Fans Lash Christina Aguilera For Promoting Oreo’s Instead Of New Music

Published: Sunday 9th Apr 2017 by Sam

Christina Aguilera fans are hungry for new music, not Oreos. And they’re making it oh so clear.

As reported, Xtina has been tapped by the cookie company to front a series of commercials.

Yet, when she took to Twitter to plug the latest – the replies were less than endorsing from her fanbase.




Given Xtina’s countless promises of new music and general lack of communication with fans, it’s little surprise that they are riled up.

Her last album ‘Lotus’ dropped five years ago and despite birthing the bop of life (‘Your Body’) was a colossal flop. Hence, she simply does not have the luxury of behaving like she has been.

Yes, greatness takes time. So on and so forth. But…no.

That said, the very fact they are angry oddly has its benefits  because it means there’s still folk out there that care. Indifference is the ultimate career death knell.

Fingers crossed Christina comes through sooner rather than later. If not, there may be a riot. Ki.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RhiRocks April 9, 2017

    What fans?! Anything she releases solo she flops so obviously her team won’t want to waste money on producing a album

  2. EBookbook April 9, 2017

    I hate when ppl do this. Its not like yall are gonna by her music. Noot because her music is bad or anything but ppl steal music these day. And they wonder why ppl call them a flop. They did the same with frank ocean. His music is not all that but yall hypes him up and still didn’t but his stuff

  3. Jerry Jerry April 9, 2017

    Actually LMAO’ing

  4. Jerry Jerry April 9, 2017

    I do want her to win, though. This should just be a lesson to her and other artists to not take their supporters for granted

    • Meteorite April 9, 2017

      I absolutely agree with this!
      I understand that you want to live your life and have some privacy, however like uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Celebrities need to remember that if it wasn’t for us fans they wouldn’t be living the lifestyle that they currently have. So they do owe us fans a shred of respect.

  5. B_Roni April 9, 2017

    Lol but then when she release new music, people say she rushed it and she a flop. Lolalot of those folks aren’t real fans

  6. Queen Shade April 9, 2017

    I love Christina and it does suck being a fan of someone who barely posts on social media but decides to get her coins without thinking of her fans. We will wait and hopefully still be interested when she comes back but she needs to realize that when she doesn’t post or anything she’s only losing more fans and let’s be real it’s not 2000s anymore even Mariah Carey still has to prove herself. If only we had the work ethic of Jlo or Beyoncé…. Christina fans would be excited he’ll even a work ethic like gaga she at least promotes stuff while making music

  7. JOHNVIDAL April 9, 2017

    What the hell? So she´s not only promoting oreos but also milk??? Wth is wrong with people? Do they want to find the fastest way to heart attack or cancer despite all evidence we have nowadays???? Learn to pfucking eat once and for all! Xtina looks so much like plastic in the face for her age btw. Thankfully she is talented.

    • Mrkc90 April 10, 2017

      milk gives you cancer? ?

      • JOHNVIDAL April 10, 2017

        Yes it sure does. That´s the point of my comment. Peopel like you still being so ignorant about some obvious facts. Industry and propaganda have worked wonders with people who remain ignorant. Please educate yourself about the matter cos it´s serious. Apart from having artificial homonones and medicines that are given to teh animals so that they can resist such abuse, milk has tons of natural hormones (apart from pus and blood). milk is designed by nature to make a baby grow real fast. Those growth hormones shouldn´t eb talen by any adult of any species. And especially not from otehr species. Adult humans are consuming in crazy amounts a product that is meant to make a baby calf grow tons of kilos in a very short period of time. It´s crazy. There are two types of cancer that are almost non exiustant in Asia compared to the Western World because they don´t consume dairy, or at least have not consumed it until recently. I urge you to take your hands on teh matter. You have lots of info in teh Internet these days. You don´t need the maisntream media and promo machine with their ads and “studies” founded by dairy industry itself to tell you any lie. I hope this helps.

  8. King z April 9, 2017

    By the time she actually releases an album her voice will be completely s*** and shot

    • SMH April 12, 2017

      Sit down. Her voice will never be sh*t or shot, unlike your loser existence.

  9. Francis April 9, 2017

    I liked Lotus, that album wasn’t on Stripped or Back 2 Basics level, but has amazing songs like Your Body, Blank Page, Let There Be Love or Best of Me.

    Christina better bring it on this next project!!!

  10. Credits April 9, 2017

    Before I finished reading the title I was immediately thinking, “fans lash Christina for plastic surgery” lol something about her face looks off in that photo.

  11. Jason April 9, 2017

    Lord, the shaaaadddeeee!! ? TGJ is hilarious sometimes!!

  12. ? + ✈ = ? April 9, 2017

    Why dont they go buy the old albums that flopped so they can get certified

  13. Alex April 9, 2017

    It’s their fault for stanning this washed up loser.

  14. @ASAPicon April 9, 2017


  15. Lake Erie April 10, 2017

    Wow, this sites writing has really took a different direction, first the cursing in the Janet post, now they’re using the word “Ki” ? ? Uh… smh . Anyways, loving the new layout of this site though! So fresh! And most importantly, FASTER.

    • SMH April 12, 2017

      You know what, these whiny a.s.s pisspot so called “fans” needs to stop acting like these entertainers owe you their lives and have to drop everything so you can hear a new song. STFU and stop whining like little b*tches, these celebrities don’t owe you anything.

  16. Lex April 11, 2017

    I understand the frustration, because I want new music too. I also know, being a true Christina fan, that she puts herself into these records and being the perfectionist that she is, wants her records to be exactly how she envisioned it. I want new music as bad as the rest of her fans, but she’s always been ahead of the game so I think she’s just waiting for people to catch up. Remember folks Christina is a whole different musical beast, she’s always zigging when everybody else is zagging. That’s part of what makes her so great. If her so-called “flops” Bionic (#1 illegally downloaded album of the year) and Lotus were released a few years later they would have been more well received because everyone else would be doing it by then. But that’s not our Christina, she’s a trail blazer. So, as much as it frustrates me to wait around for the new record, it will be well worth it. Christina will be fine, she has a very loyal fanbase and she will be making records for years to come. Masterpieces aren’t rushed and created for popularity, sales, and numbers… true greatness takes time.

    • SMH April 12, 2017

      Exactly. Xtina doesn’t need 1000 songwriters & an overblown PR team to sell her talent unlike other pop stars of the moment. She will reveal her music when SHE and it are ready, not just because of bunch of whiny brats don’t have any clue what the concept of patience means.

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