New Video: DJ Khaled – ‘I’m The One (ft. Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper, & Quavo)’

Published: Friday 28th Apr 2017 by Sam

It’s here!

DJ Khaled has unwrapped the video for newest single ‘I’m The One.’

Justin Bieber leads an all-star line-up of features on the track, which also plays host to Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper, and Quavo.

The cut is the latest taste of the Snapchat King’s upcoming album ‘Grateful,’ which will see guest spots from the likes of Rihanna and Nas. It’ll also feature Khaled’s collaboration with Beyonce and Jay Z (‘Shining’).

In the here and now though, check out the colorful clip for ‘I’m The One.’ It ushers in summer season sweetly…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme April 28, 2017

    Really like the song and video. Could have do without Wayne tho. His verse killed everything talking about bish, molly etc. he could have been replaced with Travis Scott or young thug.

  2. XoMoDe April 28, 2017

    Bieber’s involvement makes the whole thing a joke. No thanks. I don’t know where people got the idea that associating with the “Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh…” kid was a good idea, but no…

    • Your Mother April 28, 2017

      Don’t be mad cause he made the song, and he is a major WINNER!!!!

    • YO April 28, 2017

      I see you still stuck in 2010.He’s not a T*** act anymore my G, it’s 2017 now and Justin Bieber is a full fledge Pop/R&B superstar with huge crossover appeal and different ages of fans. He’s currently bigger than most of your faves (pop girls) and he’s also Chris Brown’s biggest competition. His involvement makes the song ten times bigger.

      • Avi April 28, 2017

        Oh wow, he’s Chris Brown’s competition. I guess that validates him! If you can compete with Chris Brown, that means you’re at the top of the game, right? LOL

        Are you people serious?!

        It may not be 2010 anymore, but JB is just as corny today as he ever was. And his demographic hasn’t evolved. He still only appeals to 14 year old white girls who don’t know any better.

      • Stav April 28, 2017

        Girl you know these 9th graders can’t recall a time in music before Bieber, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. That’s why they consider him a “superstar”. Those of us who remember the Iraq war, first season of American Idol and when the other Justin had curly hair know better.

      • Caleb April 28, 2017

        Wrong. He is absolutely still a t*** star as he doesn’t appeal to anyone outside of a teenage demographic.

    • Bruh April 28, 2017

      Y’all can hate all y’all want but what your not gonna do his downplay his success . Y’all know damn well he’s one of the biggest names in music if not the biggest. Purpose did for Justin what Justified did for JT, what 8701 did for Usher, & Fame did for Chris Brown. Turned then into grown male pop superstars. And What the hell are you “LOL”ing at when it comes to Chris Brown. When it comes to Pop/Urban male singers in this decade he’s THE GUY and definitely the most talented (Didn’t Inclue Usher & JT because they came from a different era). Bieber rivaling him in that same field does validate him but they’re other reasons too. Especially when The Weeknd & Bruno Mars are in a different lanes of music (Alternative) & (Old School R&B).

      • Qaz April 28, 2017

        “Purpose did for Justin what Justified did for JT, what 8701 did for Usher”

        ROFLMAO! No, sweetie. No. Only in your head.

    • YO April 28, 2017

      If you listen to Purpose you would know that his music has evolved. And if your a C.Breezy hater also you can go straight to hell.

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