Chart Check [Hot 100]: Nicki Minaj Extends Historic Hot 100 Lead With Debut of Jason Derulo’s ‘Swalla’

Published: Wednesday 29th Mar 2017 by Rashad

Nicki Minaj entered history books this month for earning the ‘most Hot 100 entries among women’ when her three scorching new singles – ‘No Frauds,’ ‘Changed It,’ and ‘Regret in Your Tears’ – all made their respective splashes on the chart.  Granted, without the aid of a music video the trio of tunes don’t seem to be faring well (as we predicted here), but never fear, as this week’s refreshed charts have demonstrated she is still making her mark.

After the debut of the colorful Jason Derulo video for ‘Swalla,’ the diva has been given yet another taste of Hot 100 glory.  The result?  An extension of her already historic lead amongst females.

Tuck inside to find out where ‘Swalla’ made its debut on this week’s single charts:

With the addition of ‘Swalla,’ Minaj has 77 hits on the Hot 100.

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  1. RonaldKlump March 29, 2017

    F A K E
    N E W S ??

  2. Jay March 29, 2017

    Woohooo!!! Queen of Features ?

  3. TheOnel March 29, 2017

    Are you guys really celebrating a #98 debut ion the Hot 100?? TGJ, you guys are pathetic and I think you all are really low key dragging Nicki! ???

    • Weaveney March 29, 2017

      This was shade!!!! LOL TGJ y’all too much!!!!!!!

      • Rose March 30, 2017

        safaree is the force behind her success pay him nicki with all those features this woman cannot get a number one all those followers goes to show it ain’t worth s*** instagram Snapchat and twitter is worthless why a million people is not buying your product out of 80 million followers I notice rih ain’t giving these fake fans any info anymore once in awhile she twit something

    • Rose March 30, 2017

      Really 98 grape juice Aretha did it by herself Nicky feature allow her to crack Aretha record I’m sure one song out of 76 is hers

    • Pat March 30, 2017

      Nicki actually pay’s them for these pointless write-ups…Hell i would make up something to post about the fake rapper too if I were them. Easy pay check honestly…

  4. Chasin Time March 29, 2017


  5. CZeal March 29, 2017


  6. Ropeburn March 29, 2017

    Yet more proof that this chick is a rent-a-rapper.

  7. FRESH NAVI March 29, 2017

    Reveling at the fat that nicki’s three signles have plummetted and now we celebrating a #98 charting song. WHAT KINDA FLOP look at LOTB 14 months after release. FACK IT UP FENTY! Real HOt100 QWEEEEN.

    • Samsung brought my albums March 30, 2017

      But sis flopti only scanned 600 700k

      • Your Mother March 30, 2017

        It’s platinum, so keep hating.

  8. SMH March 29, 2017

    The fact that you went to school for 4 years (or not) to write an article about a 98 debut further proves that this website is so far up Nicki’s ass its almost embarrassing. This is literally the ONLY entertainment site that writes this kind of stuff. Literally NO ONE finds this interesting except her brainless stans. I actually feel sorry for the girls who keep this site up everyday.

    • Kwinzy March 29, 2017

      “the fact that you went to school for 4 years (or not) to write an article about a 98 debut…”

      I CAAAN’T @ this read! *deceased* LOL

  9. JustCoastWitHa March 29, 2017

    This h** gettin slick, so I put on gym shoes and extended my RUN !

  10. The One March 29, 2017

    This is sad that this site is celebrating and pushing this flop agenda for Nikki.
    No one but dumb diehard stans are praising this mess of an accomplishment.

  11. eric March 29, 2017

    As far as I’m concerned, #98 is too high for this garbage song.

  12. DanYiel Iman March 29, 2017

    Chile anything to make her name more then it is Tricki Garbagh aka Lil’Kim ??

  13. Pat March 30, 2017

    #98 though…We gotta do better yall, smh!

  14. Oh March 30, 2017

    Nikki is a hustle. That’s what she is. She gets her money and deals, but this chart historian Queen of Rap? Indeed not.
    She’s a black Queen, for all my sisters are but that’s the only time I’ll call this lady a Queen.
    Nikki if you do read these blogs and comments, you need some hits and by hits I mean #1’s on YOUR OWN. You breaking these legends records as a featured artist. (A back up dancer. That’s lower than security, at least security can get you backstage. She don’t love herself)

  15. S jam best waytran boys tme ooh British March 31, 2017

    This is not her song so she only featuring in his song

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