Finally: Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Residency To End In December

Published: Sunday 9th Apr 2017 by Sam

It’s official. Britney Spears‘ Las Vegas residency ‘Piece Of Me’ will play its final show at the end of this year.

Confirmation came courtesy of the superstar’s long-time manager Larry Rudolph in an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal.

He said of the Planet Hollywood production, he said:

“We are done with this show, and our next move is undecided. We are still talking with Caesars Entertainment and other interested parties in Las Vegas.

Anything is possible. We have made zero decisions. We expect a lot of interest from all parties. Britney basically sells out every show, and she loves Las Vegas, she loves performing in Vegas, and Vegas is a possibility going forward.

She might tour, she might work on a new album. It’s too early to talk specifics about anything.”

Since starting in 2013, ‘Britney: Piece Of Me’ has played to more than 700,000 people and grossed well over $100 million.



All we can say is…finally!

For as much as the venture has lined her pockets (and everyone else involved), it’s arguably caused her commercial relevance to evaporate. Just look at her latest album ‘Glory.’ Though housing her strongest music in years, it has sold just 300,000 copies worldwide since last August.

Hence, it’s for that exact reason that all that banter about another Vegas show should cease…for now.

At 35 she’s in a sweet-spot in that she can still have appeal to younger audiences and cater to older supporters.

She would be smart to capitalize on this now, hit hard with a new material and pair it with global promo/touring to support. Thereafter, she should do whatever she wants (even another Vegas show).  But only after.

Just our two cents. What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman April 9, 2017

    Are people that into Britney Spears lip sung performances? I like a few especially from her “Slave for You!” Back in 2001? She’s not a great dancer anymore & her singing was tolerable…?

  2. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) April 9, 2017

    I’m glad. A lot of artists are doing residencies now and I’m sure they like it because it offers some stability but it distracts them from being able to fully promote their projects. Glory is a good pop album and it’s underrated in my opinion. It deserved more promotion. Good luck Britney!

  3. iHEART April 9, 2017

    It was so hurting her career. Idc if she dont tour soon but her staying there and not promoting her music and having horrible first music videos like made me cringe. Honestly I was sick of her doing the same routine and it made me cringe not because it sucked but because she’s done it for 4 years…Anyways my girl gonna be confident enough to do Superbowl and vma’s.

  4. Francis April 9, 2017

    Glory was her best album since Blackout and her team paid it dust! She needs to back to the studio, record another good album, release an amazing single (with a good video, no more of that Make Me video mess), promote the album and go on a world tour.

    I think she will tour, but with the Vegas show, to promote herself and collect some coins.

  5. king z April 9, 2017

    yeah her glory era would’ve been so much better had she really gone ol school britney and promoted the hell out of it. plus that tune with tinashe wasn’t the best follow-up

  6. Jasmine April 9, 2017

    I hope she takes a little time off and enjoys being a mother and regroups. I think she never really got proper rehab after her hair shaving incident in 2007. Her team just made her lose weight and turn out albums, tours, and a Vegas residency. I don’t think she fully recovered. While her body looks great her eyes always look very sad. Music has also changed whereas a lip-synched show is out of style. The current music industry has performers carry a tune, sing lightly, and talk-rap on top of pre-recorded vocals. Britney should also take some time off to catch up with the current music industry.

  7. Ibrahim April 9, 2017

    She peaked, Vegas residency or not, that is something her camp needs to understand and work around. She wont have a new #1 or a solid-trendsetting album. Her time is due to hang the glittery outfits

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