Janet Jackson Fans Launch Hall Of Fame Campaign [#InductJanet]

Published: Tuesday 23rd Aug 2016 by Sam

Janet Jackson has made many a headline over the last year. Indeed, between her ‘Unbreakable’ comeback and recently reported pregnancy, the youngest of the legendary Jackson clan has not been short on media coverage.

It’s not all been jubilation for the 50-year-old, though.

For, despite being shortlisted, she was once again snubbed by the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

Undeterred, fervent fans of the singer have banded together to re-launch the #InductJanet campaign.

Their mission and video statement awaits below…

Janet has been eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2007. She’s only received one nomination, and has yet to be inducted. 100 fans from all over the world have come together to change that. With over 100 facts about a career which spans four decades and counting.

We’re wholly on-board. The fact that Janet doesn’t get her props (as much as she should) is criminal. Of course her legendary status is cemented, but still.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we wish she wasn’t so unbothered and “played the game” a bit – as that sadly seems to be the main means of garnering the recognition deserved these days.

In any case, here’s hoping this yields a favourable result.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailLegendBeysus August 23, 2016

    Janet never gets the credit she deserves. I hate the fact the when Shítney was new to the scene and killing it Madinosour was all over her and how everyone was making it seem like Grandma birthed Shítney. Shítney embodies Janet’s blue print. Janet had waaaay bigger and more inspiring/iconic dance routines. Madinosaur was built off of shock value. Tragic how the less talented and fair skin always seem to privale. Madonna is talented but imo Janet was a better Talent and so much more for pop music than she is given credit for.
    Madinosaur —-> Janet
    Britney —-> Christina
    Taylor Swift —-> her peers Rihanna, Katy, and Gaga.

    • dee August 23, 2016

      I agree with your thoughts about Janet but the name calling of the other talented artist is silly. This is not grade school. Im quite sure that your’e an adult.

      • LISA LEVINE August 23, 2016


    • Indie August 23, 2016

      Totally Agree with all that Janet facts but totally unnecessary to put all the artist down to state that fact!

    • Suicide Blonde August 23, 2016

      Both Madonna and Janet birthed Britney. Performing wise, Janet clearly was the inspiration, musically speaking, Madonna influenced her more (although she mixes both from time to time). Britney has always stated that both women were the reason she wanted to be a Pop star, the medias has nothing to do with that, Britney was all over MTV talking about them, Madonna didn’t even acknowledged her until 2000. I think the reason as to why the medias don’t talk about Janet’s influence on Britney is because of the strong bond that exists between Britney and Madonna, they truly love each other, Madonna was there for Britney in her darkest moments, they made history together, I think her admiration for Madonna goes beyond the artist, she respects her more than anything, so is not surprising that she always mention her in interviews instead of Janet. Even the most hardcore Britney fan will tell you this.

      • hansomegumdrop August 23, 2016

        Only person Megatron inspired was lady gaga even she was inspired by Janet

      • hansomegumdrop August 23, 2016

        Britney Spears followed Janet Jackson choreography don’t get me started her videos her stiff dancing ain’t s*** on Janet of course just cause she made a song with Mabel don’t mean s***.

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 23, 2016

        I agree @Onyx, both Madonna and Janet birthed Britney.

        However it’s clear Janet was the bigger influence not only with dance but music wise.

        Britney has done quite a few songs that were rejected by Janet. They had a Janet vibe, and that’s why she jumped on them.

        I.E. “Slave for U”

  2. Shawn August 23, 2016

    Janet Jackson should have already been inducted years ago. I’m so sick of her not getting her props. It’s time for her to be inducted. I’m 100% behind the Janet fans on this. I hope their campaign is successful.

  3. Carolinia Boles August 23, 2016

    I will wait until she is picked to induced in the hall of fame she’s done a lot for the community and more I really want to see her thank for listening

  4. Yep. August 23, 2016

    Last year, I told my mom that Janet was nominated and she said that she thought Janet was already in the RRHOF. Janet shifted the industry multiple times in her career. It’s disgusting at how ignorant the RRHOF idiots are. They don’t know much about black artists in general.

  5. Royalkev August 23, 2016

    Yes, induct Janet!!!!
    induct Janet!!!!
    induct Janet!!!!

    30 Years since Control!
    – 7 #1 albums! … within 4 decades (80s, 90’s, 00’s, 10s).
    – 10 #1’s
    – 15 R&B #1’s
    – 19 Dance #1’s
    – 1 Mainstream Rock #1 (Black Cat)
    – 1 Rap Track #1 (What’s It Gonna Be?!)
    – Multiple Pop #1 songs

    – 27 Billboard Top 10 hits
    – Longest streak of earning top 10 hits: 12 years
    *Miss You Much 1989 – Someone to Call My Lover 2001 (19 actual singles reaching top 10 status – straight).
    – Holds record for Most Top 5 hits off 1 album (Female):
    7/Rhythm Nation
    – Only artists to earn #1 songs from one album in 3 separate calendar years: RN (89 -91)
    MYM (’89)
    Black Cat (’90)
    Love Will Never Do Without You (’91)
    – #2 Artists of the Decade (with 2.5 studio albums)
    – MTV first Icon
    – Top 5 Most awarded Artist of all time
    – Signed the Biggest recording Contract in the 90’s (for a reported 80 million)

    That’s the End! … No! *Janet voice*

    – Janet was the first woman to create long-form video. She was the first female to win a Grammy for it (in 1990 for ‘Rhythm Nation’).
    – Sold 160 Million (100 million albums) with 11 studio albums (she wasn’t relevant until her 3rd effort, so that total is mainly from 9).
    – She was the first female to debut at #1 on the BB200 in the SoundScan era!
    – First Black Artist to be nominated for an Academy Award (‘Again’)
    – First Artist to have #1’s in the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s …
    – First Artist to have 5 #1 albums (back to back)
    *Yonce’s the first to have 6
    – First female to sweep an award show (Billboard)
    Janet won 14 in one night!
    – First (and Only) Artist to be nominated at the Grammys in Pop, Rock, Rap, RnB and Dance
    – ‘All For You’ is the first single to be added to all American radio station formats in it’s first week (Top 40, crossover, rhythmic and Urban radio).

    Induct Janet b******!

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 23, 2016

      When you list the facts, it’s hard to deny her deserving this long over due honour.

      • Royalkev August 24, 2016

        Exactly! I could have went on and on (I didn’t even mention how Janet still holds the record for having the biggest grossing debut tour of all time or that she was the first female to be nominated for a Grammy for Producer of the year). I’d even have a great deal of things to list outside of music. Jan’s first 3 movies opened at #1 and her first book (True You) is a NY times best seller!

    • KA August 27, 2016

      YESSSS Before being deleted for some reason with the receipts showing why it should not be a question if eligible or not. It would be disrespect if not will all accomplishments received. If it is really a few milla-seconds of a breast holding 30 years of Janet out all in all thats a joke.

      R&RHOF=JANET 2017

  6. Indie August 23, 2016

    In Janet’s own words “The skin game is still around, but you can’t keep a good man down”.- Skin Game – Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson is a living legend, her impact on Pop Culture is up there with Michael, Prince & Madonna, you can’t watch a great artist today and not see some of each one of those Incredible 4 Legends in them they have inspired people, musically, visually and lyrically as well as emotionally and as humanitarians, Janet should have been inducted years ago! They stay trying to Black list her because of Nipplegate but God is watching she will be rewarded for her incredible impact and talent!

  7. _ August 23, 2016

    This is never going to happen.

    Lol kiii at Janet stans being pressed that Madonna got nominated and INDUCTED the first year she was eligible while Janet has been eligible for almost a decade and they don’t want her.

    • Royalkev August 23, 2016

      This honor won’t define Janet! You’re truly mistaken if you think this is something we need to solidify Janet’s status! Tbh, I don’t care much about it! I don’t even care about Madonna being inducted, that have nothing to do with Janet! I’m only strongly asserting that Janet get in because she deserves it!

      • hansomegumdrop August 23, 2016

        The hall of fame should induct women only for once Janet Jackson Mariah Carey Whitney Houston Sade etc actually they all legends the rock hall of fame induct any genre but it feel more accomplish to be inducted

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 23, 2016

        Exactly @Kev. I could care less about the induction. It’s the principle of impact(and pleasure! Lol).

        Janet definitely deserves a spot, but if they don’t ever, Janet’s legacy is solidified, so it’s whatever.

    • madbrax August 24, 2016

      because everyone besides her pathetic stand can see that Janet ain’t s***

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 24, 2016

        Then you must be d****** to be worried about this s***.. Bye peasant.

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 24, 2016

        * D o g s h i t

  8. LB August 23, 2016

    I’m wondering why this is still a discussion, it should have been done years ago.

  9. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? August 23, 2016

    I can’t believe people are still talking about her Super Bowl incident ( which wasn’t her fault btw) Janet should’ve been inducted into the Rock & Roll hall of fame. I see why she got away from the music industry, they’re filled with a bunch of fake ass b******.

  10. Coolness August 23, 2016

    I do think it’s unfortunate Janet doesn’t get her due props. Up until that infamous Super Bowl 2004 moment, she really could do no wrong. By 2001, Janet had more than 15 years of groundbreaking success under her belt which was amazing because her detractors all said she was merely riding Michael’s coattails and wouldn’t make it past the 80s. Also, with the rise of acts like Aaliyah, Usher, Destiny’s Child, NSYNC, Mya, Britney Spears and others at the time, it was quite clear her influence was starting to take shape in a new generation of artists. Personally, I think Janet’s done with playing the game and isn’t sweating a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction. If anything, it’s her fans who (albeit rightfully so) are the ones going hard for this.

  11. pat August 23, 2016

    I was just watching her Black cat vma and vh1 what about performances. Arguably, no woman has performed as many genres as this woman and killed them all. This is Long overdue

  12. Leanne August 23, 2016

    I’m not a fan of Janet, but she is absolutely a legend! however will never be the LEGEND or ICON that Madonna is, Madonna changed pop music and culture period, she’s the reason that today’s pop girls exist, especially with the Blonde Ambition tour, people don’t wanna give her he props but she is undeniablely the QUEEN OF POP!!! Janet has good routines but forgettable songs, really forgettable! Madonnas “immaculate collection” is probably one of the greatest albums ever!! I also think Janet made it from the back of her brother! There is only ONE MADONNA, the world will never see another. Janet is replaceable though.

    • Suicide Blonde August 23, 2016

      Really, so who has replaced Janet?…….Essential is the best word to describe that woman, from her majestic presence on stage, to her revolutionary albums, her name is synonymous of greatness. This post isn’t about who’s better, this is about fans of a legendary artist trying to make justice for her, your comment was unnecessary, save that for other forums and the rest of your ignorant pricks, whose furthest knowledge of music dates back to 2008, bless your heart.

    • @Leanne August 23, 2016

      What kind of sh!t are you on? You think that Madonna was original??? LMFAO! How in the world do you say that Janet is legendary, but only road Michael’s coattails? That’s stupid! Michael had 7 other siblings that didn’t make it, but Janet did. Janet’s songs weren’t “forgettable” (in your words) until she blocked off from people. Pop? That’s all you have. Janet has transcended genres time after time and has done well unlike Madonna.

      • Bahama man August 24, 2016

        I love Madonna. But she’s no JANET JACKSON. Madonna turned me off with her vogue song ( love it) but she had the audacity to copy/sing about a black gay culture, used black folk in the video, but did not mention ONE FAMOUS BLACK DANCER. Misappropriation at its finest. Janet is original!

      • hansomegumdrop September 6, 2016

        Janet Jackson is vh1 queen of pop, MTV queen of radio and first icon and BET ultimate icon legend

    • Bey and Jan = Queens August 23, 2016

      Madonna fans are the biggest joke. Madonna’s success is all media b.s.

      Madonna couldn’t release an album the same week as Janet in the 1990’s or 2000’s even if she tried, without missing the top spot. Her opening weeks are much lower than Janet’s. Even “All for You” scanned 610,000 copies in its first week.

      In the 1990’s Janet released just two albums and was ranked by Billboard as the #2 artist of the 90’s, behind Mariah who released 7 albums and an EP. While Madonna placed at #8 while releasing 6 albums.

      It’s so sad that Janet’s greatest hits album “Design of A Decade” has scanned more units than “Erotica”, and “Bedtime Stories”. While “janet.” has scanned more units than all of Madonna’s 90’s albums combined.

      Even after being banned by radio, “Damita Jo” still scanned double what “American Life” sold and had an opening week of nearly 400,000 copies, MORE than any Madonna first week opening.

      So the biggest question is when was Janet ever threatened by Madonna? Even when she was banned by MTV and radio she was still selling more units than Madonna.

      Madonna’s HBO special – “Madonna Live: The Drowned World Tour” has only 5 million in ratings, Janet’s “Velvet Rope” over 12 million. So, please, stop acting like Madonna is so far ahead of Janet.

      “Rhythm Nation” was the #1 selling album of 1990. Had Madonna ever won a Billboard award for the top selling album of the year? Never!

    • pat August 23, 2016

      madonna gets too much credit honestly…she was a Cyndi Lauper wanna be minus the talent with a lot of cheap tricks

    • hansomegumdrop August 23, 2016

      Janet Jackson change the music industry herself as well and trends and that’s basic facts so your dumbass actually a r***** that old b**** is desperate while Janet never compete with nobody so your dumbass have several seats tell Ms.Butterworth to have to take singing lessons

    • hansomegumdrop August 23, 2016

      So why we you on here criticizing Janet when she circle barriers around your grandmother in every way shape or form? All 9 of the Jackson kids are successful so how Janet riding her brother coattails? B**** watch what your say before carry on who’s jamming to oldonna music or her choreography? so I watch for I say before opening my mouth r*****.

  13. Suicide Blonde August 23, 2016

    There are many musicians from every music genre that haven’t been inducted yet, even in Rock Music, several bands that did a lot for the genre are often ignored by them, so there’s injustice for everyone. That being said, Janet undoubtedly deserves to be part of the elite, she has the impact, receipts and legacy. Who would have thought in 2001 that Jane’s success and influence would have been put into question 15 years later. She’s criminally underrated.

    • JOHNVIDAL August 23, 2016

      I agree on everything you said in this post. Also that there are many others waiting for this, not just Janet. I don´t know why this is such a big deal for her fans anyway. Not having this particular honor or any other particular honer doesn´t change anyone´s career.

  14. Dossome August 23, 2016

    Can she be inducted already?UGH…This is how they snubbed Donna Summer all those years only to induct her immediately she died…Just induct her DAMN IT

  15. #TeamTinashe Stan August 23, 2016

    She is the DNA blueprint of all of our faves including Britney, Rihanna, Beyonce, Tinashe, Ciara and etc.
    She was the first girl to start out like a real sweetheart and showcased her edge and sexuality more later which cemented her legacy.

    Also, she is the QUEEN of perfectly structuring her albums top to bottom with a theme that made sense. Something that is missing today.

  16. #JACKIE August 23, 2016

    The girls can’t take Janets SLAYAGE. She is LEGENDARY!

  17. JOHNVIDAL August 23, 2016

    She deserves it.
    But I don´t see how it is a big deal. Many others deserve it too. And being inducted or not being inducted won´t change her career.
    Her most appealing eras to me were Velvet Rope and All for You. I don´t know why, maybe those two were the ones that got her more attention worldwide.
    Janet fans lose it the moment they have to bring up Madonna though. It´s so unnecessary. Janet has had great artistry in the sense of having albums that felt like eras and she has been a great visual artist. In top of that she DANCES like wow. But Madonna has also had those type of eras one after the other and as a visual artist she´s been top notch too. It´s obvious who has been more successful. It´s a lost battle I don´t understand why they want to fight. Like I said it´s not necessary and Madonna existing doesn´t take anything away from Janet.

    • Janelle August 23, 2016

      Ya’ll lambs always start seething when any female besides Mariah is getting the spotlight. I’ve never seen any one group of stans constantly attacking, like 12 different women all of the time. The RN and Janet era were way bigger commercially than All For You & TVR. &If U think Janet have nothing on Madonna, that absurd. In that case, Mariah doesn’t either. Stop being so insecure. Ur on every Rihanna, Ariana, JLO, Bey, and even Janet post hating &throwing shade, when Mariah’s very vulnerable these days &have been for as long as most of her peers. janet at least have sb for her decline, what’s Mariah’s excuse?

      • JOHNVIDAL August 23, 2016

        Can you please re read my comment and stop acting retarded? I had nothing but praise for Janet. However it is a big fact Madonna is more successful. I wouldn´t have mention that if a few Janet fans weren´t here first denying such big fact. End of story. Oh and Mariah had nothing to do with this. It´s just as if I would have said Mariah dances better than Janet, no she doesn´t. That´s all. I don´t know Janet stats that precisely anyway when it comes to how many copies each of her albums has sold to know which one had more commercial success. However I know no song from RN or Janet gets any type of airplay where I live. Together Again from Velvet Rope does. Now you can stop being an ass and start comprehending comments. Thanks.

    • hansomegumdrop August 24, 2016

      Exactly Madinna frail ass have nothing to do with Janet becoming a legend which why she shouldn’t even be nowhere near Janet forums.

  18. jt August 23, 2016

    This is laughable. She doesn’t write, doesn’t produce, can’t sing. She owes her entire career to Jam & Lewis. Why don’t we try to get Paula Abdul in the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame too? And then Jennifer Lopez when she qualifies?

    • Janelle August 23, 2016

      U sound dumb, Janet writes with JJ &TL. She’s also wrote songs solo. If U can’t see Janet’s impact, ur just a hating troll.

    • @Jt August 23, 2016

      You’re stupid. From what I know about JJ and TL is that only one or the other do the writing on tracks. Mainly Jimmy and Janet because she’s a little closer to him. For example, for No Sleeep, Terry wrote the hook and Janet wrote the rest. Jimmy and Janet wrote Again. On her song After You Fall., Jimmy said that Janet just heard the melody to it and a song completely done in an hour. Janet adds them to her credits even when they make the slightest of changes. I know because Jimmy said it because of her song God’s Stepchild! Listen to Jimmy and Terry’s work with others, then Janet’s it’s DIFFERENT. They’re not called the Dream Team for nothing.

    • Shawn August 24, 2016

      I guessed that’s why she won the BMI Songwriter of The Year award and a Grammy for her songwriting. Go crawl back in your test tube please.

  19. Nowd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi August 24, 2016


  20. Lovjanet August 24, 2016

    Actually she doesn’t get her props as an artist who has that innovativness..love and great inspiration to so many female artist of today ..that have literally imitated everything…the Fact remains that the incident she faced in 2004 was planned to dethrone her ..look who came out that year ..pay attention…she still had great success without vh1 and mtv playing her music….all in all we still support Everything she does…life FAN…

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