Prince’s Music Surges In Wake of Streaming Debut

Published: Sunday 19th Feb 2017 by Nehemiah

In life, Prince was one of streaming’s most notable hold outs. Now a year removed from his death, Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora have managed to get their fingers on the icon’s Warner Bros. Record‘s era music.

And the rewards are proving plentiful.

Full story below….

Since hitting streaming services on Grammy night, fans have flooded the gates of the Purple one’s catalogue to immerse themselves in a legacy like no other. So much so that the late legend was awarded a 6,323 percent spike in streams according to a Nielson Music report.

Thanks to a loyal following and a show stopping tribute by Bruno Mars, Prince music claimed 4.77 million streams Feb. 12 and 13 – an increase from just 74,ooo streams in the two previous days.

Top 5 songs carrying the streaming torch:

Purple Rain‘ (333,000 streams), ‘Lets Go Crazy‘328,000), ‘When Doves Cry’ (320,000), “Little Red Corvette” (237,000) and ‘Kiss’ (214,000).’

Greatness doesn’t die, it lives on and inspires.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beykim loves Beyoncè,Gaga,Miley,Bieber & 1D February 19, 2017

    When I was really young I couldn’t tell the difference between MJ and Prince. Lol…. Both did amazing work and will always be remembered for their legacy. RIP Purple

    • Pat February 19, 2017

      U mustve been really young..Prince was the bad boi Mj was the flirtatious good boi

  2. HailLegendBeysus February 19, 2017

    Nice to see and hear, but a shame his family sold him out.

    • Room319 February 19, 2017

      I understand your point of view. Please keep in mind… His family probably had his best interest in mind considering the Paisley Park museum will cost a large amount of money to continue his legacy – while alive, he detested the thought of being “commercial” but as he is no longer with us in physical form, this process is necessary. Love

    • Kev Kev February 19, 2017

      Yes because continuing to sell an antiquated product (CDs) was going to further his legacy? They are doing what any smart Estate would do….Diversify. Stay broke

    • Casual-T February 19, 2017

      It’s weird. Back in the day, Prince was always on the cutting edge, but as he got older, he seemed to stop adapting with the times. He said in an interview back in 2010 that the “internet’s completely over,” and he consistently fought to restrict consumption to a music model that was quickly vanishing in his final years. I think his family did the right thing. If they want today’s youth and future generations to know about Prince’s legacy, they have to allow his catalog to be streamed.

  3. BizzyBeeBevill February 19, 2017

    I am glad his family had the good sense to start streaming his Catalog. Now future generations can discover his genius. Not to mention it’s gonna cost a fortune to keep Paisley Park afloat.

  4. Justmeeeee February 20, 2017

    I Love me some Prince.
    Even as a little girl ( although i enjoyed MJ’s music)

    It didn’t grab me like Prince music did.
    That video for When doves Cry was equally as captivating as the song.
    This plus his collabo’s with Sheila E….i became a life- long fan starting from Elementary school.

    MJ was a musical genius for the masses with a universal appeal.

    BUT my Baby Prince just had that sexual swagger and mysterious and esoteric feel to his songs/ music.
    He was also a creative genius that approached music from a different angle with a passion.

    I felt like i was “betraying” him when i downloaded Every Drop of his music on Grammy nigbt because i respected his position on this when he was here physically.

    BUT had to have access to the Legacy ( plus i have the CD’s too):)

  5. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 20, 2017


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