Jay-Z Takes Aim At Radio In New Interview

Published: Saturday 25th Feb 2017 by David

Jay-Z has something to say about the way radio platforms operate in 2017…and it isn’t pretty.

How and why he feels the business penalises creative and credible acts when creating playlists?

Peep what he said during the launch of Frank Ocean‘s radio platform on Apple Music, below…

Radio, for instance, is pretty much an advertisement model. You take these pop stations. They’re reaching 18-34 young white female, so they’re playing music based on those tastes. They’re taking those numbers and going to advertising agencies. People are paying numbers based on the audience they have. These places are not even based on music. Their playlists are not based on music. A person like Bob Marley, right now, probably wouldn’t play on the pop station, which is crazy. It’s not even about the DJ discovering what music is best.

There’s more.

While with Frank, he also made a point to discuss what may be wrong with today’s level of artistry in Pop.

There should be a better way that music, musicians, radio, and these things that are supposed to be instruments for the arts, should exist and it shouldn’t be about advertisements. The more times someone like yourself can bypass that, it’s better for the arts, and it’s better for the audience because you have to have a level of discipline and a belief to put music out in this place. People want to shoot for that and then they’re making music that’s not really conditioned to who they are so they can reach a certain platform.

Could Top 40’s reluctance to support Beyonce’s recent releases inspired Jay’s accurate conclusion?

Weigh in below…

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  1. HailLegendBeysus February 25, 2017

    Shining flopped get over it Jay. It’s even struggling on Spotify, barely clinging on to the Top 200. That’s what happens when you guy’s wanna play games and keep doing that Damn tidal exclusive s***! ?

    • Lamb4life February 25, 2017

      Who wants to support an open freemason like you? Your era is dead because you can no longer hang out with Obama. You and Beyonce are..has-beens. So long….go and save you Tidal..the sinking ship. 🙁

      • Leatisya February 25, 2017

        George Bush, Bill Clinton and Obama all..belong in the secret society. Jay the baboon can no longer influence the industry because the new Orange President doesn’t belong in this “illuminati” ring. Jay’s empire is about to collapse soon. Watch…the table has turned. Sorry, BeeH0es, Beyawnzzze pregnancy with twins is strategically planned for her to take a break.
        They have no backups anymore. That’s the truth and they are scared.

    • The Vigilant Christian February 25, 2017

      How did Jay-Z get rich and famous? Was he truly more talented than other rappers? NO !!! Jay sold his soul in a deal with the satanic secret society that controls the entertainment industry. This satanic cult is known as The Illuminati and Jay has agreed to be a puppet in their plan. God Bless…praise Jesus!

      • Ebony February 25, 2017


        Kanye sick of being a puppet he’s exposing the truth. Nov 2016 Kanye West Disses Jay Z, Drake And Beyonce fiasco. If you can’t read between the lines, you must be pretty dumb. There is more to his lyrics as he’s previously mentioned in other tracks how he sells his soul for this life including the death of his mom. It’s all that MK ULTRA Mind Control.

        Beyonce was seen with Jay-Z at a Nets game and was displaying some obvious signs of being under Illuminati mind control! Leave to to the mainstream media to try and cover it up! They said it was a fight between them when anyone can clearly see by watching the video that is all mind control and all kinds of things to invent people with multiple personalities. At home she is a puppet/wife but on stage she is Sasha (Fierce). She definitely deliberately induced to be stoned or drugged or high or something to be able to perform and make money. Why is she still married to this loser? He has cheated on her and pimped her in front of millions of people as a s** object includung Blue Ivy. Britney’s latest video Slumber Party is about a young girl selling her soul to become rich and famous in Hollywood @ so- called Hollywood’s Elite $20 Million Club. It is NOT about a normal dance party you attend at your friend’s. Beyonce is all about that.

        I pray Beyonce wakes up soon and gets away from her “handlers” bcoz soon before she winds up dead in a bathtub like Whitney did. Read it, dig it, and their secrets are out everywhere. Don’t be lazy.

    • Ebony February 25, 2017

      The problem is Kanye is super intelligent with a lot of drive & self belief, but doesn’t know how to channel it in a way that endears people to help him. His greatest downfall (like the devils) is PRIDE & arrogance. But everything he said about us being in modern day mental & economic slavery is spot on, especially the comparison with being a worker vs an owner & the fact that true generational stability comes with the latter. Whilst Charlemagne acts like a true slave master’s rotweiler (like Samuel L Jackson in Django) who is PROGRAMMED to be unable to grasp this simple concept of freedom, & instead labeling Kanye as materialistic for having high aspirations to build a legacy instead of merely cashing a fleeting paycheck (was Steve Jobs materialistic for making a 600billion dollar business??) and naively insisting that revolutionaries can change the world without money ignoring the fact that their work was cut short because they eventually got killed or silenced by the BILLIONAIRES with the power & agenda to pull strings from behind the scenes, controlling the media, enterprise and basically the world and making sure that the dark skinned man never rises past the shop floor (or stage) into the boardroom where the shots are called. BUT its hard to focus on the truth in Kanyes words because of his distracting self worship. Which will play right into the hands of those who make a point of silencing strong minded black men with the voice & drive to disrupt the imbalance. When they eventually tire of him & decide to silence him for rising above his station or talking too much, they will first groom us using their own media to build a picture of a “crazy” Kanye (think Dave Chapelle, Martin Lawrence, Kat Williams, Tupac, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson) who later spirals into a car crash before framing him with an overdose, suicide or some s** / child abuse scandal [insert as appropriate]. And we will readily believe it because he already irked us a little on his own. YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH & THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. When we act upon it that is.

    • Wendy February 25, 2017

      Gay-z gets worseand his music going drown down hill his music career is official finish. He done bcos of his suporrt for illuminati. great explanations..you guys nail it ??.

      • TheBaddest February 25, 2017

        This Part of the comment section is full of self-taught ignorance, this includes HailLegendBeysus, Lamb4life, Leatisya, and The Vigilant Christian. The only way for a black artist to be successful to you is to sell their soul and worship the devil. Instead of them being talented and having a great team around them. They are compared to Ozzy Osborne because they are black and powerful. JayZ speaking about selling his soul is a metaphor and is used as guidance for fellow artists coming into the industry like a briefing if your not careful.

        JayZ started Tidal so artists can have control of their royalties and release music in a new innovate way where you are the sole owner of your music and visuals. Beyonce has been a class act since day one from her DC days, she makes black people proud because she kills every show, every event, every appearance, she can sing, and she cares about her public image. She has opened and worked with different charities and schools that are mostly black and you still call her her a witch but most of you haven’t donated a dime to not even your fellow church.

        Kanye is very intelligent but very selfish at times. He has great visuals but he does not care about people of color; action wise. He has clothes but no one can buy it except for rich and hate to say it but white privileged kids. He has no school or wide span platform that helps anyone but himself.

      • HailLegendBeysus February 25, 2017

        @TheBaddest The f*** is your illiterate ass talking about? I have nothing to do with any of those tired ass trolls commenting about the “illuminati” i don’t even believe in that nonsense.

    • TheBaddest February 25, 2017

      illiterate ass?? No love I was very clear, and I am no ass. Just because you don’t like a song doesn’t mean it’s flopping. I’ve been hearing it everywhere soooo….

      • HailLegendBeysus February 25, 2017

        The song is flopping, its losing momentum on Spotify and is about to fall out the Top 200 again. It’s tumbling down Itunes and obviously isn’t doing all that well on any radio platform beside Urban and Rhythmic radio. Don’t be mad at me because I spoke the truth about the single. Also never did I say i didn’t like it. It’s actually on repeat and I literally posted on TGJ right after The Grammys telling Hive to Stream/Buy Shining.

    • JoNo February 25, 2017

      He’s made cause most radio stations didn’t play YAWNce ‘s boring a$$ Lemonade album. I used to like her, but she’s so boring now.

      • TheBaddest February 25, 2017

        Not mad at all

    • Lana Del Fan February 25, 2017

      No. That’s what happens when a song is garbage. Y’all know I love bey, however shining is hot garbage. And I gave it three different chances.

  2. Cbeylive February 25, 2017

    lol not matter what Beyoncé singles do on the charts or on radio those tours SELL OUT and ALWAYS WILL. And if you need proof look at how her singles been doing but she’s steady making ??

    • JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2017

      It´s obvious singles success is the less important thing. Although if you have it it adds to your power and impact, and help the rest of your sales. People with phenomenal singles success like Mariah or Whitney was remarkable cause it came accompanied by real album sales, recognition and all. But if it doesn´t come with that success in the other departments successin singles charts and radio is a bit of a joke.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2017

      What I mean is that yes Beyonce is well off without success in singles charts. The other fronts are way more important.

    • The#1Navy February 25, 2017

      bla bla bla…Beyonce songs suck…that’s why.

      • TheBaddest February 25, 2017

        But do they?? because the world thinks different.

  3. Jay-Z Illuminati Exposed February 25, 2017

    I have respect for Kayne west now. It took real balls to go against his illuminati masters. Jay and Beyonce…are the puppets. And they are not trying to hide anymore. Kanye sounds very sane to me. Off course they will make him out to be crazy so the public wont take what he’s saying seriously. If something happens to him next time he acts out they’ll say he committed suicide. Off course they put him in handcuffs because he resisted being taken to the hospital to drug him or do worse against his will . All these fake news are painting Kanye to be out of control and unstable. Hope the awakened people see through this BS. Don’t let these evil doers deceive you. It reminds me of the speech Michael Jackson gave before he died about the lies told to everybody by the Illuminati….open your eyes.

  4. IT IS NOT A ROCKET SCIENCE February 25, 2017

    Top 40’s reluctance to support Beyonce’s recent releases because… YOU (JAY) ARE HER HANDLER AND SHE (BEY) IS YOUR PUPPET.


  5. .. February 25, 2017

    Anyone that does an album with Gay-Z ends up getting the short end of the stick…. remember “Best Of Both Worlds” with R. Kelly….. now Kanye.

    Jay Z is another type of ENTITY!!!! You can’t do sh*t to him lol. The whole ROC suffered because of Gay-Z. Thats why..

    • Betty clayton February 25, 2017

      His name is jay z Mr. Jay z to yo broke numb as kenga is the illuminati puppet with that nasty looking s*** Kim k and her nasty looking family

  6. Wendy February 25, 2017

    I’m not suprised they got no support anymore. Bey and Jay were so blasphemous, when you hear people talking about her/him it’s like they’ve seen Jesus in person. SMH!

    I’m so sad for their stans in this world. So dumb, f*cktard!!! 🙁

  7. Wendy February 25, 2017

    She thinks she’s some kind of goddess from Venus and he thinks he is some kind of a King of….. Uzbekistan.

    So annoying… ??

  8. #ispeakfacts February 25, 2017

    Beyonce music is just simply not that good anymore. Her music sounds like a r&b version of hip hop… the only thing that saves her is her popularity.

    • wtf February 25, 2017

      fake divorce stories… lol

  9. ? February 25, 2017

    I’m starting to think that TGJ Is behind these “repetitive” troll accounts.Hence why he never clocks them except for that centurion idiot. I mean they not getting any hits with there aren’t any Stan wars going on


    Fish lips and his dumb wife needs ta shut up.

    • TheBaddest February 25, 2017

      Still mad about that Mariah Performance huh?

  11. HMNNNN February 25, 2017


    K BYE…

    • TheBaddest February 25, 2017

      Get a life weirdo, who the F says that about someone’s child?



  13. DanYiel Iman February 25, 2017

    Jay Z is right & fools believe in this b******* illuminate!!

  14. TheBaddest February 25, 2017

    I just don’t understand how you can get on a black owned blog and call black artist monkeys and baboons???
    if your black doing that my gawd smh

  15. Tori February 25, 2017

    You don’t get radio support because you don’t make radio single anymore. I thought that was the point of making all of those pretentious ass songs about nothing in reality. What’s the problem if this is what you wanted? And who’s going to play anything from Blond on the f****** radio.

  16. Keith February 25, 2017

    I am not a JayZ fan but he is absolutely right in the quote about commercial radio but I thought everyone knew that. From an artistry standpoint, commercial radio is a graveyard and impossible to get on if your song doesn’t “research” well…

  17. Casual-T February 25, 2017

    Jay-Z is living in the past. If you want to succeed in music, come up with great material and MAKE IT HOT YOURSELF. Youtube, anyone? Soundcloud? Facebook? The Gram? As recent as 10 years ago, radio ruled the music world. That’s no longer true. Online popularity can and does drive radio exposure.

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