, ho?

      • Sam July 2, 2016

        Most successful out of two. Wow!

    • Rosie July 2, 2016

      The only reason anyone mentioned Keri Hilson in 2016 is for her deep-throating a popsicle on Snapchat for attention.
      An even bigger thot than Onika.

      • Keri Qween July 2, 2016

        But Roseanne your fave admitted to sleeping with many men in the industry hoping for her big break. Should I refresh your memory with the exact quote?

      • July 3, 2016

        how is Nicki a thot, i wonder if you people know what a thot is, ok explain to me that actions that made Nicki Minaj a wh-re.

  2. LmfaoHoe July 2, 2016

    Nicki stans can even get mad. Think about it there was a time Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Missy, Eve, Foxy, Queen, Mc, Debrat, Left Eye, ect were on a higher level Nicki hasn’t gotten on yet aren’t around that much. What makes ya think Nicki will last thru longtivity? I lost interest in her back in 2012. Her most critically acclaimed verse still stands on Monster.

    • jake phorendi July 2, 2016

      how were they on a higher level if Nicki Minaj is the most successful to ever exist………lol…..

      • jake July 2, 2016

        nobody answered my question…..Nicki Minaj surpassed the greats success wise only 5 years in her career, and she’s bigger than any of them were because she’s the ONLY female doinf s***. yall straight up delusional haters lol.

      • kwinzy July 2, 2016

        Uh because Nicki’s a POP STAR. None of her “hip-hop” records compare to the greats, none of it. Barbz are the most delusional fanbase ever. At one point Vanilla Ice was the most successful & popular rapper with over 17 million records sold WW of his debut, that’s more than a lot of rappers at that time. How did his career end? I’ll wait… Popularity has NOTHING to do with impact ’cause if that were the case, EVERY ASPIRING FEMALE RAPPER RIGHT NOW WOULD BE RAPPING JUST LIKE NICKI and what a travesty that would be considering she’s a bubblegum trash rapper.

      • BOOBIE July 2, 2016

        Its Nicki’s fault that she was the only one out making hits getting support for labels and fans? There were plenty of female rappers that tried and failed. Iggy is the only one that popped off and even Azealia Banks, but they will never replicate Nicki’s success.

      • Sam July 2, 2016

        I disagree. Lauryn Hill is still touring and known for a few few fugee hits and an album over 10 years ago and has won a few grammy’s
        It’s not about where you are now its about the legacy and imprint you leave behind.
        Some of the ladies prior to her are still relevant due to legacies if not as still visible.

      • Christian July 2, 2016

        Missy has 6 platinum albums and 5 grammys. Lauryn’s one album sold 8 million copies in the us and won 5 or 6 grammys. Lil Kim Has 3 Platinum albums. All these people SOLD ALBUMS NOT USED STREAMING. Nicki is not the most successful. Do your research

  3. BOOBIE July 2, 2016

    Yall love bringing up these old female rappers of decades past and how successful they were. But yall never bring up how succesful Nicki has been for almost a DECADE. 7 years strong she’s been killing the game and has made more money than ANY of the ladies yall are mentioning.

    • jake July 2, 2016

      yall are really just haters and its not just popularity (which will make you last, if u have a fanbase you stay around) its impact, success, and etc. Nicki passed the legends within 5 f****** years and shes still going strong unlike Vanilla Ice so that analogy was f****** dumb. Nicki will be held as a legend and one of the best to do it 20 years from now and yall can stay mad. Its not Nickis fault other females cant get signed because they cant compare to her.

      • kwinzy July 2, 2016

        If it takes “haters” to level the playing field of female rap then so be it. Please tell me any Nicki song that’s better then any Lauryn, Kim and Missy song? Want a better comparison. Nelly sold way more albums than Biggie & Tupac and has longevity like your fave Nicki…who’s really winning tho? I’ll take a real emcee over a carbon copy anyday. It really sucks Nicki had to swagger jack her way to the top, she could’ve been magic.

    • kwinzy July 2, 2016

      See that’s the issue, REAL RAP fans bring up past female rappers for overall impact, swag, influence and their blueprint while y’all brainwashed new generation heaux bring up Nicki’s sales and success. Who’s really winning?? And I’m sorry most Nicki’s fans DO NOT KNOW THE HISTORY OF RAP, ESPECIALLY FEMALE RAP to even have a conversation. 7 years of ppl not buying into the fuckery of this broad; if her ‘legacy’ was undisputed there wouldn’t be so much backlash.

  4. Cough Cough July 2, 2016

    Nicki is a snooze fest now. She says the same thing over and over. I just heard that Ariana Grande song off of her new album and, once again, Nickis talking about people being her son and her being a bad b****. Girl can you get something else to talk about.. You’ve been the same for 3 albums now. Switch it up and make it interesting. Shits wack tbh

  5. Moxie Cyclone July 2, 2016


  6. Rosie July 2, 2016

    Didn’t watch but they obviously don’t cost much since she hops on literally every remix/feature imaginable.

    • Danzou July 2, 2016

      50k a verse. Much more than you got in ya back account f**.

  7. Smoove Jones July 2, 2016

    Great interview. So well spoken.

  8. Forever Freedom July 2, 2016

    Lil’kim and foxy brown all the way. I like Nicki to but I’m not going to defend her.She don’t f****** know me. All she know is the $15 I pay for that cd.

  9. Danzou July 2, 2016

    Nicki is WORTH 77 million. That’s more than any of her female counterparts and more than her male contemporaries as well with drake being worth 80 million at this point. Soooo stop bringing up vanilla ice or mc hammer to prove your point. Get your heads out of your gay asses and be real here. Three platinum albums. Two world tours. Multiple platinum singles. Clothing lines. Her own liquor. Her own perfume. THAT’S why she’s successful. She’s a business woman and she’s winning. Mc hammer don’t got no net worth. Neither does vanilla ice. Lil kim is with 18 million which is good but that’s only because her name is attached to BIGGIES ESTATE. NOT HER OWN WORTH.

  10. Mark111 /.\ July 2, 2016

    Nicki is trash and career will be nothing but “she was the only female”. She’s about to be 4 albums in and has yet to create a great album. On a verse, she’s a beast, but anything more than a 16 and she sucks. She can’t carry a song, her albums have no theme or artistry, no iconic style. Sure she’s doing it now, but she’s in her mid 30s, time is ticking and I don’t know what she’s going to do when a new girl comes in and Lil Kim HER.

    • Danzou July 2, 2016

      No one will lil kim her because she’s the queen. Kim not the queen. She was but she let nicki dethrone her. Nicki has a brand at this point. Kim doesn’t and neither does any other female rapper other than queen latifah. But tbh stop comparing nicki to the ogs. U don’t see nobody comparing kendrick to biggie? Or j Cole to rakim? So stop using og females to bring nicki down u sound stupid she’s worth over 70 MILLION. RESPECT IT.

      • GAslickmouf July 3, 2016

        Nice read, but she gotta be the greatest to compared to them. Beyonce and Michael Madonna and Brittany. She doing something right bruh. I never thought she’d be around this long, proof me wrong ways back. Not crazy bout her, but dnt bash her either. I will understand the hate whn a person is doing well…. jealousy bruh.

    • What Now July 3, 2016

      I agree. I used to love all of her features and actually was a fan of hers, until I heard the album. It has gone downhill from there. Since she’s kind of young, she might just be able to get a classic album, but I doubt it.

  11. Cinnamon Girl July 2, 2016

    I’m not throwing shade at Mya but on another gossip column they’re saying that she’s broke and desperate for money

  12. Meteorite July 2, 2016

    This was eye opening, I didn’t know you have to pay for an artist to feature on your track. Explains why artist don’t really do features too much. But her Smoove Jones LP was really solid. Also I I love her talking voice it’s so soothing lol.

  13. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi July 2, 2016


  14. Rihluv July 3, 2016

    Kim is Queen … True tea chile

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