Did You Miss It?: Jason Derulo, Ne-Yo, & More Rock 2016 Teen Choice Awards

Published: Monday 1st Aug 2016 by Rashad

The Forum in Inglewood, California played host to the 2016 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (July 31).

Hosted by professional wrestler/actor John Cena and singer/actress Victoria Justice, this year’s showing of the annual affair boasted a number of stirring speeches from the likes of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba to show-stopping performances from the likes of Jason Derulo, Ne-Yo, Flo Rida, and even ‘Empire’s Serayah (Tiana).

Did you miss any of the action? It all awaits below:

Flo Rida (with Bebe Rexha)

Charlie Puth



Jason Derulo

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  1. Ughhh August 1, 2016

    A bunch of D-List artist. Dang Teen Choice Awards you all couldn’t find no one to perform this year.

  2. HailLegendBeysus August 1, 2016

    I remember when the Yeen Choice awards were relevant and they actually got Artist of the NOW to perform.
    Anyway congrats to the noms and winner’s.
    The “irrelevant” Bey picked one up too!

    • Nicole Slaysinger #I hate that piece of s*** chris brown August 1, 2016

      Maybe if all these new artists and popular artists didn’t suck so f****** much!

      Ne-Yo actually has talent, just because he isn’t “hot” right now doesn’t mean. What do you think they should’ve got the talentless bryson tiller to perform? Lol. Or the dumbass chris brown? Media w**** rihanna?

  3. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy August 1, 2016

    Yes I did miss it…purposefully! The Teen Choice Awards are no longer relevant. Plus, NO ONE even acknowledges the existence of Jason Derulo; Rita Ora has a much greater chance of making it big in the music industry than him.

    • BEY>RIH August 1, 2016

      Well… Derulo is actually the modern day successful singles artist (along with pitbull, florida, rihanna etc.) he has made it big in the music industry in one avenue whereas rita has not.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy August 1, 2016

        He’s had ONE real hit, “Watcha Say” a remake nonetheless, which was due to the fact that no one knew who he was yet. Furthermore, Jason’s career has been living off of that one hit. Them other songs like that wiggle wiggle sh*t are nothing more than payola credits that don’t even have a real spark. Now, Rita may not have actually had a hit yet, but she’s more tolerable than him. She’s actually likable as person; meanwhile, his attitude is just volatile especially after what he did to Jordan. Did you see that Breakfast Club interview?

  4. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy August 1, 2016

    Yoooo Sereyah’s performance was lit! She did her thing getting those teeny boppers hype. She killed her choreo giving me a young Beyonce in the making vibe. I see you girl. That performance is everything Tinashe should be…but that’s a whole different story there.

  5. Navybound August 1, 2016

    Jason derulo is aging. He looks like he’s 40. Neyo needs to go some where nd sit down. They all ova the place

  6. missmeka1987 August 1, 2016

    Jason has 9 hits records come again and I’m not even a fan..

  7. Sherrele August 2, 2016

    Sereyah need to come out with some new music or album. It’s about that time, if she keep on performing Empire soundtrack songs. That’s all she going to be known for. I’m still waiting for aJussie Smollet album and yazz but no albums from them. It’s like the focus is not on music, it’s more on movies

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