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Published: Tuesday 12th Jul 2016 by Rashad
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Much to the delight of his diehard fans, Maxwell kicked off the month of July with the release of his long-awaited sixth album, ‘blackSUMMERS’night’ (his first in nearly 7 years).

The second in a trilogy of projects of the same name (different emphases), part 2 of ‘BSN’ was launched on the back of the #1 Adult R&B single ‘Lake by the Ocean’ and a number of other critically acclaimed cuts to support it.  However, while critics have sung the album’s praises, the commercial response hasn’t exactly been singing a similar tune.

Initial reports indicated the first week sales of part 2 of the trio of albums was on track to land somewhere in the 58,000-68,000 range.  If true, that would barely be a fifth of its predecessor’s first week figures.  Now, with the Nielsen tracking week officially over, tuck in below to see how close (or far) industry analysts’ predictions were to the final figure:

First Week Sales:  59,000

Chart Position:  #3

Via Billboard:

Maxwell’s new blackSUMMERS’night arrives at No. 3 with 59,000 units (57,000 in pure album sales). It’s the follow-up to the 2009 album BLACKsummers’night, which debuted at No. 1 with 316,000 copies sold. Before that, he released the 2001 album Now, which launched at No. 1 with 296,000.

In total, Maxwell has claimed four top 10 albums…[he has six in total]

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  1. Nahh July 12, 2016

    Not good at all, this is what I’m talking about when I say everybody so obsessed with what kind music Rihanna and Beyoncé making. “Oh I’m tired of hearing this secular music blah blah blah I’m tired of trap beats blah blah blah” but when artist like him make different kind of music the one “they” been begging for nobody supports it. Where is the support for jasmine Sullivan the Tamar’s the Maxwells. Yet everybody in the black community too obsessed with degrading Rihanna & Beyoncé who actually getting the sales rather than supporting these artist

    • #JACKIE July 12, 2016


      • Jamie July 12, 2016

        Don’t you dare kiii when you stan for a kiii.

    • LISA LEVINE July 13, 2016

      Maybe if this old CLOSET CASE – embraced the black community more: meaning – he plays to all black audiences, gears his music to black audiences but on his INSTAGRAM which i have deleted him – he only hangs with WHITE GAY MEN. He’s an embarassment to the black culture. Maxwell is a fraud. Using the black community to support his life and worship of WHITE GAY MEN. sucka

      • AmbeRussell July 13, 2016

        i was at an event and he was there, i was working the press and i saw him and kinda fan’d out, since i knew his music since the 1st song. he wanted to hang with the models (this event was after wendy williams interview and he ignored to use a gender based noun to describe his lover) so it came off as over confiscate to me. i saw another singer who i got to speak to at the event and talked to other notible ppl, but he was just too focused on being with the models. the he took a pic with a coworker and maxwell covers his own face, flash goes off and maxwell is m.i.a. and dashes off. doesnt see if the pic turned out go.

    • lf3 July 13, 2016

      I agree with you one of the problems with Rihanna’s and Beyonce’s these albums already purchased and number one before the customer gets them when big stores like Target and Walmart even Apple etc purchase large amounts they are ready number one in the top 100

      • CoolWhip July 13, 2016

        Can someone call a cop, because this black life doesn’t matter. Shoot her bigot ass now, please and
        thank you, its one black life we really dont need.

  2. #justsayn July 12, 2016

    59,000 is not bad for an artist who is not mainstream! He sold more than Jlo & Ciara last albums!

  3. RealNegro July 12, 2016

    I didn’t like his single. Hopefully he puts the album on Spotify or YouTube. Then I’ll know if I will buy it.

  4. LB July 12, 2016

    Meh, he doesn’t need the numbers, many old school people don’t. He should just announce a Theatre/Arena tour after this, that’s where he’ll make the most money.

    Good luck Maxwell.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) July 12, 2016


      • LB July 12, 2016


  5. Usual Observer July 12, 2016

    Those numbers are impressive for him given the current sales climate of the music industry. Sad to say, but if an artist like him can hit 50K the first week, it’s commendable these days. Not too shabby. He outsold several of his R&B peers that are in the limelight and headlines way more than he is. No shade lol. He’ll make his coin off touring. I’m almost sure he’s good and his label isn’t upset either.

  6. True Lambily July 12, 2016

    I feel he rushed the release date should have waited till at least middle August 1st of September

  7. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 12, 2016

    Nice his music isn’t bad it pretty good

  8. Kado#PBSNation #Says July 13, 2016

    At the same time he’ll get nominated for grammys (3 tota) r&b performance,traditional r&b album, and best r&b song (lake by the ocean).

  9. Kado#PBSNation #Says July 13, 2016


  10. LISA LEVINE July 13, 2016


  11. MUSICHEAD July 13, 2016

    After hearing him on the Steve Harvey Morning Show last week discuss his take on Black lives matter and totally disregard it’s purpose, I will never support him again. It’s clear that he is far removed from his black roots and the struggles of the black communities.

  12. RIP July 13, 2016

    The album is a snoozer and is his worst album to date.
    The lead single was nowhere near as potent or catchy as Pretty Wings.
    His disconnect with his normal audience, while as someone mentioned before;him being a self hating closet case may be a factor.
    As talented as Maxwell is, the whole album feels undone and rushed, can’t believe he took so long for such a Meh album. Maybe stop chasing white gay guys and get that musical spark back. If this album wins anything at the grammys it’s purely industry politics.

  13. DMWN July 13, 2016

    You’re all a little too enamored about what you think Maxwell’s sexuality is. I don’t want another Frank Ocean phony, running around trying to use (alleged) homosexuality as a marketing gimmick – while pretending that he’s not. When an artist has TALENT, they don’t need to bundle their music with what’s happening behind their bedroom door.

    That being said, these debut numbers are poor. Maxwell is an established vet who has topped the charts before…and this is his first album in a good few years. He should have opened with stronger numbers and topped the chart.

  14. Casual-T July 13, 2016

    These aren’t bad numbers at all. The industry landscape has shifted since his last album. Even with a Pretty Wings-sized hit, Maxwell wouldn’t have sold even a third of his last album.

  15. Fixx Jones October 16, 2016

    This was the wosrt album Maxwell’s ever put out. “All the ways love can feel” is the best song on there and should have been the first/second single released in my opinion. Few things he may want to consider:

    1. Collaborate with producers like Robert Glasper and artist like Lalainne La Havas or Corrine Bailey Rae

    2. Change the image up a bit. He looks like 55 year old performer instead of 40 something yr old (grow the faded beard and dead the loud colored suits bro)

    3. Reconnect witb his fan base. Perform more in the New York especially.

    4. Stop taking nearly 10 yrs off between albums!!

    At this stage in his career, if fans dont know he’s bi or homosexual their blind! But I personally love the music he’s put out in the past and could care less about his sexuality as with any other artists. Im sure the ladies could care less as well.

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